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Chapter 43: The Capital’s Defensive Battle

A pillar of light poured down from the sky.

It was so vivid that, even within the battlefield, it made everyone stop and look toward its direction.

And as the light faded, the hope of humanity  and the demon’s scourge appeared there.

The people who just arrived at the battlefield were the Knights of Knights who have been selected to protect the Saint… the 11 Guard Knights.

Everyone except for Viscount Fox, who was the academy’s principal, was gathered there and they sharply looked forward.

The people behind them were the hope of humanity, Saint Elrise, and the Knight Apprentices who were also students from the academy Elrise was studying in (also, there was a weird glasses character mixed in, although they were not sure why). 

On Elrise’s left was the Prime Knight, Leila, who was standing at attention to protect her; while on her right was Vernell, who had been granted a sword by the Saint.

The “Crow” looked at the enfolding scene with sharp eyes that were filled with displeasure. It realized then that its prediction was flawed.

“Saint Elrise… you ARRived too QuicklY… NO, EveN before ThaT… WhY is It, there aRe AlsO other Knights…”

The “Crow” was well aware that Elrise had been confined by her fellow humans.

It didn’t know which foolish human decided to do such a thing, but anyway, it was a great chance for the demons since Elrise’s movements were restricted.

Of course, Elrise would literally come flying if they attacked the kingdom, but the “Crow” had predicted that the Knights wouldn’t be coming along.

This was because those Knights had betrayed Elrise.

So it was the obvious conclusion that she wouldn’t bring along such traitors with her to the battlefield. And in the first place, it was unheard of that Elrise had the ability to bring this many people along with her quickly at such a long distance.

So if Elrise did come, she would’ve had to come alone; and even if others came along with her, they shouldn’t have arrived this fast.

But in that moment, such speculation was proven to be totally mistaken.

Elrise was both capable of bringing other people with and at such high speeds as well, and there was no apparent discord between her and the Knights.

Was the information it received wrong…? Or did they make peace?

Whatever the case, the “Crow” was facing the worst case scenario.

“O, Ooh… It’s Saint-sama!”

“Saint-sama has come!”

“The Guard Knights are also with her!”

Elrise’s arrival emboldened the Billberry army, and their morale increased.

She was humanity’s hope; the symbol of justice, Elrise, only needed to be present to inspire people.

The “Crow” tried to stem this development somehow by summoning a tornado once more.

But as Elrise merely glanced at it and the wind stopped instantly then started advancing toward the demons’ side.

The demons were flung up to sky by the tornado’s winds and the demon army was unnerved.

As that was happening, Elrise started using recovery magic, and each soldier who had fallen or was wounded were fully recovered.

Okay then, we arrived at Billberry’s capital. 

The number of enemies there was just a little higher compared to the enemies previously present in the Rutin kingdom invasion.

I thought I had hunted the Demons down quite thoroughly, but it seemed that this many still remained.

As expected though, these were the last ones.

Perhaps they had gathered all demons they could find from various regions for this last act of resistance.

Because the Witch was staying hidden beneath the Academy’s underground area, the demons above ground had to fend for themselves.

…Well, this courageous final resistance will end up being pointless since I’m here!

I feel sorry for the demons, but since they took the trouble to gather here, I will clean them all up.

When this ends, there won’t be anymore large scale demon bullying, so let’s do this with vigor and style.

This time, Vernell’s group was also here to watch. Time to be cool and do ME STRONK!

Aurea Libertas (Golden Freedoms)”

Certain kill ability; use foreign cool sounding words as a skill name – Extra Series!

This time it wasn’t a proverb, it was the Democratic political system that had been implemented in Poland in the 1600s, where the nobles were the ones who had most of the political power1.

The king shall reign, but not govern.

In this system, the king reigned at top, but did not interfere with governance; they were totally excluded from such things.

To put it bluntly, it had completely nothing to do with the current situation but since the name sounded cool, I just randomly used it as a skill name.

As I declared the skill name, golden light shot up into the sky, then it scattered and became countless beams that then rained upon the demons.

These beams avoided targeting allied soldiers and kept piercing demons. The enemy’s numbers were swiftly reduced.

“Don’T lET tHe Saint DO As sHe LIKes! KILl heR!”

The Crow seemed to be the commander and quickly started giving commands to the demons. 

When they became the Greater Demon, the Crow had already seemed to be quite wise.

I think I’ve previously heard about how some country’s research stated that a crow’s intelligence was about equal to that of a 7 year old human kid.

7 years old was around the time when a person became aware of themselves.

People’s memories when they’re aged 3 or 4 would be quite hard to recall once they became adults, but memories from when they were 7 years old would unexpectedly be easier to remember. It was that level of intelligence.

At the very least, 7 year olds were already able to talk properly and read hiragana.

They could play game consoles, and the children of today’s generation commonly used smartphones as well.

On top of that, becoming a Greater Demon also boosted its intelligence… perhaps that Crow already possessed a mind that was on a similar level to that of a human’s.

Under the command of the wise Crow, the other bird type demons immediately started moving toward our direction.

Well, yeah. It was obvious that they’d come attacking from the sky.

On our end, I was the only one capable of flight; and once I started flying, all the ones who were guarding me were ignored, and all of the enemies’ incoming strikes were aimed at me.

So I just lightly leaped and started floating midair. I was moving to attack the bird demons that were approaching.

