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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

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Chapter 29: I Made Her Cry

“It’s been a while since we last talked, hasn’t it, Kondou-san?”

As always, Yua looked lovely and youthful with her beautifully braided hair. Now, however, she was not wearing the dress she usually did within the royal palace. That was probably because they were on this expedition. Even so, the outfit she was currently dressed in hardly seemed appropriate for someone to wear on such a dangerous journey with knights.

“You’re right,” Seiichirou replied, casually looking around. There was a knight standing guard at a distance, but when his gaze met Seiichirou’s, he quickly looked away.

He must be the same quiet knight from the dining hall. So, unless there is a problem, we won’t be at a disadvantage, Seiichirou thought to himself.

It was true that it had been a long time since they had spoken to each other, but that was partly because Yua really did not care about Seiichirou and also because he had been avoiding her too. To be honest, it was no exaggeration for Seiichirou to call her a ‘kimon’1 at this point.

He knew that she had no ill intentions towards him, but he also knew that getting involved with her would be bad for the both of them because of their respective positions in the kingdom. Seiichirou was also aware that she did not understand any of that because she was still just a child.

When Yua invited him to her quarters for some tea cakes, he informed her that he could not join since there was still work to do. All she gave him in response was a troubled look.

“I’d appreciate it if you could keep whatever you have to say short.”

“W-Well, uh,” she seemed to sputter, “I want you to switch places with me for tomorrow’s travel!”

Suddenly, Seiichirou felt himself grow dizzy from Yua’s thoughtless utterance. Saying something like that with flushed cheeks as if she had made up her mind, was she not embarrassed?

No, is this happening because we’re approaching the miasma?


Seiichirou silently glanced at the Saint’s escort. He caught himself thinking, isn’t it the role of a bodyguard to condemn such things if they might put her at risk? But the expressionless knight swiftly averted his gaze once more when Seiichirou scrutinised him. That bastard.

When Seiichirou did not answer, Yua looked up at him anxiously with upturned eyes and asked, “Umm…is that…a no?” She fidgeted as she waited.

But what should he say? Seiichirou thought about it for a while, but nothing good came to him. This was all too quickly becoming troublesome.

“Shiraishi-san, do you understand the significance of this expedition?”

“Huh? Of course I do. It’s to purify the miasma of this world, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct, and you’re the one and only precious Holy Saint who can do that.”

When Seiichirou said that, Yua blushed shyly in embarrassment, but that was not the point he had been trying to make.

“Well, that’s why you’re riding in the same carriage as the other royals, where you’re surrounded by knights ready to guard you, ready to face anything.”

That was something that had probably been said to her before departing this morning. As expected, Yua’s lips pouted in childish frustration, trying her best to appear utterly disappointed at Seiichirou’s response. However, she needed to hear the next words he spoke properly.

“And I’m the most miasma-prone person in this world,” he began.

“Um, does that mean you still have no resistance to mana?”

“That’s right,” Seiichirou told her. “To put it another way, it’s just like breathing in polluted air from our world. That’s enough to make anyone feel weak. With that in mind, if someone like me were to go to a place filled with an even more poisonous gas, one that can even make a normal person from this world sick if exposed to it, I would surely die.”

“Eh?” Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Seiichirou was certain that Kamil, the Prime Minister, and even Aresh himself had mentioned all of this to her and talked about his precarious condition at length, but Yua still had the audacity to seem shocked.

“No way… but to that extent…”

“Yes. I would absolutely die, 100% for certain. In fact, I’ve almost died twice already since we came to this world,” he finally admitted.

The first time had been due to magical poisoning from his nutritional supplement overdose. The second time was due to a vicious attack by men who had personal issues with him, one of which had been assigned to guarding the Saint in front of him.

“I know that you said that without thinking it through, but if you keep on insisting for special accomodations, you’re only adding to the workload of those around you who are trying their best to keep you safe. Right now, you’re even proposing something that could kill me.”

Yua’s one-sided love for Aresh was too apparent, but honestly, Seiichirou did not want her to allow it to disrupt the ranks or add to anyone else’s duties during this trip. Moreover, he did not want to die because of such a selfish desire to monopolise the knight commander either.

We are rapidly approaching an area covered in miasma.

Although Seiichirou felt that Aresh’s actions might have gone a bit overboard, Seiichirou’s safety would not have been possible without him.

