The Forbidden Fruit

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Chapter 7: Candy and Honey

Warning: There is some *cough* spicy cum sherbet making *cough* in this chapter

In the Kingdom of Palcemith, which was enriched by the blessings of the Ancient Dragon Kharis, several useful daily necessities used magic stones infused with spiritual power as part of the culture that followed the medieval lifestyle. One example was the ice room in the Oswein family’s pantry, where the floor was covered with ice magic stones that kept the temperature below freezing even in mid-summer and were used to keep food and ice itself for long-term storage.

With the morning’s commotion under control, I left Sigurd and Lutora to report to the palace and headed to Jolga’s bedroom with a full ice pail in one hand.

The plot to poison Princess Shirayuki had been prevented. The Oswein family and the Kingdom of Parsemith would not have to bear the stigma of being unable to protect the safety of their honoured guests. On the contrary, we had succeeded in ingratiating ourselves greatly with the Kingdom of Hinoe. Tsurara, who swore allegiance to me, had been placed in the dungeon of House Oswein temporarily for his crimes. Though it was an attempt, he was still the man who tried to assassinate the Prince in exchange for his own life.

I’d said, “This time I let the farce slide, but if you betray the Palcemith Kingdom again, I’m sure you’re not so foolish as to not know who will be punished before you,” as I patted his head. Tsurara just bit his lip and hung his head.

I informed Princess Shirayuki, who was being protected by the twins in her assigned room, that the criminal we’d captured would be dealt with by the Palcemith Kingdom. Though her eyes were glossy, the Princess, seemingly aware of her position as a member of the royal family, quietly bowed her head and said, “Please.” It was quite brave of her. If it was an assassination attempt by a vassal of his, the master, Tokiwa, would have been implicated as well, but the “Tokiwa” introduced to us was only a follower of Princess Shirayuki. So it was decided that Hinoe would handle that matter.

When I entered the bedroom, Jolga seemed to have already finished bathing and was sitting on the sofa in a loose nightgown. He was looking down at a stack of papers that seemed to be some kind of reports. He glanced at me as I entered the room but turned his attention to the papers again without saying a word.

Normally, when he saw me, he smiled slightly and beckoned me to join him on his lap.

…Apparently, he was in a “cranky mood,” as expected.

I took the liberty of locking the bedroom door, then placed the ice pail and a small bonbonniere on the side table next to the sofa. I tried to pull the document in Jolga’s hand from the other side, but it would not budge from his grasp. Knowing that any further tugging might tear the paper, I bent down and ran my tongue over Jolga’s fingers. Pleased by the silent but shivering response, I licked and sucked at the line of his wrist, where the skin had hardened. Then moved to the back of his hand, where the muscles were loosening, and between his thick fingers.

“—Stop. I’m not in the mood for this.”

A deep voice demanded that I stop, but of course, I was not going to listen to that nonsense. If you don’t feel like it, then I’ll make you feel like it. As I ignored Jolga’s complaints and continued to work on his fingers, he finally threw the papers on the table and grabbed my chin with his saliva-soaked fingers.

“Don’t make me angry!”

The words were filled with so much anger that it would make even knights tremble.

Although the fingers that were pulling up my chin did not hold any force that would cause me pain, they were strong enough to convey his irritation.

The hazel eyes that were glaring at me were shaking with a hint of ferocity.


But all that escaped from my throat was a delighted chuckle. I entwined my fingers around his. Though his hand could just as easily crush my windpipe, I rubbed it against my cheek and smiled.

“My cute Jolga… be in a good mood.”


I guided the large hand that held me by the nape of my neck. There, covered by the hair on the back of my head, was definitive proof that I belonged to this man. Jolga’s gaze became heated as his fingers traced the indentations in my skin. I kissed his frowning mouth. The tip of my tongue nudged into the gap between his closed lips.

The fingertips that had been touching the branding mark explored further down my spine. The moment he reached his destination, he grabbed the flesh of my ass, which was my cue to capitulate.

I clung to Jolga’s nape, gleefully welcoming the literal devouring of his lips and the aggressive twirl of his tongue. The roughness of his thick tongue playing with the inside of my mouth, probing every nook and cranny as if checking them out, was comforting. Once we had thoroughly savoured each other’s saliva, I climbed onto Jolga’s lap. I laid back comfortably, letting him bite my nipples through the thin fabric of my blouse.


“You’re evil…” Jolga spat out, keeping a firm grip on my aching backside and not letting go. But his tone was overly sweet, even though he was reproaching me.

“You know I don’t like it when you do that. You really do have a bad personality.”

As I thought, he didn’t like the fact that I grabbed Tokiwa’s chin and licked his cheek.

I already knew that this man was much more passionate and possessive than he looked. In the past, he even decapitated a man who carefully searched my body in the pretence of a physical examination — if anything, I had been the one who made him do it — without bothering to listen to any excuses. He was far more inflexible when he was “the former Prime Minister Anderheim’s lover” than when he was “the Knight Commander.”

Well, that was cute in its own way.

“You’re such a narrow-minded man. That much was no different than sampling food.”

“Why don’t you consider your own good looks a little and then voice your opinion?”

He even let out a worn-out sigh.

“Didn’t you see the expression on that kid’s face afterwards? He had his palm over his cheek where your tongue had touched. He was completely entranced.”

“Is that so?”

To be honest, I hadn’t seen it, so I didn’t notice.

“Not to mention, some of the civil servants and even some of the Royal Knights have crushes on you. I’m letting it go because they’re not doing anything about it, but it doesn’t sit well with me…”

“Oh my.”

