Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 6: I Get It Now (Part 1)

 The first thing that felt strange was that the numbers recorded in the documents that were passed  to him seemed to have been rounded up to a nice round number more often than not.

 Leaving aside the draft budget,  Seiichirou questioned why the amount of money recorded post-application was always rounded up to nice round numbers.Nevertheless, he resumed his examination of it on the assumption that this was due to the absence of consumption taxes in the kingdom.

 What he found next was a huge disparity between the large number of applications being sent there, and the short working hours of the personnel. Since this was a matter of work patterns , he reconsidered if it was strange to compare it with the common sense of the other world.  

 Last but not least, the source of these applications was heavily biased towards a certain department.

“So these are the applications to cover the “training costs” of the Third Knight’s Order. However, I see that there are three of them, each with different amounts of money requested. Moreover, all of them exceeded the amount of 10,000R.”

 Seiichirou had no clue about what a knight’s job entailed, and he wasn’t so confident  about the market price of weapons and other equipment since he had only glanced at  them in the town. But to apply for over 30,000R in just the four days since Seiichirou came was probably too much.

“Oh, all those applications are for the “training expenses” anyway, so it’s perfectly acceptable.”


 Helmuth responded with a smile, to which a vein popped on Seiichirou’s temple.

“The knights are very busy, so they don’t have time to prepare the applications in much detail.”

 Helmuth spoke, keeping his gaze locked on Seiichirou as he stamped his seal of approval with a thump.



 Helmuth’s narrowed eyes opened slightly as his dominant hand was silently grabbed.

 When Helmuth slowly looked up, he saw the young man summoned from the other world a few days ago staring down at him with vacant eyes.


“…Take them out.”


 Helmuth asked again, unable to hear the low voice the man had uttered without averting his gaze. Seiichirou’s eyes snapped open. He had a hunch.

“Please take out last year’s  annual cumulative budget along with the allocation documents!!”

 Seiichirou couldn’t believe his eyes.

 His superior wondered to himself at first if last year’s documents were still in storage, then he searched through a cupboard and found very sloppy documents. Upon inspecting its contents, Seiichirou was fuming.

“What’s with the amount of money they are  applying for…? I wonder if the overall budget can cover the cost…  No, in reality it’s barely enough to cover everything…  Not to mention what they are requesting the money for… Entertainment expenses? Meal expenses? Brothel expenses? Why was the application for this amount of money just for buying a watch even approved…? Whose watch was it…?”

 The accounting department staff, frozen in one corner of the room, wondered if the people of the other world could use magic, because of the strange black aura radiating from Seiichirou, who was grumbling to himself, buried under a mountain of documents.

“But it can’t be helped, Mr. Sei.”

 Whether he was trying to brighten the mood, or simply couldn’t read the situation, Norbert spoke in a cheery tone.

“What can’t be helped…?”

 Norbert continued, oblivious to Seiichirou’s sharp tone as the man maintained his polite manner of speech.

“Since our department is what they call the ‘Laundering Department’, all we can do is just sort the applications and let them pass through.”

 The ‘Laundering Department’… He finally understood the words he heard yesterday, now.


It’s not ‘Laundering’… more like we are their ‘Conveyor Belt’!!

 In other words, it was only the accounting department in name, nothing more than a mere rubber stamp for the aristocrats and those in power use to abuse the taxes in the kingdom’s coffers for their own selfish gains.

 Putting the blame on people working in this department wouldn’t amount to anything. As they were unable to oppose the aristocrats and whoever possessed more influence than them, their position was already established.

 But a quick look at the current revenue revealed that while the budget set aside originally was too great to begin with, the money flowing out exceeded even that. There should have originally been some amount that was not spent and went to the savings instead.

There’s no way things are going to work with a balance of income and expenditure like this…

 If the kingdom happened to be struck by some unfortunate incidents such as a harvest that wasdoing poorly or a natural disaster , then it was all over.

Come to think of it, from where is the money supplied to make up for this shortfall?

“Um~ Mr. Sei…”


 As the two fearfully called to him, Seiichirou let out a loud exhale to calm himself down, flashed a smile.

“Pardon me, from now on I will continue to do the work I need to do, so may I have a look at the budget settlement balance so far?”

 Helmuth couldn’t say no in the presence of Seiichirou’s dark aura, he ended up \nodding in submission.

 For the time being, Helmuth thought that doing as he was toldI was already good enough.

 However, Seiichirou was not naive like him.

“W-Wait a minute, Kondoh! Kondoh! The settlement application documents never came around to me though!?”

 Seiichirou, who was surrounded by a pile of documents nonchalantly raised his head, and looked up at his superior who was in a shocked state. The latter was holding out less than one-third of the application documents that he would normally receive .

“Oh, some of those applications are either outside of budget, hve inappropriate contents, or lack some details. So for those reasons I have clearly stated, I returned them to each of the departments where they came from.”


 Seiichiro had to check through the documents first, otherwise if they were immediately passed to Helmuth they would get blindly approved just like that.

“If you do that, we will be hated by the other departments!”

“It will be unavoidable for the accounting department to receive hate, as the reasons for rejection are clearly stated. Still, we have to tell them that we cannot accept faulty documents.”


“And since this is just the beginning, I have gone a little bit easy on the reviewing so we won’t be  instantly opposed. However, starting from now, we will gradually make it clear that we will not accept documents prepared as a mere formality and wasteful expenses. It will take some time,  but I’m sure it will be a smooth transition.”

 While saying so, Seiichirou continued to work with his personal calculator and magical pen. He was writing the reasons for rejection on an application form in detail.

 In this situation, Helmuth was out of things to say, so he returned to his seat.

 Aside from his regular duties, Seiichirou would now sort through the application forms and reject the ones he saw as unfit during work hours.

 Outside of work hours, he would check and summarize the income statements so far, to detect any problems.

 Seiichirou kept working as usual.

 But this time, his face was gleaming.

No matter how hard I work, my stamina can be replenished! I can work as much as I want now!!

 In the end, Seiichirou was a corporate slave from the depths of his being.


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7 months ago

Wowz. I wish I had Sei’s determination and passion for work…

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Umm does anyone know if this novel is still ongoing???

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While I love this side of Seiichirou, I am also terrified of the consequences

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LMAO those last few lines!! Seeing Seichirou mad was beautiful. I hope he can reform it with too much problems but considering the nobles… Do your best everlasting corporate slave!!

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Andy Pare
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