Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

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Corporate Slave Light Novel Extra Pt. 2

[Report No. 12

Mr. Sei was hurt. The Prime Minister found him and brought him to the health department where Knight Commander Indrak treated him. I heard that the injuries were really severe.

I also heard that the second and third knight orders were the ones who ganged up on the weak, otherworldly Mr. Sei and attacked him violently. Since Mr. Sei originally came to this country because of an accident on the government’s part, this country ought to do more to protect him.]

Norbert was informed by the Prime Minister’s subordinate that Mr. Sei had been taken to the medical office. Everyone was surprised, but what was most surprising was that Mr. Sei looked as normal as ever and came to work as usual the very next day. Even though his injuries had been healed by magic, he really should have taken a break. Yet, he still chose to come to work. Mr. Sei was a seriously impressive person in Norbert’s eyes.

Moreover, he was in such a good mood that all the officials except Norbert were terrified of him. The reason why he was in such a good mood was probably because he could now threaten the Knights of the Second and Third Order to demand reparations for the injuries he had suffered. As a result, he was able to expedite the expedition of the Saint and receive an official statement of protection from the government.

As expected of Mr. Sei, even when he fell, he did not get back up empty-handed.1

By contrast, the one who was in a bad mood instead of Mr. Sei was Commander Indrak.

The fact that he was looking after Mr. Sei had already been somewhat widely known for a while now, but this incident forced him to keep an eye out for anyone who might want to harm Mr. Sei physically. It got to the point where the people around them began to wonder whether or not Captain Indrak was being protective out of the goodness of his heart or because it was his job. Along with the government’s declaration, no one came to mess with Mr. Sei or shout outside the accounting department anymore. Things were finally the way Mr. Sei wanted them to be.

As a result, the Holy Saint’s purification expedition was moved up earlier than originally planned, and a dinner party was held to encourage her and those setting out on the journey with her and her guards. Norbert was invited too. Usually, it was a bit dull to be summoned to such a formal event such as this, but for once, Mr. Sei would be there as well. After all, it was not an exaggeration to say that Mr. Sei was the driving force behind this century’s purifying expedition.

Knowing Mr. Sei would be there, Norbert consulted with his mother about the importance of making Mr. Sei shine. She was very eager and sent him outfits for his colleague and some hand-picked beautician maids along with Norbert’s own formal attire. After putting on the formal clothing and removing the dark circles around Mr. Sei’s eyes, his colleague no longer looked as tired as he usually did; he looked completely different. The light in his eyes, however, looked as dead as ever though.

The food at the banquet included one of Norbert’s favourite dishes, Pasivaille, which got him really excited. So, when Mr. Sei inquired about what he had overheard—that Norbert was actually an illegitimate member of the royal family—he confessed. Well, it was more like Norbert had been thinking it was about time he told him anyway.

What he did not expect was Mr. Sei giving him a lecture in response, especially not after recalling all of his previous experiences where the average person was either shocked, awed, or apologetic. Furthermore, Mr. Sei seemed quite furious when he spoke to Norbert. Indeed, Mr. Sei was an immensely impressive person! But, well, the lecture was still really scary to be on the receiving end of.

Of course, Mr. Sei continued to silently seethe about being brought into this other world without his consent and the offending country still not formally apologizing to him for it. But that was normal, wasn’t it? Although their worlds were as different as their ways of thinking, Norbert thought that he, too, would have lost his temper if he had gone through the same things as Mr. Sei.

As a member of the royal family of this country, he made sure to formally apologize to Mr. Sei, and in spite of his royal blood, Norbert’s position and circumstances had almost nothing to do with it. So, his apology was essentially useless. At least, it seemed that Mr. Sei was aware of that as well.

But just to be safe, Norbert promised that he would mention it in his report.

[Report No. 13 

I attended the expedition celebration banquet tonight with Mr. Sei. His formal wear and other things were picked out by my mother. It was very difficult to remove the dark circles under his eyes, but I think we did a pretty good job.

It was also decided that Mr. Sei, whose resistance to mana is weak, will be joining the purification expedition. I don’t know what kind of selection process was used to determine Mr. Sei’s  participation since he’s from the accounting department. However, I believe that our country is capable of guaranteeing his safety and providing him with peace of mind after they forcibly brought him here from another world.]

When Mr. Sei suddenly requested to visit Norbert’s house, he was overjoyed. Thinking back, apart from showing him around town and taking him to the apothecary, Norbert had only hung out with him for work-related purposes. Immediately, he contacted his parents, and they readily agreed to play host for the Saint’s extra. So, on their next day off, Norbert and Mr. Sei took a carriage to his parents’ house together.

Norbert guessed the trip was strictly business for Mr. Sei, but he was still very happy that Mr. Sei had chosen Norbert’s foster father as a business partner. Just the fact that Mr. Sei was coming to visit Norbert’s family’s house made him incredibly excited, even more so because he was proud of his family.

After a long and difficult conversation with Norbert’s adoptive father, they all sat down to have dinner with Mr. Sei.

“Oh, there’s Pasivaille! Yay!” Norbert rejoiced.

“Pasivaille? Is that what it’s called? This beef stewed in red wine sort of thing?” 

Hearing Norbert’s excitement, Mr. Sei gave a curious look at the food in front of him. It was easy to forget that he was from another world because he talked and worked as if he had always belonged there. While there were some differences in his usage of proper nouns that had carried over from his original world, which proved there were still many things he had not seemed to grasp just yet.

“That’s right!” Norbert told him enthusiastically. “It’s a dish made by roasting the meat of a large herbivorous type of creature called a barog, then cooking it with vegetables and other ingredients in wine. It’s my absolute favourite! Ah, it does use alcohol though, so maybe you shouldn’t try it, Mr. Sei!”

