Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Editor: Takai

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Chapter 10: I Went to Greet Him(R-18)

That was a terrible experience.

Upon his return home, Seiichirou was greeted by the maid Milan. As soon as he entered his room he let out a sigh.

His plans for the afternoon were ultimately ruined by Julius’s complaints and Radim’s invitation to the Prince’s love fulfilment squad.

Seiichirou understood that the country wanted to ensure that there were descendants of the Saint for the oracle to foretell the next one. If his policy of “miasma warding” were to work, then there would be no need for Saints, but one may never know when or what might happen in the future. So, he understood their desire to have an insurance plan.

On top of that, the Prince seemed to have a crush on Yua, although he was admittedly dreaming a little too much. If Yua herself were willing to reciprocate his feelings, she would have to consult with him regarding that, but at present Yua wanted to keep her distance from Julius. With Julius unable to realize any of this and his constant pursuit, it turned into a vicious cycle which resulted in her running away even further.

To begin with, if he were to say, “I want to have a child for insurance, so I want you to be my wife,” Like any sensible high school girl, she would probably cut him off with a single word: “Gross.”

“You look somewhat tired,” Milan said while hanging up Seiichirou’s cloak.

He had suggested that he would like to take care of himself on his own, but she brushed him off and said, “This is my job,” insisting on taking care of him in any way she could. She realized early on that Seiichirou was very vulnerable to the word “work.”

“No…well, I suppose.”

It was twice as tiring as a normal day at work. Shaking his head, Seiichirou switched to work mode.

Gathering documents at the church was going well. Although Seiichirou felt that they were obviously hostile towards him, the security was overly basic. Even if there was security, he was an official inspector dispatched by the government, so he should be the one to submit the documents.

The bishop and the accounting officer, who were on a business trip to another town, were expected to return soon. He wanted to have all the data by then.

The problem was that Seiichirou was not familiar with the political standing of the church and the nobility, which seemed to be hindering him.

Seiichirou worked in the accounting department, so he would rather just deal with numbers. However, it seemed that he could not afford to do that in this case. Basically, in this country, one was bound by aristocratic ties. Norbert said that all the powerful people in the church were originally nobles, and while being sent to the church was considered an honour to outsiders, not everyone wanted to be there.

When Seiichirou thought of those “powerful people”, the first person that came to mind was that priest, who Seiichirou did not listen to much. He had the demeanour of a nobleman, so Seiichirou did not doubt Norbert’s claim. In fact, he himself even assumed he was a nobleman from the start. That guy seemed confident in his work. Or rather, he was a completely devoted believer.

But it was true that some of the people, who were giving instructions to Serio and the other apprentice priests, seemed to be very arrogant. Those must be the ones from the nobility. If so, their attitude was understandable, assuming that they were venting their dissatisfaction with their own selves in the church.

From Seiichirou’s point of view, a job was a job, and no matter how unpleasant the job was, he had no choice but to do it as long as he was instructed. Therefore, although the root of the matter was unclear, he could comprehend how it could be so.

Speaking of which, Seiichirou wondered if the nobles who joined the church would no longer be affiliated with their families. As he recalled, Siegwold had not given him his family name either.

Just as Milan was dropping off a change of clothes, Seiichirou decided to ask her about it. She has been working for the marquess’s family for a long time, so she was much more familiar with the situation of the nobility than Seiichirou was.

“It differs from person to person. As long as you belong to the church, you can’t be a member of any particular family. However, some people receive support from their parents, and some children from good families may be sent to the church temporarily to learn how to behave. So, it’s not like they are completely cut off.”

Speaking of which, when Seiichirou had explored the church, he saw some very luxurious rooms. He wondered if they were for the children of the nobles who had been entrusted to the church.

There were still lots of things he did not know. It might be better to check with Kamil once more. Then again, he was the Prime Minister. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the busiest person in the country, so even if Seiichirou were to request a meeting with him at short notice, there was no telling when it would be possible.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

The person who knocked politely and entered the room, just as Milan left, was Valtom, the house’s butler.

“Master Aresh has returned. If you wouldn’t mind welcoming him, sir.” He said with a perfect bow. Seiichirou glanced at his watch and saw that it was still the hour of the wind (around 5 pm). Aresh was quite early today. Or rather, it was a close call. Seiichirou was almost late getting home, any later and he would have run into him in his official uniform.

With a dreadful chill in his heart, Seiichirou went out to greet him.

It seemed that Valtom had been working for the marquess’s family since Aresh was a child, and although he was his butler, he was like a parent to Aresh. He was always by his side and was the only person who could admonish him.

Having Valtom ask him to go and greet Aresh like this meant one thing, but he decided to turn a blind eye to it for the time being. He had once wanted to ask the servants of this house what they thought of Aresh, but he could not find the courage to do so.

However, even Seiichirou had to at least greet the landlord.


“Welcome back, Sir Aresh.”

Aresh’s eyes widened for a split second, and then he furrowed his well-shaped eyebrows at Seiichirou’s greeting. They were standing in the house’s entrance, which was as large and luxurious as the entrance hall of a small hotel.

“…What are you plotting?”

“How rude of you.” Seiichirou deadpanned. 

Aresh continued to approach Seiichirou with a suspicious look on his face as he handed his cloak and luggage to Milan.

“I can at least welcome the master of the house. What do you take me for?”

“An extreme workaholic.”

Seiichirou went out of his way to greet him, and this was what he got in return. As he was contemplating not coming to greet him from now on, Aresh’s bony hand caressed the side of Seiichirou’s head. Aresh’s words did not quite match his actions, but he seemed to be pleased. However, Seiichirou, born and raised in Japan, a country of modesty, casually distanced himself from his touch.


