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Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Geli

QC: Vnovember

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TL Note: There are many mistakes like typo and the like on “Fanfic” part, but that is not typo; it was there on purpose. QC Note: I just made the LOL a bit formal considering this is written work. There are too many LOL’s in this.

Chapter 11: Observers From the Real World

I got used to it after the third time. 

Once again, I woke up as the male version of myself in my small apartment. I was lying down on the ground.

It’s another person’s point of view as usual, but I wasn’t worried. I’d just take over it again as usual. 

I didn’t know if it’s just my imagination but my body has become harder to move compared to the last time. It’s not a big deal though.

Well, I don’t think this dream will last long, so let’s go for the things I want to see immediately.

I turned my laptop back on from sleep mode and searched for the video.

And there it was, the video of “Elrise route” Live Playthrough and normal video playthrough. 1

I chose the most viewed video on the list.

The video showed the hostage incident event by Fara-san, where she manipulated demons and the fight scene that occurred.

While enemy demons filled the screen, the controlled player was only Elrise alone.

Even when they chose any random command, the demons were trampled one by one.

By the way, the BGM played was not the normal fight scene BGM, but some music I had never heard before.

It’s a specialized BGM? That’s quite a luxury.

“Too strong. LOL!”

 “One attack erased the entire health bar. LOL!”

 “Wait a minute. LOL!. These guys are BOSS monsters that appear on the late Eterna route aren’t they. LOL!”

 “ I went through so much hardship to defeat it back then. LOL!”

 “My trauma being…”

 “Elrise-sama is too strong. LOL!”

 “Musou. LOL!” 2

 “Dragon got melted. LOL!”

 “Damage digit is weird. LOL!”

 “Can you believe it… this person is not the Saint…”

 “Oi, these guys are Last Boss Mob Leaders aren’t they. LOL! Why did they become small fry here. LOL!”

 “Not even a scratch was taken from the enemy. LOL!”

 “It is because the Saint doesn’t take any damage except by her own power or the Witch’s power…”

 “Although the Witch’s power within the Demons is not as concentrated, it’s supposed to be able to damage the Saint…”

 “Attack from this guy cost a Level 99 Vernell a third of his HP though. LOL!” 

 “Indeed she is not Saint… like hell, such a monster could be considered a Saint!. LOL!”

 “She could clear the whole game Solo, couldn’t she?”

It’s the scene of Musou battle. The comment section was filled with laughter.

Hee-, if my stats were this high, then that meant I was that strong huh.

As expected of the body that Talent Monster Elrise polished with magic training every day. 

According to the comments, wasn’t Elrise a non-playable character in the other routes? 

She had defeated them as part of an event development, but not as a direct fight like what happened here. 

Then the event developed how I knew it would, and Elrise stopped the sword with her bare arm.

“Ahh-, I also got deceived by the fact she wasn’t wounded during my first run”

 “I thought she was protected by Saint’s characteristic, but it turned out to be just pure stats difference”

 “You really won’t get a scratch with that kind of stats”

 “Stocco-san, notice it. LOL! This girl does not take damage not due to Saint’s characteristic but due to her pure stats being way too high. LOL!”

How do I say it… it’s sure felt quite refreshing witnessing my own actions through a spectator POV.

The event eventually ended and Elrise left. 

It was supposed to go back to normal Academy life the next day, but the next morning, the comment section turned noisy again.

The reason being… uheee…

There was an illustration of Elrise wearing the academy uniform walking along the corridor towards Vernell’s class. 

“Elrise enrolled the Academy ktkr!” 3


 “First time I’ve seen it…”

 “She also looks pretty in uniform!”

 “To think Sailor form L-sama exists. LOL!”

 “They put too much effort for a route that was hidden for 4 years. LOL!”

 “I wonder what Event CG 100% even means at this point”

 “100% (but it doesn’t say 100% is whole things)”

 “When you entered L-sama route the CG collection rate changed from 100%/100% into 100%/150%”

 “↑the producer side sure got a bad personality”

 “100% (it doesn’t mean 100% is whole things)”

And that’s where the video ended.

The next part was not yet uploaded.

However… it seems that my actions on the other side reflected as game route development in the game

Well, this was a dream, so I couldn’t say if this truly happened back in Japan, but… I don’t think this was just a common dream.

