Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

Editor: Jennicide

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Corporate Slave Light Novel Extra Pt. 11

Norbert Baranek was summoned along with his superior of the accounting department right after lunch break had ended, right before they would normally have returned to their office to resume work.

“This has to do with the Saint’s summoning from another world, huh?” he muttered to himself, following along behind his superior.

They gathered in a room filled with high council members. The naturally meek Mr. Helmuth was white as a sheet; he could not stop shaking under their scrutiny. Norbert stood next to him, calmly thinking about what he had just learned.

When the higher-ups were about to call out his nonchalant attitude before the King, his majesty stopped them with a mere glare and continued to explain.

“That is correct. Have you heard about how the miasma in our kingdom has been purified by Saints for generations? For this current outbreak, the Saint happens to be someone from another world,” one of the higher officials explained as though Norbert were a simpleton.

While it was true that Norbert was merely a clueless eighteen-year-old and had a hard time grasping the full extent of the kingdom’s history that had taken place hundreds of years ago, he had at least heard about this before.

It was compulsory that he study about the history of the kingdom back during his academy days, but anything he had learned about it then was barely retained in his memory now. Besides, the so-called “Forest of Magic”, which was filled with dangerous miasma, was so far away that Norbert had never even seen it before with his own eyes. All these things about summoning an otherworlder to help save their kingdom seemed like something out of a fairy tale to him although all of this was being explained by none other than the most important people in the palace. As they talked, they appeared to be very serious about the subject too, so it was a blessing that Norbert did not end up laughing at their enthusiasm as they continued to talk at length about it.

Then, the king resumed speaking.”After we succeeded in performing the summoning ritual, we have safely brought the Saint to our world. However, a man from the same world as the Saint has ended up here as well. In order to make things right, we have agreed to fulfill his request. He wishes to work in the Royal Accounting Department, where the two of you are assigned.”

“What?” Norbert asked in confusion. “Are you serious?”

Just when Norbert thought summoning someone from another world was unbelievable enough, this stowaway otherworlder’s request for work was even more baffling to him. If there existed an infinite amount of other fun things you could ask for, and the kingdom was completely willing to fulfill any demand you made… Why in the world would they have requested to work of all things? Hmph. If I were that person, work would definitely be the last thing I would ask for~

Nevertheless, Norbert was tasked by the King to monitor this otherworlder’s behavior from time to time. To do so, he would also have to prepare a detailed written report about this man based on his observations. 

Honestly, that was going to be the most troublesome of all troublesome things for Norbert, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had no choice but to comply; refusing to would have landed him in another kind of trouble instead. 

Without wasting any time, Norbert immediately set out to meet the otherworlder. If he had heard correctly, this man had a very long name, so he decided to simply refer to him as Mr. Sei. His living accommodations would be in the room prepared for him in the dormitory. Norbert arrived at his door bringing along work clothes and other basic necessities provided to civil servants by the royal palace. 

When someone opened the door, Norbert saw a man who was clearly older than him. Other than that, the man had styled black hair and tired-looking eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses.

Norbert had thought this man would be despairing over his fate, but he seemed to have gotten used to this world pretty quickly. He started living normally and doing his work as if he was no different from anyone else.

Though, Norbert could not say that he was surprised by this. After all, Mr. Sei was a very strange person.

Asking for work was not the only weird thing he had done. He regularly showed up at his new workplace early in the morning, before anyone else had arrived yet. He also worked harder than everyone else ever had, even as far as cleaning the office on his own. Nobody had told him to do any of this, nor was it an expectation that anyone ever had for a civil servant working in the accounting department. 

Mr. Sei should not even have had to work when the kingdom was willing to provide for his livelihood in this world. Yet, he still wished to work by his own accord… What a strange person indeed. 

Not to mention, Mr. Sei had even left the dormitory early to arrive at the royal palace on his first day of work without waiting for Norbert… He had found the man talking with the most fearsome commander of the Third Knight Order, Sir Aresh Indrak! Just how many shocking things was this man capable of doing in a single day??? 

Thus, these events marked the beginning of Norbert’s special report!

[Report No. 1 

I met Mr. Sei for the first time at the civil servant’s dormitory. The next day, Mr. Sei left for work without me. As I rushed there, I saw him talking with Captain Indrak of the Third Knight Order. 

Mr. Sei was able to casually talk to Captain Indrak without fear, but maybe it was because he had no idea who the latter was. Though, the commander is still a scary person by appearance alone… If it was me, I would not even be able to utter a single word in his presence!]