The wrinkles between Aresh’s eyebrows grew, but he could not go any further in front of Milan and Valtom. As Seiichiro pretended to be ignorant and tried to back away, Aresh’s pleasant voice stopped him in his tracks.

“Do you want to see the data I have on the next expedition?”

“Yes, I do!”


“Since the purification is scheduled to be completed during this expedition, I proposed that the mages and constructors for the warding should go with us and wait in a nearby village, but it was not approved?” Seiichirou inquired as he looked at the documents. It would have been cheaper for the expedition. What a shame.

“The purification is expected to be completed, but it is not definite yet. We’ll need to check after the purifying process, and with the shortage of mages, we won’t be able to gather enough to set up wards at the same time.”

“So, the answer is to reorganize the expedition for the warding…?”

The budget of the Royal Magic Department had been revised and increased, but the number of personnel was hardly increased. Not everyone could become one, so it was quite difficult.

“To be appointed to the Royal Magic Department, one must have a certain level of magical power after all. There aren’t that many people who can exceed that level.”

As magic was the norm in this world, Seiichirou thought that everyone could use it, but it seemed to vary greatly from person to person.

“On top of that, it is better to have a high level of mana resistance when working in the Forest of Magic.”

Both magic power and mana resistance could differ considerably between individuals, and a person who possessed both was almost like a gifted being. This was why the Third Knight Order was so admired and had such a high prestige.

“The Third Knight Order members are skilled in controlling magic through their mental and physical strength. What’s the point of having magical power if one can’t control it?”

“Does that mean that they can go berserk or something?”

Seiichirou was reminded of an anime he had seen when he was a child in which a character’s superpowers went out of control. Aresh quietly nodded in agreement.

“Yes. That’s why children with such tendencies are usually sent to churches.”

“The church…?”

Now that he mentioned it, the church was warded all over the place. In addition, there was a mixture of nobles, commoners, and orphans working there. Was that the result of gathering people with strong magical power and resistance to mana, regardless of their status?

“I see… Now I understand.”

Something soft touched Seiichirou’s exposed neck while he was deep in thought.

“Sir Aresh…” Seiichirou said, stopping what he was doing to look at Aresh.

“What?” Aresh responded, face blank as if he did not do anything. Then, his fingers, which were intertwined with Seiichirou’s, moved.

As a condition of being shown the documents, Seiichirou was forced to sit between Aresh’s legs on the sofa, so there was no way for him to escape. His right hand was restrained, and his left hand slid down his inner thigh.


“I’ll cast a layer of warding on you.”

With that, a song-like incantation was chanted by Seiichirou’s ear. The warmth of the heat enveloped him, and although he was in a daze, Seiichirou looked back at Aresh with more awareness than ever before.

“S-Sir Aresh…ngh…I’ll d-do it with my m-mouth, so…”

The quickest way to acclimate magic was to ingest bodily fluids rather than intimate contact. Seiichirou even suggested this as a way of thanking him for his help, but Aresh shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. More importantly, turn around.” Saying that, he easily turned Seiichirou’s body around to face him. As expected, Seiichirou was startled and struggled to get off Aresh’s lap.

“Sir Aresh! I’m too heavy! Put me down…”

“You aren’t heavy. Just calm down.”

There’s no way I’m not heavy. I’m a grown man, for god’s sake! Seiichirou thought, but Aresh’s arms restrained him and did not falter. Eventually, Seiichirou grew tired and relaxed, Aresh’s arms loosening their restraints as well.

“W-What…what are you…d-doing…?”

 Seiichirou’s loungewear pants, which were fastened only by a waist strap, were loosened by Aresh, who then stroked him directly.

“Aah…I’m good, so y-you don’t need to…ngh…I just want to…”

Seiichirou managed to pull his hips back and tried to escape, but Aresh’s large hands stroked and rubbed him in his underwear, causing him to gasp. Little by little, Seiichirou started to hear the sound of liquid coming from his lower body.


It felt slippery. He thought he heard Aresh’s low, lustful voice, and now a different kind of heat was rubbing against Seiichirou’s as he was jerked.

“!? Uh…Aresh…oh!”

When Seiichirou opened his eyes, he found that Aresh’s and his c0cks were wrapped in Aresh’s large hands and were simultaneously rubbing up against each other.

Even if he were to try to escape, Seiichirou’s strength had already been drained by the spell, and his natural physical strength was no match for Aresh. So, at the very least, he tried his best to persuade Aresh by withdrawing his waist.

“…ngh! Aah…S-Sir Aresh! Please…please…umm…let me u-use my mouth!”


He looked up at Aresh’s hot breath that blew on his face and regretted it. At this incredibly close proximity, he could see the handsome man’s flushed cheeks and purple eyes darkened with lust, watching him.

“Sir A-Aresh…it’s impossible…ah…i-it’s too embarrassing…”

“Haa…Look at you, being so talkative.” Aresh muttered under his breath as he exhaled hot air, and then clamped down on Seiichirou’s so-called talkative mouth.



As the embarrassing wet sound echoed from both above and below, Seiichirou could no longer do anything but cling to Aresh.

Ultimately, asking Seiichirou for love advice was not the right thing to do. After all, he still had not been able to face his own relationship issues properly.


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11 days ago

i-i…i have sinned

13 days ago

Ahahaha. Cease your futile resistance my boi..

We would really appreciate if you could please let the romance between you two blossom now..

14 days ago

It’s about time we got a reminder that they’re the an actual couple!
But I have a feeling we won’t see them together again for a while T_T

Side note, I really like Aresh’s servants. They’re so supportive