Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

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Corporate Slave Volume 1 Omake

“Ugh… hm…”

“Does it feel good, Seiichirou?”

When Aresh asked him in that low voice, Seiichirou replied honestly, his face flushed red. There was no use being stubborn. Or rather, this was not the best time for him to be stubborn. Seiichirou grabbed at the sheets and writhed under the other man’s hands, though the pleasure he felt exceeded the slight pain.

“Hmm… ah… haa…”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

After that, a low, slightly husky voice that was different from Aresh’s rang out, and the hands that had been providing Seiichirou such torturous pleasure left his body.

“You’re really good at that, Mr. Valtom. My shoulders feel much lighter now.”

Seiichirou sat up and let out a sigh of admiration. Valtom, Aresh’s family butler, smiled kindly in return. Behind the servant, his master sat back comfortably in his chair.1

It had been a little over ten days since Seiichirou was “coerced” to live with Aresh in his new home. The second expedition had commenced shortly after that, so once that had finished, there was finally time for him to devote to his own peace of mind.

The servants, who were adamant on improving Seiichirou’s resistance to mana and maintaining his health, had immediately jumped into action. The maid, Milan, decorated all of the mansion’s rooms with incense and flowers that contained minute traces of magical energy and used bath salts and body creams to help improve Seiichirou’s blood circulation. The cook, Pavel, had incorporated all kinds of different cooking methods to prepare meals that were low in mana but high in nutrition. And Valtom, the butler, was now providing Seiichirou with a personal massage.

Seiichirou, of course, refused all of their efforts, at first. Even though Aresh had pressured him to accept, he still felt like nothing more than a freeloader. To be honest, being taken care of by servants made him feel uncomfortable, and he did not think he would ever get used to it. But there was an exception…

Seiichirou had never once been greedy. The things he wanted were usually tools or items that were meant to make his work more efficient, and the few hobbies he had were limited to playing math games in what little free time was available. He was neither a gourmand nor someone who enjoyed wearing the latest fashion. Actually, when he was still back in his old world, there was very little casual clothing he did own. It was to such an extent he could not even remember a time when he had bought clothing other than suits for work or loungewear for sleeping. Naturally, Seiichirou rarely spent money, but even if he did, he would never have had any idea what to spend it on. 

However… there was just one thing he did desire.

Everyone had an unrealistic dream that they wanted fulfilled if they ever became exceedingly wealthy, and his foolish aspiration was to be able to receive a massage in his home any time he pleased.

Massage. It was a very sweet gesture to do for a company employee who was always tired.

Massage. It was a dream come true for those corporate slaves who never seemed to have any time on their hands.

Back in the day when he did not know what time he would be returning home, there were numerous massage parlours that were open late at night that allowed walk-ins. But those sorts of places were often overcrowded and more hassle than they were worth. Besides that, the cost of visiting a more upscale place, one that took reservations, was rather expensive for the salary of a mere corporate slave. 

Besides all that, Seiichirou could barely be bothered to go out of his way for a special trip to the parlour2 when he was so tired, not to mention that there were many more days when all he wanted was to just go home and sleep. Oh, if only he could afford a live-in masseuse, then he would have a nice massage after his bath before going straight to bed…

That had been the dream Seiichirou wanted to fulfil if he ever became rich.

Well, Seiichirou thought, if one becomes rich suddenly, then they would likely quit being a company employee not long after that, but I don’t even want to think about that.

In any case, Seiichirou’s dream had come true, though unexpectedly, in another world. However…

“Okay, I got it. Valtom, that’s enough. Leave.”

“Yes, Master Aresh.” The butler bowed. “Then, Master Kondoh, if you’ll excuse me… have a good night.”


Seiichirou watched in dismay as the figure in the tailcoat left the room with perfect grace. He had hoped that Valtom’s God-like fingers would alleviate the remaining stiffness in his neck and back just as they had for his shoulders.

“All right, let’s get to it, Seiichirou.”


The master of the house climbed onto the bed with a creaking sound, his slitted violet eyes catching Seiichirou’s, and he reflexively braced himself for whatever Aresh was about to do next.

“What is it? Lie down already.”

With that, Aresh pushed Seiichirou to lie back on the bed, face down, before straddling his legs and then…


“I can see that you’re pretty stiff.”

Aresh’s calloused fingertips, which usually handled a sword with perfect force, bit into the tense muscle of Seiichirou’s back.

“Huh? What…? Ngh!”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s not that, it’s… ah… haa…!”

Aresh’s skillful fingers dug into the sharp lines along Seiichirou’s shoulder blades.

“Umm… haa… there… feels good,” Seiichirou panted out.3


“Oh, t-there..!” he cried out.

Aresh’s ability to stimulate such precise acupuncture points accurately, neither too hard nor too gentle, relieved much of Seiichirou’s tension.

What the heck is with… this high level of aptitude!

