The Verdant Lands

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Chapter 31: Desperate※

Ashiyowa became so absorbed in building the hut that it stopped him from returning to the forest pavilion.

He ended up laying down and falling asleep near the worksite.

The servants took down the pavilion in the forest, set it up again near the working area, and appealed to Ashiyowa to rest inside.

Drenched in sweat, Ashiyowa would bathe in the stream near the mountain every day and then change into a nightgown offered to him.

Having spent the last few days in that manner, Ashiyowa was now headed to the palace because the Royal Chamberlain strongly urged him to take a bath in the palace bathing area after dinner. He did not know that it was a plan to keep him from getting too absorbed in building the hut.

While the carriage continued to rock him, charmed by the evening breeze blowing against his face, Ashiyowa closed his eyes. He could feel the familiar sensation of exhaustion spreading all over his body. It was clear that moving his body and doing everything by himself had been the best choice.

When the carriage stopped, Ashiyowa was dozing off in his seat. A young chamberlain came, took his hand to help him down, and guided him till they reached the bathing area.

It seemed that the choking steam disturbed his sleep and made him sigh as he took off his clothes.

When he entered the bathroom, the servant that waited on him washed his body. Because of Ashiyowa’s sleepy state, he was more obedient than usual and just remained still, letting the servant do their duty.

Feeling warm and comfortable after he got out of the bath, Ashiyowa was now smooth and clean. He sat on the bench on the balcony and looked up to the summer night sky while his body, which was hot and steamy from the bath, cooled down.

The wind chimes were ringing with a pleasant sound.

In a daze, he saw a tall man wearing a pale blue, noble robe approaching him from the end of the corridor leading to the balcony.

His hair shone in gold and silver under the light of the candles that were being lit, and his smooth skin was visible.

The way he walked was majestic. It did not lose to the grandness of the gorgeous embroidery on his robe.

His pale face was youthful and his lips were plump.

“Aniue, you look as if you’re about to fall asleep at any moment.”

Ashiyowa’s lips were tenderly sealed and drawn into a kiss.

When he blinked, he saw blue eyes in front of him.

“It seems that you’re having fun building the hut.”

“Yeah… It’s fun…”

“That’s good to know,” he said, lifting Ashiyowa after speaking.

Even though they were about the same height, the man lifted Ashiyowa easily, with his arms wrapped around Ashiyowa’s thighs and back.

To begin with, there had been no one who could lift him in his life for as long as he remembered. But this man hugged him this way every time as if making up to him.

“Leshe, am I not heavy?”

“You would be only if your weight were doubled.”

Ashiyowa thought that even if he could carry this man with both of his arms, he wouldn’t be able to move. He would probably crumble starting from his right leg and end up dropping him.

They entered the building and walked for a while before going into the room.

After passing through the curtain hanging from the canopy, Ashiyowa was lowered onto the bed.

The Emperor seemed to have disappeared behind the curtain. A rustling sound could be heard as he stripped naked and climbed onto the bed once again.

He stripped Ashiyowa of the white gown he wore to sleep.

He loomed over him and brought their bodies together.


Ashiyowa shook his head.


The Emperor made up his mind as soon as he saw Ashiyowa sitting on a bench cooling off in a white nightgown.

Even though he saw Ashiyowa shake his head on top of the silk bedding, he didn’t stop caressing him and instead sucked on his pale yellowish skin, still fresh and clean from his recent bath.


“I love you.”

He opened up Ashiyowa’s body as he whispered into his ears. He used his hands to rub muscles that were probably fatigued and carefully caressed every part that responded even slightly.

“Hn… Ah”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of…”

He brushed his lips on Ashiyowa’s back and reached around with one hand to Ashiyowa’s front.

Ashiyowa’s body responded with a jolt, but his thing in the Emperor’s hand remained soft. With wet and slick hands, Lesheine made full use of every technique he knew, and the thing within his hand stiffened for a bit but quickly returned to its original state.

Disappointed that he would not be able to entertain Ashiyowa in this way again tonight, the Emperor moved his wet fingers away.

With Ashiyowa’s motionless hips on hold, the Emperor smeared the perfumed oil all over with great skill.

“No; Leshe, Lesheine—”

Two of his fingers squirmed into Ashiyowa as he used his body to press Ashiyowa down. The amber-colored, perfumed oil trickled down from Ashiyowa’s thighs onto the silk bedding.

“It didn’t hurt when we did it last time, right?… Did you forget?”


“It’s okay, you will only feel good.”

The Emperor gazed back at Ashiyowa’s teary black eyes and kissed him as if drawn in.

Ashiyowa’s cheeks flushed, while his neck was red and wet with sweat. With a smile on his face, the Emperor sucked Ashiyowa’s neck And, after changing his hold, the Emperor inserted three fingers inside Ashiyowa.

“Hng… Ah… No… Ha… Haah—”

He grabbed Ashiyowa as he twisted his body trying to escape from the pleasure. He put his lips on Ashiyowa’s cheek and poured a great amount of perfumed oil on his body. The scent enveloped the bed and its surroundings.

“Haah… Aniue”

The Emperor, covered in sweat, took his time loosening Ashiyowa up till his three fingers were swallowed up. Both Ashiyowa’s insides and his entrance were slick and wet with oil.

As he laid Ashiyowa down with his body facing the bed, he lifted Ashiyowa’s waist. His brother reached out towards the pillow and clung to it.

