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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

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Chapter 34.2: I Had Decided

“Is this what you wanted, Mister?”

Seiichirou nodded in satisfaction as he held up the wooden abacus that the boy had completed for him after much trial and error.

“It’s perfect. Here, your payment.”

“Eh, is it really that good?” the boy marveled at the amount of money given to him.

Since meeting him at this small stall the first time he came to the market with Norbert, Seiichirou had conversed with the boy several times and had even requested he develop a special kind of product for the royal accountant himself.

“The development fee is included, of course.”

“Hmm, well, okay. I’ll take it! So, I just have to make five more of those?”

“Yes, I’ll buy them for 800 lire each,” Seiichirou affirmed, putting his new abacus away for safekeeping.

“Really!? Oh, and how long do I have to make them?”

“Let’s see…” Seiichirou did some mental math. “The next expedition sets out in three days, so it would be great if you could have them ready in ten.”

“That’s more than enough time! All right, ten days it is then!” the boy exclaimed excitedly.

“Good,” Seiichirou nodded. “I’m counting on you.”


“Mr. Seeeeeiiii~!”

After leaving the stall and returning to the main street, Seiichirou stopped to look back as a familiar young playboy came running up behind him.

“C’mon now! Why do you keep disappearing whenever I take my eyes off you!?”

“Just because I came with you doesn’t mean we have to stick together,” Seiichirou coolly explained.

“No, when I asked you, I clearly said we were going to go shopping together, didn’t I!?”

Today was a holiday for the accounting department, and Norbert had invited Seiichirou out shopping. So, since Seiichirou had some errands of his own to run, he had decided to go along with Norbert into town.

Though he personally did not think he needed to be monitored anymore, this flashy young man still followed Seiichirou around for some reason or another.

“It was a joke,” Seiichirou deadpanned, turning to reach into his bag and retrieve the abacus. “I went to get this. Here, take a look.”

Seiichirou handed Norbert the item that he had just received.

“What is it? Wait, isn’t this that weird thing you’re always using, Mr. Sei? This one feels lighter, though.”

“This is its original form. It’s one of the older calculating devices used in my world. I’m giving it to you.”

“Huh!? Why!?” Norbert was so surprised he nearly dropped the abacus, which made Seiichirou wonder if Norbert thought him an avaricious person.

“With this, you’ll be able to do calculations faster than you can now. I’ll be sure to teach you how to use it, so remember well,” Seiichirou told him.

“Yeeeah, I knew this was work-related…” Nortbert sighed. He was slightly disappointed, but he ought to be happier now that he would be able to calculate numbers faster than with only a pen and paper.

Lately, Seiichirou’s workload had been increasing, and he no longer had time to ensure the accounting department’s books were balanced. As Aresh had pointed out, one could not run a business forever without making sure the next generation was properly trained.

“Speaking of which, my adoptive father is going to be promoted from a Viscount to a Count because of ‘that matter,'” Norbert tucked his new gift away and relayed to Seiichirou in an excited tone of voice.

Seiichirou’s idea for the countermeasure against the miasma had been ordered by Norbert’s adoptive father, Viscount Baranek. Since the action had been one so highly praised, the government could not help but commend him for the achievement.

“Well, I’m a count’s son now, you know,” Norbert proudly proclaimed. “So, I might just get promoted more quickly with my newfound connections~!”

In the first place, you’re royalty. What are you so elated for? Seiichirou thought in confusion as he turned to smile back at Norbert menacingly.

You’re going to be the boss? That’ll be fun,” Seiichirou said drolly, walking on ahead.

For some reason, Norbert paled and felt compelled to apologize immediately for the remark.


After the proposal meeting, Yua had remained in the royal palace but travelled to the church during the day when she was not needed. Due to various reasons, it was decided that the church would take full responsibility of her once the purification ritual was completed.

The church had also helped a lot with the Saint’s summoning, and the current Bishop of the royal capital was rumoured to be a young man with a great character. 1He also came highly recommended by Prime Minister Kamil.

If the rumors were to be believed, there seemed to be some dissatisfaction with the royal palace monopolising the Saint for so long.

By switching back and forth between the royal palace and the church, instead of staying in just one place for the remainder of her time in the kingdom, she would be able to see both environments and not be tainted by the influence of either.

Even the noisy nobles acquiesced in the face of a clear source of money, a sobbing pitiful girl, and the King’s orders. Besides, the purification ritual was not yet finished. There was no point in upsetting the Saint at this stage. In the meantime, the plan to monitor the miasma needed to be ready for implementation.

On the next expedition, we will be accompanied by construction workers and candidates for the surveillance position. We also need to talk to people in the neighbouring villages. I even made plans for the possibility that the expedition might take a little longer this time because of all of that, Seiichirou thought as he considered what else he had left to do on his way home.

