Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Azeria

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Prologue: I Was Summoned


Kondou Seiichirou was tired.
Due to the personnel cuts, work had piled up. From morning to evening, he was continuously confronting everyone who had dumped receipts onto him, saying it was an urgent matter. He had been fooled by the title of Assistant Section Manager. In truth, it was a position where odd jobs would be pushed onto you from both above and below.

His 29th birthday had long gone by, and before he knew it, the shadows of his thirtieth year were creeping up on his weakening body. Not having cooked for himself lately, his stamina recovery was poor. His early twenties felt like they were forever ago.

Even today, he was told the usual, “You can leave now”, as if they were doing a great act of kindness letting him go home early. But the fact of the matter was that today had been a holiday for him, and he had been called into the office regardless.

Even if that had been the case, lately he seemed to have done nothing but sleep like a log on his days off. Thus, Seiichirou decided to take a detour downtown while the sun was high, in search of a bargain.

Everything was a mistake.

White pillars, a wall with patterns, and a blue sphere in the center of the dome-shaped high ceiling.

He idyllically thought that it seemed similar to the European architecture he had seen as a student.

The background captivated him and was in a sense, a way to escape.

Inside the large room, he was surrounded by people. Their appearance was unlike the Japanese. In addition, they had a variety of different hair colors.

On top of that, he had never seen people wear such clothes in Japan… they were all either in armor or had the attire of the clergy. It felt as if he had gotten lost on the set of a fantasy movie.

“…It was a success! It was successful!! “
“The Saint has arrived!!! “
“Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! “

The foreigners, who had been silent till then, began shouting in unison.
Amongst them, he spotted a handsome man, strangely dressed in black from head to toe, staring at me coldly.
In contrast to him, a flashy and beautiful young man, who seemed to be of high rank, held out his hand to the girl, who wore a blank expression just like Seiichirou.

Ahh, he remembered.
Ahh, he had certainly gone to a shopping mall after working on his day off. After he had wandered aimlessly around bookstores and such, he had gone to the supermarket below to buy ingredients to cook for himself, and then…

And then, that.
On his way back, he heard a girl screaming and went rushing to her. He had found a high schooler being swallowed by the ground.

“No! Somebody! Somebody, help!! “

Only her upper body was visible. A circle lit up on the ground, dragging her further in. Seiichirou subconsciously grabbed the hand she stretched out as she cried.

Furthermore, the girl was taken away by the young man who was accompanied by soldiers, leaving behind Seiichirou, who was taken to a different room by a few priest-like men and given an explanation.

They were not priests and they introduced themselves as the Royal Palace Mages and Ministers.
This was a world that was in a different dimension from Seiichirou’s original world. He was currently in the Royal Palace of the Romane Kingdom.
The Romane Kingdom held a forest covered in miasma, called The Forest of Magic. Once every hundred years, the miasma would be released, spreading plagues all around.
The girl who held the special power to purify this miasma was called the Saint. Her location was given by a divine revelation from the gods. They could appear both within and outside the kingdom, and of course, in another world.
And this time, the saint was a girl living in Seiichirou’s world. For her sake, they had gathered the brightest minds from all over the kingdom and used an ancient secret art, the Otherworldly Summoning.

Another world? Saint? Kingdom? Miasma?

Frankly speaking, Seiichirou had been overburdened with work, and nothing registered in his mind.
In fact, he thought this was a daydream he was seeing because of his tiredness.
The ministers continued to explain.
Seiichirou was a so-called “ordinary person” dragged into the Saint Summoning, and as he was the Kingdom’s responsibility, his basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter would be taken care of by them. They asked him if he had any wishes.
Seiichirou thoughts were hazy.

They’ll take care of my needs…? Does that mean I won’t have to work anymore? Is me not working a good thing?
Is it a good thing, to not work from early morning to night, and barely make it in time for the last train? Is it a good thing to not continuously receive calls during break time, not even allowing me to eat a CalorieMate, and forcing me to scarf down an energy gel to take the edge of my hunger. Is it a good thing to not keep sleep at bay with incessant amounts of caffeine as I answered the unreasonable demands of the other departments?

Seiichirou was tired.
He had worked from morning to night.
He had no life outside work and sleep.

But Seiichirou’s brain had already been infected.

Before he knew it, he spoke to the minister in front of him, with fat accumulated on his hardened face.

“Give me work.”

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1 month ago

This looks great!

I noticed one little error, where you switched from 3rd person POV to 1st person:

Amongst them, he spotted a handsome man, strangely dressed in black from head to toe, staring at me coldly.

It should be ‘staring at him coldly’.

3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing with us ❤️ love the MC.

11 months ago

Seiichirou is a workaholic!! I hope his new bosses will be better than the old ones.

Thanks for your hard work!! Count me in for this ride.

11 months ago

This seems fun owo

11 months ago

Woah I’ve been needing a story like this! I love isekais where they dont got some game thing going on. Found some good female ones but now one with a male protag!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Zinnia

what’s the female one?

1 year ago

Wahhh this looks so interesting~! Thank you for the chapter!!

1 year ago

I wanna laugh, but I feel sad for him. He’s been slaved for so long, he just ask for work.
So sad..
Interesting, nevertheless.

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter ❤(๑′ᴗ‵ ๑)

1 year ago

Aw hell yeah! 😀 ty for picking this up!