Just as Norbert was about to submit his report at the end of the day, he was advised to describe more of Mr. Sei’s activities in greater detail. Details, huh…? He thought to himself. So they want to know how strange Mr. Sei can be each day…? He pondered this and other things as he continued to write his report.

[Report No. 2 

Today was a day off, so I went shopping with Mr. Sei in town.

When I thought of showing him around in the town’s market first, Mr. Sei insisted that should be done last. He didn’t want to buy food items immediately because he wanted them to be as fresh as possible once he got back to the dormitory.

We had only been in the town for a little while, but Mr. Sei had already disappeared from my sight in the blink of an eye. Of course, I panicked; I had to search for him everywhere like a mother who lost her child. Despite Mr. Sei’s seemingly polite demeanor, he doesn’t seem like someone who will obediently listen to what others tell him to do.

After I found him, thankfully safe, we resumed looking around. Along the way, Mr. Sei bought only things that he found necessary— a magic pen, some paper, a pot for cooking, a frying pan, bottled water, and some smaller food items. It would appear that he is capable of cooking for himself. Why he would even want to do that though, I don’t understand.]

For the second report, Norbert was scolded again. He was told that he did not have to make it that detailed, going as far as to include his own personal impressions of the other man. In fact, Norbert was not even allowed to establish a close relationship with him in the first place.

Norbert sighed. Since Mr. Sei was a rather quiet person to begin with, Norbert would not even know if the man suddenly decided to leave his side; Mr. Sei definitely would not tell him beforehand either. How could he watch this person closely if he was not permitted to get close to them? Besides, Norbert was curious to learn more about Mr. Sei’s former world too. It seemed to be an interesting place to live, although at the same time, it was not without its own scary parts as well.

[Report No. 3

I gave Mr. Sei a supplement yesterday. He was overjoyed after using it.

He wanted more, so I had to take him to the pharmacy which sold it on the following day. The pharmacy is called Metron and is situated in a secluded part of town. We also happened to meet Captain Indrak and Vice-captain Rowder there by coincidence.]

As Norbert presented his latest report, he was told by the person in charge to write a few more comments regarding Mr. Sei in the future… Hm? Norbert thought that was what he had been doing in my previous reports. Plus, they had scolded him for that. Ah, well… Norbert thought. Not that I mind anyway. I had no problems doing that before, so if they did approve it this time, then that’ll be good enough.

[Report No. 5 2 

Mr. Sei’s dedication to work did not end up going unrewarded. He was recently appointed the vice director of the accounting department! Moreover, the role was bestowed to him directly by the prime minister himself right before our eyes. I managed to witness it as I happened to be nearby, and I felt very happy for him. I even got the honor to help Mr. Sei put on his newly earned cape for the first time. Although he is now my superior, he still allows me to address him with the same nickname I gave him when we first met. You would think there would be a distance between us after this, but… I feel that we’ve only grown closer to each other since then. Thinking about this makes me really happy.] 

Things truly did not change much after Mr. Sei’s promotion until one day when he showed up late for work. That was unusual.

We are no strangers to the fact that Mr. Sei always comes to the royal palace earlier than anyone else. He was so late that we even started to wonder if he was taking a day off today until he appeared at the front door of the accounting department breathing heavily. Mr. Sei still looked tired, as usual, but I did notice his hair was disheveled today. Bed head, I guess. Maybe he just woke up late, so he rushed to the royal palace without bothering to fix his hair first?

I also saw him limping in pain when he entered the office. I wondered if he was hurt somewhere? It must have been around the area of his lower half. Shortly after, he asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price for service involving magic. Although Mr. Sei did not want to tell me what happened, I knew that he must have been in deep trouble. My suspicions were confirmed when Captain Indrak came to see me in the dining hall during lunch break.

From what I heard, Mr. Sei was taken by Captain Indrak to the health department in order to receive a medical examination after that. Once it finished, they ate lunch together in the dining hall. At that point, there was no doubt—the one that Mr. Sei caused trouble for was Captain Indrak, of all people! What is wrong, Mr. Sei!? Are you tired of living that much??? 

