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Editor: Azeria

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Chapter 6: Route Development 

Ah, this is a dream. 

That’s what I thought when I first opened my eyes. 

I found myself floating, gazing down at the old (Can I say that?) me lying in bed. 

My vision grew hazy, and it became harder to move. As if I were underwater.

It’s been twelve years since I’ve become the shitty fake Saint, I realized. I was slowly starting to wonder which version was the real me.

I even thought that maybe the other me was a dream, and that in actuality I had been Elrise from the beginning. 

Although, if I could see the continuation of that dream… I would like to see one thing.

I want to know how “Elrise” was received on the Internet. Last time, I only got to see half of it. 

So, let’s get the previous me to move again.

First, boot up the computer and search for “Eternal Scattering Flowers”. 

However, for some reason, a number of sites with thin books showed up. 1 

Ah, oops. I searched for “Eternal Scattering Flowers Doujinshi Tentacles” by using the search suggestions. 

It’s pretty obvious what I’m looking at on a daily basis when I get a search suggestion like this. My sexual preference is exposed! 

By the way, my No.1 recommendation is the Eterna tentacle rape series. 

How should I say it… frankly… she is a pure girl… 

Do you know what… a “tentacle fetish” is? 

You know how tentacles can take a girl, who is supposed to be sacred and shouldn’t be defiled, and touch her in ways that no human could? 

I’m aroused by that! 

That’s why I searched for it immediately. Me from the other side doesn’t have it, but for the me within my dream my son exists, so I thought it’d be okay to perform a male ritual for the first time in a while. 

So, I quickly opened up my favorite site but…

“Elrise-sama VS Tentacles”


“Elrise Tentacles Crisis”


“A book in which I reincarnated as a tentacle and being served by Elrise-sama”


When I opened the site, what I saw was a disheveled beautiful blonde girl surrounded by tentacles. 




――Okay, I didn’t see anything. 

My libido instantly withered as I witnessed something I shouldn’t have, and closed the page. 

I didn’t see anything. I don’t know anything. Okay?

There was a bit of a detour, but from now on I will try to do a proper search on “Elrise’s” popularity. 

But suddenly, a piece of news from the top page suddenly caught my attention. 

It read, “Hidden Route Discovered Over Four Years After Release!” and the character featured in the thumbnail, no matter how you looked at it, was Elrise. 

However, it wasn’t the Elrise I knew from the original story but the person I am currently in, whose growth had ceased by the time she was fourteen.

As I wondered what this was about, I clicked on it. 

What appeared on the screen was an RTA playthrough video of “Eternal Scattering Flowers”. 

The post was titled “[Livestream] Eternal Scattering Flowers RTA Playthrough Part 2 [With Commentary]” and had a tremendous amount of views. 

Although it claimed to be a livestream, this video had been posted ten hours ago. In reality, someone must have recorded the broadcast and reuploaded it.

There are people like this. A type of idiot who re-uploads without permission. 

Well, let’s just take a look. 

The content of the video is that of a typical RTA run. 

The fastest way to clear the game is to do training in earnest and without speaking with anyone or wasting time. 

By doing this, everything except for the compulsory events and fights can be skipped with training. 

Poor Vernell was also deliberately renamed, from his default name, to “Homo”, and continued to do nothing but muscle training throughout the free periods. 

The majority of the comments flowing through the video were things like “Muscular Macho Man Pervert”, “Heroine’s favorability is too low www”, “Grass”, and so on. 2 

But when the night of the seventeenth arrived in-game, the flow of the story veered into absurdity. 

When someone knocked on the door, an event occurred which required Vernell… no, Homo-kun, to greet the visitor. 

“Huh? What is this… event? Eh? Where? Some kind of error? Strange? No one should be coming because I haven’t raised any of the heroine’s favorability. Yes, I’ll need to restart.” 

The confused voice of the video’s owner was heard, and in the comments, “Event?”, “What’s going on?”, “It’s an unknown event”, the same confusion was spreading. 

