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Brief Character Introduction

Clockwise from Top Right: Jolga, Anderheim, Nasha, Julieta, Malacia, Sigurd

(Some mild spoilers may be included, so it is recommended to read after reading the main story)


・The ages are from the start of the story.

・This is only a brief introduction, but I plan to gradually add more information, including for the supporting characters.

・I will also prepare a glossary of terms if you wish.

[This isn’t part of the main story, but some trivia the author tweeted about]

The name of Nasha’s daughter was “Lakshmi”.

The names of Lakshmi’s two brothers were “Arjuna and Karna,” but they were good friends without killing each other.

Sigurd and Julieta had four children. In order of age, they were the eldest son, Arberge, the eldest daughter, Rosalia, and the second son, Ernest. The second daughter, Claudia, was born after Anderheim’s death.

Rosalia married Crown Prince Valheid and became Queen. She originally admired her mother’s close friend, the wise Queen Vanellope, so daughter-in-law and mother-in-law were always on good terms.

The Oswein family would later disappear from the kingdom of Palcemith. It did not fall apart or go into ruin, but emigrated because of the wishes handed down by their distant ancestors. After several generations of elaborate preparations, the entire family settled in Hinoe in the east.

In the process of growing out his hair as promised to Jolga after the story, Anderheim again remembered his old tricks and showed off various hair arrangements, which was why hair arrangements became so popular in the capital.


Anderheim Yucht Asbal (42) ※Physical Age 22※

Silver hair, jade-coloured eyes

Height: 172 cm


A mix of the evil Prime Minister Anderheim and the [me] who remembered a previous life.

…Although that was the case, he still showed his cool head and calculation while toying around with the capture targets.

However, if he found enough merit in someone to make them his own, he would spare no effort to draw them into his own camp, even if it meant tricking them.

The descendant of Sage Asbal, he was cursed to die a premature death at the age of fifty-five, but he had an ageless and attractive appearance.

He was a complete scholar type and not at all athletic. His skill with the sword was at a level where even his own daughter laughed at him.

[Beloved Daughter]

Julieta O’shayne Asbal (17)

Silver hair, jade-coloured eyes

Height: 158 cm


A villainess who was selfish, tended to look down on others, and grew up spoiled.

When she first appeared in the series, she was a Dragon Priestess with heavy makeup caked on her face, but with Anderheim’s guidance, she learned to wear natural makeup.

While she was doing the “acting” that Anderheim taught her, she realized that it was much easier and more natural to act kind to those around her, and this behaviour became her own before she knew it.

[The Head Priest]

Malacia (28)

White hair, madder-red eyes

Height: 162 cm


An orphan from the slums with albinism, Malacia spent his childhood exposed to the desires of adults due to the misfortune of his beautiful appearance.

He always smiled by further narrowing his thin eyes because he was not really good at smiling.

He cared about the Shrine as a whole like his family, but he also used it for himself.

He held a deep admiration for Anderheim who lead the capture targets by the nose.

[The Ancient Dragon]

Ancient Dragon Kharis (? ? ?)

Silver scales, garnet eyes

Height: ? ? ?


Kharis was the ancient dragon that ruled the frozen lands in the northern part of the Yugena continent a thousand years ago.

After having part of his soul stolen by the Hero Palcemith and the Sage Asbal, he was sealed up in an underground lake and continued to provide blessings to the lands of Palcemith along with the spirits who were attracted to his enormous mana supply.

His nature was not evil, but it wasn’t good either.

For the ancient dragons, who boasted of near-eternal life, the most important thing was fun, and the inherent good and evil of things were not what affected their principles of conduct.

[The Knight Commander]

Jolga Von Oswein (38)

Black hair tinged with red, hazel eyes

Height: 185 cm


The Knight Commander of the Royal Knights of Palcemith was one of those who succeeded the Hero Palcemith in wielding the sword [Quistacis: He who Controls Dragons].

A little too much of the blunt type, he was nevertheless a powerful and handsome man with a strong sense of justice who was popular among the nobles.

He had a deep history with the evil Prime Minister Anderheim over his relationship with his former fiancée Yurikano and Sigurd, Anderheim’s heir.

He was invincible with the sword to the point that he was said to be a man loved by the war god.

[The Prime Minister’s Only Son]

Sigurd Isys Asbal (20)

Jet black hair, hazel eyes

Height: 183 cm


Anderheim’s only son, he inherited all-around martial arts skills from his father.

Since he was a child, he had not received love from his father and has been hurt whenever he heard of his father’s misdeeds.

