Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 5: Becoming Healthy

Opening his eyes the next morning, Kondou Seiichirou was surprised.
His body felt light and his head felt clear.
His chronic migraines, sore shoulders, and the heaviness in his body had all but disappeared.

Norbert went to work on time as usual. Normally, Seiichirou wouldn’t accompany him no matter how many times he was asked to, but today the latter was seen chasing the former with a never before seen smile on his face.

“Good morning, Norbert-san! The supplement you gave me yesterday was very effective! So thank you very much!!”

Another new side of Seiichirou was his enthusiasm when expressing his gratitude. It was written all over his face. Speaking of his face, Norbert could see his usually pale complexion was starting to redden. The dark circles underneath his eyes were lighter as well.

“Ahh, so you drank it. ’twas good, right~? It was made by an excellent pharmacist who works for the Knight Order! “
“I see. Um, can I buy some too? “

The supplement was more effective than any pricey energy drink he’d tried before. Perhaps it showed this much effect due to the use of the magic which existed in this world.
For the first time, Seiichirou was impressed by this foreign world.

“There’s a pharmacy in town where you can buy it. Would you like me to guide you to that store someday?”
“Yes! Then, I’ll be counting on you after work today!!”
“Eh- You wanna go today!?”

Seeing him this excited for the first time, Norbert ended up taking Seiichirou back to the town they had visited only two days ago.

For today’s work, Seiichirou sorted half of the cluttered pile of documents and bound them all together, before putting them into a cupboard.

“600 Rula for 10 bottles, please.”
“Eh!? You’re going to buy 10 of them!?”

The pharmacy they had hurried to was a small shop, which was naturally filled with the smell of unique medicinal herbs.
Seiichirou wanted to buy more, but the money he brought was not enough. Therefore, he only bought this many for the time being. A bottle cost 60 Rula, equivalent to 1500 yen, which was quite the amount, but it was considerably cheap for a very effective supplement. In the end, Seiichirou happily paid the price.
Since it was kept in a bottle, it seemed like it could last for a year if stored in a cool, dark place.

“Both of you are working under the Royal Palace, I assume? Good job on serving the knights.”

The middle-aged man who looked like a pharmacist didn’t think someone would buy 10 bottles of the supplement. Seeing Seiichirou and Norbert in the uniforms of Royal Palace officials made him think they were buying the supplement for the knights. Seiichirou didn’t see the need to correct him, so he didn’t deny it.

Clink clank

With that, they had finished their business here. As they turned to make their leave, the front door opened and the bell chimed throughout the pharmacy.
There were two men clad in black entering the store— Aresh, the Captain of Third Knight’s Order, and another man with light blue hair.

“Uwah, it’s Captain Indrak and Vice-Captain Rowder!”

The easygoing Norbert stood up straighter; Seiichirou also took a step back and straightened his posture.

“…Hmm? What, it’s just y’all from the ‘Laundering’ Department. What are you guys doing here?”

The first one to talk to them wasn’t Aresh, but the blue-haired man in his late twenties, known as Vice-Captain Rowder. As one could tell from his uniform, he was also a member of the Third Knight’s Order. However, he had less noticeable muscles. There was a beauty mark underneath one of his droopy eyes, the most prominent feature of his fairly attractive face.
Correction, the blue-haired man was a truly handsome man, but he became less handsome in comparison to the other man standing next to him, who had features that were simply too perfect.

“Umm, I was just with Sei-san… I wanna show a newcomer like him around town.”
“Ah, so he’s the Saint’s extra!”

The man with a beauty mark clapped his hands upon hearing Norbert’s nervous response. As the Vice-Captain of the Third Knight’s Order, it seemed he also knew about Seiichirou’s situation.

“But hmm~ even though you’re from the other world, I don’t see anything unique about you. What a plain-looking guy you are.”

What led to Orzif’s unimpressed comments were Seiichirou’s eyebags and dull-looking eyes. His face was something that might make others wonder if the other world was a hellish place to live. However, if he were to be compared with Norbert, Seiichirou was the better-looking one.

“Hey Aresh, didn’t you meet the Saint? So, how does she look? Does she look tired like him?”
“No, she looks normal. If I were to describe her, she’s like a wealthy nobleman’s daughter.”

Then what can be said about the other man from the same world as her…? Orzif Rowder tilted his head while thinking; perhaps he belonged to the lower class. But Seiichirou didn’t have time to think about that. What caught his attention was the title of ‘Laundering Department’ used to address Norbert and him early on.

