Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 8: He Complained to Me

Shiraishi Yua. 16 years old.

She was a high school girl who lived in modern Japan when she was suddenly summoned to another world to be their Saint and purify the miasma in said world.

When she first arrived, the people there welcomed her, and without thinking too much about it, she lived in the royal palace as the Holy Saint, surrounded by knights and maids who guarded her. However, after experiencing the purification campaign, she realized the dangers of this world and her status, therefore she began to wish to return to her world after fulfilling her mission.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

And at the same time, she seemed to be relying on Seiichirou, whom she had not really been interested in before, since he was the only one from her world, and the person who could help her get back home. But…

“Oh, yes. It’s been a while since I have seen His Highness Julius too.”

“Hmph. I don’t even want to see your face.”

Seiichirou bowed to the First Prince, Julius, who was following behind Yua, but he dismissed him snidely.

As shown before, Yua’s former attendants did not approve of Seiichirou’s close contact with her, and they were very aggressive only towards him, which made it extremely troublesome for Seiichirou.

Unfortunately, Yua had developed a slight distrust of people and wanted to keep her distance from those who had treated her well, therefore she found Seiichirou, who was like her, was the only person she could trust completely. And of course, Seiichirou could not blatantly reject a 16-year-old girl who had anxiety about being in a different world.

Thanks to the fact that the knights who assaulted Seiichirou in the past were punished and Aresh who kept  a close eye on him, there was no more harassment from other people. However, that was not the case with the prince currently standing in front of him.

Hence, he had to deal with receiving a smile from the Saint, and a glare and disapproval from the prince simultaneously. Though, Julius was somewhat discreet. Yua did not notice his attitude towards Seiichirou and continued on talking.

“I went to the accounting department the other day to see you, Kondo-san. But they told me you were away for a while on other business.”

“Oh, well, I was temporarily transferred to another place. Today is my day off, so I came here.” Seiichirou answered, wishing they would stop visiting him without an appointment while he was working.

“You’re wearing your uniform and coming to work? On your day off??”

Yua looked at him strangely, but Seiichirou did not know what was so strange about it, so he nodded in affirmation naturally. In this particular case, Yua’s reaction was valid, though Seiichirou workaholic self wouldn’t be able to understand that.

“I see? That must be…uh… tough? But if you can come and go from here, then the place you’ve been transferred to is nearby, isn’t it?”

“Yes, to the capital’s church.” Seiichirou nodded.

“What? The royal capital’s church?! That’s where I go too!”

“Huh? Oh, that’s right…”

When Yua said that, Seiichirou recalled that he had heard of something of the sort. Yua was currently living in the royal palace but also commuted to the church to help with simple purification and healing.

After her first purification expedition, Yua wanted to leave the palace because she distrusted the people there who had summoned and welcomed her. But, it was difficult for a girl from another world to live all by herself, and it would be a huge problem if something were to happen to her.

Seiichirou had tried to persuade her otherwise. So, now she still resided in the royal palace while she went to church during the day to expand her horizon. 

There was only one church close to the palace that was worthy of accommodating the Saint.

“How are you doing in the church?”

“Well, I’m glad that there are many things I can do, such as praying to the holy God, purifying the sick who come to pray, and healing the injured! Everyone has been so kind to me.” 

Yua seemed to be feeling more fulfilled than when she was immersed in her studies at the royal palace and spoke in a lively manner. Perhaps she was more of a practical person than a student by nature.

Seiichirou thought of the faces of the people in the church and almost tilted his head in disbelief, but then he recalled that, of course, they would be kind to the Saint.

“Especially Serio-kun… oh, he’s the apprentice priest who showed me around. He’s such an incredibly beautiful boy! He’s also very nice and taught me lots of things!”

“…Huh.” Seiichirou said, eyes narrowing in disbelief.

“Even so, I go to church almost every day, but, strangely, we never bump into each other.”

“Well, the church is huge, and I mainly do paperwork, so I don’t go near the chapel.”

