Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Argenti

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Prologue: Book 2 of Corporate Slave.

Kondou Seiichirou, at 30 years of age, was good at waking up.

He had never suffered from insomnia and usually fell asleep as soon as he got under his covers. He would even wake up earlier than the time he set his alarm. However, it was just that his body could not keep up with it, and he could not get out of bed as easily.

People might refer to this as “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” but his brain was awake. That was why Seiichirou was good at waking up, and he was proud of it.

It was the same even after coming to the otherworld.

While returning from work on his day off, Seiichirou tried to aid a high school girl who was being sucked into the ground. As a result, he was also abducted into another world…

Even though the government guaranteed his livelihood, Seiichirou sought work and found a job in the royal palace’s accounting department, utilizing his experience from his previous one. It was a very plain job- or rather, hardly any work had to be done at all.

But due to the fact that Seiichiro voluntarily increased his workload, and because he didn’t fit in with the otherworld’s magical environment, his body began to weaken. He had nearly died, but luckily, he was saved by a kind person.

That kind person continued to take care of his body. Seiichirou, who became healthy with the help of that kind person, was still unable to get out of bed after waking up.

That was because of the kind man’s arms that restrained him. The so-called “kind man” was Aresh Indrak, the son of a marquis and the Commander of Romani’s Third Knights Order.

Seiichirou gazed blankly at the room illuminated by the light shining through the curtains, his body immobile. The familiar soothing green walls and the shiny wooden sideboard.

“Familiar” might be an overstatement. It had been two weeks since Seiichirou came to live in this room, but it still felt strange to him. More than anything, Seiichirou felt uncomfortable with the silky sheets, the light featherbedding, and the perfectly toned man beside him with his muscular arms around his shoulders.

“…Are you awake?” A slightly lower-than-usual sleepy voice said. Purple eyes framed by long eyelashes slowly opened. In slow motion, Aresh’s long fingers brushed Seiichirou’s bangs aside.

“Sir Aresh… why do you keep coming into my bed every single night?” Seiichirou asked resignedly as Aresh’s fingers brushed his hair behind his ear and traced down to his chin.

Although Seiichirou and Aresh were forced to live together, they had separate private rooms.

However, their bedrooms were connected by a door. The key to it was in Aresh’s possession. Despite Seiichirou’s repeated protests, Aresh was still the owner of the house, so it was up to him to come and go as he pleased.

There were a few times when Seiichrou worked late into the night only to be thrown into bed and restrained until he fell asleep, so he had learned his lesson and tried to go to bed quietly before midnight. But even then, when he woke up in the morning, Seiichirou always found himself in this state.

No, in actuality, Seiichirou understood. He knew that Aresh was recasting the recovery spell on him since he was getting weaker due to his lack of compatibility with the mana of the otherworld.

In addition, for the sake of Seiichirou, who had no resistance, Aresh stuck close to him like this to help him get used to mana. That was the reason why the two of them became close(?) in the first place.

In order to save Seiichirou’s life, Aresh, who happened to be passing by, took care of him when he collapsed after chugging down nutritional supplements containing a lot of magical energy. Aresh even had sex with him.

After that, he began taking care of Seiichirou and even bought a house and decided to live with him to keep Seiichirou from dying whenever he took his eyes off him.

Despite all that, the two of them were not lovers or anything.

The only two times Seiichirou nearly died was that time with the nutritional supplements and when he was assaulted by some knights out of spite.

The action of filling one’s body with semen was only to hastily familiarize them with mana. That was why it was only necessary for a dying person with no mana resistance.

Therefore, other than those times, Seiichirou did not have to go all the way to recover from some health problems or use warding magic. In short, all he had to do was to touch Aresh to accustom himself to the mana.

In this respect, Seiichirou also felt bad, so he tried to be of service. He had noticed that Aresh was developing some sort of feelings for him, and since Aresh became aware of it too, the knight did not try to hide it. Perhaps Seiichirou himself should share his opinion on the matter, but under the current circumstances, if he were to lose Aresh’s protection, Seiichirou might inadvertently die.

It had been two and a half months since Seiichirou had arrived here, and under Aresh’s watchful eye, he had grown accustomed to the mana. He had been able to stopgap with the medical office and was now officially protected by the government.

However, it would take a lot of effort and time to monitor his condition at the medical office and take care of his resistance. Seiichirou was a man who valued efficiency. As such, he did not want to spend as much time as possible on his own health until the current matter he was working on was finished.

