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Chapter 5: I Went to Work on a Holiday

The desk was stacked with papers in a messy manner. Every few minutes, Norbert glanced at the small mirror propped up on top of it. Something seemed off about his hairstyle above his left ear, and he had been continuously fiddling with it.

“Norbert, wanna go for a drink after work?”

“Ah, sure! Let’s go, let’s go!”

Norbert was the son of a count, and the real son of the current king, but the latter was basically a secret, and those who worked in the royal palace were forbidden from using their family status as a shield. Ostensibly, that was the rule, though not everyone followed it. That rule, in addition to the fact that he was the youngest newcomer within the department, in tandem with Norbert’s easy-going character meant that the people around him were very casual with him.

The one who spoke to him was a fellow noble, three years his senior in the accounting department, whom he had a good rapport with.

“So, not much progress, eh? Will you be fine going for a drink?” his senior asked, looking at the work Norbert had at hand, but the person in question did not seem to mind and smiled.

“It’s totally fine! Because Mr. Sei will only return after a month! There’s plenty of time before then!”

Suddenly, a quiet voice echoed in the room. “When did I say that was all the work?”

The room grew deathly quiet, to the point where only the curtains rustling could be heard.

Norbert forced his unmoving head to turn around stiffly and saw the person he had expected… Seiichirou Kondou, deputy director of the accounting department, looked at him with the same deadpan eyes as ever.

“M-M-Mr. Sei!? Why are you here!? Aren’t you in the middle of your church transfer!?”

“I’m on a holiday today.”

“Then why are you at your workplace!?”

“I just wanted to see if you weren’t slacking off.”


He took the documents on Norbert’s desk and flipped through them, as Norbert genuinely held his breath.

“I’m kidding. I just came to do my own work.”

He took a breath of relief when Sei said so with the same blank expression as always.

“Well, it’s also a part of my job to know what you’re up to,” he added, making Norbert turn pale again.

“N-No, deputy director Kondoh. Isn’t today a holiday? Why did you come here, to your workplace…?”

A man from the same accounting department timidly asked Seiichirou, who was now his boss, but Seiichirou replied with a look of confusion on his face, not understanding what was being said.

“Why, isn’t it to do work…? ”

According to Seiichirou’s common sense, a day off is a day when he can do his accumulated work at his own pace. 1

“No, you rest on a day off!?”

“Then when are you going to do this accumulated work?”

No matter how much work Seiichirou assigned to others, there was always too much on his plate.

In addition to his normal duties, he had to fix the kingdom’s account books, work on the new miasma countermeasure, help hire staff for the court’s magic department, and cooperate with their research into summoning techniques. And now on top of all that, he had been transferred to the church.

No matter how he thought about it, it was well above the amount of work any normal person could do alone, and he couldn’t even hand most of it over to others.

“And Captain Indrak was fine with you telling him that?”

“…Do you need me to remind you who’s your boss again?”2


“I am the one in charge here though…”

The voice of Helmuth Sommelier (42), the director of the Royal Palace’s Accounting Division, did not reach anyone.


“Ah! Mr. Sei, you can’t eat that!”

In the end, he did his work as usual, and during the lunch break, when he was taking food in the cafeteria among the members of the accounting department, Norbert warned him, much to Seiichirou’s annoyance.

“It’s not like I can’t ever eat it. I have built a resistance little by little.”

Thanks to Aresh’s thorough follow up and the cook Pavel’s efforts, Seiichirou’s resistance to mana had been steadily levelling up. As long as it wasn’t too strong, he could eat small amounts of such foods.

“Ohh, is that so!? Ah, then we’re going for a drink today, does Mr. Sei want to join us?”

“Did you even hear what I said?”

Small amounts, he had said.

If he drank alcohol, he’d be immediately knocked out.

Besides, the other officials of the accounting section at the same table looked at him in shock.

Their boss from the other world, who worked like the devil, had surpassed them at the speed of light and was someone no one other than Norbert could be that relaxed with.

Seiichirou was no doubt aware of this fact, but as long as his workplace relationships weren’t in the way of his work, he didn’t mind.

“Is that so? Too bad~”

The only person who could say such a thing was Norbert.

Or rather, how long was this man going to stay by Seiichirou’s side even though his supervising duties are supposed to be over?

“I wanted to hear what’s going on at the church too.”

“Ahh, I too wanted to hear about that.”

“Huh? Wait, Mr. Sei? ”

Seiichirou nodded at the wide-eyed Norbert as he gulped down the Touhasch stir fry.

The reason he came to work today was to gather information from Norbert in addition to work.

Seiichirou’s knowledge of the church was limited to what he could find in books.

What did it mean to this world, to this kingdom? What kind of people were those who worked for the church?

He realised that with such vague knowledge, things would be a little difficult to do.

“Has Norbert ever gone to the church?”

“Ahaha, what are you saying!? Of course I have~!”

He laughed.

It was indeed the state religion where 90% of the people were believers.

According to Norbert, all the citizens went to the church for baptism at the age of six. Similarly, the coming-of-age ceremony at the age of 18 was also held at the church.

In addition, they gave offerings at the church during seasonal festivals, and the church was a more familiar existence to the people than the royal palace.

“Besides, my family’s a viscount…no, a county.”

“What does being a noble have to do with anything?”

Nobles who have land support the orthodox church of their lands, and those who don’t support the church in the royal capital.

“I see.”

Come to think of it, there were many familiar noble houses among the visitor records he had peeked at the day before.

“Besides, those who serve at the church are nearly all nobles.”

“Hm? Is that so?”

“Yep. The only people who can work in the church are those from orphanages or those with a lot of magic power. Many nobles have a lot of magic power, so it’s inevitable.”

The reason why those with great magic power were employed by the church was because they would use magic for prayers and ceremonies, as well as the safekeeping of the god.

That’s right, it was a place that made Seiichirou uncomfortable.

It wasn’t just the mana within the idol.

Without Aresh’s [barrier], he would have collapsed on the first day itself.

When it came to the people who worked in the church, while there were no doubt a few uncouth ones, there were also those extremely well-behaved. Perhaps the nobles and commoners were all mixed together.

While the only official he had met was the Priest Siegwold, he too had given him that refined feeling, so perhaps he too was a nobleman.

However, he wondered what the society of this world thought of dedicating yourself to god.

“The job of serving God Abraan in the church itself is an honour. But if I were asked to join the church, truth be told, I wouldn’t like it~”

Norbert was able to say this honestly because he was not afraid of anything, or rather because he did not read the atmosphere.

After lunch, Seiichirou returned to the accounting department as usual, and Norbert asked him curiously.

“So you went to the cafeteria as normal. Wouldn’t it have been really bad if you ran into Captain Indrak?”

It was Norbert’s nature to ask such questions bluntly.

“It’s fine, Aresh wouldn’t have come to the cafeteria alone.”

Aresh came to the cafeteria only to take care of and monitor Seiichirou’s meals, and as the Captain of the Third Knight Order, his meals were usually brought to his office.

Norbert’s dumbfounded gaze and unchanging words were directed at Seiichirou, who answered with a slightly smug expression.

“No, but isn’t it scary how much Captain Indrak takes care of you?”

Needless to say, Norbert’s afternoon workload was increased.

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