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Chapter 40: Mating (NSFW)

Loving him from the beginning, the childhood friend gave him a gentle kiss on the cheeks and whispered, “I love your sincerity.”

Supporting him through the hardest of times, the king gave him a solemn kiss on the forehead and declared, “You are a model of chivalry.”

Guiding him from the very start, the lady knight gave him a noble kiss atop his head and prayed, “May the light always be with you.”

But the one kissing Jolga now, was an alluring demon. His lips left a burning trail down Jolga’s nose, around his Adam’s apple, and over his chest. The demon’s tongue snaked forth, and he nipped at Jolga’s skin like a kitten.

“…Suck them.”

Sitting directly above Jolga’s stomach, Anderheim had already pulled his top up, revealing his pale chest.

Jolga sucked at the coral-colored nipples exposed before him. His tongue explored them, playing with the small caters at the peaks, and then sucking and pulling on the red beads with lips.J He used his palm to roll them back and forth, pressing down as if trying to press them into Anderheim’s chest. Jolga’s fingers pinched and played with them, as if they were the keys that could unlock Anderheim’s body. As Anderheim writhed from the pleasure, Jolga snuck a hand down his lover’s revealing pants and slipped both pants and underwear down the man’s slender legs. With a careless motion, he tossed them to the side.

Jolga seized Anderheim’s seductive ankles and forced them up around his shoulders. The sudden movement made Anderheim fall backwards, landing atop Jolga’s knees. Aroused, Jolga admired the view of Anderheim lying prone, his legs spread wide. Jolga leaned forward to bury himself in that sight, and Anderheim trembled as Jolga’s tongue began to moisten his asshole. The heavy scent of immorality filled the air around them.



“That…is…ugh…ah…! “

With Anderheim’s ankles resting above Jolga’s shoulders, Jolga was able to take full advantage of the situation. He held Anderheim, his tongue working at the man’s soft hole, and Jolga’s fingers brushed along the shaft of Anderheim’s penis. It was an unblemished pink, so pure Jolga had to question if Anderheim really had experience sleeping with women. It stood in sharp contrast to his own— the red and black semen-stained monstrosity that loomed above his loins as it throbbed with desire. Anderheim managed to pull Jolga’s breeches down to his knees and then turned over. Facing Jolga’s cock, so stiff it almost touched his own abdomen, Anderheim licked it along the base, his tongue following the bulging veins.

“Hnnn…! “

Anderheim’s pleasure swelled at the sight of Jolga taken by surprise by his sudden attack.

His mouth caressed the taut skin of Jolga’s testicles, heavy and swollen with the semen within. He sucked at Jolga’s glans, savoring the precum like it was candy. His body, recalling the pleasurable sensation of Jolga’s stiff rod thrusting into his own, began to ache for it once more. There was nothing more he wanted than to feast on Jolga’s precious manhood. His expectations growing with every moment, Anderheim shimmied his hips and then laid down on the bed, his gaze upwards.

Jolga finished removing his clothing, tossing them into a pile on the floor, and settled himself atop Anderheim. Looking down at the lover he had finally found after all this time, he thrust his penis into Anderheim’s ass.

“Ah…ahh…” “

Anderheim let out a gasp as his back arched in a beautiful show of pleasure, and he clutched at the sheets beneath them. Jolga’s thrust penetrated deep inside, and the walls of Anderheim’s intestines parted to allow the thick cock entry. Jolga grabbed Anderheim’s waist with his hands and pulled him up, towards himself. Trapped between both their stomachs, Anderheim’s cock rubbed up against Jolda’s chiseled abs. With each rhythmic thrust, the testicles of the man Anderheim had accepted into himself slapped his ass.

“Jolga… Jolga… ahh… it feels… good…! “

“Ahh… Anri.You’re mine… only mine… Anri…! “

“Hah… hah…! Mm… more…! Mo…re, even deeper…! “

“Yes…! “

Jolga’s penis forced its way into Anderheim, deep as it could go, with an untamed passion.

“Ah…ahhh…!! “

Anderheim wrapped his legs around Jolga’s broad waist, and his penis began to leak a cloudy liquid, proof he had climaxed.

“Uhn…! “

As Anderheim’s insides clenched tight around him, Jolga’s hips trembled and he released his hot semen deep inside Anderheim.

In the past, Jolga had always been conscious of the burden ejaculating inside would put on Anderheim, but there was no longer any reason to hold back. Anderheim was his— his partner. They were a pair, and there was no doubt Jolga was the husband here.And it was well known that providing the wife with sufficient seed was the most important duty of the husband.