As expected, it was hard to think of it as just a dream after I had experienced it 3 times.

Next would be the customary character explanation page. I wondered how it had changed. 


The character inside “Kuon no Sanka”, a Non-romanceable Character.

… Or so we thought for 4 years since the game release, but a certain RTA commentary Video proved that it’s possible to romance her. 4

Known as the Saint, the antithesis of the existence known as the Witch.

She was selfish in her childhood, until one day she became aware of what it meant to be a Saint and, as if she turned into a different person, started to do things “for the sake of others”.

She possessed overwhelming Magic power and sword art worthy of the title of Saint. Her fighting power is the strongest within the game.

Being a symbol of light and the antithesis of the symbol of darkness, the Witch, she will appear before the player and help them from time to time.

She appeared before Vernell when he was 14 years old and helped him control his power of darkness, and gave him a pendant keepsake. This would become a great turning point in his life.

After that, the protagonist is reunited with her when he is 17 years old. However, she has stayed exactly as how he remembered her when she was 14 years old

The Saint is similar to the Witch who is immune to most damage types and stays forever young without aging.

Her period as Saint is said to have come earlier than other Saints.

As a Saint, she won’t take damage except by the Witch or Saint’s power, and won’t get a scratch even when blocking a sword barehanded.

She is also capable of purifying the Witch’s power.

If there’s a place attacked by demons, she will appear no matter how small the place is, and will heal people she sees without asking for repayment.

While she is practically the embodiment of the Saint’s ideal form, she is actually …


Something was wrong. The lines after are empty, unlike before.

Also, the description seemed to have changed compared to what it was before.

As I tried to scroll down, the hidden word showed itself.

”Elrise’s identity”

Elrise is not the real Saint.

She was merely a commoner who was mistakenly taken instead of Eterna during the period they were a baby, which obviously means she has no power to defeat the Witch.

The reason she doesn’t age is that she absorbed the Witch’s power when she helped the protagonist control his own power, which resulted in her physical age being frozen.

But this in turn had actually shortened her lifespan.

The reason she is capable of purifying the Witch’s power is that she is using the power of that very same Witch. Further, the reason she wasn’t damaged by the sword was that she protected herself using her own magic.

Yet due to how perfectly she took to her role as Saint, no one has thought that she may be a fake, including the Witch herself.

But Elrise herself knows the truth and wishes to one day return the seat of Saint to its rightful owner Eterna.

 ”Role in the Main Story”

  • Elrise Route

The unexpected discovery after 4 years has passed.

The conditions to enter her route are, “CG Collected 100%”, “choose new game instead of new game+”, then from the moment the game begins never un-equip the accessory “Pendant of memories”. Afterwards, spend all the free time upon entering the Academy doing Self Training until the 17th night.

 (To be exact, don’t gain any favorability with the other heroines)

Then during the 17th night, there’s a rare chance that she will come to the Protagonist’s room and tell him of her concern about him not making any friends. Afterwards, it will become possible to raise her favorability.

 (You need this event to happen or else it’ll be impossible to raise her favorability)

After testing done by various sources, it became known that the possibility of Elrise visiting is around 0.3%.

It has been said that the possibility increases if all you do is muscle training, but it is not yet confirmed.

So to do this you must spend all your days until the 17th night doing self-training, save before spending the night action, and then reload it if not proc.

Then during the 18th night, the event where Fara kidnapped the protagonist, Eterna, Fiora, John, and several mobs will occur

By Fara’s demand, Elrise will come alone without any guard.

Here, a battle will start where she fights against the demons commanded by Fara. This battle is actually an event battle where the player will be controlling Elrise.

In this fight, for the first time, Elrise’s status parameter is revealed, and her powerful fighting prowess is truly a sight to behold…

Even though she has shown how overwhelming she could be in various events in the route, it is an acceptable result considering her stats.

It would normally be akin to a boss rush 30 times in a row of monsters which would only be possible to beat by new game+, but she will trample all of them without much effort.

Doesn’t matter how you control her, it’s impossible to lose no matter how noob you are.

After the event clears, she will transfer to the academy 2 days later.

Request for edit and addition

 So it ended there huh.

It changed quite a lot compared to the last time I checked. 

