The Verdant Lands

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Editor: Evelet

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Chapter 18: Disaster

Warning: non-con 

Under the darkness of night, Ashiyowa passed through the palace chambers one after another.

He looked back many times, and as the figure chasing him approached, he moved his legs faster in desperation. The chamberlain’s and guards’ voices and footsteps could be heard throughout this, along with the opening and closing of doors. Though it was dark outside, candles lit the palace corridors so you could still see what was inside the rooms. Ashiyowa ran, avoiding chairs and tables, dodging vases.

His right foot had long been cramped, but he ignored it and continued sprinting. 

He kicked a chair backward, obstructing the path behind him, and ran past the fringed curtains towards the exit, placing his hands on the door.


The door wouldn’t open, so he tried using the momentum of his body. He bashed himself against it, hoping he could force it open. He tugged at the sides of the door, but it still wouldn’t budge. In a panic, he ran his eyes around the room and tried rattling the window shutters.

Why — —

As if a strong gust of wind had blown in, the door behind him was slammed shut. Ashiyowa ran his shoulders into the window trying to break it, but only bounced off and fell to the floor. 

Against the flecks of light leaking out from the closed door, a shadowy form had entered the room with the wind, his figure melded into the darkness.

Haa — Haa —

Both men were panting, shoulders rising and falling.

Ashiyowa’s sweat-drenched body instantly froze. 

He tried to get up, only to realise neither his arms nor legs would move.  

“— Ah — Ah?”

A bunch of candlesticks were suddenly lit, even though there was no one else there.

The Emperor, dressed in white undergarments, looked down at Ashiyowa. His golden hair glimmered under the light, framing his pale face like a crown. But there was something sinister behind his blue eyes. Silently, his form covered Ashiyowa’s.

Ashiyowa could feel his breath on his chest. His clothes were shifted around and before he knew it, he was stripped. 


His dry lips uttered. Ashiyowa remained paralysed as his legs were spread open, welcoming the man in between his thighs. With the rustling of clothes, the Emperor removed his undergarments. 

“N-no… Lesheine…”


He exhaled loudly. 


The Gray Wolves rushed to the corner of Ryokuen Palace, cries echoing throughout the corridors. As they got closer, everyone there became tense. 

“This voice is…”

Murmurs filled the room. Candlesticks hung from the ceiling at regular intervals across the long, wide corridor. Even with the light, the Secretary of Ryokuen only felt unease building in his chest.

Several guards ran into the door, decorated with tassels. Despite their efforts, it wouldn’t open; they couldn’t get to where ‘that’ was being carried out.

It must be someone’s power.

The ordinary person was no match when it came to royal abilities. They stopped trying and he instead arranged for a doctor and the hot spring to be prepared. That was all they could do.

As if driven into a scorching stake, his body swayed, struggling to keep up with the Emperor. 

“A-A-Ah… Gyaa… N-No.”

The smell of blood drifted throughout the room. His face, neck, and chest were licked, sucked, bitten. The sensation from his lower half became numb. 

Sloppy sounds resonated across the room, accompanied by their rough, animalistic breathing.

Between the pain from his right leg and from being pierced with the Emperor’s length, Ashiyowa was stuck in a cycle of consciousness and unconsciousness.

“Fuu… Gyaaah… Ahh!”

The man wrapped Ashiyowa’s legs over his shoulders and moved violently. With a thrust, his body trembled, pausing for a moment before resuming once more. His hands rested on either side of Ashiyowa’s face and he continued to sway back and forth, in and out, as if possessed by something.

A-Ani… Ue...”

“Hyaahh… Ah… Hii… Hii…”

Ashiyowa finally managed to regain freedom of his limbs after being tied up, but it was too late. He resisted, hitting, scratching, and pounding against the man on top of him with both hands, but he was being overwhelmed by a violence with which he could not compare. 

The deepest parts of his body were invaded endlessly and the burning liquid filled him mercilessly as if it would kill him. The affection of the noblest man was something that not even the most beautiful of women could receive even if they begged. Yet, it was poured into Ashiyowa until he bled. 

You could feel the heavy air and heat from behind the closed door. Occasionally, you could hear voices, indicating that they were still in the act. Outside, chairs were lined up along the corridor, the Grey Wolves patiently waiting. Among the Grey Wolves was the Secretary.

From that warm atmosphere during dinner, it instantly shifted to the bedroom and naturally, to what lovers would do in the bedroom. The older brother’s rejection was followed by an explosion of passion at the end of the chase.

His Majesty was too… He must have been so terrified.

