Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 7: I Went to the Magic Tools Department.

“Uwa, there he is again.”

 As usual, Norbert arrived at work just in time for the opening hour, and when he entered the accounting department, his thoughts leaked out of his mouth at the sight he saw.

 As for the one whom his words were directed towards, he looked straight at Norbert with the same deadpan eyes as ever, narrowing them.

“You came at the perfect time, Norbert. I have a job to entrust you with.”

“No, you’re lying, right! ? You came up with that because you heard what I said, right!? No, you made it up! I’m sorry—! ! ”

 Norbert, who had somehow managed to avoid an increase in workload by clinging to the cloak that indicated the man’s position as a civil official, quickly forgot about what had passed his throat and talked to Seiichirou, who was sitting next to him doing his work as a matter of course.

“Is today also a day off from the church inspection? ”

“Because the work pattern follows the one here.”

 Since the church is open all year round, Seiichirou’s days off were supposed to be the same as when he worked in the accounting department, and the church had been informed of his work schedule.

“So, you’re back here to work… Aren’t there other things for Mr. Sei to do? ”

“It’s my free will to do what I want on a day off.”

“Huh~, free will… you say…? ”

 Norbert tilted his head in confusion at his boss, who replied without even looking up from his papers, but Seiichirou didn’t react.

“So then, is Mr. Sei getting along well with the people from the church? ”

 Norbert, who had never learnt to be discouraged or disciplined, continued to question Seiichirou as always. His question seemed to remind Seiichirou of old uncles asking a child if they made friends at school, and he chortled for a moment but when he remembered all the people at the church, Seiichirou turned to Norbert and chuckled.

“…You might be an idiot, but you make a good subordinate.”

“Huh! ? What’s with that, all of a sudden!? You’re making me all shy~.”

Wait, you’re fine with me calling you an idiot out of the blue!? 1

The officials of the accounting department quipped in their minds looking at the embarrassed Norbert, but since the person in question was happy, it was fine.

Three days had passed since the last incident, but Celio was still flaring crabbily, and the other monks and nuns too, whispered as they avoided Seiichirou.

As Norbert had told him, he had caught sight of a few people who seemed to come from noble families, but all of them looked at Seiichirou, the man who had come from another world and was working as a civil official, with deep hatred.

On the other hand, Celio and the other commoners seemed to have an aversion to officials themselves.

And most importantly, the Priest Siegwold.

Since that incident, he had been rushing towards him enthusiastically whenever they met. Or rather, he bumped into him everywhere he went (slipping past Celio’s surveillance).

At first, he thought that meeting with the priest, who could be said to be the caretaker of the church, was a good thing, as it was proof that there were things to be handled related to the management, but as it turned out, unfortunately, the priest was nothing but a hindrance.

 The more Seiichirou thought about it, the more he reaffirmed that he was blessed to have no interference in the way of his work in the accounting department. Or to be precise, there was no one who would dare to “interfere”.

 He only realised the beauty of his hometown once he left it.2

 But his hometown was not in this world.

 And so, Seiichirou went to work on his day off again today.


 That said, this was not the only work Seiichirou did.

 All said and done, he still had to support the research of the return magic in order to return to his original world.

 To secure researchers for the Court Magic Department, he had forced Kamil, the Prime Minister, to make arrangements to increase the number of researchers, but unfortunately, it seemed that the number of researchers gathered was lacking, perhaps because of the nature of the job.

 He had thought that being in the Court Magic Department would be a kind of status symbol for those involved in magic, but when he saw it firsthand, he realized that this was not the case.

“This is the Deputy Manager of the Accounting department, Kondou.”

 He was at the far end of the building, quite a distance from the side building where the accounting department was located. He knocked on the door of the laboratory of the Court Magic Department. However, there was no reply.

“Excuse me.”

 He called out, and quietly pushed open the door.

 The room was dimly lit, even though it was daytime, and had a large desk with a pile of books, pens, and other unidentifiable objects filling it to the brim. It seemed to be some kind of dried food. And the thing hanging on the other side seemed like animal fur.

 And scattered on the floor were other artefacts and *people*.

 Being careful not to step on the court mages wrapped in blankets, Seiichirou aimed for the back of the room where the mess was the greatest.

 He managed to step past a passage that looked as if it was barricaded with books, and called out to the creator of the barricade, hidden beneath a mass of blankets.

“Mr East. Mr. East, it’s Kondou. I have come to get the progress report.”

 The fluffy blanket shifted and a ruddy bedhead popped out of it.

“Hn? It’s already morning~? ”

“No, it’s noon. To be exact, it is the second water hour.”3

 His eyes, which seemed sleepy to begin with, drooped further and the bagworm…no, East, the deputy manager of Court Magic Department got up, his wobbly head showing no signs of settling.

