Fake Saint of the Year

Translator: Kagura

TL Check: Hasr11

Editor: Azeria

Chapter 1: I Reincarnated as a Fake Saint

In a quiet forest, a tragedy was unfolding.

No, it was possible that this was the greatest tragedy.

In the arms of a crying young man, one girl was about to lose her short-lived life. The young man could do nothing but embrace her as she gradually grew cold in his arms. 

“Hey… Ver… I… I was happy to be with you….”

“You can’t, don’t die! No! No…!”

Why on earth did their fates pass each other by? How did it end up like this?

It was something that couldn’t be helped. No matter what he did, at this point, nothing could be done. 

He could only regret the past.

“Ver… I… love you…”

I experienced intense sadness playing through the game on my computer.

At this very moment, I could even use the secret technique of the killer fist unleashed by the despair born in my heart. 

Transform from nothingness something life something.1

Uooooooun, I’m gonna cry… 

I couldn’t see the computer screen clearly through the haze of my tears.

Ah, some kind of ugly crying-faced guy came out in close-up. Who is this guy?

Oh, it’s me.

My name is Fudou Niito. I am, quite literally, an Idle NEET. 2

Well, I am not really a NEET though. I’m a web writer. 

Currently, I’m playing a galge,3 called [The Eternal Scattering Flowers ~Fiore Caduto Eterna~] and could be read as [Kuon no Sange] in Japanese. 

Actually, it should be “Sanka” instead of “Sange”, but it’s just a made-up word. So don’t read it as “Sanka” in front of others. 

You will embarrass yourself. At the very least read it as “Chiribana”.

“Kuon” wasn’t a common reading for Eternal, but that’s just my opinion.

The word “Kuon” is apparently a Buddhist word, so it may be a reference to the word “Sange” which means to scatter flowers when making offerings to Buddha.4

In this game, you controlled Vernell, an incompentent main character, and made out with a total of twenty heroines. The amazing thing about this game was that the heroine you chose died in almost every route.

Ah… so that’s what the Scattering Flowers in the title referred to.

So, the girl who was now dead on the screen was Eterna-chan, the main heroine as well as the last boss, my top choice. 

And despite being the main heroine, she died in every single ending except for the bad end. 

Even though her name is Eterna (Eternal), she died in vain. 

I’d like to have some time to briefly explain why this was the case. 

Even if you say NO, I’m gonna explain. Otakus love to explain what they like to others. Just give up on arguing with me and accept defeat. 

This girl, Eterna, was declared a Saint, a symbol of good to act in opposition against the wicked Witch and the evil she spread throughout the world, and was entrusted with a mission to save the world. 

By the way, the Witch was one of the capturable heroines. Her past was also rather pitiful, but it doesn’t matter, so I’ll omit it. 

Idiot, don’t think you can just do anything because you suffered in the past. 

Anyways, Eterna, a Saint who was on a  mission to defeat the Witch, was switched at birth and grew up together with the main character in an impoverished village. 

So, the fake Saint who was mistakenly taken instead of Eterna was given the name Elrise – but she was a hopeless, rotten woman. Using the Saint’s name as a shield, she did whatever she wanted. She was the shittiest of all the shit. A towering shit – the shit of the year. 

By the way, of course, she was not a heroine and thus was impossible to capture. 

In the end, this shit died during the judgment and condemnation event, but the legacy she left was too terrible. 

Despite Eterna having no ties with the false Saint, and before this truth could be spread throughout the world, her hometown fell to ruin at the hands of an angry mob. Screaming “the Saint will never be forgiven!” as they murdered her parents and friends. Furious, Eterna fell into the deep darkness of despair and cursed humanity for her plight. 

As a result, Eterna reigned as the last boss for the majority of the routes only to be defeated at the last moment. What an unlucky child. 

The only path to reconciliation for Eterna is during her own route, but… even there she would meet her demise. 

Having fulfilled the Saint’s mission by ending the Witch and dying in the arms of the hero. And thus ends the short-lived life of the heroine…

Which was the exact scene now splayed out across the screen I was staring at…

Ah, it’s too much… it’s too unrewarding… 

Everything is the shitty fake Saint’s fault. Without her, Eterna wouldn’t have had to live through such misfortune. 

Ah damn it, isn’t there something to help her? Eterna rescue route implementation, hello! Hello! 

I don’t care if it’s a fanfic of the game. Someone with writing skills please write it. 

By the way, I can’t. I can only write in script. 

Ah, already. Transmigration, cheat, original protagonist, anything will do! So someone please change this ending. 

And, quickly get rid of this piece of shit fake Saint. 

With that in mind, I turned off my computer and crawled into bed. It was already 3 a.m. 

This is what it means to be a gamer – no time was spared for sleep even if one was tired. 

Therefore I will now sleep. Good night. 

Then I can at least dream of Eterna being happy. Damn it. 