The ‘laundering’ term didn’t leave a good impression on him at all, especially since the accounting department was in charge of monetary transactions. By ‘laundering’, does he mean somebody is illegally diverting the royal budget…? No, if that was the case it would be all over for anyone caught in the act – how could that knight casually speak out loud about something like that?
He thought of asking Norbert about it once they were out of sight of the two knights. As they passed by each other, the knight leader did something unexpected – he whispered in a voice only Seiichirou could hear.

“The Prime Minister has his eyes on you.”

Seiichirou looked behind without realizing it, but he saw Aresh was not paying attention to him. Instead, he was ordering something from the pharmacist.

“Sei-san? Is there something wrong?”

Shaking his head, he and Norbert bowed to the two knights and left the store.

Well, come to think of it…

It must be related to the Saint… The conversation between Yua and him was overheard by that black knight, and it’s possible that other knights could’ve heard it from outside. If that was the case, then they could assume Seiichirou was unnecessarily giving his opinion to the Saint. Afterwards, his existence would be seen as a hindrance to the kingdom.
In addition, his words couldn’t even reach Yua, who had just become an important figure to the kingdom. Still, there’s no use crying over spilled milk.
More than anything, he should focus on things within his ability.

That being nothing other than work.

“Norbert-san, I have one more place to visit, so please head back home before me.”
“Eh, no, I’ll be just fine. Let me tag along, too! So where are you heading?”

Seiichirou told Norbert that he would feel bad for making the other stay with him for any longer, but Norbert still insisted on coming along. Who ordered him to follow Seiichirou everywhere he went?

“I think you’ll be bored along the way, though.”

Norbert denied such a possibility, and so Seiichirou headed to a certain stall on the street.


The next day, the accounting department was in a bit of a commotion.

“Eeeh!? You finished them already!?”
“Yes, so please hand me the next task.”

Like yesterday, Seiichirou was strangely full of energy despite his unhealthy appearance. Now he instantly finished sorting the documents and started to check the detailed calculations in them.
Then, thanks to a peculiar device he recently obtained, Seiichirou was making calculations at a tremendous speed. That device went perfectly with calculation work, similar to how a fish would live in water.

He was naturally also capable of doing mental math, however, it was much easier with an abacus.
In a good mood, Seiichirou flicked the custom-made abacus he got from the vendor boy he met the other day.
He wished he could use Excel to be more efficient in dealing with the piling calculation work, but now that he had an abacus his job went much smoother.
He also had the supplement to combat his fatigue.

Yeah! No matter how hard I work I won’t get tired!!
My body doesn’t feel heavy! My stomach doesn’t hurt! I don’t feel nauseous! I don’t have migraines! My neck, shoulders, and waist don’t go numb!

I can work as much as I want!!

What a wonderful world he was living in – Seiichirou thought.

Prompted by Seiichirou’s extreme working speed, Helmuth had to assign him with more and more work, as requested by Seiichirou himself.

In the first place, the job scope of the Royal Accounting Department consisted of managing the royal treasury, allocating money to budget applications from each department, and managing the budgetary flow as well.
Therefore, the accounting department received budget application forms sent from various places every day.
Helmuth was the one to affix the approval seal, while Seiichirou and others checked the details in those forms, before classifying them for safekeeping.

At one point, Seiichirou instantly noticed something.

“This budget application, doesn’t it seem strange?”

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Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
9 days ago

Wow isn’t his brain going to ache with all those maths coz bruh I WON’T DARE I’m just so bad with math (-ω-;)

10 months ago

…why does it feel like Seiichirou is misusing the supplement XD

Also I’m concerned for his safety if he brings up the corruption issues

5 months ago
Reply to  catcatcat

Yeah he was saying the saint should be cautious but he’s guzzling down a mysterious supplement and hasn’t asked about stuff like addiction or long-term side effects. He could be drinking magic cocaine mixed with mercury for all he knows.

IllisMoreo 87
IllisMoreo 87
11 months ago

That department was there only for show, while corruption is rampant throughout the castle & country.

11 months ago

Hohoho I knew he would come upon this soon! Managing money always leads to some sort of discovery of corruption!!

Thanks for the chapter!!!

11 months ago

Backchanneling? That doesn’t sound good. Aaaand it seems the big shots are gonna cause trouble for Seiichirou. Ugh.

Thanks for the chapter!

11 months ago

It’s kinda funny and cute how much of a workaholic he is xD
Ohoho, finally signs of the corruption~
Thank you 😀 have a nice day owo