“Oh, I see. Speaking of which, the orphanage is also-“

Just as Yua was about to continue, the heir to the highest power in the country, who had been ignored for so long, interrupted her, “Yua, you are the Holy Saint, so you don’t have to work, only concentrating on the purification is enough.”

“Prince Julius… As I have said many times, I want to do what I can.”

“That’s why, since you’re the Saint, all you have to do is purify-“

“As I said, I don’t want to do that!”

Yua raised her voice, interrupting Julius, then with a startled look, she apologized, bowed and hurried away. A few people followed her from the shadows, probably guards or something, so there was nothing to worry about.

Now then. Seiichirou thought of pretending not to have seen or heard anything as he then bowed and tried to swiftly take his leave.

“Come accompany me for a moment…”

But not before the First Prince’s low intimidating voice stopped him in his tracks.


“Why!? Why is Yua rejecting me now!”

They were at the prince’s private quarters, Seiichirou being forcibly dragged there. The room was decorated with luxurious but surprisingly tasteful furnishing that went well together. The maids made tea and laid out sweets, but of course, he could not eat them.

The door was guarded by a knight in green armour. A member of the Second Knights Order, in charge of guarding dignitaries. So, it was unlikely that he would be leaving.

Seiichirou did not conceal his sigh as he sat back in his chair.

“Why is Yua relying on you, a weak, powerless man, instead of me? Answer me, Kondou.”

Perhaps it was because Julius had heard Yua call him “Kondou-san” a lot, that he called him with correct pronunciation, albeit, in a high-handed manner.

Even if you ask me why, what do you want me to say, considering what happened so far? Seiichirou grumbled internally.

Yua wanted to complete the purification, but once it was over, she wished to return to her world. On the other hand, the country wanted her to stay here and have a child, even after she finished her mission as the Saint.

Yua wanted to keep her distance from the people in the palace who had pampered her and did not tell her important information that might inconvenience her. The country wanted to hold the Saint within the palace and use her as their symbol in diplomacy and politics.

No matter how one looked at it, it would be impossible.

Especially because in order to receive the Oracle’s revelation of the next Saint, they needed the offspring of the current one. Yua probably had not realized that the prince wanted to have children with her. Although, she seemed to have already drawn a line between her and the prince simply because he was an otherworlder.

If she were to realize this, she would most likely despise Julius because of the deeply rooted gender equality of the modern Japanese generation.

How should Seiichirou convey this to the prince without upsetting him?

Rather, the adults around him, who were not princes with extraordinary admiration for the saint, would have probably noticed the problem long ago and should have told him nicely. Seiichirou took another look around, but none of them made eye contact with him. He was pressed between a rock and a hard place.

“…Perhaps it is because of the difference in values between Your Highness and Shiraishi- I mean the Holy Saint.”

“Values? But Yua’s family is of nobility, so it should be no different.” Julius looked back at Seiichirou, perplexed.

Although she was probably from a wealthy family, there was no nobility in Japan. In fact, their world was different.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Is this where I have to start from? Do I need to explain everything starting from that? Seiichirou thought, trying to hold back a sigh in frustration. And everyone still would not look him in the eye, of course.

“No, there is no nobility in our country. There used to be at some point, but that system has been abolished.”

“Is that so? However, Yua is still a Saint. As such, she should be treated well. And yet, lately, Yua has been acting like she doesn’t even like it.”

“…I think she’s being modest.”

Thinking that he did not want to make anyone owe him or owe anyone, or he simply did not want to tire himself anymore, he decided to use bland words.

Afterwards, Julius continued to complain to Seiichirou about his dissatisfaction with Yua’s lack of attention towards him, while Seiichirou kept using his [evasive answer​ing], a skill unique to Japanese salarymen.

Since Julius himself was the first prince of this country and had no time to spare, Seiichirou thought he was finally going to be released after half an hour of  “counselling” when he was finally told that he was free to go. However, on the other side of the door he opened, was a man with a green cloak on his back and a fearless face. Then their eyes met.

Please, just let me get back to my work.

Seiichirou’s holiday was apparently not over yet.

Author’s Notes:

As usual, when you think Aresh’s spiritual presence is gone, it keeps going.

I wonder if everyone remembers this character…

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