Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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The place he was taken to, the so-called noble district, was in the opposite direction of the dormitories of the royal palace.

Unlike the downtown area, which was packed with vendors, the streets here were spick and span without even a single piece of trash. Going down the thoroughfare, a small mansion appeared up ahead.

Even if Seiichirou called it small, it was large enough to be considered a palatial residence in modern-day Japan. Looking at the windows, it appeared to be a two-storey building, but the size of the roof suggested that it had a third floor or a large attic. The red brick walls of the first floor contrasted sharply with the white of the second floor, but the ornate window frames and black of the roof kept it simple and not too out of place. For Seiichirou, a Japanese who had lived in an apartment and was unfamiliar with even the idea of a mansion, it looked more like a hotel or a boarding house than an individual residence.

Furthermore, the garden was filled with trees and flowers that added a bright pop of colour to the grounds surrounding the house.

This place definitely has a gardener…

While looking at the garden on his way in through the gate, Seiichirou was once again shocked by just how different the culture of aristocratic society in this other world was.

“Welcome home, Master.”1

His premonition was right on the mark. A woman in a stereotypical maid’s outfit and a man in the prime of his life wearing a black tailcoat both greeted him with a bow. It was just as he thought. His fears had come true.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kondoh,” the man said. “I am Valtom, and I handle all matters within this residence. It is my honour to make your acquaintance.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Kondoh,” the maid said. “My name is Milan, and I am the maid in this house. I’ll be attending to you, Mr. Kondoh, while you stay. I’ll be in your care.”

Saying so, the man with grey hair in his sixties and the graceful woman in the early half of her fifties bowed once more after giving such perfectly polite greetings.

It was not possible to ignore them after that, and Seiichirou could only reply back in a clerical manner with emotionless eyes.

“Yes… I am Kondou Seiichirou. I’ll be in your care as well.”

“I will be sure to introduce you to the cook at dinner,” the butler said while leading Seiichirou into the mansion. “We also have a gardener who comes once every six days, but Milan here takes care of the gardens otherwise. If there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to ask.”

“Yes…” Seiichirou trailed off, clearly uncomfortable.

As he expected, this mansion came equipped with a cook and a gardener too. When he had heard that Aresh was going to buy a house and start living on his own (well, actually forcing Seiichirou to cohabitate with him), he had formed a hunch of sorts, and now his premonition had come true.

After all, a young master like him could never leave behind his caretakers and live alone!

This was truly the life of an aristocrat in this society. Aresh had money, so he could afford to do whatever he wanted. But most importantly, Seiichirou could not even imagine the young lord preparing his own meals or doing his own laundry and cleaning. However, if Seiichirou was going to live here, it would be a different story. Naturally, Seiichirou had never lived with a maid or a butler before, so he was not comfortable having someone else take care of him.

“Isn’t it nice?” A familiar voice asked when Seiichirou was within the mansion proper. “Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re staying at an inn?” Aresh spoke nonchalantly, like a young master who had always been taken care of by others since birth.

“I can’t even imagine the luxury of living in a hotel,” Seiichirou replied back flatly. “Besides, I won’t have the pleasure of relaxing like that.”

“But you seemed fine in the royal dormitories?”

The civil servant’s housing was not exhausting; it was just living amidst a large group of people in the same position as him. It could be thought of more like a college dormitory or perhaps even like living in a shared home.

But this current kind of living situation was vastly different from that. Still, Seiichirou silently followed Aresh on a tour of the mansion’s interior, up a grand staircase and down a hall.

Located at the end of a wide staircase leading up to the second floor from the entrance, there looked to be a private space reserved for the house’s residents. In this case, it appeared that the entire floor was meant for Aresh and Seiichirou to use.

The rooms of the servants, Valtom, Milan, and the cook, seemed to be located farther up in the attic. Of course, even if you referred to that space as an attic, it was in no way shabby, and they likely had proper rooms to themselves.

“Here we are,” the knight said, “your room.”

The door to the room was opened as if to discourage Seiichirou from trying to argue further.