That had very nearly been dangerous. If he had let Mr. Sei get poisoned by mana again, his life and Norbert’s own would have been in grave danger all because of a certain Knight Commander whose last name began with the letter “I”.

“There’s also a lighter dish made with your favourite touhasch meat! Please eat as much as you’d like!”

Norbert recommended that particular item to Mr. Sei, being sure to avoid the dishes that Commander Indrak had already instructed him not to let his colleague touch. During the meal, it seemed like Mr. Sei was also able to enjoy the food prepared by Norbert’s family cook. 

The journey back was four hours round trip by carriage, so Norbert persuaded Mr. Sei to stay the night. Reluctantly, he agreed since it was Norbert’s family that was providing the carriage.

The day after tomorrow, Mr. Sei would be leaving for the Saint’s expedition. He had been sure to give the accounting department a lot of work to do while he was gone; all of the paperwork together was as tall as a mountain! Well, putting that aside for now, Norbert focused on one thought in particular… ‘May he please come back safely.’

Mr. Sei returned six days later, just as planned.

However, without giving the accounting department any time to rejoice over his safe return or even ask him questions about the expedition, he immediately threw himself back into his work. As though to hurry him along, Mr. Sei was called by the higher-ups as well.

Norbert’s foster father later told him that the groundbreaking plan to control the miasma damage was all thanks to Mr. Sei. The country would soon be able to take care of itself without relying on a Saint, and as a result, their family’s status would be raised. If that really happened, then the country’s true saviour would not be the Saint, but Mr. Sei. 

Mr. Sei as the new Saint, huh? That would be super hilarious~!

Norbert thought that would be the end of his role as Mr. Sei’s “supervisor”, but then he was told to keep submitting reports. He thought about saying that he did not want to do that anymore, and though he did end up saying as much, his adoptive father simply told him, “You have to understand that this is the only way we can maintain our connection to the crown.”

Well, if it was like that, then Norbert supposed it was fine… he guessed.

As for him, he ended up being summoned by Commander Indrak before he had the chance to congratulate Mr. Sei.

“I heard that Seiichirou stayed at your house recently,” the knight said off-hand.

“What? Um…yes,” Norbert murmured, suddenly anxious.

He was intimidated by the chilly tone and heavy pressure that emanated from Commander Indrak, but he still managed to reply. Whatever Norbert had said before caused the knight’s brows to furrow.

What? Is he angry? Did I make him angry?

In Norbert’s humble opinion, the Knight Commander was no longer “the youngest and coolest Knight Commander ever” but rather he had become “Mr. Sei’s protector who was just a little bit too fussy”. He was sure that Commander Indrak was just worried about Mr. Sei staying at his house.

“Don’t worry! I made sure Mr. Sei avoided anything that he wasn’t supposed to eat and only served him safe foods that I knew he liked so that way he wouldn’t get sick!”

The deep wrinkles between Commander Indrak’s eyebrows refused to disappear, despite Norbert’s enthusiastic answer.

“You prepared Seiichirou’s outfit for the banquet, too, didn’t you…?”

“Yes!” Norbert chirped. “I did it because it was Mr. Sei’s big day! Though it was actually all my foster mother’s doing since she arranged everything…”

“You don’t have to do that anymore,” the knight said somewhat harshly.


When Norbert looked up at the tall Knight Commander again, slitted purple eyes imbued with the strength of a warrior’s will, were transfixed firmly on him.

“I’ll be the one to take care of all his needs, so you don’t need to do anything anymore.”

Hmm? Norbert wondered to himself. He had always thought it was a little strange, though, hadn’t he? Even after thinking about it for a while, he had never thought that such a handsome and highly respected knight would give him such a definitive warning.

[Report No. 15

I really think Mr. Sei is a totally awesome person in many ways now that I know him better.]

Hasr: Aaaaaand that brings us to the end of vol 1! We’re working on c13.1 of the manga that just dropped yesterday, so hop into our discord to read it when we do release it~

Vol 2 prologue will be out same time next week~

Also it’s my birthday today so it’d be nice if I could get some company

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2 months ago

I didn’t get by whom these reports ate written by since they’re talking about Norbert as another person

11 days ago
Reply to  Cheru

The reports are written by Norbert which are in first person perspective (denoted by [ ]) while the paragraphs in between are written in third person perspective with Norbert as the protagonist.

2 months ago

Norbert is so adorable! He’s so wholesome that he didn’t even notice how sus Aresh and Seiichiro’s relationship. Haha

2 months ago

Its like reading nobert’s diary WHY IS THIS SO WHOLESOME?? Omg im so excited for vol 2!!! Ugh i cant believe i got hooked up so quick with this novel.

Also happy belated birthday to you translator-san!! I hope you have a blast!

2 months ago

Awww Norbert is such a good guy O3O

Thanks for the chapter!

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great time!

2 months ago

norbert best boy uwu

Prajna Mondal
Prajna Mondal
2 months ago

Happpi Birthday

2 months ago

Thank you!! Hapoy bithday!! <33

2 months ago

Happy birthday!!!

I really loved these extras! Norbert is a real sweetie. His optimism and air headedness made me want to give him head pats, honestly. Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to volume 2!

Thanks for your hard work translating!

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Thank you for all the hard work! I can’t wait to see the next vol next week already. I’ve wanted the story to progress for a while but the extras were so good ngl. Norbert’s reports were the best, it was rlly funny to see how others saw Aresh and Sei’s relationship.

Also, Happy Birthday hasr! Hope you have a great day.

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
2 months ago

Happy Birthday!!

I need sleep
2 months ago

Happy Birthday Hasr!! I love this series so thank you for translating this wonderful story!