The Verdant Lands

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Editor: Evelet

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Chapter 19: Bathhouse

Warning: non-con

“――Your Majesty…”

The man called out softly as he knelt, gripping his palms. Inside, the half-naked Emperor was lying beside Ashiyowa’s dirtied figure, his limbs stretched out, powerless. 

“Your Majesty…”

The smell of blood thickened. He held a robe up to the Emperor, gently guiding his arms through its sleeves. Gently, he untangled their limbs, carefully prying their shoulders and hips apart. As he moved the two bodies apart, Ashiyowa’s legs slipped from the Emperor’s and threatened to fall. But before it hit the floor, he swiftly caught Ashiyowa’s legs. 

He turned his attention to the Emperor, covering him with an outer robe as both his naked body and undergarments were soiled with blood and semen. Then, back to Ashiyowa, as he aligned his legs together and lowered him to the floor. Kiss marks and teeth patterns littered his body and blood pooled down the floor from his thighs. From the same place, a large amount of cloudy white liquid leaked out after being forced into Ashiyowa numerous times.  


He called out, but there was no reply. The doctor turned to examine Ashiyowa’s mouth, checking for his breath and pulse. He was alive.

“First, we should wash him.”

Nodding, the secretary gave a signal. The chamberlain wrapped Ashiyowa with a blanket and gently lifted him with the help of three other servants. Liquids spilled from his body to the floor, making a pattering sound as they moved.

“To the bathhouse―”

After seeing Ashiyowa carried out, the secretary looked in the Emperor’s direction, finding that he hadn’t come out unharmed either. He was struck and scratched, bleeding from his cheeks and the edges of his mouth.

“Your Majesty, let us treat your wounds…”

As he approached, the Emperor waved his hand to dismiss him and stood up. Stumbling, he began to walk towards the bathhouse. 

“Your Majesty.”

“…I will go to where my brother is.” 

Upon saying that, he chased after the chamberlain and the rest who were slowly carrying Ashiyowa to the bathhouse. Hugging the outer robe that hung from his shoulders to his feet, he walked forward with downcast eyes. No matter what the secretary walking next to him said, he didn’t reply. 

In the bathhouse, servants wearing undergarments with short sleeves took care of Ashiyowa, checking the temperature of the bath before lowering him down into the milky hot spring water. 

As the dirt on his lower limbs was washed away, red and black mixed into the pure white water, turning a cloudy grey.

The secretary, chamberlain, and guards wearing longer coats stood at the entrance of the bath, concerned about Ashiyowa’s state, but also carefully observing the Emperor who stood in silence next to the entrance.

“Your Majesty, there is another hot spring available…”

The chamberlain called out, but the Emperor remained silent as if he didn’t hear anything. Softly, he flipped his coat and entered the steaming bathhouse with bare feet.

“Your Majesty―”

The servants bathing Ashiyowa in the hot water were wiping him down with a soft cloth but looked back in confusion when they saw the secretary stand up.  

“Y-Your Majesty.”

“Ah… W-Wait!”

As the Emperor took off his coat by the bath, the Gray Wolves finally sensed that there was still something strange about his behaviour. No one could stop him in time.

Weaving through the dirtied water, the Emperor retrieved Ashiyowa’s naked body. He positioned his hips between Ashiyowa’s legs. The feverish heat in his body had yet to subside, and with a single thrust, he embedded himself inside. Bathwater rippled as the two figures shook back and forth. Moans slipped through his clenched teeth and quickly escalated to something more akin to a roar. 

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty… Please…”

The flames dancing on the bathhouse candlesticks rose higher and sparked with anger, and the metal fittings of the guards’ uniforms began to rattle violently against each other. As the Emperor roared, the lion sculpture cracked.

Ashiyowa remained unconscious as he was pushed up violently and pierced. The lower half body was still submerged in the hot water, but his bright red chest curved to the edge of the bath, his neck, dangerously bent. His shoulders rested at the edge of the bathtub as his arms were thrown about powerlessly, swaying along to the movement as he was rocked back and forth. The face of the man with short black hair had gone even paler and the hot water surrounding them turned a deeper grey. Upon whispering something to the chamberlain, the secretary ran into the bathhouse, squirming as the hot water wet his clothes. 

“Your Majesty. Please, any more than that and he’ll… You’re harming him. Your Majesty, please.”

Hoping that the Emperor would gain back his consciousness, the secretary kept calling out and reached for his arms.

“―Your Majesty, Lafoseine will die at this rate.”

A roar rang in the bathhouse, and everything sank to the floor.

Haa― Haa― Haa―

There was only the rough breathing of a beast. Half of the candlestick fires had been extinguished, and the rest were violently shaking. Seeing a glimmer of reason in his blue eyes, the head of the Gray Wolves jumped up and put one foot into the bath.

The Emperor roughly pulled away from Ashiyowa. Fresh blood spilled over his white thighs. He handed him over to his chamberlains behind him and waved, “Take him away!” Surrounding the chamberlain, several guards left the bathhouse with Ashiyowa to escape the Emperor. The secretary came out of the bathtub and knelt on the spot, rubbing his forehead on the wet floor.

“Please forgive me. My Emperor, I will call for a concubine. Please wait until your fever has subsided before you see your brother again.”

After a while, the Emperor got out of the bathtub, dripping with hot water, and stood in front of the Secretary, still kneeling.

“―I shall guide you.”

Speaking with his head down to the silent Emperor, the secretary led him away.

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Chiara Boatwright
Chiara Boatwright
4 months ago

Where the next chapter

4 months ago

That was harrowing and heartbreaking, especially given the MC’s naivete and how much the reader has empathized with him up to this point. I hope he manages to escape. Going to read something fluffy to recuperate.

The author is quite good at writing. Having read a lot of BL novels, this one is among the few that shows instead of telling. There’s subtlety in the characters’ temperaments and behavior, as if they’re real people instead of drawn-out stereotypes. Thank you for the wonderful translation.

4 months ago

This…really intrigued me….is the royalty was cursed just to fall in love within their family members?? And the obsession just go out of the line. And we talked about the generation upon generation of the royal family members.

4 months ago

“Why are we still here? Just to suffer?” ( ´༎ຶོ__༎ຶོ`)

4 months ago
Reply to  Moomoo


4 months ago

My gosh I thought he was gonna realize what horrible thing he had done, but nope :((, he do it again instead. Thanks for the translation.

Non-con will never be okay, but I’m still rooting for this series and just hope that in the following chapter ashi will make leshiene realize what horrible thing he had done, and i had hope that it will come true seeing that it has 130 chaps.

4 months ago

I feel scared right now…
They become scarily strong and their reasoning will diminish if they succumb to their instincts. That’s the power they hold.

I need to take a breather. Thank you for the chapter!!