The Verdant Lands

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Chapter 34: Possibility

Ashiyowa felt sluggish so he abandoned his daily routine of building the hut and rested on the Emperor’s bed.

Even by noon, it seemed difficult for Ashiyowa to get out of bed so the attendants brought Ashiyowa his lunch on a tray which they put on his bedside.

While Ashiyowa was being careful not to spill the food on the bed as he munched some vegetables, the Emperor showed up in high spirits and immediately pulled up a chair to sit on.

“Excuse me for interrupting your meal, Aniue. Please listen as you eat — do you wish to have a child with me?”

“I’m… afraid to give birth.”

First of all, the Emperor was already so intense when he wasn’t even doing it for baby-making. If they did it with that objective in mind, how much more intense would he become? 

“Impossible…I can’t.”

As for childbirth, Ashiyowa feared it because it was a realm beyond human comprehension.

“Is it okay, if I said I’d be the one to give birth?” said the younger brother as he smiled towards his older brother whose eyes were wide open from surprise.

“It’s a joke, but I’m serious. No, as long as we’re serious it’s not impossible for Aniue and me to have a child anyway. Well, I can’t say for sure since there hasn’t been a case in the past. However, love conquers all — that’s why, please rest assured that no matter how much we do it, a child won’t be made unless Aniue wishes for it.”

Ashiyowa put the half-munched vegetable back on the plate and nodded with his head still looking down.

“…Perhaps, if Aniue wishes to have a child, you may embrace a woman if you can bring yourself to do so.”

Thinking that he misheard the Emperor’s words, Ashiyowa raised his head.

“Although I don’t have any interest in any woman or man other than Aniue, I won’t get angry even if Aniue wants to and does it with a woman. If a child is made, I’ll raise them as part of the clan.”


Ashiyowa had never thought about embracing a woman.

He admired the farmer’s wife back in his village but if he had to say, he was more interested in her voluptuous body. He had given up on having a wife as it would be difficult for her since he lived in the mountains.

Women, a wife, and marriage…

If he was really a part of the royal family, then it would mean he has the money to support a woman… 

Ashiyowa unintentionally leaned forward.

“Then, c-can I marry a woman?”

“Oh, please refrain from marrying her. There is a place where the concubines live, please give her a room there. As for the child, as long as he is capable, he can be enthroned as the next Emperor if that’s what Aniue wants.”

Ashiyowa stared blankly at the Emperor.

“Leshe, you — what are you talking about?”

The Emperor opened his eyes with a snap.

“Did I say something wrong?”

For a pure-blooded Royal like Lesheine, marriage was only done with a partner with the same blood, and marriage with someone outside the clan was not allowed. However, a child born to one royal and one non-royal parent could be recognized as a part of the clan. The child could also become the Emperor after it had been ascertained that he was fit for the throne.

In other words, if a child was born between Ashiyowa and a woman, the child could become the Emperor while the woman would become a concubine.

“—That’s such a serious responsibility… don’t make me decide.”

“Why would he end it with ‘it’s up to Aniue’.”

He had only made decisions when he did things like build the hut on the side of the mountain and had only worried about things like what seeds to plant. He had no idea what to do after being told that he could embrace a woman even without marrying her and if a child was born, they could even become the Emperor.

“…You’re terrible…”

Ashiyowa hung his head and gradually closed his damp eyes.


A confused voice came from above Ashiyowa’s drooping head.

The lunch table setup was lowered with a clatter and a large arm hugged his back.


The Emperor grabbed Ashiyowa’s chin with one hand and raised it, then kissed his lips.

“They’re all simply… possibilities. I just informed you about them. I love you, I love you very much. That’s all you need to believe.”

He put his hand around the back of Ashiyowa’s short black hair and kissed him, pushing his hot tongue inside Ashiyowa’s mouth.

Ashiyowa ate dinner together with the Emperor who arrived in a hurry as if he’d flown there. That evening, the Emperor gently embraced Ashiyowa to his chest as he accepted him now that he no longer needed to worry about pregnancy. The following day, Ashiyowa rode a single-seater carriage and headed for the bald mountain.

Although Ashiyowa felt his body was still a little sluggish, he put on his straw hat, returned to work, and put a mark on his wooden board.

He wasn’t in a hurry to build the hut, so whenever he got bored he would spend his time cooling both of his feet off in the river or tending to the horse.

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1 month ago

Thank youuu, I see some improvement from the emperor, hope it stay this way. If he dares to make ashi cry again, I for real will break the fourth wall and strangle him lol