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The Show Must Go On

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Azeria

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Chapter 39: Freaks

The money that Nasha’s parents earned by selling her was by no means a meager sum.

For a family living in a countryside village, it was enough to last them a few years, even if they indulged in luxury and stopped working.

After spending a fortune on their son’s surgery, they managed to repay all the debts they carried and had enough left over to purchase land in the nearby town, as well as build a splendid mansion upon it.

They boasted to the nearby children that their “business was going well”.

After the twins had left the village, Nasha’s parents moved into the new residence with their two eldest daughters. They had planned on living a comfortable life after their son’s convalescence at the hospital was over, watching over him as he matured.

However, their plans crumbled thanks to the [Family Rights] I had requested.

Since Morino had never met the Ancient Dragon Kharis, the thought of the documents being forged never crossed his mind. After all, the current Prime Minister held me, the former Prime Minister in high regard. He was striving to become someone worthy of succeeding the [Prime Minister’s post].

He couldn’t find out that I had ordered the Temple Knights, using the contract between Nasha’s parents and Malacia as my basis, to demand that they return the payment they had received as the Sacrificial Priestess’ family immediately.

At first, her parents were surprised to know that Nasha had become the Crown Prince’s fiancee, and made merry, believing that they had become members of the royal family. In due course they became aware that they had to immediately repay the amount they had received, as Nasha had failed to become the Sacrificial Priestess, and blanched at the prospect. The parents shouted “Give us some time” and “Now that Nasha is the Crown Prince’s fiancee let her pay up”, while the sisters were paralysed with shock. Without waiting for a trial, they were imprisoned to be used as bonded labour.

“The parents couldn’t be sold for a good price, you see. They were entrusted to a foreign slave trader, so even I don’t know what happened afterwards. When thinking of ways to sell their two attractive daughters for a high price, the best option they had was the black market.”

The sounds carrying from the stage were no longer limited to just screams.

The bodily fluids released by the magical beast aroused females, promoted ovulation, and had the effect of transforming the body into one that greatly favoured fertilization.

“It isn’t a bad outcome for those girls either. Magical beasts like that treasure the female that gives birth to its offspring.”

Just like my words had conveyed, the black-haired Gigandi in the centre of the stage that had devoted itself to mating with the two females, was now done releasing its semen. It gently licked the bodies of the females that were powerlessly laid down on the mattress.

“Moreover, the puppies born will be sold for a high price. After giving birth a few times, it might be possible for them to pay off their debts.”

Leaving aside the question of it being an extremely savage way to achieve it.


Silence was all I received in answer.

I had completed my explanation without a hitch. The sturdy body of the man who hung his head, did not even quiver.

His hand firmly held on to the handle of [Quistacis: He Who Controls Dragons].


I continued to wait.

For Jolga’s choice.

Before the dice I had tossed began rolling.

“How was it, Sir Jolga? Did you have fun?”

Before I knew it.

The obscene Dog Show unfolding on the stage ended.

Breaking the silence in the gallery, the one who parted the curtains and stepped in was the troupe leader Ducali, who triumphantly stroked his beard. With an unnatural smile plastered on his face, Ducali awaited Jolga’s reply.


It was none other than [I] who pushed the sisters into hell.

Jolga must have understood that by now.

I had taught him its significance myself after all.

Jolga Von Oswein.

The noble Knight Commander protecting Palcemith.

A noble warrior loved by the war gods, whom all knights look up to.

If Jorga felt like it.

It wouldn’t be a challenge for him to crush the circus alone.

Now Jolga.


“…In the Show—”

Words left Jolga’s mouth sluggishly.

He licked his dry lips over and over with his tongue, hesitating repeatedly to speak his mind.

Jolga finally voiced his desires.

“—In the Show, just now, I liked the restraints the ‘females’ used. I want to try it out with Anri.”

At his monotonous and plain words.

As I held myself back, a shawl wrapped on my head, beside Jolga, my heart trembled in delight.

“My, my! Did Sir Jolga like it? Let me get it as a souvenir for you at once! Our whole troupe looks forward to seeing you again, Sir Jolga and Mr. Anri.”

“Thank you for your hospitality. …Anri, let us head back.”

He grabbed my wrists tight enough to cause pain.

I was dragged off the gallery sofa into a half-embrace by Jolga, and was pulled from the Main Circus tent. Jolga collected the souvenir as we stepped outside the tent. Climbing into the carriage that had come to bring us home, Jolga instructed the coachman to take us to a destination that was neither my mansion, nor the Oswein estate.

It was deep into the night in the capital, and a new day had long begun.