It made him wonder how much the royal family must love their own blood. Was it necessary? It had been twelve years since the subject of the Imperial bed-chamber was cut off. In the midst of the Emperor’s loneliness, summertime had finally brought with it a bright light. The Emperor, who would have been exhausted and starved, must have had neither the calm nor the ability to accept any rejection from Ashiyowa. In fear of losing him, he acted as if crazed, driven only by instinct to seek the person in front of him who shared his blood.

The Secretary gently closed his eyes.

— With this, there’s no denying it.

Even though it had come to this, the only person the Emperor could ever desire was his own kin. 

There is no doubt that Ashi-dono was Lafoseine, the illegitimate son of the previous emperor who went missing when he was three years old.

Illegitimate children were very rare within the royal family. The royal family only loved their relatives and usually kept to themselves, so it was very rare for them to embrace or be embraced by others. But — something must have possessed him to do it. It wasn’t uncommon for members who were rejected by the other party to use an outsider to ease their heartbreak, to detach themselves from their feverish love. Perhaps that had been the reason. 

Previously at Ryokuen, lower-ranking tasks were done not by the Gray Wolves, but by a lady-in-waiting, who coincidentally also cleaned the gardens. She must have caught the previous Emperor’s interest.

With one touch, Lafoseine had been conceived. The lady-in-waiting had been approached from behind. Before she even realised what was happening, it was over. 

In fear, she requested permission from her superior to return to her hometown and live with her parents before the Gray Wolves caught up. In less than a year, the child was born at her parents’ house. Many messengers invited both mother and child to the palace, so she agreed. But the previous emperor himself wasn’t keen on meeting anyone other than the royal family. After naming the child, he coldly brushed them off, ordering the Gray Wolves to take care of arranging the baby’s protection and necessities. 

But around three years later, the Emperor’s attitude changed. He sent a messenger to fetch his son, also giving him some new clothes. The existence of a half-blooded child had become an interesting topic of conversation within the royal family. The carriage, along with the accompanying guards, fell into a river below a cliff after a landslide on the way to the Royal Capital. The river was flooded from the heavy rain a few days prior, and even with the guards’ outstanding skills and physical strength, they managed to rescue only the Emperor’s concubine. Soldiers were injured and some were seriously wounded, but none of them died.

Immediately after the news arrived, reinforcements searched the river for Prince Lafoseine. Yet, he remained missing. Though they were unable to retrieve his body, he was labeled ‘dead’ on the royal list.

The Secretary broke out of his recollection and raised his head. 

A cold night wind blew against his skin. He sat up from the chair and placed his hand on the door. It opened without resistance. 

The moment he stepped into the room, he smelled iron. Under the swaying fire of the candlelight, the room was a disastrous sight. 

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18 days ago

This is bad :<

1 month ago

I read the tags, the reviews, and I get the general point of the whole plot. I can only say a lot of books exist, we can only wisely read through those we pick.

No matter what, I will still support you, translator, by reading and commenting, because I am penniless.
I mean, because that is what the best of my abilities can do XDD

21 days ago
Reply to  Elirrra

omg.. cute⁦( ˘ ³˘)♥⁩

2 months ago

NGL, the rape scenes are horrific. This is tagged R-18 for a reason. It is for people who are old enough to understand completely and cognitive dissonance.
And what about those around the Emperor who don’t do anything to help Ashiyowa?

Last edited 2 months ago by evelet
4 months ago

Thank you for the chapter !

Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
5 months ago

The rape turns to love trope is the worst cancer this genre has. This shouldn’t have ever been a thing and should have died out the moment it became a thing. Why does this still exist? Who does this appeal to? What the hell is wrong with you that you like reading rape between characters that are supposed to fall in love? Gah! I loathe this trope with a passion as someone who knows people who have been raped. Rape isn’t romantic or sexy! Why couldn’t this have been an opportunity for pining that turned to mutual love? Even add a dash of angst in there as Ashi comes to terms with first loving him and then realizing yes they’re actually related? Wasted opportunities and potential just to perpetuate the worst trope in existence.

Thanks for your hard work translating anyway! It’s not your fault the source material is what it is.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sadie Woods

“This shouldn’t have ever been a thing and should have died out the moment it became a thing. Why does this still exist?”
Fun fact for you : This novel written about more than 10 years ago lol in 2009 so this is not the author latest works.

