Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 9: I was treated

It was no coincidence that Aresh Indrak was there.

Aresh was born with a lot of magical power. Furthermore, he was very skilled, and had great control over it. He was also a rare Pentagram,​ adept in using five out of the six attributes. But after getting a job with the Third Division of the Knight’s Order, upon his worried butler’s advice, he always had a magical power restorative medicine​ ready.

Personally, Aresh had thought that he would never run out of magic. But his butler, who had been with him since he was little, said that there was no way to know what might happen. Therefore, he obediently went to the pharmacy his butler introduced him to, and purchased the restorative medicine.

Since no one could fully recover their magical power with sleep, there was a chance he might have to use the potion unexpectedly. Therefore, he decided to keep some on him at all times, as his butler said. During the ‘Saint summoning’ that occurred the other day, Aresh was forced into providing a great deal of magical power along with the magicians. Due to this, he had used up his entire supply of restorative medicine for the first time in a long while, and still wasn’t in tip-top shape. Aresh didn’t have any expeditions scheduled soon, so he decided to recover little by little with rest and the medicine.

The store that his butler introduced him to was a small store downtown, but the pharmacist there was famous for his skills. When word spread that Aresh was using it, the store became busy supplying the Knight’s Order. The pharmacist hired more people to meet the demand.

“Oh, Sir Aresh. Welcome. Do you want the usual?”

“Yeah, I’d like three.”

Since magic restorative medicines are hard to preserve and couldn’t be bought in bulk, Aresh occasionally dropped by on his way out to town.

“Ah, come to think of it, did the errand boy for the Knight’s Order come today? The Order must be busy. He went and purchased so many nutritional supplements too…”

“The Knight’s Order’s errand boy?”

Aresh doesn’t usually pay attention to such matters, but, if he’s not mistaken, the Knight’s Order buys their medicine twice a month, and sends two lower-ranked members to go pick it up. When he saw their supply yesterday, there still seemed to be enough.

“You met him the other day. That civil servant with terrible dark circles and glasses. Come to think of it, he was wearing an Assistant Director’s mantle and said that he just got promoted. Even after becoming an Assistant Director, he’s still an errand boy.”


Referring to a man with the dark circles and glasses, who he encountered the other day, he immediately came to mind. Aresh didn’t know about his promotion and such, but there was no doubting that description referred to the man that got summoned with the Saint.

In regards to the summoning of the Saint, Aresh believed that no one suffered more than him due to the use of that secret art. This was also because the Saint who got summoned didn’t understand a lot of this world’s common knowledge.

From when he was little, Aresh had handsome features and a good pedigree. He had long grown accustomed to women looking at him amorously, and ladies of marriageable age trying to appeal to him from a distance. But the Saint, perhaps because of the standards of a different world, acted very familiar with him, paying no regards to social status. Maybe she thought that a Saint held the highest status?

The role of the Saint is to purify miasma. But, in addition to not being capable of handling magical power because she was from another world, she had to be taught this world’s common knowledge. Therefore, she had multiple instructors.

The Saint had nominated the Captain of the Third Division of the Knights’ Order himself as her magical power instructor. In the first place, why was the person being taught allowed to nominate an instructor? Aresh was neither a teacher nor a magician, but a knight.

He refused at first, saying he was busy. But, in the end, he was forced by the higher-ups to instruct her twice a week for one hour each, while the magicians taught her the basics.

During the instruction time, the Saint ignored her studies and instead insisted that Aresh teach her about this country. But the First Prince, who was always with her, should have been the one teaching her this during other lessons.

The Forest of Magic’s miasma was a problem for this country, but it seemed that this Saint from another world had little sense of crisis.

In comparison, the other outsider was also strange.

The country frankly didn’t know what to do with the man who got dragged along when they summoned the Saint. In the end, they chose to keep him and take care of his necessities, including food, clothing, and shelter. But for some reason, the man was in the royal palace wearing official’s clothes the very next day.

When Aresh called him out, he looked at Aresh with his dull eyes, as if looking at an inorganic substance. To sum up what he had heard from Orzif and the person himself, that man, who’s apparently called Kondoh, offered to work, despite being handed enough money that he wouldn’t need to do so for the rest of his life.

Aresh couldn’t understand.

Aresh was a genius. Whatever he did, he did it well. Moreover, he possessed an innate disposition for magical power. Whether he wanted to or not, he was forced to occupy a position, and most of them were easily manageable for him.