There was no way Aresh was used to giving others massages, which meant that he had learned such skill immediately after watching Valtom’s motions earlier. This was truly a terrifying ability.

“Ngh… a… ah…!”

Maybe it was because Seiichirou’s blood circulation had improved prior to this moment, but he now felt like his body was overheating for some unknown reason. There was a warm, gentle heat slowly spreading out from wherever Aresh touched him.

“Huh? Wait, that’s—”

Precisely when Seiichirou’s dazed mind caught on, Aresh stilled.

Warmth…heat… Seiichirou thought to himself. But when it comes to heat like this, the first thing I think of is…

“Sir Aresh!? Magic! You’re using magic on me right now, aren’t you!?” Seiichirou accused, shifting under the weight of the knight.

“Oh, so you’ve figured it out already?” Aresh teased lightly before resuming his ministrations.


Seiichirou tried to get up using all of strength, but Aresh was a well-trained knight, still straddling him, so it was impossible, and he fell face-first into the pillow. The next thing he knew, his ears were ringing and his head was spinning.

“What are you… trying to do to me?”

Already his speech was failing him.

“What? If I use recovery magic to loosen up your body, the synergistic aftereffect will be more efficient in helping your muscles to relax.”

“Yes… but…” Seiichirou tried to argue.

Lately, it seemed that Aresh had grown quite fond of using the word “efficient” to justify his methods. Meanwhile, Aresh’s hands had now slid underneath Seiichirou’s clothing to begin touching his skin directly, and the man was no longer attempting to hide his true intentions.

“W-wait…! Sir Aresh… ngh!”

“It’s more effective if I touch you directly, isn’t it? I had Milan prepare an oil that is gentle on your skin. I made sure it has a very low mana content.”

No sooner had he said it when a thick liquid dribbled down the exposed area of Seiichirou’s back.

“Uh… ah…!”

The temperature was lukewarm, almost uncomfortable, and Seiichirou smelled the faint scent of oil and felt the press of Aresh’s palms stealthily sliding over his skin. While it certainly felt good, there was a different sensation slowly creeping its way over him at the same time.

“Does it feel good, Seiichirou?” Aresh’s low voice tickled at Seiichirou’s ears with more sweetness than he had ever heard before. Now that Seiichirou took notice of it, Aresh’s tongue was licking his ear.

“Haa… stop… alread—ngh!” he whined, twisting to and fro.

As Seiichirou’s back was massaged with fragrant oil, his senses were being caressed and mana was being poured slowly into him. Seiichirou shook his head in defeat, not knowing which part of his body to focus on, feeling only the blistering burn of that familiar seductive heat build up to an almost unbearable level inside his body.

“What’s wrong? You were so honest before, saying how good you felt…” A deep, low voice with a hint of laughter rang out, followed by a soft bite to the delicate skin of Seiichirou’s ear.

“Aah!” he moaned loudly in abandon.

Aresh, who was in such close proximity to Seiichirou, must have felt how Seiichirou’s body was reacting to his touch, shaking and shivering under every press, lick, and kiss. He then turned Seiichirou over onto his back slowly and narrowed purple eyes with a lustful gaze.

“Isn’t this a more efficient way to build up your mana resistance?” he chuckled lowly.4

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Тhаnk уоu fоr уоur hаrd wоrk trаnѕlаtіng thіѕ! І hоре уоu hаvе а grеаt dау trаnѕlаtоr-ѕаn bсѕ уоu dеfіnіtеlу mаdе mіnе!

Hara Kaidou
Hara Kaidou
2 months ago

Goodness,Aresh, you’re becoming playful,huh? He’s totally smitten with Seiiiiiiiiiiii

3 months ago

it’s too shoortt! i wish if it’s short writing like this you can add it 1 more chapter please…
I really curious abt kondoh and Aresh development love. It would be better if in vol 2 there is a new rival love between them,,hahahaaa more jealous, more conflict, the story wouldbe more interesting.

3 months ago

This novel still continue or end in here?

3 months ago
Reply to  Nasi

We’re still going to TL volume 2~

3 months ago
Reply to  hasr11

Thank you very much! *cry*

3 months ago

Ohhh, what a sweet dream Seiichirou had. To have a massage whenever he wanted! Well, he got it… kinda.

Thanks so much for the chapter!

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3 months ago

Aaaand it ended theeere! Right when they’re about to start! I know there won’t be any smut but one can dream…
Thank you very much for the translation!

3 months ago

Hi, I am the previous person who asked for permission to translate this novel. Luckily, I have successfully (well, kind of) translated the epilogue and half of the chapter one to Chinese! Once again thank you for giving the opportunity to this learning experience. It is kind of tiring for me to continue my study while learning translating, but I’m certain that I will have some improvements soon. Welcome to take a look at my blog at . Appreciate the hard work! 😀

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Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
3 months ago

Ah, the classic fake out beginning scene where its revealed the only dirty thing going on is in the imagination. At least the massage has a happy ending! 😉

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