Hmm… but that’s not the main point

Yeah, I know you said it’s not the translator fault but you also said above that “Wth is wrong with you that you like reading rape between characters that are supposed to fall in love?” Isn’t that include the translator that pick this story to read then kindly translate it into English for us to read ???? Did you just thanks them and insult them at the same time??? Wtf looool Hey, I’m not trying to defend about the rape /non-con content here or anything, but I think maybe you should read the tags (on the NU) first to know if that novel have a tags or some bit of content that is not for you so next time you don’t get triggered by the content you can’t read and also don’t have to waste your time type a long ass complain about the things other people already aware. I believe many other readers (include translator) know what they get themselves into. This novel is not for everyone.

In the original website, Syosetu, the original page of the novel) the author made it pretty clear that this novel contain an fantasy incest/non-con/dub-con content and warn beforehand in every chapters that “If you are not good at it, please stop reading the future” and I don’t think the author themselves not even try to make the rape scene romantic or romanticize the rape scene at all… I think the description is pretty gruesome….. I don’t know how you read it and think the rape scene in this chapter will be in that way and I would tell you without spoiler that this novel, until the end of mtl that I dig into, not quite fix in your description or your hastily conclusion.

Ahhh I don’t know but it’s kinda stupid to get angry at this novel, maybe you should save your energy? there are so many novel that worst than this and even romanticize the rape scene. I think you should back off to read other novel. That’s it.

Last edited 5 months ago by Meh
5 months ago
Reply to  Meh

The problem is the creation itself tho. Do you know that there’s a lot of teenagers who read yaoi, not just this novel but the genre itself. Its so normalized in this genre that its not just borderline disturbing but very much alarming. Not every kid has the privilege to have someone older guide them to teach them the distinction between right and wrong. Specially with how open the internet is. OP was commenting on the prevalance of rape in yaoi and the enjoyment and romanticization of it by others. If you used to read in mangago, you’ll see comments saying “hot” or “that was fantastic” on rape mangas. What impression would it give to the younger generation regarding consent? Literature as a whole has a lot of power contrary to what is believed now.

And just because there aee so many novel thats worse than this doesnt mean this should get a free pass at it. Kudos to OP for calling it out.

What i’m hoping now is this incident doesnt get brushed under the rug and the emperor actually gets punished or actually acknowledges that what happened wasn’t necessary and in any way acceptable. Because that at least can show redemption.

4 months ago
Reply to  Meh

I agree with Meh’s comment. The themes are laid out on the tin, and commenters should not come here to leave passive aggressive comments discouraging the hardworking translator.

There are plenty of mainstream novels with the same themes–Game of Thrones, Outlander–that are much worse. Daenerys falls in love with her rapist, who raped her when she was 13. Given the widespread acceptance of and huge platforms for those types of mainstream works, the themes in those works seem far more important to debate. But I see almost no energy focused there. Is it because people aren’t brave enough to shame cis het men on their forums, while the novels translated here are read by mainly gender/racial minorities + are niche and BL?

It’s best to avoid reading these novels if they’re triggering. But leaving combative comments does no one any good. If you can’t read about murder, don’t pick up a murder mystery novel. But don’t completely ignore the tags, find the scene with the murder, and then go “what the hell is wrong with you to want to read about something immoral like murder? I loathe this genre! I detest it!” That comes across as incredibly disingenuous.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sadie Woods

I hate this trope/hated this chapter as well, i feel like it ruined a novel I was really starting to love…though, I wouldnt necessarily judge others who don’t mind it as long as they have a clear distinction between whats real and whats fantasy

4 months ago
Reply to  moomoo

I didn’t look carefully at the NU tags and now I feel very sad and horrified. Can’t read this novel anymore… 🙁 It could have been so good, but this was just disgusting. The translators are doing a good job, sorry I cannot support you anymore.

4 months ago
Reply to  Sadie Woods

If you dont like it, then dont read it instead of complaining. Why are you getting mad over a book? That’s so stupid

Last edited 4 months ago by Chiara
3 months ago
Reply to  Chiara

Lmao these dumbasses can’t even properly read tags so don’t expect much from them . Clearly, there’s a wide gap between fiction and reality so how come these people are quick to judge people that are fine with reading this type of genre?

5 months ago

Gdi at least spare ashi some chance to think things throu, the royal family are a bunch of asshole it seems. This will make ashi close himslef in I believe

5 months ago

His desire to find his lost brother might have overtaken his reasoning since he’s the only family he has and tyeir bloodline only desires their own kind. Still, what he did was really wrong, especially the part where he forced himself inside of him. He’s too messed up.

Thank you for the chapter!!

1 month ago
Reply to  LovingSmiles

Indeed, I came here because I anticipated for scum abuse and the sweet love after the trials. *reveals hidden pitch fork*