He placed the tip of his thing before the entrance, grabbed Ashiyowa’s wet and slippery waist, and applied pressure into it.

The hot, wet, soft flesh welcomed the Emperor inside and wrapped around him as he moved.


“Hng… Ah- It’s good, Aniue!”

“Aah… ah! Ah… Please, no—”

“…Here, Aniue, please enjoy yourself too.”

The Emperor slowly buried his stiffness deeper and tried to get Ashiyowa to enjoy the feeling.

As much as he held back, the pleasure from pushing open the tight and moist place was extremely exhilarating. It wrapped the Emperor tightly; the entrance was inviting him. As if to accept the invitation, the Emperor joyfully pushed himself deeper inside.


When the Emperor’s big thing entered him, Ashiyowa choked on his breath and his eyes flickered.

“Hng… Aah… It hurts, Ha… Ah!”

Certainly, it didn’t hurt as if it was being torn up like it had when he was attacked during their first time, but still, it hurt when it was forcibly spread out right after thrusting in. There was also a foreign sensation in his body that made him feel intimidated.

“Sto-p… it.”

Even though Ashiyowa told him to stop going further, holding his ass down the Emperor still continued thrusting many times.

“Hyah… Hng… Ah…”

Ashiyowa felt so hot that it was uncomfortable; he had goosebumps all over his body and when he tried to lift himself with his arms, he couldn’t muster any strength at all. His mouth was loose, his saliva was spilled all over the pillow and his tears flowed out on their own. No, it wasn’t his tears, it was his sweat.

“Le-sheー U-ngh”

While Ashiyowa was distracted by his own thoughts, the Emperor let out a sigh. He was done holding back, apparently.

“Leshe…… Leshe…”

Being rocked continuously, Ashiyowa called out the Emperor’s name as if he was going to break.

“Aniue, Aniue, Aniue… Aniue—”

The Emperor also kept repeating himself so it seemed that he wasn’t doing something foolish.

“Hu… Ah!!!”

With his waist in a tight grasp, the Emperor began to pound him from behind in short intervals. He let out a voice full of emotion and leaned against Ashiyowa’s back. His rough breathing hit Ashiyowa from behind. 

During the act, Ashiyowa’s right leg did ache a little bit, but the pain was overridden by a different sensation of his whole body trembling, so he didn’t have time to worry about such a small thing.

The Emperor hugged him in that position, fondled his chest, and then turned him sideways to face one another. His fingers touched the decorations on Ashiyowa’s chest, pinched them, and kneaded them in a mischievous manner. When Ashiyowa felt his consciousness being pulled towards that sensation, he shook his body to resist, but the next thing he knew, that the thing that stayed still inside him started stirring him up again.

“Hng… Hn… Hng!”

Amidst the sweet and luscious scent of the perfumed oil, the two of them were covered in sweat while doing an activity that only a man and woman should do.1

Ashiyowa was breathing roughly while the Emperor sucked on his ear. The Emperor, who embraced and rocked him from behind, was also breathing roughly.

Sometimes the Emperor would grind Ashiyowa inside. When he did, Ashiyowa would see sparks scattered in his sight. Though this may be sloppy, Ashiyowa didn’t know any other way to describe it.


When he let out a sound similar to a scream, the Emperor chuckled from behind him.

“Aniue, just now, you squeezed me too much. Did you feel good?”

“That, just now… just… stop it.”

“Yes, yes.”

Replying happily, he took the thing lying loosely on Ashiyowa’s abdomen into his hands. Even if he rubbed it slowly, Ashiyowa would only say that it was slightly itchy.

“I love you. I love you very much. I really love you so much.”

“Hn… Ah—”

The Emperor was in his bedroom whispering sweet nothings into his ears. Ashiyowa was on the receiving end where women were supposed to be.2 Ashiyowa was doing the duty of the three concubines who were living in the corner of the Ryokuen Palace, all by himself.

While the Emperor continued to make more sweet confessions, Ashiyowa was made to lie in the bed again and had his waist raised. He let out a panicked cry as if in a hurry.

“Aah… Ah! Leshe, Le-sheine, inside… don’t… release it inside!”

“―Is there… something wrong?… ”

The Emperor, who thought that he would be able to enjoy Ashiyowa’s insides to the fullest from now on, was suddenly thwarted and voiced a painful cry.

“I’m, coming, once more, so…”

The Emperor grabbed Ashiyowa’s waist as he talked.

“If so… Ah— Just, hu-rry… Let’s… go… bathe”

“We will. We’ll go to the bathroom. So please, wait a little bit… now.”

A hard and big thing pierced him deeper inside. Ashiyowa received a shock as if thrown out of the bed along with the pillows he was clinging to.


“I’ll, finish, quickly, so… Hng, u-gh”

Before he could finish his words, the Emperor’s thrusts became faster.

“Leshe, no. You can’t!!!”

The Emperor no longer responded. He leaned on Ashiyowa and concentrated on moving his waist back and forth with force.

“Lesheine… I’m going to get pregnant!”


The Emperor collapsed and fell forward after he heard Ashiyowa’s desperate cry but a large amount of semen poured out inside Ashiyowa.

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Chantel King
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I mean, his brother would be totally down for that *sniggers*

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Honestly, what kind of garbage was that teacher of his?

Isolating him, limiting his knowledge….


I hope he learns to love himself more and look down on himself less.

Thanks for the chapter! (≧▽≦)

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He’s too innocent, i feel bad for him. What a cliffhanger as well.

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Lmao, what a misunderstanding

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