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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

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Editor: Mik

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Chapter 4: Meeting up

Kondou Seiichirou was bewildered. He had never expected for them to meet again like this.

 But it was now working hours.

“During lunch break or after working hours then.”

 Seiichirou’s words caused someone to panic, it was none other than his superior Helmuth. 

“Ko-, Kondoh! You have been summoned by the Saint! No need to worry about work, so please go and meet her as soon as possible!” 

 Ordered by his superior, Seiichirou was escorted by a man who wore armor over his green knights uniform. They entered the main tower of the royal palace. It was said to be the most guarded place inside the palace supposedly to ensure the utmost safety for its owners…— the members of the royal family. They had their personal rooms situated in this tower.  

   Within the tower, lived the saint.

   Two knights were stationed in front of her chambers, in addition to a familiar-looking man dressed in black.

If I’m not wrong, he’s that Captain of the Third Knight Order…

 It was hard to recall non-Japanese names in an instant; certainly, his last name was Ind-something.

 Looking at the other knights with armor over their green uniforms, they were probably from the Second Division Knights who mainly guard royalty and the VIPs.

 The dark commander had on his usual listless look despite his refined appearance. After stealing a glance towards Seiichirou, he opened the door to the guarded chamber without saying anything. 

 The interior had luxurious decor straight out of a movie. A table adorned in silver was in the center, seated behind it was the high school girl from the other day, now wearing a dress from this world. 

 Seated beside her was a handsome young man with silver hair… Seiichirou had seen him before. He was the prideful man who took the girl away at that time. 

“You’re late.”

 First, he was suddenly called to come here and now was immediately greeted this harshly, Seiichirou did not bother to appear ashamed and apologized in standard modern Japanese fashion. Maybe he should’ve knelt instead, but perhaps they will overlook it since he had been in this world for the mere span of three days.

“Prince Julius, that’s enough. I wished to speak with him on my own whim.”

 She was wearing a light yellow dress, her hair was flowing with more luster compared to the other day, and here she was reprimanding the snobbish prince which caused him to shut his mouth.

“My sincerest apologies-… umm…”

“My name is Kondou Seiichirou.”

The Saint seemed clueless about how she should refer to him since she didn’t know his name. Seiichirou guessed so and decided to introduce himself. 

“Kondou-san. I am Shiraishi Yua.”

The girl… Yua also introduced herself; she smiled with her fairly red lips.

“I wanted to talk to Kondou-san much sooner, but I understand that you had lots of work to do and were delayed.” 

 Once again asked to take a seat,  Seiichirou sat down on a leather sofa, then prepared to listen to whatever Yua wanted to say.

“Sir Aresh, please have a seat too.”

“I am fine like this.”

 The black attiredCaptain of the Third Knight Order was offered a seat as well, but he bluntly declined and leaned slightly against the wall. Seiichirou was questioning if such attitude was appropriate for a knight, but he thought it was none of his business after all, and continued facing the Saint. 

 Lustrous hair, skin with a healthy complexion, polished nails and to top it off, a top-quality dress. She was well taken care of indeed.

Yua began to speak again, “Have you heard the things about this world?”

“Of course, about the miasma and being a Saint, right?”

 In order to purify the miasma exuded from the Forest of Magic, they kidnapped a girl from a different world to become the Saint just as prophesied, in other words, they were forcing a role upon her. 

Of course, Seiichirou wouldn’t say that out loud, instead, he quietly nodded. 

“Yes! That’s what I want to talk about! It looks like I’m the Saint they are talking about, but apparently, I ended up dragging Kondou-san along into this world.”

 She informed him of things he already knew. Well, while it was Yua who dragged him along by reaching her hand out to him, asking for help, upon closer inspection, it was more like this world’s authorities caused him to be here. Either way, he was not allowed to complain. 

“That seems to be the case.”

 Though Seiichirou did nothing but nod in a manner as calm as the sea, the prince named Julius who was sitting beside Yua lost his cool and started to intervene.

“What’s with that attitude of yours from the start!? Yua was so worried, even for the likes of you, that she sent for you. Don’t you have more to say!?


 Seiichiro didn’t remember doing anything that could make her worried, besides if he were to say the things on his mind, it would be taken as an attack on this kingdom… What was this prince’s problem with him anyway?

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to… Umm… my lord?”

 He gave a meaningful look towards Yua after he realized that the one sitting beside her hadn’t introduced himself yet, and Yua did so instead.

“Oh, this is the first prince of the Kingdom, Lord Julius

 He is 20 years old, and he is the one who has taken great care of me.”

 So he was a prince. His behavior was making more sense.

I’m amazed. Don’t you even know the names and faces of the members of royalty?”

Of course, he had been held hostage by this world for three days and none of them had the decency to introduce themselves, visit him, or even apologize to him in the meantime.

“Please forgive me for my ignorance.”

After Seiichiro’s apology, Yua introduced the other person accompanying them. “Not to forget, that black-haired man is Sir Aresh, the Captain of the Third Knight Order. He is really strong!”

 For some reason she introduced the knight leader to him proudly, to which Seiichiro turned around and bowed his head to him. He was a handsome man anyway; it’s no brainer that a high school girl like her would be attracted to him.

“Then Shiraishi-san, what are you planning to do from now on?”

 Now getting to the real issue at hand, Yua looked downwards for once, then raised her anxiety-ridden face to look at Seiichirou directly and opened her mouth.

I want to perform the duty of the Saint! The people of this kingdom are now in deep trouble, and I am the only one who can save them!” 

 Seiichirou slowly blinked his eyes.

 Come to think of it, given she was a high schooler yet to enter society, she still was quite a sheltered girl. For a teenager of her age, it’s very easy to be swayed by the words of people around her no matter how unreasonable it may seem. 