Well, it’d be enough to use an all encompassing light magic attack and end it with a BOOM.

A picture is worth —”

“Don’t let them come closer to Elrise-sama!”

As I was about to shoot my magic, Stocco leaped in front of me and struck down a few of the bird demons.

Wai, you’re in the way! You almost got caught with my magic, you know!

Additionally, the other Guard Knights also jumped in and started shooting magic toward the bird demons, so I couldn’t get close.

No, you see. You didn’t have to do that, just go protect the weaker soldiers and Knights. Seriously.

I had no choice but to switch the magic I was going to use, and decided to shoot another golden beam to reduce the enemy from afar.

This was the reason I preferred Solo play.

If there were too many allies around me, they became a hindrance and I would be prevented from using AoE magic.

If there were many enemies, I could just erase them altogether in a satisfying manner. With allies nearby, I could only shoot plain attack magic.

I want to quickly run ahead to the center of the enemy~

I want to use multi-targeting magic there and clean the area~

“Elrise-sama, please don’t go too far ahead! We Knights shall protect you!”

I just stepped ahead a bit and this happened.

No, you didn’t have to protect me. I wasn’t so weak to the point that I’d need protection.

They must’ve been under some misunderstanding, and thought that I was some kind of fleeting princess who would die if I wasn’t protected. 

“Fortune favors the bold.”

Anyway, let’s raise my allies’ attack power.

While I liked Solo Play, it would be a loss to not use any given pawns effectively. Let’s just switch strategies.

Swords of lights rained down from the sky, piercing through demons and landing in front of the soldiers.

These swords were made of light and hardened with magic; it was a handy weapon that wouldn’t dull.

It also had a buff imbued in it. Those who held it would receive an electric signal which was transmitted from its handle. This signal forcefully disabled the body’s limiters. It was the so-called power of stupidity when under fire.

There was a saying that humans normally only used 20% to 30% of their power.

If left on their own, their body would break down, so there was also auto regeneration magic imbued in it.

So those soldiers who held the swords would be able to use 100% of their power and gain this power of stupidity under fire, and their broken bodies would continue to heal so they can keep fighting.

There’s also an effect to block pain receptors included with it.

Also dopamine production in the brain was boosted, making them fearless and euphoric; they became the perfect soldiers for battle.

Yep, that was totally a villain’s move, if I do say so myself!

Although, I have tested it on myself and there were no user side effects so far.

So it was okay. There were no immediate harmful effects.

In my defense at least, this was way better for them than ending up killed due to their lack of power, fear of pain, and fearful resignation. There were many such soldiers.

Granting these swords reduced the number of deaths, so it wasn’t that bad, but… nah, it was still a dick move, I guess. 

“Oh Soldiers, pick up the swords!”

As the soldiers equipped the doping swords, they were instantly on a high and pushed back the Demons.

Oh~ Oh~ Amazing momentum there.

Even though they were inferior until just a moment ago, they were quickly able to start defeating Demons.

Each one of them were unleashing their potential as capable warriors.

As I gazed at the reinforced soldiers’ hard work, somehow the Guard Knights all knelt in front of me.

“Elrise-sama, please also grant us those swords of light.”

Eh? You guys also want a doping sword?

You guys are already strong enough even without it. I don’t think you would need it though?

Even as I was thinking that, they seemed to want it really badly, so in the end, I gave them some swords as well.

“Ooh… my power sprung up!”

Well, your limiter was released, after all.

“Ah. My heart is also emboldened.”

Well, your brain was doping you, after all.

“My wounds are healed” 

Well, without that buff, your body would inevitably be destroyed by sword’s effects instead.

Anyway, the Knights got increased fighting spirit and, filled with energy, started cutting down the approaching bird demons. 

Uhm, I have nothing to do.

The situation had totally reversed, and Billberry’s Army got revved up and beat the enemy down. None of the enemies were approaching me.

The result of the match was already clear cut. Nothing would cause us to lose.

We won. Once the battle has ended, I would like to take a bath. 2

“DAMN! At VERy LeAst, EvEN JUSt the Saint!”

Understanding its inevitable loss, the Crow charged through my direction. It seemed to be aiming for a double KO.

Its form as it flew straight ahead was akin to a flying bullet; it looked quite powerful.

The Knights hurriedly tried to stop it, but they were helpless to react due to the Crow’s fast movement. The Crow Beak was getting closer toward me.

Well, that wouldn’t work against me though.

More like, it was more troublesome if it ran away, so this was more convenient for me.

So I opened my arms and took a stance like I was going to catch the flying Crow.

It would be troublesome if it ran away in this situation, where its allies became a burden. Also, considering its speed, it might be able to avoid my beam.

So I decided to lure it as close to me as I could, and to seal its movements before finishing it for sure.

“Elrise-sama… what are you…! Don’t tell me, you’re trying to protect the soldiers behind…!?”

It seemed Stocco was misreading something.

There were soldiers behind me? I didn’t even notice.

Well that was not important. It was negligible.

Well then, Crow, fly toward this defenseless bosom!

And then drown in despair when you find out your desperate attack didn’t work!


…Or so I carelessly thought, and then for some reason Vernell jumped in front of me and embraced me.

Then his back got pierced by the beak 3

Eh, wait, you…

You, what are you doing!?

A/N: His muscle was lacking.

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Forbidden Technique: Narcotic Swords

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