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I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Argenti

Proofreader: SpiderSpite

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Some slight NSFW here, nothing big, but you’ve been warned

Chapter 3 — Part 2 (NSFW)

My eyes slowly cracked open. I had dozed off for quite some time, but gradually my senses grew clear from the haze. I felt arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I opened my eyes a smidge more to see the light filter through from outside, into the tent. I had no recollection of when I fainted and went to sleep.

As I stirred awake, I turned my face behind me – Luca was still out. Or so I thought when his hand suddenly grabbed my manhood. He gently stroked it, which made me tremble. I reflexively curled up my body when his lips brushed against my nape.

“Zagan, you woke up, I see. Good morning.”

“…Good morning.” After a long pause, I gave him a morning greeting. 

Although I was a bit lost, when I decided to reply for now, Luca gave a small chuckle. His happiness was conveyed to me through the mana from the part where we were connected.

If I could guess his emotions, there was no doubt that mine were conveyed to him too. That’s why his palm gently rested on my abdomen.

 “I can still feel my mana inside Zagan. Looks like you’re going to be invaded by my light for quite some time.”

“…That’s right.”

 Luca’s magic felt warm and comfortable – it was warm and fuzzy like the sun and it made me want to doze off again. This was my first time being hugged naked and enveloped in the warmth of another person and it felt really good. I couldn’t figure out if it was because the other party had a light attribute, or because it was Luca.

When I rolled to my side while being hugged, with the thought that getting up would be a waste, Luca kissed my nape. At the same time, the hands on my lower abdomen moved to my sides. His hands crept along my skin as if to ascertain my waistline. He stroked my buttocks and then wandering fingers softly teased my abused hole and I groaned as he prodded the rim.

“Nn, Luca…not there!”

“Zagan, it’s still soft. It can easily swallow up my finger even now. Your insides must also still be full of my semen. Hey, will you let me confirm it?”

“T-That isn’t something you should do in the morning, right?”

“But Zagan, I’ll rub the places that you like and massage your prostate. I’ll worship your perky little nipples and even that virgin cock of yours. I’ll suck and make love to you. …Is it really no good?”

It was a bad idea no matter how I thought about it, but my words choked up at the blue orbs that peered into mine. The moment I mustered the courage to refuse him, he blocked my lips with his own. He seemed to have no intentions of letting go as he firmly wrapped one arm around my waist. 

I didn’t hate Luca’s touch. I know from yesterday that having your prostate gland played with can be very pleasurable, and when I imagined it, my penis shamefully grew to an erection. It was always obvious to me that I would remain a virgin as I was a dark attribute user, so it was undeniable that this skinship was a surprise.

However, I was nevertheless a man. Even if I knew that it felt good, I could not honestly admit it, out of self-respect and shame. 

When I remained silent, he kissed my cheek lightly, and his finger around pushed into me with more strength. He was going in. With that thought, the moment I put in strength in my lower abdomen by instinct.

Grooooowl, my stomach made a loud noise. We looked at each other vacantly. 

“…I’m famished.”

“Pft…haha! That’s true. You had sex with me for many hours and fell asleep just like that without having your supper.” 

As a result, I avoided morning sex and after getting dressed, I got ready as usual and ate breakfast with Luca. What I took out of the magic bag was pre-prepared food, but the meal we ate together seemed more delicious than usual.

I cleaned up and got ready to move ahead.  But Luca hugged me and held me back. “Is it no good if we went together?”

“It’s no good. Your entire team is afraid of me. If we are seen together by that lot, it’d lead to another quarrel and it’ll be a pain. Besides, I prefer to be alone.

“You’re saying such sad things again, even though I want to stay by Zagan’s side.”

“Have some self-awareness as a prince. Most of the people participating in the dungeon capture are adventurers, knights or mages, and most of them know that I have a dark attribute. If someone of noble birth sees us together, it’ll spell trouble.”

“You’re right. Noble society carries a lot of annoying troubles. Especially because I have a light attribute, they force a ton of expectations on me. I wonder what they’ll say if I go with you. …I’d rather crush them thoroughly.” He muttered under his breath, but with the distance between us, of course, I heard it all. 

“Stop. The dark attribute has been known to do evil since the olden days. Human consciousness will not change that easily. Moreover, it is the truth that dark attribute users have killed countless people.”

“Zagan is not evil.”

“I am evil. After all, I have that same dark attribute that frightens everyone.” 

Because I have the dark attribute, I am evil – this relation was concrete. It was the history of the Soleil kingdom, built up over many centuries, as well as the will of this world. 

Luca could not refute it. Instead, he hugged me tightly once more and buried his face in my nape. I lightly patted his back to soothe him.

“I don’t mind walking together in the city. Most civilians know that the S-rank adventurer has a dark attribute, but they don’t know what I look like. They won’t find out as long as I hide my hair. That’s why if you have any quests in the city it’s not like… I’ll refuse to go together with you.”

“Zagan… Fufu, you’re dishonest as ever. That part of you is cute though. Then, let’s go on a date again next time.” 

He kissed my cheek. I see, that ordeal was a date.

He was about to kiss me on the lips as well, so I blocked it with my hand and pushed his body away from me. 

“You’re so cold…”

“Shut up. I’ll be going now. See you then.”

“Yeah, take care.” I parted from Luca with a wave.

And thus after being thoroughly devoured, today as well, I devoted myself to capturing the dungeon.

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4 days ago

Zagan is just so— casuallllll.

Wandering Fujoshi
Wandering Fujoshi
4 months ago

I’m surprised MC didn’t react angry or disgusted torwards the guy that had sex with him without his consent.
Possibly reasons:

1. He is a bit lonly and misses skinship.
2. He experienced mind blowing pleasure.
3. He was saved by ML’s mana (?)

Well as long as MC is happy I’m happy too.
Sooooooo it’s non-con and not rape right?~

Thanks for the update! 🙂

4 months ago

I’m pretty sure the main reason they had s*x was so Zagan could receive Luca’s magic. I mean, Luca did say he would f*** him until he could get an erection. (Zagan’s mana was so low that he couldn’t even get an erection, yikes!)

Kristīne Martinsone
Kristīne Martinsone
23 days ago

I bet it’s all of them.

  1. Even if it is you who chose to distance yourself, you still want someone to be close to.
  2. Duh. He did it with an Eroge Protagonist.
  3. Just a delicious side bonus and a convenient excuse for both of them.
Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
4 months ago

Considering this is an eroge world, I’m surprised they stopped even for breakfast! Yesterday was definitely dub con, but Luca has a way of not making Zagan feel taken advantage of! If not for the growling stomach, they would have continued even without the guise of needing the mana! I’m eager to see an actual relationship develop from this sexy start!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

4 months ago

Luca: okay…dungeons play it is.

4 months ago

Dude, that protagonist absolutely 4got 2 give Zagan proper aftercare treatment

shouldn’t an eroge protag already know bout this?

4 months ago
Reply to  SSSBigSis

One word: Magic

4 months ago
Reply to  Evan

magic has its own uses (lubricant yes) but there is specific care if u do anal, magic isn’t gonna help much when its too technical

Starfox and Stellar
Starfox and Stellar
4 months ago

Does he mean “today as well” as in he usually gets devoured, or that he explores dungeons..?

4 months ago

dungeon, probably

4 months ago

I think he means dungeons


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