Ahh, I feel tired and my body hurts all over because of how late I stayed up.

When I woke up in the morning, I was in an unknown castle. 

Let’s briefly explain this situation within a hundred characters. Nope. Can’t. Period. 

No, seriously I don’t understand what this means. 

Kidnapping? Considering everything, it was an extremely extravagant kidnapping. 

First things first, where exactly was this place? Did Japan even have western-style castles in it? 

Ah! In Disneyland, there was certainly a castle-like hotel. 

Well, even if it was a kidnapping, this type of kidnapping is more than welcome?

It’s just that the situation usually gets better when you go from a small apartment to a large castle. 

When getting off the fluffy bed, lost in thought, I noticed my point of view was now lower than before. 

Eh? Isn’t this room too big? Actually isn’t the scale of everything too weird? 

Just how huge is that mirror?

“…Oh? Oh? Oh oh oh!?“

When I approached the mirror, a strange voice left my mouth. 

It was a high, clear, and beautiful voice. Definitely not my own. But it certainly came from my mouth, and looking into the mirror the reflection staring back at me wasn’t mine. 

Glittering honey-colored hair that fell to my waist. Big, green jewel-like eyes shining back at me. 

Refined features, like that of a doll, as if it was taken straight from a CG or something. 

You know, that remake of a famous RPG that became a hot topic because the heroine was made to have pores and peach fuzz? It felt just like that. 

Uwah, my skin was incredibly fair, no freckles or wrinkles, and even if you were to look closely the pores and peach fuzz were effectively invisible. 

As I touched the cheeks, they felt frighteningly soft. 

No, it means this is… me. The girl reflected in the mirror and I moved in tandem so there could be no mistake… 

How should I say this…, I am a girl – that’s right. I understand now… this was TS. 5

But on the inside, I was still just me. What was I supposed to do with this? 

Even if it were a super beautiful girl like her, with my personality on the inside, it would turn off even the most devoted of lovers.

A beautiful girl on the outside was important, but the inside was also crucial. 

If you were to see a panty shot of a girl with no personality, no matter how beautiful, even the readers will say, “the panty shot doesn’t bring me joy” in the end.

Even so, this castle… as I started to look around at it properly, was familiar. 

Somehow, I feel like it bears a resemblance to the castle of the Saint that appeared in [The Eternal Scattering of Flowers]. In fact, it looks exactly like it. 

Ok, ok, I’ve come to a conclusion. 

In other words, it’s that, right? I was dreaming of Eternal Scattering of Flowers just now, …right?

And then… there’s this young, but radiant beauty. Overwhelming charisma and the aura of a Saint that surged from within just by looking at her. 

There was no doubt. This was probably the childhood appearance of Eterna, the cute heroine of [Eternal Flowers] that I was playing before I went to bed. 

Honestly, it’s hard to understand because 2D became 3D, but I could not think of anyone other than the main heroine who could be as beautiful as this. 

Although the hair and eye color was different, such a thing was not a major error. 

It’s not uncommon for game characters to have different hair colors from their scenes.

For example, there are characters with black hair during the scenes but have blue hair in the CGs. And characters with pink or green hair in the CGs but not in the scenes, just to make it easier for players to distinguish them visually.

I also felt that the facial features were somewhat different, but still 2D became 3D, so of course it would be different. 

I see, I see? Does this mean that my wish was granted? 

I thought I’d dream of a happy ending for Eterna, but with this, I will make her happy. 

How to make Eterna happy… Why that’s me becoming Eterna myself… 

Hoo? Hmm, hmm, this is good. 

Alright, let’s start! 

I was also interested in the feelings of a beautiful girl, so on this occasion, let’s fully enjoy a beautiful girl’s life. 

While I don’t want to stay like this forever, and in the end I still want to be a guy, it’s not a bad idea to stay like this for a while.

Ah, but being embraced or kissed by a guy was absolutely not okay, no thank you. 

No matter how much I change, my personal preferences would not change, so I don’t want to witness such dirty things. 

Just the thought of a guy’s face filling my field of vision and kissing me is disgusting. Blegh! 

Well, alright. Let’s do it! 

I will become Eterna and lead her to a happy ending! 

And when it’s over, I’ll return her body! 

Just as I made up my mind, a person resembling a butler came in and called my name.

“Ah, have you woken up, Elrise-sama?”

Damn ittttttttttt! She’s the fake Saint!!!!!!!!!


Hello,everyone. This is Kagura. I moved the project “The Fake Saint Of The Year” to Watashi wa Sugoi Desu website. Now, there is also an editor and a translation checker who are working on this. So, you don’t have to be scared of the bad grammar mistakes or the sentences not making any sense.The schedule is one chapter every Sunday. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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This is why you never celebrate early. Looks like this one is going to be lots of fun!
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3rd Citizen
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