But I was relieved to hear the whole story—Captain Indrak had saved Mr. Sei’s life. I bet that was what Mr. Sei meant by “causing him trouble”. I was amazed to think the one known as the “Ice Prince” throughout Romani would have such kindness deep within his heart! Though, Mr. Sei didn’t seem very happy when he told me all that. I felt like his eyes looked a little more lifeless than usual. Man, I can’t help but wonder why.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure how I should sum this report. I wondered if it’s safe to say that Mr. Sei is now in good hands, given that someone else is going to take care of him from now on? I guess I can say that Mr. Sei will probably still be in danger too in the future though. Captain Indrak is not called the “Ice Prince” for nothing…!]

[Report No. 7 

Mr. Sei fell ill yesterday as he was roaming the town and was rescued by Captain Indrak who happened to stumble upon him by coincidence. The next day, as I was having lunch in the cafeteria, I saw Captain Indrak dragging Mr. Sei back to the health department. It never even crossed my mind that Captain Indrak would be willing to take care of someone else to such an extent.

I see, so that was why Mr. Sei asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price of services involving magic. Though, Captain Indrak doesn’t seem to mind at all. Moreover, he seems to be prioritizing Mr. Sei’s health above all else. Perhaps it’s because Mr. Sei is under the kingdom’s protection? Whatever it is, I hope Captain Indrak won’t go too hard on Mr. Sei.]3

The next day, Norbert was summoned by Captain Indrak himself. 

He was very nervous to face Captain Indrak alone, but he had only called Norbert to inform him of Mr. Sei’s delicate constitution. At first, he was shocked to hear that Mr. Sei possessed such little resistance to mana, but that was due to the fact that he was from another world. And since a majority of all the foods eaten in Romani contained mana, Mr. Sei could not eat them freely like everyone else. He could die by simply eating mana-heavy foods and only certain items were safe for him to consume. 

To think I’ve been by Mr. Sei’s side all this time… Yet, I knew nothing about this? So, that must be why he doesn’t eat that much in general, huh…? Not to mention the lack of color to his face, his tired-looking eyes… Thinking about all of that pained Norbert’s heart. 

He was disappointed with himself for thinking that Mr. Sei’s unhealthy appearance was normal for somebody from another world. He promised to pay more attention to Mr. Sei next time, so he could help take better care of the man. At the very least, even in a world not meant for him, someone could try to help Mr. Sei to live a normal life just like everyone else. As a start, Norbert planned to “invite” Mr. Sei to the dining hall just like Captain Indrak had ordered him to!

[Report No. 8 

I was summoned by Captain Indrak today. 

He told me all about Mr. Sei’s health condition. Since he’s from another world, he is vulnerable to mana and there are only a few types of food he can eat because of that. 

I told myself to keep a closer eye on his health from now on. From now on, I’ve been ordered to take Mr. Sei to the dining hall during our lunch period every day.]

[Report No. 9

Today I was having lunch with Mr. Sei and Captain Indrak as usual, but we were suddenly joined by the Saint this time! Mr. Sei made sure that I wasn’t able to escape. =( 

Meanwhile, the knights from the Second Order were watching us closely as they escorted the Saint. I was so scared by their presence that I couldn’t even go to get a refill of my favorite Paisavaille.

Unexpectedly, the Saint suddenly cast some of her magic on Mr. Sei, and Captain Indrak had to rush him out of the dining hall before the worst could happen. She had only wanted to help by casting a little recovery magic on him, but in the end, Captain Indrak was still the best person to depend on when it came to taking care of Mr. Sei and his fragile health condition. That very same day, I also learned Mr. Sei’s birthday. I would’ve loved for all of us to celebrate it, but it already happened last month, much to my dismay.] 

After the events of yesterday, the dining hall had broken into a ruckus. Even Norbert was greatly shocked by what had happened before his eyes. 

The person most confusing of all was, of course, the Saint herself. Norbert had been surprised that he could talk to her as an equal, like a friend, but the knight who came in escorting her had kept on glaring at Norbert throughout their conversation. And he did not want to even get started on Captain Indrak’s presence either. At this point, it felt like whatever that man did now would never cease to surprise those around him. 

But Norbert felt as though he could never quite get used to Captain Indrak being around, no matter how much they managed to talk to each other. The knight was always very intimidating, as he strongly gave off the feeling of living in a completely different existence from the rest of the civil servants. Norbert had no clue as to how Mr. Sei could talk normally with him without any problems whatsoever. It was as if they had formed a special kind of relationship with one another… or so Norbert thought.

What a strange world I am living in, Norbert said to himself.

Last chapter of Corpslave Vol 1 is out next week~

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