I could only shrug my shoulders. When did their fancifulness get to this level?

“So listen up, Anri. Even in the Royal Palace, don’t venture alone into secluded areas. You never know when you might run into a group of ruffians.”

“You’re way too overprotective, but I’ll keep that in mind. You too. I don’t mind you humouring the ladies, but don’t let them take you somewhere and freely bust your balls.”

“Don’t worry, I can’t get it up for anyone but you.”


My shoulders shook as I laughed at his rather resolute and clear denial.

“Good boy, Jolga. I’ll reward you for saying such adorable things.”

As I kissed Jolga’s forehead, I reached over and removed the lid from the bonbonniere on the side table.

Packed in the silver confectionery bowl were white, thumbnail-sized tablets. I selected three of them and popped them in my mouth. Then, while rolling them around with my tongue, I popped one in Jolga’s mouth as well.


Jolga’s eyes widened at the unknown sensation that immediately spread through his mouth.

“Mmm…what is this? Medicine?”

“It’s not medicine. It’s a mixture of mint oil, obtained by steam distillation of peppermint, and a sweetener extracted from white birch. It tastes refreshing, doesn’t it?”


His expression as he mimicked me, tucking the tablet into his cheek pouch and licked it was kind of funny because it looked so serious.

“It was developed for the oral hygiene of soldiers in the army, but we can amuse ourselves with it in other ways as well.”


“Just leave it to me. I’ll make you feel like you’re in heaven.”

I chewed the tablet, which was dissolving in my mouth, with my back teeth. I then took a small piece of ice from the ice pail and chewed it as well. As Jolga wondered what I was going to do, I knelt on the floor and pulled down his nightwear. Jolga’s penis was just becoming engorged. Without hesitation, I grabbed his member and sucked it deep into my mouth.



Feeling the unexpected stimulation, Jolga’s penis instantly became fully erect. Its protruding tip rammed my throat mercilessly. I looked up, enjoying Jolga’s reaction as he held his breath. I rolled the chewed-up ice around in my mouth as I continued to carefully caress his growing hard-on. It was thick and veiny, with a stiff tip that knew the taste of violating me in places I had, myself, never touched before. I ran my fingertips through his pubic hair, which was the same colour as the hair on his head, and swallowed him down to the base. The tip went surprisingly deep into my throat.

“W-what is t-that?”

“N-ngh… fufu… um.”

“Don’t… laugh there!”

The welcoming warmth of my mouth’s soft flesh contrasted with the intense cool of the chewed mint and ice. Receiving those two stimuli simultaneously, the Knight Commander writhed in pleasure. He was biting his lips and panting like a woman. His cheeks were bright red, his hazel eyes were wet from heat, and the muscles on his beautifully sculpted belly were quivering.

…It was totally irresistible.




Immediately after, he loudly called out my name.

With a powerful throat-breaking movement of his cock and simultaneous forceful thrusting of his hips, a torrent of white semen poured into my oesophagus.


I pursed my lips and carefully swallowed everything, making sure not to spill a single drop. The remaining cum mixed with the melting ice to form a kind of sherbet on my tongue. I pulled the corner of my lips with my fingers to show Jolga the inside of my wide-open mouth. I then closed my mouth to get a good taste of it and swallowed it down. A low groan escaped Jolga’s lips before he lifted me up and roughly placed me on the couch.


I laughed and lifted my hips to help him undress me as I reached down and pulled off Jolga’s nightwear myself. The expression on his face as he looked down at me was already one of pure rapture. He murmured, “Mine,” in a husky voice as I traced his muscular body with my palm.

“Anri… don’t stir things up too much.”

“…That I can’t do. Hey — come on, I want you…”

His thick fingers teased between my open legs, quickly thrusting his fully-formed dick, whose shape I had memorized, deep inside.

“A-Ah! Ngh…ha.”

“…fu. Tight. As ever…!”

“Ah…ngh! Uh!”

“Even though. We’ve. Had. Sex. So. Many. Times!”


My back arched up, and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as I surrendered myself to the pleasure of him thrusting deep into my core.

Jolga’s lips sucked on my tongue, swallowing my flirtatious moans as he drew them out. Red teeth marks were etched on my throat from his merciless biting. The mere thought that tomorrow someone might see it through my cravat made my insides tighten even more.

“A-aah…Jolga…Jolga! A-amazing…ngh~!”

“Kku! ha…haha! This place sure — is entrancing!”

Jolga let out a strained laugh and raised his body. The tip of his cock, which had been probing my innermost places, slipped out of me with fluidity. I hurriedly wrapped my legs around Jolga’s waist and shook my head. Sobbing a little, I begged him not to stop.

“N-no! let it out! A-all of it…in me!”

I gulped. Pinned down, my Adam’s apple moved up and down.



“I’m not going to let you go! Even if it kills you!”

He grabbed my waist and pulled me in, and with a roar, hot semen slammed into my walls as he drilled into my deepest parts.

“Ngh! Aaaah~!”

I screamed in delight and pressed my head against a pillow. I was in a state of intoxication from the pleasure like a female animal in heat getting mated.

After that…

Even as the moon passed its zenith, we continued to have sex thanks to the peerless stamina of which Jolga was so proud. It was nearly dawn before I ended up falling asleep and I was forced to stay in bed the following day.

On an unrelated note, Sigurd and Lutora had returned from the royal palace to deliver the official royal decree and report on the situation. They once again gave their father suspicious looks when they were told that I was not feeling well.


He’s also very good at putting sulky people in a good mood.

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