He fell in love at first sight when he met the Sacrificial Priestess Nasha, but quietly withdrew to avoid coming in the way of her feelings for the Crown Prince Vikram, and later had a relationship with Nasha’s sister, Melia.

[The Knight Commander’s Son]

Lutora Milca Oswein (18)

Grey hair, hazel eyes

Height: 187 cm


Jolga’s only son and a knighted member of the Royal Knights, he was a bright young man who specialized in spying.

He was skilled with a shortsword rather than a longsword, which was unusual for a knight.

He lost the first woman he ever fell in love with when he was studying abroad, and underneath his smile of a forgotten love, he was bent on revenge against the Head Priest who was involved in the distribution of Suimo.

After meeting the Sacrificial Priestess Nasha, he once again remembered the joy of loving someone, but like Sigurd, he stepped aside, prioritising her feelings.

[The Prodigy]

Morino Swettso (16)

Blond hair, chestnut eyes

Height: 165 cm


A child prodigy born into a wealthy merchant family who ran a store in the Capital and a commoner from the city, he was smart enough to top the bachelor’s exam of the royal court at the age of six.

He first fell in love with the sacrificial priestess Nasha, but his feelings for her faded when she and the Crown Prince, whom he respected, fell in love with each other.

A natural-born scholar just like Anderheim, he was inept at fighting.

[The Crown Prince]

Vikram Atrai Palcemith (20)

Blonde hair, blue eyes

Height: 180 cm


The descendant of the Hero Palcemith, he lost his father, the previous king, in an unexpected accident, and he was set to ascend to the throne as king after the Dragon God Festival.

He loved Nasha, who had been chosen as the Sacrificial Priestess, and one-sidedly annulled his engagement with Julieta and declared her to be Nasha’s replacement, which completely enraged Anderheim.

[Sacrificial Priestess]

Nasha Laturi (17)

Black hair, ebony eyes

Height: 165 cm


A holy maiden from the remote village of Cofone in the Kingdom of Palcemith, she was sold by her parents and brought to the capital to become the Sacrificial Priestess offered to the Ancient Dragon Kharis. Combined with the compelling force of the game, she captivated the hearts of the capture targets.

After becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancée, her crude upbringing and low level of education, combined with her natural strongheadedness, often worked against her.

[Nasha’s Younger Sister]

Melia Laturi (17)

Chestnut hair, ebony eyes

Height: 165 cm


Nasha’s twin sister, she came to the capital to save her sister Nasha, who was kidnapped from Cofone Village.

She fell in love with Sigurd, who saved her from danger when she was tricked by kidnappers.

Like her sister, she was optimistic and strong-willed, but she continued to worry about the difference in status between her and Sigurd, with whom she began a relationship.

[Donna’s Child]

Vanellope Maria Palcemith (19)

Blonde hair, amethyst eyes

Height: 163 cm


She was the sole daughter born to the Royal Prince Borzeff and the high-class prostitute Peragene.

Although her parents had been exiled from Palcemith, they raised their daughter with love and affection, so their parent-child relationship was good.

She was smart and, unlike the prodigy Morino, good with practical knowledge.

A/N + T/N:

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this two-month (or in the TL’s case, seven-month) long series!

This is the end of the series, but I’m planning to work on some extra stories.

Link to Sequel: The Forbidden Fruit

A/N + T/N:

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this two-month(or in the TL’s case, seven-month) long series!

This is the end of the series, but I’m planning to work on some extra stories.

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6 months ago

Thank you for translating this wonderful story. I still can’t get over with the ending but I understand why Jolga had to die first. The epilogue also gave me mixed feelings, as the history of Palcemith faded like that when Kharis disappeared with the reincarnated Anderheim and Jolga. Nonetheless, it might be good that the story of Palcemith will remain a legend. Who knows, the author might make a story where a person discovered Palcemith in the future. I’m looking forward to it.

Anderheim (probably) lived inside the game like a normal person and retrieved his memories at Japan during the annulment.

G for gullible
G for gullible
6 months ago

Reading this……I am now doubtful if destroying the country is really just a cherry on top on Anderheim’s revenge like I initially thought……but thinking of it wouldn’t the Palcemith’s royalty be one of Anderheim’s descendants if his grand daughter married the son of Vanellope and the crown prince??? Did Anderheim not know that??? Or he knew he just didn’t care about them cause they are also Vikram’s descendants???

Thank you for translating this novel that is confusing at times but is very beautiful.