Close to the circus tent, near the South Gate of the capital were rows of luxurious lodgings secretly lined up. Often used by noble guests who needed to remain unseen, or by those travelling incognito— a Hospitalis. Our carriage stopped in front of one such inn. Clutching my wrists, Jolga reserved a room on the topmost floor. Taking the key, he carried me under his arm to the room.


A chuckle escaped me. Grinding his teeth, Jolga climbed the spiral staircase.

In the room on the topmost floor, an Arab carpet was laid out, goatskin stretching across the room, making a faux beit al-sha’ar1. The interior was vibrant, pretty, and gave off an eastern feel.

I couldn’t even so much as look at the decorations before I was thrown roughly onto a low bed in the centre of the room.


Unable to hold back, I laughed, clutching my stomach on top of the queen-sized bed.

“…Shit! “

Throwing [Quistacis: He who Controls Dragons] and his coat on the floor, Jolga grabbed my hair roughly. Forcibly uttering accusations, he climbed atop the bed, grabbing my legs as I laughed and pulled me under him. His thick fingers gripped my throat. Shaking, my voice grew hoarse as I wheezed with laughter.

“How…dare…you…! “

“Ku…fu…u…!” “

“Was this…your motive!? Right from the beginning…!? “

The sight I saw when I looked up.

Was of his bloodshot hazel eyes.

A beast who had been forced to reveal his true nature.

The noble Knight Commander was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A cute monster, a freak who had lost himself to rage.

My consciousness grew hazy. Even as my throat was being crushed, I gave Jolga a bewitching smile.

“…! “

The moment when Jolga’s grip on my throat slackened, I used the sole of my foot bearing the fake brand and kneaded his swollen groin.

“Urk! “

Shaking off Jolga’s faltering hands, this time it was I who pushed Jolga down on the bed.

He struggled to break free, but when I licked my lips and pressed my palm squarely on his chest, his body lost all strength.

Straddling his waist, I gripped him tightly with my thighs. As I rubbed myself on the abdominal muscles beneath my buttocks to stir him up, he weakly appealed to me, saying “Stop”. But contrary to his words, the mass inside his breeches only grew larger.


“Don’t call me…! “

“That’s not possible, Jolga. You’ve already made your choice.”

My thoughts were filled with ecstasy.

I cupped Jolga’s face, and held it as he desperately tried to turn away. Greedily I devoured his bitten lips. Inserting my tongue through the gap between his lips, I plundered the hot insides of his mouth to my heart’s content. At long last Jolga’s tongue entwined with mine.




We sought each other’s saliva as if we were parched travellers in the desert.

Parting from the lips that were now dyed red. In a low tone I rebuked him declaring, “You’re mine”, dull hazel eyes blinking sluggishly in response.

Placing my palm on Jolga’s cheek as he panted roughly, I gently whispered, as if instructing a child that did not know right from wrong.

“You realised, right, Jolga?”


“That’s the kind of man you are.”


“The family of the fiancee, a family that loved the Crown Prince like a son. My innocent young daughter.”


“Insulted in front of my eyes, her dignity trampled upon.”


“Jolga. Rather than holding up justice or saving the weak, you chose to fall for me! “

If it had been the old Jolga, he would’ve definitely thrown me away then and there.

But it was different now.

This man had fallen.

He had exposed the shameful desires hidden deep within him.

He slowly closed his blank eyes


The lips that had sworn loyalty to the kingdom, affirmed “That’s right”.

“Good Boy, Jolga…! “

My body trembled in excitement.

This was exactly what I wished for.

He was a beast I wanted to make mine, even if that meant offering my whole body.

Morino wasn’t possibly enough.

If one wanted to eat away at this kingdom that had basked in glory for so long, half-hearted fangs wouldn’t reach.

What I sought was a firm hand guiding Palcemith to ruin.

The nobler their facade was, the deeper the abyss within them went.

Tricked into believing that his initial judgement of my true nature had been a lie, he loved me with all his heart.

And now when faced once again with my ‘true nature’, someone whom he had come to deeply trust, he still chose me.

He was now mine.

He was perfect for me.

A victim to desire, my one and only cute monster, my freak.

“Come here, my Jolga. You are my husband, the pair only I can love. I wanna mate… We can’t lose to that Gigandi, can we?”


“Screw me with your huge penis… hey, tonight. Mate with me to your fill.”


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DAAAAAMMNNN, I’m speechless, what a cunning villain, I love him!

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Life is wather and I am a fork

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Wait what? So Jolga was his target from the start? O.o

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This is Great!

chéma rayini
chéma rayini
6 months ago

I did not expect the story to become this dark from the first ten chapters !!!!! i was cheated lol
I hate myself because I fall in love with this novel

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