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Chapter 1: An Angel’s Rebellion

Leorino Cashew1, the fourth born son of the Margrave of Brungwurth, lived within their vast territory located along the border of the neighboring kingdom of Fanoren, west of the Agrea continent.

Although the Brungwurth territory was far from the royal capital, its standard of living was good due to its successful commerce with the central government. And Leorino, as the youngest son of a high-ranking nobleman, grew up in good health, received a good education, and was carefully tended to and loved by both his family and servants.

Recently, a shocking incident occurred in both the calm and harmonious Cashew family and the entire territory of Brungwurth. The gentle and lovable youngest child, who had never left the estate before, suddenly began to rebel.

“Say, brother, how long will I have to dress like this?” asked Leorino who was obviously showing his displeasure at the way his clothes had always looked.

Leorino, who was now twelve years old, had begun following his older brother, Gauff, to the stables to complain several times that month. Gauff patted his horse’s nose and turned towards Leorino to give him a sympathetic look, which left Leorino feeling even more annoyed.

“Ugh! Don’t look at me like that, that’ll just make me feel even more dreary. I am not something so pitiful.”

“But it looks good on you, Rino. It suits you well. And isn’t it fine as long as it’s comfortable?”

“No, that’s not the case here!!!” Leorino stomped his foot on the ground angrily.

Gauff’s eyes widened as he watched his younger brother stomp his foot on the ground in a tantrum for the first time in his life.

“Rino… are you well and truly rebelling now?”

“Don’t call me ‘Rino’! And this is not a rebellion! Say that it doesn’t look good! Say it, Gauff !!”

“Wait, what did you just say to me?!” Gauff asked, disbelieving that his lovely and sweet little brother had just addressed him so bluntly.

Leorino looked at his appearance.

He was already twelve years old. If he was in the capital, he’d have been old enough to enter secondary school by now. And while it was true that his hands and feet were much more slender when compared to his older brothers’ own, even when they were his age, still… Would it not be right for him to dress the way he wanted?

As the breeze blew through the stables, Leorino’s soft light blue ribbons swayed along with it. 

“I’m done dressing like this! I’m a man! I said, I am a man!” The horses then neighed as Leorino’s loud voice echoed throughout the interior of the stables.

Yes, Leorino was growing up healthy.

He was treasured by his family as their lovely little princess.


Leorino had three older brothers. Oriano, who was twelve years older and the eldest of all; Yohan, the second eldest brother, who was ten years older; and Gauff, his third eldest, who was six years older than him. Leorino did not look at all like any of his brothers.

After having two sons who greatly resembled her husband, Augustus Cashew, the famed Margrave of Brungwurth, Lady Maia wanted to have a lovely daughter of her own. In the end, she wound up with four sons as the result of her ambition.

Growing up sheltered, the daughter of the Duke of Wiesen from the central part of the royal capital, Maia loved beautiful, shiny and pretty things.

She had fallen in love at first sight with Augustus, a boy of ten at the time, during one of the capital’s royal balls. He, in turn, courted her passionately when they grew older. At the age of seventeen, she decided to elope and marry the Margrave of Brungwurth. By the following year, she was blessed with their first child.

With dark brown hair and blue-green eyes just like her husband’s, the eldest son Oriano and the second son Yohan were born the most boyish of boys. Her children were very charming, but not in that sparkly, frilly, lovely way that Maia had wanted. And when her toddler’s bubbly appearances quickly came to pass, Maia was left feeling unsatisfied. 

Gauff, their third son, was the result of Maia’s eager anticipation for a daughter. But Gauff was another large baby, just like Augustus’ other sons. Maia may have been delighted to have a newborn to care for, but she secretly vowed to herself that she would try again. Augustus, who had just been ecstatic to celebrate the arrival of his newest son, felt a slight chill for some reason at the very moment she decided this.

Six years after Gauff’s birth, their fourth son, Leorino, came into the world. 

Again, they had a son.

After hearing that her newborn child was another boy, Maia felt both delighted and slightly disappointed. But when she saw her baby for the first time, she burst into tears of joy.

All of her prior sons had straight blackish brown hair and beautiful blue-green eyes, but they were blessed with strong physiques from birth.

Leorino, on the other hand, was a baby with silky white hair that looked like it might melt in the light. His darling pair of violet eyes, tinged with silver, were big and beautiful. Leorino, who slept comfortably with his small hands balled into tiny fists, looked so adorable lying against the lace of Maia’s maternity dress, just like an angel.

He was born a bright and radiant child. As he grew up, his pure white hair gradually darkened to a platinum blonde, just like his mother’s. The light reflecting off those loose curls gave them a lustrous sheen, the glow surrounding him like a halo2, and his large violet eyes were slightly upturned, just like those of a cat. With a narrow nose and smiling lips that were perfectly proportioned to his tiny milk-white face, he was, without a doubt, lovely.

His figure, too, had grown accordingly, without losing any of its beauty. A delicate physique coupled with his gorgeous features produced an adorably angelic young boy that gave off an ethereal and celestial impression.

Growing up, he never once deviated from this beautiful and otherworldly appearance.3 Even his name, Leorino, one that would normally be shortened to “Leo” for a boy, ended up as “Rino” somehow, and he was treated as and fawned over just like a little princess.

As a result of his mother’s bias for all things feminine, he was dressed in shimmery, fluttering clothing from childhood up until the present day, but he had never once complained about it.

Augustus, too, also doted on his youngest son, who was completely unlike his eldest sons and looked fragile and weak. Despite that, his love for his youngest was so great that he still chose to coddle him to this very day.

However, out of the blue one morning, Leorino suddenly told Maia, “Mother, starting tomorrow, I will return to being a man.”

With that, shocking news broke out in the territory of Brungwurth, proclaiming, “The Angel has begun his rebellion.”

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Thank you for translating! I look forward to seeing how this story goes!

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Luka Luthe
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