 He glanced towards the prince beside her; he was looking at Yua with a gaze full of love and affection.

“I would like to talk with just the two of us as we were from the same world for a while, would you kindly leave us?”, Seiichiro asked the prince.

 Though Seiichiro had made it clear that it was a topic not suitable to be talked about in front of the prince, just as he thought, the latter frowned in response and voiced his disapproval.

“So you want to be left alone with someone of the opposite sex, what are you plotting you bastard?!”

 Until Seiichirou and the dark knight came here, certainly, Yua and the prince were the only ones in this chamber. What about that then?

 However luck seemed to be on Seiichirou’s side, a slow knock was heard from the door at just the perfect time.

As Aresh opened the door, a man dressed like a butler bowed before he came in.

“Excuse me for disturbing your meeting. His Majesty is calling for his Highness Prince Julius.”

“What? I’m busy now.”

“My apologies, it is an urgent matter.”

 Julius was reluctant, but he clicked his tongue towards the unmoving servant and stood up.

“Aresh, I’ll leave it to you. Don’t let them leave your sight. Yua, I’ll be going for a bit.”

 He glared towards Seiichirou without saying anything, and took his leave.

 The ones left were Seiichirou, Yua, and the Captain of the Third Knight Order.

 Seiichirou was a bit hesitant, but the prince was no longer here to interrupt.  After gathering his resolve, he opened his mouth and let out a whisper.

“While it is not wrong to have a sense of justice, it is also important to assess your surroundings and situation as well.”

“What do you mean…?”

 Upon hearing Seiichirou’s words, Yua knit her eyebrows.

“I don’t know anything in detail about the prowess and role of a Saint, but if you insist that you were… summoned in order to contribute to this world, I’d like you to think carefully about what it actually means, observe keenly the actual condition you’re currently in, and act accordingly once you’ve seen the bigger picture.”

 From the very beginning, they were planning on making use of her, so Yua was forcibly abducted by them regardless of her being a mere teenager. He didn’t know how dangerous the Saint’s mission would be, but as long as the miasma was gone it may be considered good enough for the kingdom even if Yua died in the process. 

“Are you telling me to refuse them…!?”

“I didn’t tell you to refuse them. I just think you should understand your situation…” 

“But… if the miasma escapes, countless lives will be lost! It can be no one but me who can save them, how could you say such ruthless words!!” 

 It’s not a matter of morality. The real point was about Yua’s wellbeing.

“About the miasma coming out, people dying, and the fact that only the Saint could’ve fixed it, please ascertain the truth behind these as well.”

“Are you saying that they all are lying to me!?”

“I didn’t say that.”

 Nevertheless, they were the kind of people who wouldn’t think twice about abducting two people from another world. He didn’t care if they believed religiously in Saints or whatever, Seiichirou thought that a kingdom ought to put effort into solving its own problems instead of depending on some outsiders. 

“Everyone is in deep trouble! What exactly made you say something  this insensitive!!”

 Although she was suppressing her voice, Yua’s emotional cries seemed loud, to the point where they would soon reach outside the door.

 Since Yua was the Saint, he might not have another chance to speak to her personally like this in the future, thus he got a little impatient.

Someone around her age was more likely to give priority to emotions and a juvenile sense of justice. Surely he could have put it forth in a better manner.

“Kondou-san, I heard that you are receiving money from this kingdom too. Even so, why do you say such heartless things? That’s it! I’ll do my best to support everyone here!”

 Having said so, Yua scurried into another door inside the chamber and shut herself in, nothing came out from Seiichirou other than a sigh.

She seemed to have just entered the personal bedroom prepared for her beforehand. Well, at least she was treated rather nicely here.

 In response to Aresh’s silent demand, Seiichirou stood up and left the chamber.

 Rather than escorting him back, it was more like he was driven out from the main tower by the knight who came to pick him up so, in the end, Seiichirou left the place.

 Until the end, neither Yua nor the prince apologized to Seiichirou.

 Seiichirou began to think.

 He, as an adult, was generally expected to slowly guide a young girl like Yua with patience.

 But come to think of it, Yua and Seiichirou had no relations whatsoever; they were nothing but strangers who first met at that summoning point.

 Would he even go that far to accomplish such duty?

“Oh well.”

 That depended on the situation.

 For the time being, Seiichirou himself had to secure his own footing in this world first.

 He was mentally exhausted so he drank the supplement brought by Norbert and went straight to bed.

 It had a horrid taste.


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oh my gosh this girl is gonna die due to her carelessness and naivity

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I want to punch that asinine prince. Sucks for that girl/saint, though. I have a feeling she’s going to do things that will back her into a corner and bring her a lot of regret.

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Aish this girl. Why did she call for Seiichirou if she didn’t want to hear what he had to say? The prince has brainwashed her successfully.

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weirdly enough, most of the people I met at 16 were not quite this…naive. Sense of justice or no, there’s also something to be said for a sense of self-preservation right?

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Reply to  lampshading

Tbf, there are lot of people who are still naive at that age, even older.

5 months ago
Reply to  Seira

Aye, not all but teenager’s that is that naive does exist.

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Sakura Kyoko
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Andy Pare
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I almost feel bad for that innocent girl. It’s pretty obvious that this is not a “inocent and Light fantasy world” and I’m fear that she might just pay a high price for that.
And that asshole prince give me chills. Considering the world doesn’t seem so simple, I wonder if he’s not just manipulating the girl.

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I’ve been thinking this since chapter 1, but this really does feel like a BL version of “The Saint’s Power is All Around Us.” Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I just hope that it becomes more its own thing. I suppose MC not actually being the Saint helps.

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Purple Li
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Welp. She’s gonna be scammed in a bit, isn’t she?


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