Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 9: I was Entreated

 There were three knight orders in the kingdom of Romani.

 The first Knight Order was tasked with safeguarding the interiors of the kingdom, and was an organization that handled the domestic security.

 The Second Knight Order guarded the pillars of the nation— the royal family and the nobles.

 The Third Knight Order that Aresh was in charge of, guarded the borders from magical beasts and foreign enemies.

 Each order has its own color. The First Order was red; The Second Order, green; and the Third Order was cloaked in black.

 The color of the Court Magic Department was purple, the Legal Affairs Department was blue, and the Accounting department was plain brown.

 In other words, the man in the green cloak who had clearly ambushed him was the leader of the Second Division of the Knight Order.

 Well, even before that, Seiichirou, who had previously been troubled to the fullest extent by the scandal caused by the man’s subordinates, was of course an acquaintance. As a result, he couldn’t help but frown.

 Even as he sighed, in his heart, Seiichirou showed him courtesy.

“This is Commander Makovskar. Apologies for my lack of correspondence.”

 After Radim Makovskar had nodded lightly in response to Seiichirou’s courtesy, he asked: “May I have some of your time?”

 Seiichirou’s plan for today was to work in the accounting department in the morning and do research in the court library in the afternoon.. A rift had already been created thanks to Julius, he didn’t want to take it any further.

“My apologies, I have a prior engagement post this…”

“It won’t take that long.” 

 He had no way to refuse.

 He was taken to a reception room by the knights’ quarters.

 As Radim took him to his destination, seeing Seiichirou restlessly look around his surroundings unconsciously, Radim’s arched eyebrows eased.

“…Be at ease, no more knights will lay a hand on you.”

 It couldn’t be helped that Seiichirou felt repulsed by the knights, after being assaulted by the members of the Second and Third Knight order for being a meddlesome tag-along to the Saint. Thinking so, Radim called out to Seiichirou, but Seiichirou had a bigger problem at hand.

 These were the Knight’s Quarters. In other words, it was the place Aresh, the Captain of the Third Knight Order was most likely to be.

 As for the assault from before, his injuries had been healed by Aresh, and he had been paid a significant amount in compensation. On top of that, the Second and Third Divisions of the Knight Order were now indebted to him, which made budgeting and other tasks much easier, and that was enough for Seiichirou.

 His greatest worry at the moment was not being found working on a day off by Aresh. 

 It was that Aresh, who had always nagged at Seiichirou to take a rest, that he was talking about. If he was found out to be working on a day off, what would become of his fate…? Worst case scenario, he would be confined to the house on his days off.

No, worse, he could be forced to take rest on a working day!

“…So, what did you want to say…? Please keep it brief.”

“Ahh…my bad.”

 Radim, still having the misconception that Seiichirou disliked being where the knights were, apologised and offered him a seat and then sat opposite Seiichirou.

“What I wanted to talk about was His Highness Julius.”

 Was there still something more?

 He almost frowned unknowingly, but the Second Knight Order’s primary job was to protect dignitaries. Most of their work was related to the royal family. It was a good thing that the Captain was enthusiastic about his work.

“Could you please somehow get along with His Highness and the Saint?”

“I’m going back.”

“Hm? ”

 On his way back from the knight’s quarters, Orzif Rowder, deputy Commander of the Third Knight Order, saw a cloak of a colour he rarely saw and stopped in his tracks.

“That is…”

 The brown cloak certainly belonged to the Accounting Department.

 Even within the royal palace, the Accounting Department was located in the furthest corner. There was no reason for them to be this close to the training place.

 Besides, wearing a cloak meant that you had an official job title.

Speaking of people with a job title in the Accounting Department, rumours had been floating that Orzif’s cousin Aresh, the Captain of the Third Knight Order, had snatched up the otherworlder.

“If I remember correctly, his name was…Con…wou? ”

“What about Seiichirou? ”

“! ! !”

 Even though he was a knight, Orzif thought his heart would burst out of his mouth at the sound of the voice that came from behind him without warning.

 Turning back, the man behind him was the one he had pictured just now, as expected.

“A-…Aresh…. Don’t scare me like that…”

“You’re the one getting panicked by yourself. And so, what about Seiichirou? ”

 Aresh repeated his words with a nonchalant air, even as he glared at him with a resentful gaze.

