Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 6: I Was Preached To

“It sure is nice, isn’t it, Mr. Official? Being able to rest as you please.”

This was Seiichirou’s third day at the church. Today, too, the day began with Serio’s sarcasm.

Seiichirou did not have days off, but people who work for the royal court generally took their days off properly. In comparison, those who worked in agriculture and other production industries, as well as markets, were always open for business.

When Seiichirou had asked the Sigma boy about it, he told him that if he were to take a day off, he would lose a lot of money.

The church seemed to be the same—open 24/7. What’s more, aside from the citizens who came to help out, Serio, the apprentice priests, and nuns all lived here, their personal lives and work overlapping. Just like in present-day Japan, living and working while studying made the concept of vacation itself seem ambiguous.

Norbert told Seiichirou yesterday that it was common practice for aristocrats to donate money to the church, so why was the royal capital’s church in such a state of disarray?


What came out of Seiichirou’s mouth was an appropriate response as he contemplated in his head as he felt a sense of discomfort. For the record, Seiichirou wanted to reiterate that he was not taking a break.

“Tch! This is why officials are so—! Do whatever!”

After yelling at Seiichirou, Serio stomped his feet and left, trying to somehow make his footsteps sound louder despite his light body.

Free time acquired.


“…You again?”

The person who appeared with sunlight shining behind him in the study at the back of the meeting room was Siegwold, the chestnut-haired priest who had become a constant presence.

“Thank you for all your help.”

After bowing, he looked around and then turned to Seiichirou again with an exasperated look on his face.

“I suppose I don’t need to ask you anymore about where Serio is…?”


Well, it was the same situation as the past two days, so it would be a waste of time to ask. Seiichirou did not say anything but showed a troubled expression.

“He’s a bit of a troublemaker…he’s very religious, but I think the problem is that he isn’t too honest with his feelings.”

“Well, I guess that’s the way it is with kids that age.”

He should be around the age of a junior high school student. If one was raised in the enclosed environment of the church from an early age, one’s sense of values might become biased.

“…Could it be that you’re trying to shake him off from keeping an eye on you?”

Siegwold’s violet eyes narrowed. Seiichirou shook his head calmly, though his slightly low voice and those eyes reminded him of a certain someone.

“No way. Besides, he didn’t seem to like me from the start.”

Actually, it was easier to work without Serio’s supervision. Furthermore, Seiichirou had no intention of halting his work even if Serio tried to stop him. He was confident that he could cover it up with both his eloquence and skill, so it did not matter if Serio was there or not.

“Ah… he indeed tends to have a strong sense of inferiority towards aristocrats and government officials.”

The church seemed to have a lot of animosity towards the royal palace, knowingly assigning that kid as a guide.

“Some of the apprentice priests are orphans, and most of them are commoners, so naturally, some of them are defiant towards those from the royal palace. I would like to change the guide, but since the bishop is not here at the moment, I can’t do much.”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

Seiichirou, who was born and raised as a commoner, could not help but nod his head in understanding. Then the bell rang, indicating that it was time for lunch.

And for some reason, Seiichirou was in the flower garden with Siegwold again.

“The church will provide you with food as well.”

Seiichirou had brought his own lunch, and Siegwold had also brought something like a sandwich. The flower garden was empty, but it was still well organized, and the sun was shining gently.

“Um, I’m allergic… a lot of things don’t agree with my body, so I try to bring what I can eat with me.”

“Don’t agree with you?”

“Yes. I don’t seem to have any tolerance to mana and magical energy that are commonplace in this world, and if I eat too much food that contains high amounts of mana, I end up getting mana poisoning.”

Seiichirou explained briefly to Siegwold, who raised an eyebrow in doubt.

“Don’t tell me… Even though you are an apostle? But the Saint is…”

“That’s because Shiraishi-san is the official “Saint called upon to this world”, correct? So, she has what you would call divine protection, or something like that, yes?”

“That’s correct. A divine protection…”

I think I might have messed up, Seiichirou thought as he looked at Siegwold, who had fallen silent.

From Seiichirou’s point of view, Seigwold was a devoted follower. He was a valuable person who treated Seiichirou with respect from the start, as he had often been treated as an extra, or rather a nuisance, that tagged along with the Saint. However, that was because he treated him as “a person summoned by the god he believed in.”

If Seiichirou was not blessed by this world and was likely to die just by breathing, could he really be considered the kind of person this world needed? Without needing to give it a second thought, the answer was no.

Seiichirou was merely an ordinary person who was caught up in the summoning ritual. He was what one would call a “heretic” in this world.

So, would this deeply religious man really treat a “heretic” the same way as he always has after knowing this? Would he be compassionate as a clergyman?

No, Seiichirou should not let his wishful thinking get the better of him.

He made up his mind and turned to face Siegwold. His chestnut brown hair looked reddish under the soft sunlight. When Seiichirou gave him another look, he found that his thin lips went well with the line of his nose. He had a neat face that gave off a cold impression when he kept quiet. Those eyes swiftly rose and met Seiichirou’s.

“So what I’m saying is that-“

“You’re an Apostle who was put through tribulation​.”


Seiichirou frowned involuntarily and tried to maintain his composure by breathing. No matter what kind of nonsense was being said, the other party was a powerful person in the church. Seiichirou must keep himself calm and not let his thoughts show on his face. Though he was definitely thinking, what is with this guy?

With that in mind, Seiichirou tried to maintain his facial expression in check, but Siegwold’s still kept on talking.

“Through God’s will, you have transcended time and space. The fact that you cannot adapt to this world is nothing but a test from God. In order to convey God’s will to the people and to serve him, we too must undergo trials and practice. Then, we can improve ourselves and draw closer to the will of God.”

Siegwold’s face was serious as he looked straight at Seiichirou.

This feeling, Seiichirou thought. It’s similar to when East, the vice-director of the Royal Magic Department, has his switch flipped.

He must have flipped Siegwold’s switch unknowingly.

As a modern Japanese man indifferent to religions, Seiichirou did not know what kind of face he ought to make in such a situation.

For now, he should cut up what Siegwold was saying and try to take in only what he could. But, if this were to continue, Seiichirou would become an “apostle subjected to trials.”

He has been hearing disturbing words like “practice” and whatnot for a while now. If Seiichirou was not careful, this pious priest might force him to train as an apostle. The current Siegwold was making him have a feeling of dread for more than just one reason.

“No, I’m just an ordinary person who accidentally got pulled into this because of the Saint summoning ritual…”

“No. The god Abran would never do something without reason.”

Seiichirou thought that Siegwold and the other priests and mages were the ones who actually summoned the Saint and that God merely showed them a revelation of sorts, but apparently, Siegwold thought differently. He believed that they were just assisting God because summoning people from another dimension was not in the realm of humans but rather in the realm of God. Therefore, the “summoning of the saint” was God’s will, and the Seiichirou who appeared as a result of it was also upon God’s will.

“No, really, I just happened to touch Shiraishi-san… The Saint while she was being summoned. It was only by accident…”

“Everything that God does has a meaning. What may seem accidental to us humans, is in fact, the will of God.”


Seiichirou scrutinized Siegwold’s words once again. What he only took out of it was that there was no malice towards him. He then closed his eyes for two seconds and answered.


That was what is commonly referred to as “going with the flow”. 1

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7 days ago

Siegwold sounds like the type to go door to door asking if you “have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Abran”

1 month ago

But that priest has a point perhaps Sei come to this world for a reason. To be Aresh wife!!

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I love Seichirou’s indifference to these situations thanks for the chapter