The door opened— and to everyone’s surprise Elrise, a non-capturable heroine appeared. 

The floating comments became a multitude of “!?”, and the echoing scream of the video owner was heard. 

“Aieeeeeeeeeee!? Ha? Eh? Wait, you, eh? Really? Elrise? Why!?”

The conversation between Elrise and Homo-kun proceeded in front of the confused audience. From the content of the conversation, they learned that Elrise came because she was worried about Homo-kun, who was only training on his own, not making friends. 

And finally, the pendant that Homo-kun carried was mentioned and a choice was shown in the dialogue, with Homo-kun answering, “It’s a proof of the promise.”

Then, with a sound like a bell ringing, the default image of Elrise appeared at the bottom right corner of the screen, and a  “+1” appeared there. 

This was a sign that a heroine’s favorability had increased, and this was only set up… for the characters that can be captured. 

“Ueeeeeeeeeeeei!? Elrise-sama’s favorability has increased!? eh? This is going up!? Does Elrise have a route in this game? I’ve never seen it before!?”

The streamer was going crazy as if he had forgotten that this was an RTA video, and so was the comment section. 

A tremendous amount of comments flowed through the video, “You are lying, right? www”, “This is a modification, isn’t it?”, “Eh? Is this serious?”, “I saw L-sama’s favorability going up for the first time”, “She was set for favorability…”,  “Do you know what the conditions are? lololololol”, the comment barrage was on fire. 

I stopped the video and went into the profile page for Elrise. 

However, the content was a little different from before. 


A character from “The Eternal Scattering Flowers”. Non-capturable character.  

…….For four years after the game’s release, she was believed to be a character that couldn’t be captured, but a certain RTA video revealed that belief to be false.

She was an existence known as the Saint, a counterpart to the Witch. 

She was a selfish child, but one day she realized the reality of what it meant to be the Saint and began to work for “the sake of another” as if she were a different person.  

Her overwhelming magical power and prodigious swordsmanship lived up to her reputation as the Saint, and was considered to be the strongest character in the game. 

As a symbol of light that stands in opposition to the Witch, a symbol of darkness, she would sometimes appear in front of players to aid them. 

At the beginning of the story, she appeared before the fourteen-year-old Vernell and helped him to control the darkness within him. Entrusting him with a pendant, her actions marked a huge turning point in his life. 

However, when she absorbed a part of Vernell’s power, her life span was shortened. 

Also, due to these events, she no longer visibly aged, and her outward appearance remained that of a fourteen-year-old. 

If a place was being attacked by demons, she would fight without abandoning even the smallest village and healed anyone who was injured without discrimination.

She was certainly an impeccable girl who was very picture of a Saint, even though in actuality she wasn’t the real Saint.

She was just an ordinary person who was taken by mistake when she was a baby instead of Eterna, and naturally, she did not have the power to defeat the Witch. 

However, because of her overwhelmingly perfect behaviour as the Saint, no one, including the Witch, thought she was a fake. 

But, Elrise herself seems to have known she wasn’t the real Saint and strove for the day when she would hand over the title of Saint to the real Saint, Eterna. 

[Role in the main story]  

• Elrise route 

An unexpected discovery after four years. 

The conditions to enter her route are having a “100% CG collection”, “playthrough without using New Game+”, equipping the item “memento pendant” from the start without removing it, and spend every free period training from the time you enter the Academy until the night of the seventeenth day. 

(To be absolutely sure, do not increase the favorability of any of the heroines) 

If you do that, on the night of the seventeenth day, there is a low probability that Elrise, worried about the protagonist not making friends, will visit the protagonist’s room and you will be able to raise her favorability. 

(If you don’t go through this event, no matter what you do, she won’t become a capturable character and her favorability will not be displayed at all) 

As a result of verification by volunteers, the data shows that the probability of Elrise visiting the room is around 0.3%. 