“That’s…I didn’t mean to…”

Unfortunately for her, Seiichirou was not even the least bit moved by the pitiful sight of the poor teenage girl with tears in her eyes, shaking her head in denial at the hard truth Seiichirou had brought to light.2

“It’s time you start thinking about taking your responsibility as the Saint more seriously. This isn’t a world where you can just continue blindly doing as you’re told and living out the rest of your days in blissful ignorance.”

Seiichirou was not doing this out of malice. In fact, he cared a lot about the young girl’s future, which is why he was so set on diminishing the importance of the Saint’s position in this kingdom.


“So, I heard that you said something to the Saint?”

After the banquet dinner, Aresh had gone to relax in Seiichirou’s assigned room as if it were his own. Said royal official, who was sorting through the information he had gathered from the civil servants asking around town, looked back at him blankly.

Yua had appeared to be in low spirits at the banquet. That much was readily apparent to anyone who looked at her. Still, the fact that she had chosen to show up instead of shutting herself in her room was something Seiichirou thought worthy of praise.

After all, she was being taken care of in the governing lord’s mansion. If the Saint did not attend the banquet meant to honor her presence, it would have tarnished the poor man’s image.

The Crown Prince Julius, as expected, had expressed his gratitude to the lord while disguising Yua’s lack of energy by saying that she was merely tired from the long trip they had made. Seiichirou had originally thought the prince was a lovesick fool for the Saint, but now seeing the young man’s diplomacy in action, his opinion had changed.

“From where did you get this information?”

Slowly, Aresh stood up from the bed and extended his hand towards Seiichirou. The official turned his body in the chair without releasing the documents in his hand. Although Aresh repositioned him to sit down between the knight’s legs as they lay back on the bed, not once did a single piece of paper ever leave Seiichirou’s clutches.

“From the Saint’s guard, of course. I made sure that His Highness wouldn’t hear about it.”

Seiichirou tilted his head and blinked. That was strangely considerate. “I appreciate that.”

If that Prince were to ever find out that I made Yua cry, he would leave me in the forest for dead.

“I thought you weren’t interested in the Saint…” Aresh muttered as he wrapped his arms around Seiichirou’s waist.

“How could I not be interested in her?”

After all, she was the one who had dragged Seiichirou into this world—she was the entire reason why he was here. She was also the only person capable of dealing with the natural disaster that threatened the survival of this country and all its people. Well, the actual culprit responsible for both their presence here was this country’s magic department, who had originally summoned the Saint in the first place, so it was not as though Seiichirou bore a grudge against Yua or anything like that.

Putting thoughts of himself aside, Seiichirou felt kind of sorry for Yua. She was but an ordinary high school girl who now had to come to terms with living in a world vastly different from what she was brought up knowing. So, yes, Seiichirou did not hold a grudge against her, but he did think it was time for her to finally face the reality of her present situation.

“I see…” was all Aresh said.

“Sir Aresh? Perhaps it’s time for you to go back to your room?”

“I’ll go back when you stop working and go to bed.”

“So you’re not going back…?” Seiichirou asked.

“So you’re not going to sleep…?” Aresh asked in reply.3

Oh, what unnecessary trouble have I brought upon myself!?4


Shortly after that, Seiichirou’s papers were taken away, and he was shoved into bed and forced to sleep.

The next morning, Seiichirou stumbled upon Yua and the prince near the stables right before their departure. She still looked somewhat disheartened from their conversation the day before, so Seiichirou felt compelled to awkwardly avert his gaze in the hopes of not disturbing them. Perhaps there was no point in trying to keep their conversation a secret from the prince, Seiichirou thought as he hid sheepishly behind Diana. Just being exposed to Prince Julius’s sharp gaze would likely be enough to cause Seiichirou to crack under pressure and admit he had said something harsh enough to make the Saint cry.

They reached their accommodations for the second day around noon.

Due to the fact that the land beyond this point would become greatly infested with miasma, it was decided that they would take a rest and leave early the next morning to reach the Forest of Magic. Seiichirou, who had been working tirelessly on horseback once again, was given another layer of “protective barrier” as a precaution and slept soundly in Aresh’s embrace in the evening.

Then, on the third day of the journey, their party finally arrived at the edge of the Forest of Magic.