For the same reason, Seiichirou did not have time to think about his feelings for Aresh. However, foreseeing this, this knight, who was eight years younger than him and had excellent eyes, narrowed his slit purple eyes and said with an arrogant attitude, “Isn’t this more efficient though?”


Just as Seiichirou was arranging a stack of paperwork and was catching his breath, a voice called out from the seat beside him.

“Mr. Sei, something on your mind?”

When Seiichirou turned his gaze to Norbert, he found him looking at him, head tilted slightly, his blond hair as perfectly styled as ever. Norbert was the son of a count, yet he was the assistant manager of the royal palace’s accounting department and Seiichirou’s direct subordinate. In addition, he was actually the biological son of the current King, but Seiichirou wasn’t too concerned about that.

Anyway, the only word to describe him was “frivolous”.

“…No. More importantly, Norbert, did you finish the documents I asked for?” Seiichirou asked, shaking off the thoughts of this morning. Norbert’s friendly face became even more cheerful as he held out a stack of papers.

“Yup~! Here!”

As Seiichirou checked the papers given to him, he internally let out a breath of admiration. Norbert’s enthusiasm was erratic, but he was surprisingly talented for a man who claimed to have gotten his job through connections.

“That was fast.”

“Thanks to the tool that you gave me, calculating has become a lot easier!”

As he said that, Norbert showed him the abacus with a jingling sound, which Seiichirou had asked a boy in the street to make for him.

“Is that so? Well, I guess you can now handle a little more work with this.”

“Eh?! It backfired!” Norbert slumped in defeat.

Seiichirou used to do everything by himself, but recently he has gradually learned to divide the work among his subordinates. If he did not do so, that fussy Sir Knight would force him to leave the office at the end of the day even though he still had work to do, or he would be thrown into the bed even if he were bringing work home. In the end, Seiichirou would not be able to finish his work.

Besides, the plan that Seiichirou was promoting had made a lot of progress, and the foundation had been laid. There were several departments involved, so he could not take it on alone.

Thanks to Aresh, who was aware of Seiichirou’s bad habits and took the initiative, the plan was smoothly assigned and progressing well in each department. Even so, Seiichirou’s habit of keeping track of everything and keeping an eye on every detail was still there, resulting in a larger workload compared to others.

The miasma that plagued the Kingdom of Romani came once every hundred years.

Two of the three expeditions to purify and seal the miasma were successful. If one more cleansing expedition were to succeed, the miasma would soon disappear, the damage to the crops could be restored, the rampaging of the demonic beasts in various regions could be calmed, and reconstruction could begin. Once the noxious miasma was gone, they could start establishing guards for the sealing wards.

Currently, they could only take a small number of people who were resistant to the miasma. Thus, they were only able to survey the area during their second expedition.

Seiichirou wanted the purification to be completed as soon as possible, but the second expedition had just ended. Plus, the country wanted to allow the Saint some rest before deciding on a date for the next one.

Even though there were wards in place, time was limited and paid for, so Seiichirou would have preferred to stay in a nearby village and finish the expedition in one go. However, it seemed that the Saint’s purification expedition itself had added value, so it was not going to be easy.

All that was left was a new budget proposal to have the Royal Magic Department research new teleportation magic for the return of Seiichirou and Yua, but that would take a little longer to pass. Well, Seiichirou was sure that the vice-director of the Royal Magic Department, who was a research enthusiast, would go ahead and do it on his own.

‘Return, huh.’ Seiichirou thought.

At the moment, there was no way for Seiichirou to return to his original world. However, since he was brought here, it was theoretically possible to bring him back.

To make that happen, Seiichirou had prepared a budget proposal for the entire country to promote the research. He even got the King’s approval but returning would mean not just leaving his job but also leaving Aresh.

The plan was going well, for the most part. The next expedition should be ready within a month. Maybe it was time to start thinking about this seriously. Seiichirou blinked slowly for a moment and picked up his pen again.

However, the otherworld was not so kind to him. Seiichirou thought so as he was summoned to His Excellency, the Prime Minister’s office.

Hasr: Yo-hoo~ We’re now on vol 2 of Corporate Slave… Sadly though Jen is going to be editing Watch My Back For Me , but we have Argenti filling in for her in the meantime~

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The homepage has the update schedule for all series~
New chappies for corporate slave every Friday at 8.30 am IST~

22 days ago

A good summary chapter so far! Though it adds the new plot point of a possible return conundrum for far later on. Aresh, you have to work hard to convince Sei to stay (or follow Sei?)!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

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Once again tysm for translating this!

We finally started to see the continuation of the story after the extras, and I’m excited to see what Sei will do if the teleportation magic successfully developes!
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