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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

Editor: WeirdWriter, Peregrine

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Chapter 8: Losing consciousness

“Oh, crap.”

 Seiichirou woke up that morning like usual. He prepared a simple vegetable soup for breakfast, and sandwiches to eat during lunch break. After having his meal, when he was about to drink the supplement to cure his lethargy, he noticed something.

 He had run out of the supplement Norbert introduced him to right after he came to the other world. He had to buy more today, so he planned his work schedule around that while putting on his uniform. However…

“…How do I put this thing on?”

 Seiichirou was totally perplexed as he unfolded the small cape he received from the prime minister yesterday.

 As a former salaryman who worked in modern Japan, he had naturally never worn a cape before. The cape handed to him was the brown colour that represented the accounting department, and was also adorned with a silver chain. The cape’s length was said to signify the wearer’s rank, and the one in Seiichirou’s possession reached down to his waist, hanging off his right shoulder.

 It never occurred to Seiichirou to ask how to put on the cape yesterday. Hence, he ended up needing Norbert’s assistance.

 When Seiichirou visited Norbert’s room, he found the latter still nonchalantly wearing loungewear as he welcomed Seiichirou inside.

 Norbert instantly agreed to help, and it didn’t take long for Seiichirou to put on the cape correctly.

“But to think Mr. Sei is now my superior~ You’ve become one in the blink of an eye~!”

“I may be called your superior, but it is only for appearances’ sake.  It is still an indisputable truth that I am a newcomer to this place. Please avoid exaggerating the matter.”

“No, it’s not like that! And I’ve said this many times, but you need to stop with the formal tone! Especially since you now possess a higher rank!”

 Norbert insisted that Seiichirou speak casually to him as he fastened the silver chain around the latter’s shoulder. Now Seiichirou could understand that the chain’s purpose was to make sure the cape was hanging over his uniform. Finally, he nodded in agreement.

“If you say so… Then, should I call you – Mister Norbert?”

“You can’t call me that either!”

“No, this is just to indicate the distance between us. It has nothing to do with our standings.”

“I won’t allow that even more!!!”

 As Seiichirou walked through the royal palace after leaving the dormitory, he noticed people staring at the brown cape hanging from his shoulder. Yesterday’s incident with the prime minister seemed to have circulated to some extent, but Seiichirou paid no heed to it.

 As always, he was the first to arrive at the accounting department’s office. His seat had been moved from the corner to the closest spot to where the director, Helmuth, worked.

 Even though he had submitted the documents for yesterday’s meeting, it wouldn’t suffice to say that his work ended there.

 Seiichirou had to calculate the predicted total amount of damage that will occur in the future, based on the data of past damage caused by the miasma from the Forest of Magic. He also had to come up with a plan to improve the situation… well, to figure out the exact solution was the job of the higher ups, the accounting department was simply in charge of the detailed financial management related to any potential solution.

 In which case, Seiichirou needed to know more about both the miasma and the Saint.

 It had been bugging him since the beginning – was it true that the problems posed by the miasma could only be solved with the Saint’s power?

 Seiichirou heard about the existence of magic in this world, but so far he had only looked at numbers in depth. In truth, he knew almost nothing about magic. Therefore, he had to rearrange his schedule so he could find time to learn more about it. Seiichirou let out a dismayed sigh. Aaah, if only I could smoke…

 In all honesty, Seiichirou would have preferred to work only with numbers, merely sitting down and flicking his abacus. However, he felt the weight of the cape resting over his right shoulder.

 Since Seiichirou was newly appointed as the assistant director, he got the privilege to leave early to attend to an unusual circumstance – or so he claimed. He then stopped working to leave for the town.

 ”Let’s celebrate your new position~!” Norbert suggested, to which Seiichirou replied “Another time, preferably,” as he headed to the pharmacy once again.

 Just like when he visited the pharmacy for the first time, the smell of unique medicines wafted out from the small wooden shop.

“Welco-… Eh? You’re the one who was serving the knights that day… It turns out you actually have a position.”

 The grey-haired pharmacist apparently recognized Seiichirou’s face, and he widened his eyes upon seeing the cape on the latter’s shoulder.

“Oh no, that time was different. I got appointed only recently.”

“Then you just got promoted! Congratulations!!”