“Seiichirou? ”

 He tilted his head in confusion at the unfamiliar name. Orzif then realised that it was the first name of the otherworlder upon being told, “You were just talking about it.”

“Ahh, just now…”

 It suddenly dawned upon him.

 Aresh, who had excelled at everything he did and had never been interested in anything right from the past, had been acting in surprising ways lately. He found out that this otherworlder had a lot to do with it.

 Aresh, who had been forced into the role of the Captain of the Third Knight Order— a position that all yearned for, so as to say, carried out his work as if it were a burden. Despite his attitude, being stronger than and better than anyone else in the kingdom, on top of having pedigree and looks, he did not receive any complaints from the people around, and if anything, he gained more sympathy.

But for some reason, lately he had started to pay more attention to his subordinates’ movements, and even did his paperwork without any repulsion.

 And as far as he had heard, somehow, that Aresh. THAT Aresh, had even fallen in love for the first time. That was why he had been giving his best at work.

 Orzif couldn’t forget the excitement from when he first heard the story.

 That emotionless Aresh, who seemed to have left his feelings behind in his mother’s womb. That Aresh could think of someone as special. What’s more, he even came to him for advice!

 Orzif had held back his unstoppable curiosity with the will of a knight and patiently listened to Aresh.

 Aresh’s story was quite cliche, but it was so full of bittersweet emotions that Orzif couldn’t help but be reminded of his own young days.

 In other words,

 The “thing”which Aresh was talking about could be called “first love”.

 Orzif gladly listened to his cousin’s woes, baffled at his newfound feelings.

 He only asked the bare minimum to his cousin, because he knew that if he pried into his affairs, he might not want to talk to him for advice anymore.

 However, Orzif attentively surveyed those around Aresh as he, of course,  wanted to know who it was.

 However, much to his dismay, he couldn’t find any person who matched Aresh’s description around him.

 That is, except for the otherworlder from before.

 The way Aresh spoke and acted with that otherworlder had long crossed the limits of overprotectiveness.

 Whenever the otherworlder was there, no matter what it was, he took precedence. Aresh was always worried about him.

 What’s more, when he heard that Aresh had left his parental home and took the otherworlder to start living with him, Orzif’s guesses were confirmed.

 The recipient of those “feelings” of Aresh was none other than the otherworlder.

 He would have completely missed it if Aresh hadn’t asked him for advice.

 In fact, many of the people around him simply thought that Captain Indrak was good at taking care of people.

 That oddball workaholic was not all that close to Aresh.

 However, looking at it consciously, Aresh’s possessiveness for the otherworlder seemed considerable.

 And that otherworlder had been brought to the reception room by Commander Radim.

 What would happen if Aresh got wind of it? The answer was clear as day.

 It was work hours, and most importantly, it wouldn’t be good for the leaders of the knight orders to have a spat.

 Orzif decided to play dumb.

“No, I just heard about the next expedition, so I wondered if he would come.”

“He went the first time because of pressure from the higher ups, and prepared the plan to seal the miasma. He originally had a weak constitution and shouldn’t have been taken to the Forest of Magic. I won’t let him go a second time.”

 Did he have the right to decide? Despite wondering so, Orzif nodded in agreement.1

 In any case, it would be best to leave as early as possible.

“Speaking of that, a document regarding that expedition arrived.

 It’s in the office, can you give it a look? ”


 Nodding, Aresh took a few unhesitant steps, but then paused and looked back.

 Orzif was on guard, wondering if there was still something left, but the man at the height of his puppy love opened his mouth seriously.

“Only I can call Seiichirou, Seiichirou.

 His family name is Kondoh. If you want to call him, call him that.”

 Orzif responded, holding back his urge to puke.2

A/N: Look! Aresh made an appearance! 

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11 days ago

At least someone in this world is sensible enough to read the mood and think of consequences!! Sei should be thanking Orzif!

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Uhuhu I caught up nuuuuu thanks for these translations!

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So in the end, did Orzif found out it’ Seichirou or not?

thank you

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21 days ago

Well hello Aresh~ Long time no see. Still possessive as ever huh. And Orzif finally appeared too! He’s my favorite character. I love him more than I do Aresh hahaha