Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Argenti

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Chapter 2: I Was Transferred to The Church.

As he dried his hair, Seiichirou went back to his room.

Although smaller than the common bath he had shared at the dormitory, the one at the Aresh mansion was quite spacious and luxurious for a single person. When Seiichirou saw the hot water flowing from the mouth of a lion-like animal, he thought it was some kind of joke. But it seemed that the taste of the aristocracy was much the same in both worlds.

The maid, Milan, had given him some oil to put in his hair. He then wiped his body with the flower-scented soap and cloth that Milan had also provided. Seiichirou’s tired hair and skin were now completely lustrous, and he even had a reputation in the accounting department for smelling delicately fresh.

“Are you still mad?” Seiichirou asked as he draped the cloth that he had used to dry his hair over a chair, he then looked at the owner of the house, who was slumped on the sofa in Seiichirou’s room.

Seiichirou slowly approached the sofa, feeling uncomfortable at the sight of Aresh, who seemed to have taken a hot bath earlier and wore a white shirt with his chest bare and loose-fitting pants.

Looking at Aresh from the front, his elegant eyebrows were furrowed, and his thin lips formed a pouty shape as if to deflect. He looked so young, coupled with his attire, that Seiichirou almost laughed but held himself back.

Aresh, who cast off his position as Knight Commander at home, gave a different impression from the one Seiichirou usually saw in public. That was especially the case today.

“…What is so funny?”

It seemed that Seiichirou had been found out, but he just feigned innocence. Aresh’s brows furrowed at that, pulling Seiichirou’s arm so that he could sit him on his lap.

“Your hair is damp. How many times do I have to tell you to dry it properly?”

“I believe I’ve dried it well enough.”

“Where, huh?…tsk.”

Sighing lips hummed a short song. A warm breeze blew over Seiichirou’s face, and his damp hair was combed smoothly.

Magic is truly a strange and useful thing. With that thought, Seiichirou entrusted his body to Aresh, which was beginning to heat up, but not from the hot bath he had.

“I’m not angry.”

Seiichirou did not know what Aresh was talking about for a moment, but it seemed that he was answering Seiichirou’s question from earlier. Aresh sighed again as he combed Seiichirou’s hair. It really did not matter, but Aresh’s breath tickled his ear.

“If you are capable of getting this intoxicated with just a little wind magic, why would you voluntarily go to such a dangerous place in the first place? Good grief​.”

Since Aresh already knew his answer, Seiichirou refrained from responding.

“The church has special wards, and moreover, prayer releases magical energy. For you, it is probably the worst place to be after the Forest of Magic.”

Seiichirou had expected the churches to be like that in this world of magic, but it proved to be more than he had anticipated.

“Well then…” But Seiichiro had no choice in refusing the job.

“Be careful, please.” Seiichirou muttered. Aresh’s sigh being swallowed by him.


Apparently, about 90% of the people in Romani were monotheists who worshipped the god Abran.

It might seem strange to a Japanese person who was either an atheist or had a deep-rooted belief in the eight million gods.1 However, in a world where those deities sometimes made oracles, their existence seemed to be more real and closer to people.

Furthermore, the cathedral of the head temple where the Pope of the Abran religion resided was located elsewhere and not in this splendid-looking church.

Seiichirou looked up at the white chalky church located downtown, a 30-minute carriage ride from the Romani Royal Castle, and absentmindedly calculated the maintenance costs.

Cleaning the windows that high up looks like a lot of work…

According to the data provided in advance, the church had about 20 people in their staff, 15 of whom were workers, and the rest were orphans. It seemed that some of the neighbours were helping out, but it would not be enough to run such a grand church. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that some of the work was outsourced.

Seiichirou had checked the income reports from last year, but they were all lumped together, and it was hard to tell how much money had been spent specifically. As he was calculating in his head, he felt a sense of humidity on his skin and suffocation as he entered through the gates.


Calm down and take a deep breath. I was given such a thorough “warding” yesterday. I’ll be fine. Seiichirou thought, trying to calm himself.

As he took another deep breath, Seiichirou continued to move forward when he saw a green-haired young boy standing by the entrance. He looked to be about 13 or 14 years old.

His face, which was still juvenile, was so well-defined that it would not be an exaggeration to call him a pretty boy. He had slightly long youthful grass-coloured hair, and his eyes, framed by eyelashes that could be seen even from a distance, were bluish-green and lifted in a determined manner.