 Though Seiichirou questioned internally if that was something worth celebrating, he thanked the pharmacist regardless.

“How can I help you for today?” asked the pharmacist, getting on the actual business.

“I would like 10 bottles of the supplement… No, 20 bottles of them please.”

 Seiichirou was able to afford his current purchase. In fact, the prime minister had directly handed him money yesterday. It was intended to pay for his livelihood, rather than part of his salary.

The amount he received was 8 large silver coins, the equivalent of 8000 Rula. When converted to Japanese yen it was about 200,000 yen, an amount similar to the average monthly income of a common working adult. Considering how he was exempt from paying for rent, utilities, and any food he ate in the dining hall, it was quite a large amount of money.

 Despite being provided with a generous sum in the first place, Seiichirou volunteered to work in the royal palace. The amount of money he received would also increase in accordance with his rise in position. As long as he didn’t spend excessively, money would never be a problem for him.

 Seiichirou thought the savings he had in his former world would also be a good amount, like in his current world. As his life solely consisted of going back and forth between his house and the company, he had no interest in spending it on anything. Seiichirou hoped that money was safely transferred to his parents.

 With the money he currently had, he gained the convenience of buying as much of the wonderful supplement as he wanted.

Given the trouble of coming to this place, he wanted to buy in large quantities… However, when the pharmacist asked him in concern if it was possible to carry that many at once, Seiichirou could see the pharmacist had a point. So, just like the first day he came here, he ended up buying 10 bottles instead.

 The pharmacist still thought Seiichirou was running errands for the knights, a mistake which the latter once again didn’t bother to correct. Seiichirou simply paid him in exchange for the supplement. 

 Once he stepped outside, he saw the reddening sun was painting the sky above the town, and knew that it hadn’t gotten that late yet.

Seiichirou thought of stopping by somewhere at first, but the bottles of supplement he bought were weighing him down. He also thought of eating out, but greasy food didn’t sit well with him. In the end, he decided to hurry back home.

Oh yeah, I need to drink a bottle first.

 It would take some time for the supplement to take effect.

 If he drank it now, he should’ve replenished his energy by the time he returned to the dormitory, or at least after he had eaten his meal and taken a bath. In that case, he could proceed with the work he couldn’t finish during today’s supposed overtime.

 Seiichirou went into the alley next to the pharmacy. He took out a bottle of supplement from the paper bag he was carrying, and gulped its contents in a single breath like he always did. He had to drink it like that, as his tongue wasn’t willing to savour its taste.

“E… h…?”

 As soon the supplement entered his body, the world around him began to spin.

Eh… wha-…?

 He lost his balance and fell to his knees.

 Seiichirou, who had experienced being in poor health, was taken aback by the return of the familiar sensation.

I’m feeling light-headed…? But why…?

 He couldn’t get his thoughts together, overwhelmed by his wobbly vision. The world depicted in his eyes continued to shake.

He felt chills suddenly creeping up his skin, despite the warm spring weather. His hands were placed against the cobblestone ground, as though to support himself.

“Huff… Huff… Huff…!”

 Seiichirou noticed that his breathing was getting irregular.

 Calm down, take a deep breath…! Or so he told himself, but the air was unable to enter his lungs.

I’m hyperventilating…!? This… is not good…

  His vision gradually started to be engulfed by darkness. It was getting harder to keep his eyes open.

Crap, crap…!

 Seiichirou became restless due to his body behaving against his wishes. He was angry at himself for not bothering to find out how the medical technology in this world worked.

 It was at that moment.

“What are you doing there?”

 A deep voice belonging to a man reached his ears –  a voice he had heard before.

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2 months ago

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU KEEP DRINKING WEIRD SHIT AND DON’T ASK “Hey what’s in this?” or “How much of this can one person drink at a time” or “Is this only for emergencies or can you take it everyday?”

6 months ago

Thank you for the great update~! <3

6 months ago

We all know it was gonna happen but still… How can Seiichirou be this reckless? I hope he is not poisoned or something like that.

Thanks for the chapter!

6 months ago

I regret reading this

6 months ago

Ah he finally reached the limits of medicine for the human body.. I hope someone can help ease his efforts before he ends up breaking down completely again.

6 months ago

Oh no! I hope that voice belongs to a certain knight…


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