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23 days ago

Oh boo hoo girlie did reality finally hit you in the face? Hm did the truth that came out of Seiichirou’s mouth hurt you? You need to get a grip and start looking at things more rationally. You think Sei is riding together with Aresh for fun?? He’s already explained the severity of his condition and you don’t understand? Man she’s got the main character syndrome huh.

1 month ago

oi sei explain yourself or aresh will get upset

1 month ago

There’s an idiom that I really like; “近朱者赤,近墨者黑” or in an english translation, “Those who handle with cinnabar are stained red, those who work with ink are stained black.” It’s meaning is that people are the product of their environments. The more Yua is surrounded by this false pretense of wealth and importance when in reality the treasury is had barely been able to hold up if not for Seiichirou’s interference, the more she is spoiled like this and made to think that all things will go her way if she just look up to them with soft eyes and teary dispositions will honestly just bring her to become a shit person. That’s including the fact that she’s still young and impressionable. Though it is a bit infuriating, as her age is already near a legal adult’s. I’m not much older than her but I don’t quite remember myself to be this intruding at that age. Besides all that, the royalty in general are sus as hell lol

1 month ago

I cant believe this will only be 35 chapters long (according to novelupdates) there is a lot to fix up it feels like. Pls correct me if im wrong tho! Would be very happy to hear this story is a lil longer

1 month ago
Reply to  Jeode

Volume 1 is only 36 chapters + some LN extras whistle promised to TL. Buuuuuut we do have volume 2 and 3 that are still ongoing in the raws, so lots more to come!

1 month ago

Now that I’m thinking more about it, Yua’s behavior is a lot similar to Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi. They are both immature, somewhat accepted this very important role in another world, and at the same time looks at love like it will make or break her. It’s annoying to be honest but her immaturity is only getting worse because of how pampered she’s being treated. She may be the “Saint” but it should be clear to her what her responsibilities are.

1 month ago

At this point, you know Yua probably thinks she’s in an Otome Game.

1 month ago
Reply to  Oh!

Sorry to be a bother, but what does Otome means?

1 month ago
Reply to  Fukmylyfe800

Those romance novel games where you play as a girl and have different husbandos to choose to romance with.

Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods
1 month ago

I get the strong feeling there is still a misunderstanding here! The way Aresh phrased it, it’s like he thinks Sei is romantically interested in Yua? I think the guard is not only useless but harmful again. Maybe I’ve been burned too badly by her previous guards, but I don’t trust Yua or anyone around her. This isn’t a matter of her being ignorant, alright? She’s been told multiple times about Sei, about her situation, and if she still isn’t grasping it it’s because she’s deliberately not even trying. My dislike of her went up a few notches from that conversation. Before I could have blamed her being kept at least partially in the dark, not by Aresh of course who has been attempting to educate her, but by her guards and the prince. I’m angry at her on Sei’s behalf! He’s around my age but with a far better temper! He phrased things with such maturity during that conversation. I hope for his sake I’m wrong about it being misconstrued.

Thanks for your hard work translating!

1 month ago

Why aren’t we seeing how this ‘protective barrier’ was applied?

Yua should grow up for once and stop causing trouble to the others.

Thanks for the chapter!

1 month ago

I feel for Yua, really, it’s hard when the guy you’re crushing on madly is clearly not interested, but I have to wonder if she actually realises that he’s in love with someone else. It makes me wish Japanese culture let someone just flat out tell her, “Sir Aresh is in love with Seiichiro-san.” That being said, I also wish she’d grow up a bit! And Seiichiro! Tell Aresh you like him already! I swear, so many problems would be fixed if people would only talk clearly and to the point with each other.

1 month ago

Please, Yua! Don’t do something stupid just because Sei was being harsh to you. Even though it’s hard to deal with, you have to know that it was true. I’m really worried!!!

Thabk you for the chapter!!

1 month ago

Finally! Yua was told what she had to know. Crying might’ve been a bit too much, but she was still mature enough to understand Sei and continue with her duties.
It seems she hasn’t told the Prince about that herself, and I’m glad she’s not like other girls in novels that just keep insisting and end up causing unnecessary drama.

(I’d love to participate in the contest but school is keeping me from it…)

Anyways, see y’all next week! (And sorry for bad [?] or broken english)

1 month ago

” slept soundly in Aresh’s embrace in the evening.”
Aaaw…they are cuddling… so cuuuteeee

1 month ago

yes, do not waver sei. educate and wake that girl

1 month ago



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