Seiichirou’s room was even larger than the one he had been given at the civil servant’s dorm, with a desk, a heavy chest of drawers all in the same colour, and a plush sofa pressed against the wall. The sun was shining through the curtains and into the room, showing just how spacious it was. Looking in a little more, there was a bedroom with a large bed and a sideboard in the adjoining room. The furniture, the walls, the lighting, and even the casually displayed knick-knacks were finely crafted, the colours not too gaudy… Regardless, Seiichirou could tell everything here was more luxurious than anything he had ever come into contact with in this world before.

“How is it? Do you like it?” Aresh asked with clear expectation in his eyes.

“It’s far too extravagant; there’s no way I can relax.”

“Is that so?” the knight commander wondered to himself out loud. “There’s really nothing too fancy; I just chose a small, simple house for the two of us.”

“No… well, I guess it’s the difference in our values…” Seiichirou trailed off before muttering under his breath without much thought, “The reason why he thinks this is simple and small is because he’s a noble or because he’s from another world…” Suddenly, he sensed the mood around Aresh shift.

“You don’t seem to care where you are as long as you can do your job, I see…”

That was indeed the truth… as Seiichirou’s gaze wandered around the room, he caught sight of his missing pen and some papers on the desk that had disappeared from his room earlier and ran over to them, quickly dismissing Aresh’s discomfort.

Seiichirou pretended not to notice Aresh’s gaze following him, as if to say, “You saw those, huh?” and went about checking the documents to make sure they were all there. Everything else could wait until after Seiichirou finished his work.


The cook, Pavel, who was introduced to him later during dinner, was a young man with brown hair and a fine physique.

The flavours of the dishes he prepared were quite familiar to Seiichirou and were made specifically to his liking. Afterwards, he found out from Aresh that their cook was actually a disciple of the owner from the hidden little restaurant they often frequented. I see, Seiichirou thought, it all makes sense now.

Furthermore, the butler, Valtom, had been working for Aresh’s family since the knight was a child. The words “Young Master” would slip out occasionally when he spoke to Aresh, but the butler would amicably laugh off Aresh’s warning glare whenever that happened. Although it was true that he was the master of this house, it seemed that Aresh was no match for his butler. Seiichirou could not help secretly thinking so as he stared at Aresh, who had a sulky expression plastered on his face. Perhaps, it was just out of embarrassment, but Seiichirou did not dwell on it any longer when a dish of tripe, one of his weaknesses, was set before him.

The maid, Milan, was a woman who had returned to work after raising her children, and though she had a son and a daughter, she lived alone now that they were grown. Both Milan and Pavel had declared that they would give their all to improve Seiichirou’s mana resistance and do their best to keep him healthy. 

Once finished eating and now alone in the room he had been given, Seiichirou let out a sigh of relief.

It was like a storm had finally passed. There had been a great sense of fatigue weighing him down that was similar to how he had felt on the first day of his new life in this strange other world.

He knew that Aresh could be overbearing at times, but he also understood that the knight was just concerned about Seiichirou’s wellbeing. However, to force him to co… cohabitate with the knight commander? It all felt so absurd. And despite asking Aresh about paying for the cost of his rent and other living expenses, Seiichirou had been refused, though that was to be expected. Still, he managed to get Aresh to agree to accept the kingdom’s subsidy for him as a stipend for some of his living expenses. Seiichirou was certain, however, that such a menial amount was nowhere near enough to pay for everything he received in return.

The Saint’s second expedition was coming up in three days, yet he had unexpectedly wasted so much of his time and energy doing nothing productive. As Seiichirou was putting together the instructions he would leave behind for his subordinates while he was away, he was suddenly reminded that today’s forced move had taken place in the civil official’s dormitory in plain sight. He felt depressed just thinking about what everyone who had witnessed it would say to him tomorrow.

The only one to blame for that was the lord of this house who had caused such a commotion in the first place.

“I’m coming in,” a familiar voice called out.


Just as soon as Seiichirou heard his voice, Aresh opened a door leading into Seiichirou’s bedroom and appeared beside him. Seiichirou couldn’t help but glare at his uninvited visitor. No, more upsetting than the knight’s sudden appearance, what was that door? Seiichirou, who hadn’t noticed it before, already had his own set of problems to deal with, but he was unaware that there would be a door connected to the next room over that gave easy access to his bedroom. It was deeply troubling.