For Aresh, every day was tedious.

The one that the shop owner saw was most definitely Kondou.

He said that he bought nutritional supplements, was it for the accounting department’s use? Only a few steps after he exited the shop, Aresh’s sharp senses caught a strange sound, a glass bottle breaking and the groans of a person.

Usually he wouldn’t mind it, but this was a deserted road and he felt strangely uneasy, so he turned in the direction of the sound. He wasn’t overly surprised when he saw the silhouette of a man wearing a light brown mantle crouching in the dark side road.

“What are you doing?”

The man’s shoulder twitched, but he seemed to be in no condition to raise his head.

It looked more like he had found something troublesome, like a vagrant, rather than a royal palace civilian​ wearing official’s clothes.

“Hey, are you conscious?”

When Aresh kneeled beside Seiichirou and peered at him, he saw the face with terrible dark circles that he was thinking about a moment ago.


He was, without a doubt, the glasses man with the terrible dark circles from the other world, who had entered the accounting department. His complexion was paler than before, and his dull eyes were out of focus. Aresh clicked his tongue at his trembling, quivering body and the medicine vials scattered on the ground.

“Addiction symptoms?”

There are many types of drugs. But the kinds that stimulate and activate the body’s cells, such as nutritional supplements and recovery medicines, cause addiction symptoms if taken too much. Even so, Seiichirou’s symptoms were even worse than acute. Aresh should take him to a hospital, but he doesn’t know if Seiichirou will last until then.

Aresh placed his hand on Seiichirou’s back and chanted a spell. The heat transmitted from his palm sank into Seiichirou’s body at a temperature warmer than the human body.

It was “Life magic” that combines light, wood, and water attributes. Also known as “Recovery magic”, it was difficult to handle. Additionally, few people could use it well, and those who could mostly became priests. So, it was also generally called “Holy magic”.

Aresh, a rare genius who could use every attribute except earth magic, was also proficient in combined magic.

“Hey…Can you answer me?”

Seeing that Seiichirou’s breath gradually settled and his body stopped shaking, Aresh called out.


Seiichirou’s face, which lifted slowly, had terrible dark circles as usual, but his skin colour was not as pale as before. His cheeks were red, and his eyes weren’t dull. Instead, his dark eyes were slightly teary.



Seiichiriou’s complexion had flushed far too much from when he saw it earlier. Aresh thought his breathing was back to normal, but it was starting to worsen again. Above all, his characteristic dull eyes were moist, and even had a tinge of anguish…


“Magic intoxication!?”

Aresh let out a sound that would seldomly come from him, and made a startled face. It was an expression that neither Orzif, nor any other members of the third division of the Knights Order, would have seen from him before.

Magic intoxication was a condition that young children, who were not accustomed to magical power, may fall into. It occurs because their bodies couldn’t adapt to the magical power given to them.

Because humans in this world live a life that was exposed to magic, it only happened to very young children- babies that couldn’t even form words. Therefore, it was known that one must be very careful when using magic on babies.

Why is something like that…. Is it because he is from another world?!

As Aresh thought, Seiichirou was a resident of a different world and had never been in touch with magic. And now, with a weakened body that had no resistance to magic, he was receiving Aresh’s high-class magical power. That same magic was turning into heat and invading his body.

“Damn it…It became such a hassle.”

Seiichirou’s breathing got heavier and heavier in Aresh’s arms. His body was hot, his consciousness seemed hazy, and he didn’t seem to comprehend what was happening to his body.

“Ha, ha, ha… hot, it’s hot…”

While exhaling roughly, he tightly grabbed the arm Aresh was using to hold him up.

“… Damn it.”

There was only one cure for magic intoxication, and that was for someone to use the same magical power, to make the other person’s body adapt to its presence.

If the other person was a baby, then one just had to caress their small bodies gently to familiarize them to it gradually. However, the other person, in this case, was an adult man with no immunity to magical power. What’s more, the magic that Aresh had used was both high-class and large in quantity. If he didn’t hurry, it might become fatal.

Aresh swore again and lifted Seiichirou’s hot body.

“Nothing good comes out of getting involved with an otherworlder……don’t hold a grudge against me later.”

Grumbling that, he headed for an inn on the outskirts of the city.

Author’s Note:

The R-18 scenes are in the next chapter. So sorry.

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