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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

TL Check: Hasr11

Editor: Mik (ft. Applepi)

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Chapter 6: I Get It Now (Part 2)

“Hey Aresh. I’ve been having some trouble getting my budget applications through lately..”

 After finishing their training in the morning, Aresh simply knit his brows at Orzif’s words as they were heading to the office.

“So what’s wrong with that? We still get the share from the annual budget application anyway.”

“Even so, I heard there’s a lot of such cases happening.”

“I thought you’re the one who does all that stuff.”

“Well, that is true though…”

 Aresh excelled in both using magic and wielding the sword, he was well-known as an unparalleled genius from a very young age.

 The fact that he was born from a marquis’s family, coupled with his good looks, he became a dignified symbol of the Third Knight’s Order – renowned for their proficiency in magic which set them apart from the other knight orders. Hence, he was already appointed as the knight commander despite being this young.

 It was an extraordinarily large rise in position, but probably since he always had everything from the start, he wasn’t interested in status and honor. In fact nothing would ever intrigue him, to the point where he was constantly bored.

 Therefore, he had no passion in his duty as the knight captain. In truth, he wouldn’t even mind if he were to step down from that position right away.

 However, the Third Knight’s Order was essentially the most elite organization in the kingdom and all of the members took pride in serving under its name.

 The vice commander, Orzif was a relative of Aresh and they had known each other since they were little. This was not the only connection they shared, he also happened to be a member of the Third Knight’s Order and showed exceptional performance as well, resulting in him becoming the vice captain as young as he was. The only thing that differed was, unlike Aresh, he was proud to be a member of the Third Knight’s Order.

 Therefore, since Aresh was not motivated to do his job, Orzif took the initiative in managing the knights.

“Until now, I’ve never had the Laundering Department return my applications.”

 On the recent application returned to him, “Unable to process due to the purpose merely stating ‘training expenses’. Further details are required.” was written with care. A sample of a more acceptable application was even attached.

 The other departments also experienced the same thing. Various reasons for rejection including the amount applied for was found to be too high, miscalculations, and incomplete information, all of them were described in detail which left the people receiving them to tilt their heads in confusion. The majority of the applications were made by the Third Knights, thus Orzif and the other members began to question this amongst themselves as well.

They all thought that being the country’s elite, could use the state tax to pay for everything they did.

“Ah, Sir Aresh!”

 While Orzif was thinking of giving an earful to the Laundering Department sooner or later, he saw a girl running from the end of the hallway in a way deemed inappropriate for a lady, causing him to abandon his thoughts.

“Your Grace the Saint,” said Aresh, also noticing her appearance.

“You can just call me Yua. What a coincidence to meet you here!”

 This girl was the Saint who was summoned from the other world a few days ago for the sake of saving the kingdom, and here she was looking up at Aresh with a smile… Orzif, who had just seen Yua up close for the first time, widened his eyes upon her beautiful appearance.

She’s totally different from that tired-looking dude who came with her! I see, no wonder Aresh said she looks like a noble’s daughter, there’s no doubt about it… though she’s a bit lacking in courtesy.

“Oh, hello there! Sir…”

 Once he caught her attention, Orzif knelt down.

“I’m pleased for our first meeting, Your Grace. My name is Orzif Rowder, currently serving as the Vice-Captain of the Third Knight Order. I am pleased to make your acquaintance hereafter.”

 Orzif took her hand in greeting, to which Yua shyly bowed with a smile.

“Your Grace, it is not good to run in the hallway.”

 Orzif only had his eyes on Yua, that he didn’t see the existence of another person who came after her. When he finally did, chills ran down his spine.

“…Prime Minister.”

 The man who reprimanded Yua was calmly smiling. He was wearing a uniform adorned in blue and gold underneath a long blue mantle, its length signifying his rank in the kingdom of Romani.

 The man who holds the highest rank… The prime minister of Romani, Kamil Calvader had a different kind of charm compared to Aresh.