“What in the world is with that door? There’s a lock on my side, right? At the very least, can’t you knock and wait for an answer before you let yourself in?”

Aresh, who appeared to have bathed after dinner, was wearing pale blue silk loungewear with his hair down. Despite Seiichirou’s accusatory words, he reached over and took the document Seiichirou was working on from his hand with the usual irreverent attitude.

“It does, but I have the master key. More importantly, do you have any issues with the house?”

“Excuse me?” Seiichirou asked, slightly taken aback.

No, looking at Aresh, he now believed he had heard correctly, but as soon as an expression of doubt had clouded his face, that was when he was hauled up and taken straight to bed.

“If you have any, say them. This house is just as much yours as it is mine,” Aresh explained.

“No, this is your house, and I am simply a guest, at best…” Seiichirou tried to deflect.

Seiichirou knew he could only afford to pay a small amount to cover his total cost of living expenses, so he wanted to be as clear as possible about his position here. However, Aresh made no effort to hide his displeasure at Seiichirou’s comment. Maybe it was because Aresh was in his own space now that made him seem more relaxed, but his true emotions were much easier for Seiichirou to understand than usual.

“That place you used to live in, what was it like…?”

Seiichirou blinked in confusion at the sudden change of topic after a few moments of tense silence. Somehow, he knew that Aresh was not talking about the dormitory he had lived in until this morning.

“It was nothing special…  just a typical apartment… something like a room in a boarding house in the countryside I used to live in. Each apartment had its own bathroom, toilet, and kitchen inside too.”

The apartment Seiichirou had lived in for more than eight years after graduating university and getting a job was located in a quiet neighbourhood two stops away from his workplace by train. The total space was a little less than 200 square feet, and it had wooden floors with a separate bath and toilet. He only ever went home to sleep, and since he did not particularly have any strong opinions on it one way or the other, he had renewed his lease again and again without thinking of finding something better. Thinking back on it now made him feel somewhat nostalgic.

“What was the house you were born in like?” Aresh asked, seemingly more curious now that Seiichirou had answered his first question so easily.

“Haaah…” Seiichirou sighed.

He had no idea how to answer that, but since Aresh had taken away his paperwork, Seiichirou was left with no choice but to answer plainly.

“My parents’ place was a two-storey house.”

There was an entrance through a glass door that made a rattling sound whenever it was opened, a door to the living room on the right, stairs on the left, and a door to a large walk-in closet with a bathroom straight ahead. When you went up the stairs, there were three more rooms. The one on the southside was Seiichirou’s childhood bedroom. Then there was a space large enough to hang your laundry and bedding to dry, though it would be presumptuous to call the area a garden in comparison to what he had seen here.

“Wasn’t it too small?”

“Well,” Seiichirou explained, “my country was small even in that world, so my home was too.”

Seiichirou’s parent’s house was located in a more rural area than his apartment, and though they were not particularly wealthy or poor, he had always thought the size of it was pretty standard. However, from a foreigner’s perspective, Japanese houses in general could be referred to as hobbit holes.2

“That is what your ‘normal’ is then, huh…”

Seeing Aresh lost in thought, Seiichirou took a chance and reached for the papers still clutched in the knight’s hand, but he was caught and grabbed, flipped around and pressed back into the bedding.

“Work can wait. Isn’t there something more important for us to do?”3

There were still three days left until the expedition set out again, but it was obvious what Aresh was referring to now.

“No,” Seiichirou objected, “just one night was enough last time.”

“Don’t you think it would consume less of my magic if we split the application of the barrier up over three days rather than one night?”

The cheeky smile on Aresh’s face made him look less anxious than he had earlier, and his natural beauty made him look even more impudent and manly than before.

“Stop trying to persuade me.”

“But it’s something you always do,” Aresh said, sounding amused.

And that was how Seiichirou, who had no room for rebuttal, ended up sleeping in Aresh’s arms on the first night in his new residence in another world.

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