The Verdant Lands

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Chapter 29: Grave Visit

He was feeling scorched… He thought he would burn to death. His body twitched and jerked on its own; his breathing was shallow and painful… After all, it was hot.

That evening, the Emperor got up from bed, had his dinner, and left for the Ryokuryū Palace after saying there were some matters he had put off. 

Aniue, stay here and sleep. I’ll be back.”

He pressed his lips to Ashiyowa’s cheek after speaking.

Softly licking another person’s cheek so easily…

Ashiyowa crawled into the summer futon and relaxed his body, which had suffered from strenuous exercise. He felt faint pains in his arms, legs, sides, waist, and other areas that had been gripped hard.

His waist, in particular, seemed to have given up and was unable to muster enough strength to do what he wanted.

Even the part that had been pushed hard and spread open still felt uncomfortable, as if something were still shoved inside. Also, it was still tingling because it had been pulled back and forth unceasingly. 

His face turned red and pale when he felt the remnants of what they had done.

Although the Emperor told Ashiyowa multiple times that it was alright, it wasn’t scary, and that he wouldn’t hurt him, the scene of the bloody attack during Ashiyowa’s first experience often crossed his mind, making him tremble.

How did he hold back that much though?

It was impossible to tell whether Asiyowa realized that his decision to stay for now had been understood as giving his consent to do it.

Still, Ashiyowa must have made a choice somehow.

It was also clear that he did not hit the Emperor and escape, even when he was taken to bed.

The only difference this time, which allowed him to suppress his fear, was that the thing being rammed inside him violently, which had made him bleed the first time, had been covered with perfumed oil, and before putting it inside he had been properly stretched out.

It had still been hard, hot, and quite painful.

The same could be said for the semen that had filled him. 

It’s not like they wanted to have a child together as couples do, so Ashiyowa wondered why he released it inside.

Eh, it’s impossible between men… Right?

Ashiyowa squeezed the futon with a shocked expression. He did not have enough knowledge about that topic. 

No way…eh? Eh?

He’d heard that children were made from sexual intercourse between a man and a woman but… 

Ashiyowa unconsciously put his hand on his abdomen. Sadly, he became uncertain.

He hadn’t seen it but women had holes for childbirth and babies were made when a man’s seed flowed into them. There should be no mistake in his knowledge, since he’d learned about it from the old man.

Yet… The Emperor used Ashiyowa’s only hole twice.

He wondered that perhaps women would be the same as men without wombs. After all, they were all humans. The size of their chests may be different but to him, their structure didn’t seem that different.

As he turned slightly pale, he buried his head in the pillow.

In the first place, to have intercourse for any other purpose than having children was unnecessary. If so, then if the Emperor wanted to do it, that meant that he wanted to have a child together.

This is bad; I’m confused.

He covered his face with his hands.

The Emperor, dressed in his royal robes, was having the time of his life.

His brother was amazing. He had a well-built body that was not delicate. The sweat flowing on his burning skin and the oil spread on his body fused with his body heat and gave off a seductive scent.

His short black hair was pressed against the white bedding, exposing his pale throat as he bent over to accept the Emperor.

The Emperor also liked that Ashiyowa’s pale skin had a yellow tone other royals don’t have. 

His gasping voice and even his face with furrowed brows were exceptional.

Inside he was hot and tight but, because of the slick surface, the Emperor slid in and out without difficulty.

Ashiyowa said that he was in pain but the Emperor didn’t hurt him anywhere.

Only the Emperor was able to reach the depths of his body. He was clenched tightly, thrusting in and out and it felt so good as if he was going to lose his mind.

The Emperor put his index finger in his lips as he walked through the corridor of the Ryokuryū Palace accompanied by chamberlains and guards.

In the back of his mind, he remembered Ashiyowa’s raspy voice.

“Le-she, s-stop it…”

Ashiyowa had writhed in his arms as he sucked him to the limit and shook him up.

He’d looked terrified, unsure of what would be done to him next, showed an uneasy face, and looked towards the Emperor with frightened eyes.

Someone had finally appeared to use the name the Emperor was called in his bedroom. 

It was not used by the quickly-forgotten beauties that the Emperor had been offered for years, nor by the pretty boys, but by the one he was happy to embrace.

Surely, it would be too much if I asked him to do it again tonight.

