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Gardenia (part 2)


Jolga grabbed my shoulders.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me your reasons? I always… always hated you…!”

“It would be hard if I didn’t have someone who hated me.”


“What would have happened if you knew of my reasons? Nothing. You would have resigned yourself to your fate and watched Yurikano become my wife. All you could have done was send her off with a smile. She would have given birth to my children and raised them, and you would look back on your memories with a calm heart, right?”

“Lord… Anderheim…”

“That’s impossible, right? Seeing how much you loved Yurikano; you would have been overwhelmed by your own powerlessness. Jolga Von Oswein, you are vital to Palcemith. From your younger days, the Knight Commander has boasted of your abilities, saying that you were blessed by the war god. I couldn’t let such a promising talent be crushed.”

“That’s why you chose…! You didn’t fear being hated by me… just to protect me…!”

“I was a little jealous too.”

My shoulders were still being grabbed as I let out a chuckle.

“The one that Yurikano loved was you and she only loved you till the very end. My feelings never reached her till she died. That’s why I decided to raise Sigurd at the very least as a memento from her. If he had resembled her more then maybe I would have been able to easily hide it. The more I resented the fact, the more he resembled you.”

Crash! Something collapsed behind the bookshelf that was lined along the wall as the noise sounded.

‘“Older Brother!?”

At the same time, Julieta’s shriek from the room beside could also be heard through the wall.

“That fool. Did he hear…!?”


Getting up just a step before the pacing Jolga, Malacia shouted that he’ll go and gallantly dashed out of the room.

Inside the study that had plunged into silence.

With my shoulders drooped, I turned my gaze towards the stack of documents on the table that Morino had brought in.

“Then…Your Excellency Morino. What is this?”

Seeing my attempts at trying to change the topic, Morino hurried untied the stack of documents and opened the part that he had bookmarked. Each looked like a venture of great importance to the state. Even if I were mistaken, it was definitely not something that should be shown to the one who had given up the post of the Prime Minister.

“The adjustments did not quite meet the requirements and it’s a situation where I cannot keep going with the plan… I’d like your opinions on this.”

“Hire a few scholars. I have decided to no longer participate in state affairs.”

“I understand what you mean. But, Lord Anderheim, you love this kingdom more than anyone else.”


“I know that I still lack the resolve.”


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be like you. I have no confidence…!”


The lines that escaped his mouth were shockingly low and filled with contempt.


“Oi, you brat. Don’t kid around. You are saying that you lack resolve? That you don’t have confidence? Do you intend to carry the country with that attitude?”


As I got up, Morino’s face tensed up due to terror and then I grabbed his idiosyncratic blonde hair with one hand. Not minding that Morino was wailing in pain, I dragged his narrow body towards the window that faced the courtyard. Brushing aside Jolga’s hand as he tried to stop my sudden barbaric act, I forcefully lifted up Morino’s face and made him look at the scene full of energy outside.

In the verdant courtyard stood two youths.

The young man crouched under the shade of the tree was gritting his teeth and sobbing with his muscular back all curled up.

The young girl was kneeling in front of him and had placed her palms on his tear-stained cheeks and was imparting warmth to him, not minding the fact that her dress was all soiled.

The two were the knight, Sigurd, who was heartbroken on knowing the truth of his birth and the Sacrificial Priestess, who was passing her remaining days in peace before she was offered to the dragon, Julieta.

One word, two words, they exchanged countless words.

Sigurd stretches out his hands, wrapping his arms around Julieta’s slender body, hugged her tightly.

“Get it together, Your Excellency.”


“That’s the first girl you will kill. Even though she stands in the light now, what awaits her is a fate of death.”


“By being in the light, what can you see? What do you understand? It is by being in the dark that you learn to protect the light. Don’t detest dirtying your own hands. Do not hesitate… to claim victims.”


“If you say you cannot do that then you do not possess the qualifications to be a Prime Minister. You might as well go home and suckle on your mother’s teats.”

I flung Morino onto the wooden floor and left the study with rough footsteps without turning back once.

“Lord Anderheim!”

The one who caught my arm was Jolga, who had left his son Lutora and Prime Minister Morino in the room to chase after me.

“Do you still need me for something, Knight Commander?”

When I glared at him angrily, for some reason Jolga broke into a grin.

“So that’s your true self. This way you’re much easier to talk to.”

“What’s with that?”

“I too understood something, Lord Anderheim.”

Hazel colored eyes gazed at me as I was lost in thought.

“Lord Anderheim. Are you planning to chase after Lady Julieta?”

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2 months ago

Er… I don’t understand at all about what happened in this chapter, the translation is so messy. Are you okay, translator? Why the translation in this chapter is so unlike the previous chapters?

5 months ago

Love when the ML drags Morino by the hair!Lol!

That kid thinks that the ML will help him?? Are you stupid?

C. C.
C. C.
1 year ago

is jolga the ml, hmmm

4 months ago
Reply to  C. C.

Hope no

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

“Huh?” Is my response to this chapter lol

Man i wish the hair grab was animated… So epic