Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 24: I Made a Suggestion 

“Captain Indrak, what if I try using my mouth?”


It was only minutes before Seiichirou came to that suggestion. Three days had passed since Seiichirou was treated, and he was finally able to get rid of those who would otherwise keep disrupting his work. Granted, all of that had come to pass only after enduring endless lectures about his unhealthy work habits from Aresh.

After work hours, Seiichirou had dinner with Aresh in the same restaurant they frequented as usual. When they were finished eating, Seiichirou found himself in a room at a nearby inn. He was not alone, of course. Aresh was right there with him.

During their dinner, Aresh had apologized to Seiichirou again regarding the crime his subordinates had committed against the royal official.

“I’m sorry. To think, I failed to protect you from my own knights.”

As Aresh had been the one to take full responsibility over Seiichirou’s well-being, the knight commander was greatly upset that the royal accountant ended up getting hurt as soon as he took his eyes off him and by none other than his own men. While expressing disappointment towards himself, Aresh bowed his head deeply to Seiichirou in apology.

Seiichirou was caught off-guard by this act of humility. “N-No, Captain Indrak, that’s all in the past! I don’t think it was even something within your control, plus I’m indebted to you for always taking care of me! Please, raise your head…”

There were no other guests in the restaurant then, but still, it did not mean that no one was present to witness Aresh, the commander of the Third Knight Order, bow before Seiichirou, someone who was much lower in rank. Only furthering Seiichirou’s embarrassment, Aresh’s former family chef and his wife could not stop gawking at the display.

“No…” Aresh shook his head. “It’s because I wasn’t a good leader to them. I managed them poorly. It’s my own fault.”

If he were honest, Seiichirou himself had not thought Aresh a very good leader after their first meeting, but he still would not have blamed the captain even if he should. It would have been neither right nor fair since Seiichirou knew Aresh had never been the one responsible for managing his own knights in the first place!

“It’s okay, Captain Indrak. I hadn’t expected you to do that anyway.”


Seiichirou’s only intention was to reassure Aresh, but it seemed that his crass words had the opposite effect and damaged the knight commander’s pride instead. Guilt was apparent on Aresh’s face. It was because of his lack of involvement that his knights had behaved as such. Having it stated aloud appeared to trouble him even more.

“Regardless of that, the bright side of all is that every single one of the knights will now comply with the accounting department’s guidelines regarding finances!” Seiichirou said in an attempt to brighten the situation a little. It did not work.

Aresh’s head was still hung in guilt. Seiichirou sighed. “Well then, Captain Indrak, if you really want to punish yourself that much over this, then you’ll need to accept something from me in return.”

“You want to give me something?”

Aresh finally raised his head, but there was a suspicious look on his face. This time, it was Seiichirou’s turn to furrow his brows in frustration. It seemed that Aresh was still unable to take Seiichirou’s efforts to repay him for saving the official’s life seriously.

“I want to compensate you for all of my treatments, including the one from the overdose I previously suffered. You had to use all kinds of magic in the most recent treatment too; I’m sure of it.”

Upon mentioning the care Aresh had given to him, Seiichirou felt uneasy. “I know that you’ve rejected my offers in the past, but please allow me to compensate you for all of the magic you used. You need to replenish your energy afterwards, right? At least, let me cover the cost of the trouble I’ve caused you. I really ought to this time.”

When Seiichirou had suggested this before, it was not said at the most opportune time, as Aresh’s treatment back then was merely about acclimatizing Seiichirou to the magic intoxication with which he had been afflicted. Hence, it was understandable that Aresh was less than pleased with the idea; it was as if Seiichirou was asking to pay for the sexual intercourse they had engaged in like an exchange that might happen with a common prostitute off the street. In other words, he had made Aresh feel as though he too was being treated like one. This time however, Seiichirou would finally be able to pay Aresh back by putting emphasis on the magic used to heal his life-threatening injuries.

But like before, Aresh still refused, though it was for a different reason this time. “No, it was my men who are the ones responsible for that…”

“But you still saved my life, Captain. That’s twice already.” Seiichirou countered the rejection and added, “Besides, you once suggested casting a barrier on me to protect me. I don’t know much about these sorts of transactions involving magic, but if you won’t accept my payment now, then all my efforts in getting money from your knights will have been for nothing.”

