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Chapter 5

After a while, the tiger appeared in the room, just like yesterday. He said something to Rio again, but he still couldn’t understand him. He tried to figure out what he was saying, but there were no words that he could use as a clue.

Rio eventually shook his head without saying anything.

He was going to run away from this room soon anyway. It might be easier to keep quiet like yesterday than to be caught off guard by people finding out that he was someone else.

When Rio shook his head, the tiger said a few words to him. Of course, Rio, who couldn’t understand what he was saying, couldn’t respond.

What did the tiger think of Rio’s silence? He eventually left the room, as if he had given up.

If everything was the same as it was yesterday, the rabbits would bring him a change of clothes after this. Rio was waiting for them.

Soon after, a light knock was heard, followed by the appearance of the gray and brown rabbits. They arrived pushing a large silver wagon, which was a little different from yesterday.

The rabbits looked up at Rio and sniffed him, telling him something in an inaudible language. He assumed it was about changing clothes again, but they entered the room and began cleaning up the peels of the fruit Rio had eaten. Then they took Rio’s confused hand in theirs and gently sat him on the sofa.

After watching Rio sit down quietly, they arranged some new fruits on a silver plate, changed the water in the jug, and cleaned the used cup. After that, they changed the sheets on the bed where Rio was sleeping with new ones and straightened it up. It was an amazingly fast job, and to be frank, even the human Rio would never be able to imitate it.

The rabbits then assisted Rio in changing his clothes. He hadn’t noticed it yesterday because he was focused on the rabbits, but this changing process was also polite, quick, and light, as if they had been trained.

Finally, the rabbits bowed their heads in front of the door after a quick and thorough cleaning of the room. Apparently, all of the work had been completed.

Rio couldn’t help but bow his head back. Rio had been taken care of, despite the fact that he was a substitute offering.

The rabbits tilted their heads in confusion as Rio lowered his head. The long ears, which were covered in fluffy fur, bounced a few times, as if flapping.

Then the rabbits hesitated, and let out a small cry.


He sensed the context of a question in some way. But that’s all he could tell. Rio shook his head and smiled blandly, just lifting his mouth.

The brown rabbit stopped the gray rabbit, who was about to say something else. He made the gray rabbit bow his head, then bowed his own head and walked out of the room, as if they were running away.

(I hope they didn’t realize I’m not the same person.)

Rio stood there for a few seconds, staring at the large door through which the two animals had exited, before turning on his heel and looking around the room.

First, he ate about half of the fruit on the table before wrapping the rest in a thin cloth from a small cabinet. His stomach wasn’t quite full yet, but he reasoned that if he was going out, he might as well bring some food with him. He then looked around the room for something he could bring, but nothing seemed particularly useful. It was a risky move, but it seemed like the only thing he could bring was some fruit.

He took one of the large towels from the bathroom and twisted it around the waist of his pants, hoping that he could at least use it for something.

(Now I just have to figure out when I’m going to get out of here.)

Rio reached his hand to the window and looked out.

After idly spending the day yesterday, he felt that the flow of time was the same as in his original world.

It was early in the morning. It might be easier to escape in the dark, but he had no knowledge of this place’s geography. If that was the case, it might be better to leave while it was still bright.

Rio’s hand slid from the window, and he grabbed it with all of his strength.

“Running away?!”

Alvaro couldn’t stop himself from raising his voice. His voice shook the air and sounded like a roar.

After a long and tedious meeting with the ministers, Alvaro was greeted with an even more tedious report.

“No, it’s more like escaping, you know, trying to get out of the palace.”

“He resisted the soldier who tried to stop him and ran out, didn’t he? If that’s not running away, I don’t know what is!”

The king was so enraged that the soldier who had come to report to him fumbled his words, triggering Alvaro to shout at him. The sound of his voice, which seemed to shake the room, made everyone tremble, not just the soldiers.

That’s right. Alvaro’s queen, Liore, had attempted to escape from the palace. And he did it without using any magic and through the front of the palace. Of course, a queen leaving the palace alone without permission would never be acceptable. Even if he was from another country, a queen should not be allowed to leave the palace without permission.

According to the soldier’s report, Liore had been holed up in his room without eating since this morning. But then he was out of the room, through the garden, and on his way out of the palace before they knew it. As a matter of course, there were soldiers stationed at the palace’s entrance, and they called out to Liore as he passed through the gate. Without answering their question, he suddenly tried to run away and ran past the stationary soldiers.

But he was caught without a moment’s hesitation within a few steps. They didn’t even have to use any magic; it was surprisingly easy.

“He can use any kind of magic to escape the palace, so why would he bother to make such a fuss?”

Bang! He slammed his fist into the throne’s armrest and then stood up.

Liore’s actions no longer seemed like simple harassment. He was probably mocking Huckins’ security as if he was saying he didn’t even need to use magic. Or perhaps he was playing a joke on Alvaro. Otherwise, there was no explanation for his inexplicable behavior.

Just a few days after marrying him as a queen, he foolishly tried to escape. Perhaps he was trying to humiliate Huckins by exposing their ugly story.

“Where is he?!”

“Well, um…”

Alvaro walked out with broad strides, flipping his long cloak which was richly embroidered with gold. Only the king was allowed to wear the color gold.

“Where is he now?”

The soldier who was accompanying him hurriedly followed. The soldier who came to report also followed after the king in confusion before answering his question.

“Oh, in his room… His Royal Highness is in his room.”

As soon as he heard that, Alvaro stormed forward as if to abandon all of his followers. It was late in the afternoon, and he had finished all his work for the day. He had already been planning to see him for the first time tonight, so the fact that it was a little earlier didn’t matter.

Whatever the case may be, he couldn’t get past the fact that he needed to see Liore face to face as soon as possible and question him about his true intentions.

Without hesitation, Alvaro made his way to the palace, where his queen, Liore, awaited him.

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Aaah so many misunderstandings

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Oof, Rio is gonna have a panic attack next chapter.
Hopefully the king can use that magic he mentioned a while back for understanding Rio.