His mind was racing, his body was excited, and he wanted to ask for it again immediately but he didn’t want Ashiyowa to overdo it.

Lafoseine was his treasure so he must embrace him preciously and with care.

The Emperor went about his affairs feeling extremely happy. His body was filled with joy and strength.

That night, the Emperor looked so breathtakingly beautiful that even those of the Gray Clan who were used to seeing the royal family members were taken aback.


Ashiyowa held the straw hat he was wearing in his hands because it almost blew off from the wind as they rode the two-seater carriage to the Royal Tomb in the garden.

The hot summer days continued, making people’s movements sluggish.

At this time of the year, the Imperial Court was half-closed and only a few people were active at noon.

Ashiyowa was resting in the forest like he always did when the Emperor, who often spent his time in the Ryokuen Palace, came to invite him along.

Ashiyowa closed the book he’d purchased from the bookstore in the Imperial Capital and got in the carriage.

The carriage the half-brothers rode was accompanied by mounted guards and chamberlains on foot.

A tall entrance could be seen in front of the pyramid structure which was the size of a small hill.

One of the guards by the entrance stood with the gate already open.

Ashiyowa followed the Emperor out of the carriage and put his straw hat back on the seat. Just like that, he followed behind the Emperor without his cane.

The Emperor, who was dressed in a light blue robe, went through the entrance and passed the dark corridor.

“This way, Aniue.”

After passing through the short corridor, there seemed to be a skylight somewhere inside the pyramid to let the light in, bringing the summer sunshine in through the ceiling.

Smooth white paving stones decorated the floors.

The front had a wall of burnished black wood panels with a candle stand at each end. The triangular walls were brown, but that was all.

“There’s nothing, right? We don’t need that much space because we cremate the remains, and since everyone wants to be in one place, we put all the remains here. If we built a royal tomb for each Emperor away from their family, the Emperors of the past would be lonely and come out as monsters.”

When Ashiyowa heard about the cremation, he looked at the Emperor with surprise in his eyes.

The chamberlains who had caught up with the carriage came in stealthily then set up a tall candle and lit it.

Only then did Ashiyowa learn that only the royal family and the Gray Clan, who had loyally followed after the First Emperor in his death, were allowed to be cremated in La Seine.

Most people were buried in the ground.

As the chamberlains stepped back, the Emperor, who didn’t lower himself to anyone in this verdant land, sat in seiza in front of the stone slab in the ossuary and bowed his head to the floor.

Ashiyowa carefully sat diagonally behind the Emperor and gave a deep reverent bow.

The sound of the lamp’s slowly burning wick echoed. While the buzzing of the summer insects was distant from the grave, the two of them quietly greeted the family beneath the dazzling white beam of sunlight.

―Am I really a part of your family?… Is the one resting here really my father? Am I really Lafoseine? That’s what your last descendant keeps saying. I also know that Lesheine is trying very hard not to hurt me again. Because he thinks…I am a relative, and there are moments his embrace feels like that.

―I’m not sure. It’s just that… Your last descendant is doing well and is adored by the people; the Gray Wolves are also protecting him. It also seems that I need to stick with this man for a little while.

As he spoke with uncertainty he raised his head and locked eyes with the Emperor who turned around while waiting for him. When their gazes met, Ashiyowa faced him with a smile.

The Emperor turned his face back to the plain stone slab and said with his flat voice reverberating inside the tomb.

“Father, mother, brothers, and sisters. Members of the family and dear ancestors. Our lost Lafoseine has returned. Brother comforted me with my pain from losing everyone and I became able to live every day with hope. I love my brother. Please allow me to fulfill my important duty of ending this dynasty safely. When the time comes for us to leave this verdant land behind, please come and pick us up. May the people of this land, who have accepted us, be happy henceforth.”

As the Emperor lowered his head again, Ashiyowa also followed and did so.

The Emperor stood up and lent a hand to help Ashiyowa stand, then grasped his hand naturally and left the tomb, still holding hands.

When he turned his gaze away from the dark corridor, Ashiyowa narrowed his eyes at the brightness entering his sight.

Aniue, about the trip to visit Aniue’s mother’s grave, let’s do it after the autumn harvest is over. It’s been a long while since I left the Imperial Capital; I’m planning to visit various places.”

Ashiyowa didn’t answer back with yes or no but just stared back into the eyes of the Emperor.

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