Aresh was busy working on that too, and although he was off work today, something had come up, so Seiichirou was given strict instructions on what he should eat for the day. The variety of food available to him had increased considerably since he had made that deal with the knight commander.

I’ll need to have the barrier re-established before the next expedition, right? If that happens, will I have to stay in the dormitory again…? Seiichirou contemplated wearily as he walked.

Although Seiichirou would have liked to be excused from this because of all the attention their close relationship warranted around him, he had work to do and staying at the inn the day before the expedition was simply not an option. He wondered if there was something else he could do instead.

With such thoughts swirling around in his mind, Seiichirou greeted Mr. Doshan, the superintendent, at the entrance of the dormitory where there were fewer civil servants today than usual, before heading to his room.

“Ah-! Hey, Mr. Sei! You still need to teach me how to use this thing! Let’s go to my room!”

Norbert chased after Seiichirou in a hurry, but the royal official, who still had his own shopping bags that needed to be put away, shook his head.

“Later…” Seiichirou remarked, and with that, he went up the stairs and turned down the hallway where his room was located.

“Ah—!” Norbert squawked when he entered the corridor behind Seiichirou.2

“What the…?” the royal account squinted his eyes in confusion.

There was a group of civil servants who did not look like they belonged there and various other people that Seiichirou did not recognize.

Wondering what all the fuss was about, Seiichirou tried to retreat to his room, but when he made his way through the crowd, all of the surrounding individuals who had noticed him all gave that same “Ah—!” look and then hurried to steer clear, making a path for him.


The first thing Seiichirou saw after cutting through the crowd was his room… except all of his personal belongings, despite being few to begin with, had been removed. His room had reverted back to the deserted state it had been in when he first arrived here.

“Eh? What… Huh? Where’s my pen? Where’s all my paperwork?” he panicked.3

As Seiichirou looked around wildly in dismay, he did not notice that the crowd had begun to break up again behind him.

That’s the first thing you think to go and look for?”

When Seiichirou turned his head to look at the owner of the deep, harmonious voice he was familiar with and, lo and behold, the Third Knight Commander was standing there, looking as unperturbed as he had expected. The same guy who had claimed to have taken today off to attend to some business was a liar.

“Ah… Sir Aresh… what’s the meaning of this?”

No matter how one thought about it, Aresh’s sudden appearance could only mean that he had something to do with this situation. 

Aresh narrowed his eyes in satisfaction at Seiichirou’s unusually dumbfounded expression and smiled charmingly.

“I bought a house. We’re moving.”


It should have been good news that Aresh bought a house. He had been living at his parents’ house for the longest time, and he was well paid as a knight commander, so he should be able to do what he wanted. But why did that mean Seiichirou would have to move in with him too?

To answer Seiichirou’s unasked question, Aresh replied with his usual cool, expressionless manner… Well, if one looked at him closely enough, he might have appeared to be in an exceptionally good mood.

“It’s simple, really. You need constant supervision; you’ll die if I let you out of my sight. If you live with me, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“No, that doesn’t mean—” Seiichirou tried to argue.

As far as their “relationship” was concerned, it had already been subtly spread to the public because of Aresh’s actions. The most recent examples being his overnight stay in the civil servants’ dormitory and then forcing Seiichirou to ride double with him on the expedition. However, to suddenly and unexpectedly insist they live together was not possible to accept. This turn of events was too abrupt.

On top of that, Aresh had already gone and bought the house without telling Seiichirou and even stooped so low as to use Norbert to keep him busy so that all of Seiichirou’s belongings could forcibly be moved without his consent. The way Aresh did things was just too extreme for Seiichirou.

“But it’s more ‘efficient’ this way, isn’t it?” the knight countered.

Seiichirou stifled all of his warring emotions, ranging from bitter resentfulness to deep-seated anger, as he stared down the man eight years younger than him with a confident smile on his face.

“Please do not assume that I will comply with your demands just because you say that!”

It would appear that Seiichirou no longer needed to worry about the logistics of where to re-establish his protective barrier before the expedition, at least for now.

Author’s Note:

It has been a while~! This marks the end of book one. Thank you for all of your support for Corporate Slave!!

I’m planning to upload a follow-up story or a story from another person’s perspective at a later date, so please stop by again.

Translator’s Note:

Kuromaru: As the Author has said, this is the end of book one! There are still two more extra chapters though, so do look forward to that~! And then a sequel!!! Two more books! The story is far from over~!

Editor’s Note:

Whew! That was a trip, but it’s been a lot of fun! I’ll be handing over the reins of this series to another editor for the time being (bless Argenti for taking on Book Two) and will be working on a new project in addition to going back and re-editing all of the chapters of Corporate Slave Book One for a more cohesive read for you, our readers! Whistle and I look forward to seeing you there soon! 👋

Hasr: Psst, if you haven’t checked it out already, we dropped a fresh new volume extra on our manga site~

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