Receving Jolga’s semen with his body for the first time, Anderheim trembled. Every movement of Jolga’s penis was accompanied by a wet squelch and a moan from Anderheim.




Anderheim’s simple words, spoke while his legs clung to Jolga’s waist, told Jolga everything he needed to know.

Jolga took hold of Anderheim’s left leg and raised it up as he forced himself deep into Anderheim once again as Anderheim lay sideways. His penis was drawn in, ever deeper by the lewd sounds that emanated from Anderheim’s hole, and Jolga pressed on.

“Ah…ahhh…! “


Jolga pressed his wide palm against Anderheim’s abdomen, and then ran his hand along the skin as if searching for something. He moved up from Anderheim’s silver thicket, along the thin, pale skin, to the narrow crevice amidst Anderheim’s stomach muscles. Jolga pressed down against it with his fingers. {Hasr: Not sure exactly what it is here, maybe the G-spot}{ his belly button? That’s close to stomach muscles, right?}

“Ow…!! “

The sharp jab seemed strong enough to reach Anderheim’s organs, and the pleasure was shattered, leaving Anderheim stiff and uncomfortable. As if trying to sooth him, Jolga began to kiss his face, caressing his cheeks and forehead with gentle pecks. As he did so, he pressed his waist up against the spot he had jabbed with his finger, reaching up beyond Anderheim’s rectum walls. The tip of his penis dug in deeper as he pushed inwards with extra care.

“Ah…ah…no. No… don’t…ah…ahh…ugh…! “

So deep within Anderheim’s body, it wasn’t a place that could be reached with ease. Jolga’s manhood had pushed all the way to the boundary of Anderheim’s colon, the massive cock reshaping Anderheim’s insides as it pleased. Jolga rested at the entrance for a moment, as if waiting for the intestinal walls to adjust and relax enough to welcome the invader, and then in a sudden, vigorous movement, he pushed forward, penetrating the as of yet, undefiled hole.

“No… stop. “It hurts… hu-hurts…! “


“Jol…ga… ah… d-deep. Ahh… this… is…”


“This… is…!” I don’t… know… ah… ahhh… ah… ahh—! “

The tip, which had burrowed itself deep beyond the boundary, once again released Jolga’s semen. It flooded into Anderheim, the heat filling that place that had never been touched before.

“Hah… Anri uh.”

His long climax finally reached its end and he pulled his penis free. Anderheim’s ass was soaked with viscous semen seeping out from his depths. It was far more than Jolga had anticipated.

It was all because he had poured his seed beyond the barrier of that was the rectum.{Hasr: Short anatomy lesson, there’s a bend called sigmoid colon above the rectum}

“S-so scary… hic… Jolga… th-that…”.

Although it had been Anderheim’s decision to allow Jolga to fill him with Jolga’s seed this time, Anderheim hadn’t anticipated the knight would push in so deep the very first time.

A twinge of regret pricked at his heart as Anderheim wondered if mating right after revealing his true intentions had been a poor decision.

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t enjoyed it, rather, Jolga coming inside him was a pleasurable experience, but if it was going to be as intense every time as it had been this time, Anderheim’s stamina would run out before long.



“My Anri… I love you.”


But even so—

. This darling monster— this freakish creature he had given rise to was simply too adorable to deny.

They were like a pair of newly-weds, enjoying their bridal-night together. During that first night, giving in to the selfish desires of the groom’s lust was a sign of the bride’s generosity.

In which case, there was only one course of Anderheim to take.

“…Come… Jolga… quickly… fill me up!”

Cradling Jolga’s head in his hands as the knight entered him for a second time, Anderheim slowly closed his eyes.

Author’s Note:

Wolfsbane in the Language of Flowers:

“Chivalry”, “Misanthropy”, “Revenge”

“You will be the death of me.”


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1 month ago

I lked this sex better than the other times, this was really hot!

Jatron Monster
Jatron Monster
8 months ago

The top was pressing into his sigmoid and trying to straighten it. The sigmoid has a pretty sharp bend ~7 inches in for most guys. For some bottoms it feels really good if a top can reach it. Any guy over 7 inches won’t be able to go balls deep unless the bottom is experienced or they’ve been opened up with a dildo before hand. Otherwise you get the pain the MC was experiencing.
But hey, at least now we know Jolga’s prolly 7.5 inches long.

Edit: Forgot to add but having the bottom ride you will also straighten out the sigmoid.

8 months ago
Reply to  Jatron Monster


5 months ago
Reply to  Jatron Monster