 He wasn’t young, hence the years he had lived granted him the charm of a wise and mature gentleman. Whilst bearing that gentle smile of his, he was capable of cutting through others with the cruelty of his words. Due to his wisdom, he could see through everything and get things done the way he wanted to. Overall, he wasn’t someone to make an enemy of.

 If one managed to get on his bad side, regardless of their rank or noble status, they would be mercilessly kicked out of their position – a frightful rumor widely talked about within the Royal Palace of Romani.

“I’m sorry, Lord Kamil. I’m still not used to all this… I’ll be more careful next time.”

 Yua didn’t seem to falter in Kamil’s presence at all, she casually apologized with her eyes upturned.

“Your Grace, are you heading somewhere with the Prime Minister?”

 As wise as Kamil was, he appeared to dislike following the old tradition so he was against the summoning of Saints. However, if he didn’t mind keeping the Saint company it could mean he was accepting her presence.

“Ah, no. We happened to meet there just now, and we ended up together along the way. I’m going to meet my private tutor to teach me about the kingdom’s history after this.”

“I see. Then, good luck with your studies..”

“Hmm, but I’m not very good at studying. And that tutor scares me… If only I had a kind and good-looking teacher like Lord Kamil, then I could work even harder.”

 ”Kind” like him!? Where’s the kind part in this ruthless prime minister!?

 Surely he does have the looks, but please look more closely! Even though he is smiling now, his eyes totally aren’t! Don’t you see that!?

 Orzif’s inner screams went unheard by Yua. Kamil voiced his thanks to the Saint in a friendly demeanor, causing her to blush.

“There’re so many people with great looks in this kingdom… Like Prince Julius, Sir Aresh, Lord Kamil… Ah, Sir Orzif is also very handsome. You all look like models if you ask me.”

 Orzif didn’t know what the word “model” meant, but he thanked Yua for including him as one of the befitting examples anyway. Aresh on the other hand remained silent just like before.

“Speaking of which, I’ve met the man who was summoned along with you the other day. Is that what men from your world typically look like, Your Grace?”

 He didn’t know the standards of the other world, so he tried asking about it as there was one man to compare with. Yua could only tilt her head in response and laughed a little.

“There are a lot of handsome men in the world I came from! As for Kondou-san… He’s like an uncle you’d see everywhere, who wears a suit even during holidays. I think he was a ‘corporate slave’ back then.”

“Corporate slave?” Finally speaking, Aresh mouthed the words he just heard.

 As he recalled, he thought Seiichirou’s facial features were pretty well-shaped, but what stood out more was the tired look he always had, probably what caused her to say he looked like a weary old man.

 When Aresh responded to the words he never heard before, Yua was happy as she was able to strike up a conversation with him at last, so she nodded and resumed in glee.

“Yes. Well, like a farm animal that you own and command to work for you. He’s like the company’s version of that…”

“The ‘company’?”

“Oh, it’s the place where people like him work. They are willing to work from morning until night as instructed by their workplace, they would work hard even during a day off without complaints. That’s why the term ‘corporate slave’ is created to make fun of them. They are a masochistic bunch of people, right?”

 They couldn’t fully understand simply based on her explanation, to which Yua tilted her head sideways. Then the three men remembered Seiichirou’s tired appearance, so they nodded as they got the idea.

 Unlike before, one of them had the beginnings of a spark in his eyes, hidden beneath his constantly calm smile. He murmured to himself as he was deeply immersed in Yua’s account.

“Corporate slave, huh? That sounds very interesting…”

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Ugh, I really don’t like Yua. I wanted to like her, but she’s gonna end up hurting a lot of people this way

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yaoi otaku
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From feeling sorry for her to outright contempt in a single chapter, huh? I think that girl thinks she is in an otome and plans to put together a harem for herself. Meh, she deserves whatever happens to her for being so brainless.

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Uh oh… I dont think they really understand really what she means. This girl!! Already putting down his name! Different world, different culture! They’ll interpret it differently! May Seiichirou be a strong independent man and lead his “Backchanneling” group to fruition!!

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So far, Kamil seems pretty good. Hopefully, he’s not a bad guy.

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