“Money from my knights…” Aresh croaked in surprise. “So that was the actual purpose then…”

Clearly, Aresh did not expect the monetary compensation that Seiichirou had demanded of the guilty knights. Did they even know they were paying for Seiichirou’s treatment all along? Though Aresh understood why Seiichirou wanted to pay for it this time; the cost for healing magic was incredibly expensive, especially for as severe a case as Seiichirou’s had been. Despite that, Aresh was still willing to treat Seiichirou for free, regardless of how much magic he was forced to use in the process.

In the end, the knight commander agreed to accept Seiichirou’s offer, but only to give the royal official a small sense of satisfaction. As long as Seiichirou still had enough money for himself, there was nothing else Aresh had to worry about.

With that now settled between them, Seiichirou and Aresh had made their way to an inn.

It was not a fancy one, but its room was well equipped and held a huge bathtub. Service provided by the staff was satisfactory as well, and it appeared the place was safe enough for two high-ranked officials to engage in an after-hours affair without any interruption. 1

“I’ve told you about the barrier before, but there are more things you should know before we begin. It will not only protect you from magic and mana, but also from a certain level of physical contact as well. In other words, it can protect you from physical harm,” Aresh explained, detailing the treatment he was about to give to Seiichirou.

The royal official listened attentively, and then he nodded. “That’s really convenient.”

For a magic spell to be so beneficial for the receiver, it was obviously a powerful one, hence only a few people ever had need of it. Surely, with Aresh’s exceptional talents, the knight commander would have no problem casting it; the real issue lied in Seiichirou’s ability to withstand it.

A larger amount of magical energy would need to be used to cast such a potent spell, and both men were aware of the issue of whether or not Seiichirou’s body could tolerate it. Thankfully, there was a solution to this problem, which Aresh took time to explain to Seiichirou.

“It’s possible for me to partially cast the barrier over a long period of time. I can cast one enchantment after another and layer them gradually. That should be safer than casting a full barrier on you all at once.”

To Seiichirou, it did sound like a wise solution to their problem. However, regardless of the reduction in magic used at any given time, he still needed to be acclimated after each spell. If Aresh had to repeatedly cast this barrier on him in layers for it to work, that meant constant acclimatization would be required too. 2

Seiichirou was unsure whether or not this approach would add more of a burden on Aresh, so in order to make things easier for the commander, Seiichirou thought up a plan of his own.

Resolutely, he looked Aresh straight in the eye. There was a very serious expression on his face.

“Captain Indrak, what if I try using my mouth?”

Now they were right back where they started.

Aresh was paralyzed in shock. Without wasting any time, Seiichirou proceeded to lay out the logic for his suggestion. There were a couple of concerns that had been bugging him even before this.

“You have given me two large-scale treatments to heal and acclimatize me, and I’ve barely been conscious for either of them. Personally, I don’t think this should be such a one-sided task.”

Seiichirou had been out of it due to the overwhelming magic intoxication both times and had essentially been unable to cooperate with Aresh while the knight was treating him.

To put it bluntly, Seiichirou felt he had been nothing more than a dead fish in bed during each of their previous encounters.

“I’ve been worried that my treatment sessions were unintentionally hard on you. I can’t possibly imagine you doing all the hard work for me when I am perfectly capable this time, Captain Indrak.”

Surely, when it came to penetration, it would be difficult to insert anything if the other party involved was unresponsive. Since foreplay before the act was next to impossible for them back then, the fully conscious partner would have had to prepare both themselves and their intended single-handedly. It would also have been hard to loosen an unconscious partner up, let alone move inside them with ease. On the contrary, Seiichirou’s personal theory was that acclimatization did not necessarily need to involve penetration, that he might still be acclimatized just as well as long as intimate physical contact was involved.

In addition to that, the magic used to cast this protective barrier was going to a much smaller amount than usual, so Seiichirou should experience less severe effects from the resulting magic intoxication. Perhaps, too, less direct contact would need to be done to stabilize him afterwards, at least as far as physical intimacy was concerned.

In fact, he was sure of it; the commander had healed headaches and stomach pain for Seiichirou before this. All it had taken was a mere stroke of his hand or a kiss on the lips. Still, Seiichirou doubted that such a minute level of intimacy would be enough to combat the aftereffects of a more powerful protective barrier.

The more he thought about the knight commander having to put forth extra effort after having already expended the necessary energy to cast such a spell, the more Seiichirou felt resolved to follow through on this suggestion. It was not fair that Aresh, the one to administer such a treatment, still had to do more to complete the process even though it was Seiichirou who was the one receiving it.

Thinking about it this way, Seiichirou felt he should be the one to care for Aresh this time.

As an old man with a desk job, Seiichirou preferred sitting still for this; sucking, swallowing, and putting up with the unpleasant taste of ejaculate was a small price to pay compared to being penetrated.