The fact that he was wearing a black fluttery priest’s outfit over a white shirt suggested that he was from the church. If he was waiting at the door, did that mean he was the guide?

Seiichirou stopped two steps before the boy and greeted him by placing his hand on his stomach in a slight salute.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kondou Seiichirou from the Royal Palace Accounting Department. Pleased to be working with you.”

“There’s no way in hell am I gonna greet you, old man.”

Still bowing in greeting, Seiichirou opened his eyes and saw that the boy’s shoes were worn off.

“What are you spacing out for, huh? I’m not going to waste my time with you, so hurry up.”

When Seiichirou looked up, he found the young boy by the door looking back at him irritably. Seiichirou decided to do as he was told for the time being. The young boy just snorted and strode forward at a brisk pace.

The room Seiichirou was taken to was not a reception room but a simple one about the size of a dormitory room.

“Um, I’d like to greet the person in charge…” No matter how one looked at it, this boy was definitely not the one in charge, and when Seiichirou mentioned this, he snorted again.

“The priest is a very busy man. He doesn’t have time for you.”

“I see, that’s too bad. Then, I’d like to talk to the person in charge of accounting.”

“Not possible. Everyone is busy.”

Impossible, huh?

Seiichirou wondered if this was just the boy’s own judgment, but it seemed not as there were several apprentice priests and nuns outside the door peering at him.

“…I’m here on official orders from the royal palace to audit the church.”

It was fine if they were harassing Seiichirou because they did not like him for being an otherworlder, but if they were doing it knowingly because he was from the royal palace, it could be considered treason against the country.

Seiichirou wanted to confirm this, but the boy’s beautiful face twisted, and he turned back to the other apprentice priests who listened in on the room and raised his voice. “Did you hear that? This self-important guy wants to audit the church! As expected of an official of the royal palace!”

Seiichirou sorted out the ridicule that followed in his mind. No matter how he looked at it, he was not welcomed. From the attitude of the boy and the others, it seemed that they neither liked Seiichirou himself nor the audit from the royal palace.

But this was his job.

It would be adding fuel to the fire to mention it again, but Seiichirou was an official messenger sent by the government. If they did not cooperate at all, the church would not be able to get away with it.

When Seiichirou observed the apprentice priests again, he noticed that they were all young. How much did they know, though?

“No one is going to cooperate with you, so you can do whatever you want until the end of your stay.”

With that, they took their leave. It appeared that they really did not have much time on their hands.

Speaking of which… “What? I can do whatever I want?”


“What are you doing there?” At the sound of the low, clear voice, Seiichirou looked up from the documents in his hand.

Seiichirou had been wandering the wooden corridors when he found a room that looked like an archive. He was going through the documents, sorting out the ones he found interesting and jotting down parts of them. The church seemed to be sloppy in their management of documents, so it was not a very worthwhile time for Seiichirou.

When he looked up, he found that the sky was already dyed dark red, and the pure white outfit of the man before Seiichirou was also bathed in a reddish hue.

…Hmm? Pure white? Seiichirou thought, a bit perplexed.

The only people who could wear pure white in this country were the royalty and church officials ranked priest or above. So, that means…

Seiichirou then took another look at the man’s face.

He had soft curly hair that was swept back, sharp eyebrows, and a well-defined nose. He had a mouth that suggested strength of will, and intelligent eyes that glared at Seiichirou. The way the man looked at Seiichirou as if he were a suspicious person reminded him of his first conversation with Aresh.

That was the first encounter between Seiichirou and Siegwold, the Abran priest.

Author’s Notes:

This time there are two new characters that will be the main focus.

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4 days ago

Excuse me, where can i find the illustration on discord? Thank you!

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Hey is it just me or the author always exaggerating when describing any male character. I get it they’re beautiful. I mean, they’re told from Sei’s pov. So it’s like our Sei is checking out every man out there lol. Not that I mind of course (especially how he always says how handsome Aresh is~)

Anyway I have question. Does this novel have illustration like any other light novel? I’m curious.

Thank you @Kuromaru and @Argenti for the translation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Yeap it does have illustrations, but we share ’em on discord only (for obvious reasons kek)~

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I instantly open discord to follow wwsd although I never use discord (And still can’t find the illustrations). Ah but I see, Many people hate Aresh huh lol. And here I thought that was just running gag from the staffs (I’m sorryyyy but yeah I’m that dumb).
Still, thank you for your hard work!

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XD hope you enjoy the antics there~