There is also information that the probability increases a bit if you only do muscle training, but that has not been verified. 

So, let’s spend the time doing training until the night of the seventeenth day and save the data before doing the training at night, and then reload the data. 

Her activities in the Elrise route are unknown as it hasn’t been long since this route was discovered. 

Request for additions/corrections. 

……What the hell is this? 

Visiting Vernell’s room (or Homo’s in the video) was definitely something I did. 

Favorability… Well, this guy still has the pendant I made so I thought he had some good points and I was in a good mood but… I’m a capturable character? Haha, hey. 

In the first place, for some reason people seem have forgotten that Elrise was originally hated in this game, and what’s more, this Elrise being a Saint is just me acting. 

I mean, my act is fake, so there’s nothing real here. 

Are you guys happy to capture such a person? Ah? Are you guys homosexual? 

Ah, that reminded me, the name of Vernell in the video was “Homo”… 

You are a homosexual!? 

However, since it’s me inside, there is no chance of “Ahh!” happening with Vernell. That’s for sure. 3

I wonder what it would be like as a game, but… well, let’s just give up. 

I mean, I don’t like it, being lovey ♂ dovey♂ with a guy. Who’s going to benefit from this hellscape? 

I like TS things, but some things just make me feel uncomfortable. 

That’s the inner homosexuality of TS… 

It doesn’t matter if you are TS or not, when you are in a lovey ♂ dovey ♂ relationship with a guy, it means that you can swing that way in the first place. 

After all, imagine that point of view. When it comes to subjectivity, you can’t see yourself, so in the end, the scene you see doesn’t change. 

Men, I ask you guys, if your body becomes a woman now, would you want to kiss a… guy? 

Imagine a man’s face coming at you in a close-up and sticking his lips out at you. Wouldn’t that make you want to throw up? Blegh! 

That’s why I’m in mental turmoil. I never thought! “Ahh!” would happen!

This is a fanart of the RTA video scene. 

This is from the author’s note.

New Game+:

By selecting this option when you clear the game, you can start the game from the beginning with all your characters’ levels, stats, items, etc. at the time of clearing.

However, if you choose this option, you won’t be able to enter Elrise’s route.

It’s a horrible game.

Translator Note: Elrise-sama is truly a beauty. My favourite character is Elrise-sama from now on. This chapter is a super long chapter like chapter 2. I plan to divide long chapters into 2 parts. Thank you very much for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

Happy Valentines Everyone!

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3rd Citizen
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At worst, in all the routes, her death is a tragic event everyone despairs at.
Since the MC after the start is understandably fixated with Elrise, her death would be needed to have any turning points that confirms vernell’s relation with other girls.

3 months ago
Reply to  3rd Citizen

though I wasn’t the one who translated this chap, thx anyway! your support is honor for us!

technically not “half” too, since normal human lifespan in that side is about early 50s, the fact she would die “this” year, that’s more 2/3 of her lifespan

rather than “tragic” any other route practically “dead flag” since there no elrise to clear up the aftermath

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Thanks for the chapter!

Elrise should also think about her own happiness, she already working hard enough. If I becoming vernell, I will be absolutely in love with Elrise. Knowing a girl sacrifice half of her lifetime for me, that’s the best thing I have ever seen.

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She want Eterna. Not Vernell.

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The thing is, elrise isn’t interested in men so he as he says later on, “if i get with a guy, it’s mental homosexuality, and if i get with a girl, it’s physical lesbianism” so it’s a difficult position to be in when 1) it’s a galge and 2) he doesn’t think ppl will like “the real him” instead of the saintly mask he puts up.

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thats usually the case for TS story, but unfortunately, elrise hesitant to go either way, so it seems she might stay single for long

3 months ago
Reply to  Tch.

although Vernell did say he didn’t mind she merely put saintly not to mention there actually people saved by that , including Vernell himself)
elrise decided to keep her persona for the rest of her life

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