 [Deputy Manager of the Court Magic Department]

 As the name implied, he was the deputy manager of the court magic department, which supported the kingdom. He was their No. 2.

 He was both the same rank and the same age as Seiichirou.

 Compared to Seiichirou, who always gave off a tired impression, with his stagnant eyes with dark circles, it was hard to see him being the same age as East, who gave off a somewhat childish vibe.

 And besides, the official who had the no. 1 position in the court magic department had got his post due to his status as nobility, and in reality, the number one mage in the court magic department was this baby-faced man, who had the blanket marks and drool all over his right cheek— East.

 In this world, where magic was a common thing, intricately linked to daily life, the court magic department was a mere ornamental workplace.

Seiichirou was also surprised when he first visited this garbage dump of a magic department.

However, at the same time, he felt a sense of nostalgia.

 If you remember, Seiichirou’s workplace in Japan was an IT company.

 It was very similar to that graveyard of systems engineers before the delivery date.

 And that was why, he entered this room that no one other than the members of the magic department neared, as if it were natural.

“Ah, Kondoh… It’s been a while.”

“It’s only been 6 days. More importantly, the progress report, please.”

 As mentioned before, although East was the best mage in the country, he was not very good at anything else as a human, and this was the result of pouring all of his brain power into magic research.

 By the way, when he got excited, he would drop the honorifics, so he simply told East to not speak to him politely from the beginning since they were of the same age.

 Entrusting him with the research of the [return magic] was well and good, but as the person in charge of keeping the budget in check, he had to get regular progress reports.

 With that as the basis, Seiichirou would allot the budget and could also put in a word or two for additional manpower.

 However, the other part was East.

 No, it would have been fine to be assigned a mage other than East, but the magic division had other things to do, and they couldn’t spare people for the research of the [Return Magic] that Seiichirou brought along. And besides most mages were more or less like this.

 As a result, when he complained that it was absolutely impossible to write a progress report, all that he thought was “Well, that’s about right.” However, no matter how it was done, he had to be informed of the situation.

 He thought about having someone stationed in the Magic Division to report to him, due to the complex nature of the subject, it would be impossible for the average person to know what they were doing just by looking.

 As he was at a loss, East spoke.

Isn’t it fine for Kondoh to just compile whatever I say? 

 And thus he would periodically listen to and compile East’s reports as the man paced from hither to thither.

 And from a little further in the garbage dump…no, room, the mages would peek in from every corner.

“Otherworlders sure are amazing…”

“Even we don’t understand what Mr. East is talking about sometimes…”

“There’s all that technical jargon, but Mr. East tends to go on a tangent at times and has a unique way of speaking…”

“He’s not only compiling it in his head and taking down notes, he’s also using that weird abacus? Wait, he’s using a tool at the same time too?”

“Are all otherworlders like that? ”

“The other world’s scary.”

“No, it’s just my guess, but I think that the Deputy Manager of the accounting department is the weird one… Just like Mr. East…”


 Leaving aside the mages were inexplicably convinced, for some reason, the rapid-fire between Seiichirou’s pen and East did not stop for a while.

“—I see, understood.

 It seems that you need money to buy the tools needed for the research as well as increase the manpower.”

 They were lacking in both manpower and resources.

“Huh, you’ll buy it~? Yay~~~!”

“I didn’t say that I’ll buy it.

 I’ll do an estimate once I am home.”

“When? When will you buy it? Tomorrow? ”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t say I will buy it.

 I am going to the church tomorrow, so I won’t be able to come here.”4

“The church? Kondoh is going to the church?

 Then bring me that, the sacred idol.”

“It’s impossible no matter how you think about it.”

 Celio did say that there was a barrier around, so Seiichirou’s life would be erased from just stepping foot into the room.

 After then, once he had confirmed it 2-3 times, he appropriately bid goodbye to East, who had once again grown absorbed in his work, listened to the other mages for a bit, and then left the room.

 Other than the [Return Magic] he had entrusted to East, the magic department had also been told to handle the surveillance of the miasma barrier in [the Forest of Magic].

Sleeping on the floor is hard on the body, and the quality of sleep is also bad so it will lower efficiency… Maybe I should make them a nap room.

 Leaving aside his own matter, he walked around the place while pondering how he could make the mages of the Magic Division proceed with their research more efficiently.

 Even though it was a holiday, Seiichirou couldn’t just wander around the palace in casual clothes, so Seiichiro walked around in his usual official uniform with the short cloak hanging off his one shoulder that indicated his position in the Accounting Division. Other than his deadpan eyes that held no ambition, he was at home.

 There, he saw a plainly dressed girl, in neither the civil official uniform nor the clothes or a chamberlain, nor in a dress, rush towards him.

“Kondou-san! ”

 She was the only one in this world who called Seiichirou with the correct pronunciation, the one who had dragged Seiichirou into this world, and the [Saint] who was to save this world, Shiraishi Yua. 5

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