Last time, it was blatantly revealed that she was a Fake Saint, but now it’s considered a spoiler.

That’s how much her importance has grown within the player circle.

As I continued to search, I found that the number of Elrise illustrations had grown to a much larger amount.

This was an impossible thing to happen for the Elrise that I had known before all this.

Of course, before Elrise changed, (Pizza) there were illustrations for her but wasn’t much… and those existed mainly to ‘beat her up’

The comment would be like “the ScumRise PUNISHED. LOL!” or “nice, do it more” thingy.

None would draw her as such a cute character.

There was also a lot of fanfic now.

There was a large amount of “Kuon no Sanka” fanfic originally but… there was also quite a large amount of Elrise heroine fanfic that I had never seen before her change.

For now, let’s go to the fanfic site with the most number of updates in ranking

The title… ho? Artificial flower guardian?

I wondered what it was like.

Artificial flower guardian Author: 神龍闇王 5

<<previous Chapter Title Next X

–1—The Beginning of Everything

My name is Shinryu Yaou 6

I’m just a common high school student. But I don’t know why whenever girls look toward me, they cheer. Perhaps I’m considered handsome.

Sports active 1st in grade rank, often rescues bullied people and beat up the bully. I’m just your common person but it seems I am quite popular.

Then as I noticed … I stood on an unknown grassland… without a doubt, this is the world of Kuon no Sanka 7

If that’s the case — I shall fight against this world’s twisted fate and protect Elrise.

That’s why I trained hard. And I became the world’s strongest.

As I got stronger, I struck towards Saint castle.

Then there are knights who disturbed me and said “who are you!?” and I beat them out the way

They flew away while shouting “UWA—-” just by my touch. Hah, that’s all they were capable of, even though I held back this much.

Next, the Nation’s king came, but I knew of his bad deeds and the truth of the world, so he must die here.

I told him to “shut up” and then lopped off his head.

Then I entered Elrise’s room. Elrise asked, “who are you?”

I told her, “I’ve come to protect you” then patted her head

 “Come to protect me…?/// (what is this heartbeat of my heart? Love?)” For some reason, Elrise’s face turned red. I wonder why???

This how she and I met… I wonder what the reason I came to Kuon no ChiruHana world… what should I aim for 8


 I silently closed the page.

Eh…what is this? In his opinion, I was someone who would come to love an unknown trespasser who then came pat my head without any suspicion at all?

Nai wa-. Seriously Nai wa-. 9

Additionally, why are you using the author’s name as the protagonist…

Why was Elrise’s voice of heart written in the first person? Are you a mind reader?

Somehow, I lost the will to look at other fanfic.

As I went to Kuon no Sanka’s thread, they were all spiritedly discussing Elrise.

 “Elrise-sama is truly Saint” or “she’s more real than the real one” or “I finally reached the point she transferred into the Academy”… uhn.

Even though it was me who deliberately acted in such a way that can be misunderstood, I had a complicated feeling while I looked at these things.

But well, it can’t be helped.

Even if I entered the thread and told them the truth, I will only be branded as a crazy guy… and then they will just continue with being fooled by this facade of the Fake Saint. 

But please, spare me from being used as masturbation material. I got goosebumps just thinking about it.

 But then, are these guys truly okay about it?

That fake Saint, the content is Scum (me) you know?

There’s no good reason to aim for that kind of person’s route.

You will be disappointed in the end. Your expectations shall be crushed then thrown into the trash can.

There’s no doubt about it because I’m the one who’s saying it.

Just stop it.

…and then, my sight got hazy again.

Even though I was still standing just a moment ago, now my consciousness was floating above and was looking down toward myself. Even though it’s a dream, the concept of POV change was absurd

Hah-… there’s no choice then. I guess I will wake up soon.

Author note:

By the way no need to report the fanfic typos
Those are typos that serve its purpose (contradiction)

Illustration gifted from ろぼと様
Its video styled that filled with screen comment!

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3rd Citizen
3rd Citizen
2 months ago

How.. did she die in the ‘other routes’, back when being a fake saint wasnt considered a spoiler? Hrm…

Especially stocco’s route. A route of two individuals sharing sorrows?

2 months ago

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

Nice illustrations! makes imaging easier. since it’s good too.


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