After agreeing to go along with the suggestion, Aresh sat on the edge of the bed with his pants lowered. Seiichirou reached forward without hesitation and took the commander’s length in his mouth. It was not long before he built up a steady rhythm, bobbing up and down slowly, timing each of his movements with the knight’s breaths. Gradually, Aresh began to respond to the stimulation, hardening within Seiichirou’s mouth.

While Seiichirou worked, Aresh began to cast the barrier spell on him. The magic necessary for this was a combination of three natural attributes: light, wind, and wood.3 Similar to healing magic, there were only a few individuals in the kingdom who were capable enough to use it.

Like all the times Seiichirou had witnessed Aresh cast magic before, he was chanting undecipherable words under his breath. Like a melody, the spell sounded pleasant to Seiichirou’s ears. Shortly after, the official found himself engulfed by a soft breeze. Light numbness and a spike of warmth throughout his body followed after. This time, he was fully conscious of everything. Seiichirou could still move his body as he pleased, in particular his head, which he was currently using to service Aresh. It appeared that casting this magical barrier was going smoothly for both of them.

“How are you feeling…?” Aresh struggled to ask with the little restraint he had left.

“I’m fine,” Seiichirou said once his mouth was free, pulling away slowly. “Can… Can you please close your eyes?”

With a submissive look, Aresh obediently shut his eyes at Seiichirou’s request. With the beautiful amethyst color no longer in sight, Seiichirou could instead see all the long, dark lashes resting against the high cheekbones of Aresh’s handsome face.

He looked a little younger, more vulnerable, when his eyes were closed like this, Seiichirou thought. Having seemingly earned the other’s trust, Seiichirou pulled himself from the floor and pressed his lips to Aresh’s own, gently kissing the now docile knight commander.

As Seiichirou kissed the captain, one of his hands reached up under the fabric of the knight’s shirt. The muscles he found there were well-defined, as if chiseled from stone. Seiichirou traced his fingertips over them lightly, admiring the shape beneath his fingers before carefully withdrawing his hand and lowering it in between Aresh’s legs.

With more confidence than before, Seiichirou took Aresh’s length in hand and stroked it. He made sure to start with a gentle touch first so as not to shock the knight who still had his eyes closed. Much to Seiichirou’s surprise, he found himself to be all right with touching another man like this even though he was only fully conscious of his actions for the first time. Aresh was not resisting Seiichirou’s touch either, as he gasped out loud and leaned into the contact.

Seiichirou had quickly found that it was tiring only using his mouth to service the knight. Always one for efficiency, he switched to stroking Aresh with his hand instead. As they kissed, Seiichirou decided to slide his tongue into Aresh’s mouth, deepening their connection. In his mind, Seiichirou figured the acclimatization process would be more effective if he touched Aresh with his bare hands and kissed him, their mouths and flesh joined at the same time possibly heightening the potency of this transaction.

For Seiichirou, this would be his first real experience with another man. And though he was feeling a little shy going through the perfunctory motions of foreplay it required, he told himself there was justification for it; this was just another treatment session for him, albeit one he was aware of and actively participating in this time. If Seiichirou wanted to resume doing his work as usual, he had no choice but to accept this act as a necessary part of all that. This is purely for the sake of my work, he repeated like a mantra. 4

After all, Seiichirou had spoken to Aresh about his wishes beforehand and gotten the knight’s consent. They would not be doing something like this otherwise. Seeing how Aresh was growing more familiar with his touch, Seiichirou upped the pace of his hand’s movements all while he ensured their lips remained sealed together.

Seiichirou had initially asked Aresh to close his eyes because he assumed the knight was uncomfortable engaging in such acts with another man. The logical reasoning had been to ease the captain’s discomfort so that he could imagine himself doing this with a woman instead. It was hard, however, for Seiichirou to keep his own personal need for work validation out of this encounter. 5

“…mmh, aah… Captain Indrak…” Seiichirou moaned in between kisses. “Does that feel good…?”

“Don’t… even ask…!” Aresh stuttered out his own groans.

Judging from the sound of Aresh’s voice, Seiichirou felt confident that he was doing well enough. He was a man and had his own past experiences too, after all. It was not so hard to imagine what might be pleasurable for another.

“Kon… doh…” Aresh gasped while returning Seiichirou’s kisses. “Your given name… is Seiichirou, right…?”

He was surprised to hear his own name spoken aloud by Aresh for the first time. After attempting and failing to correct his colleagues’ pronunciation of it time and time again, he had thought his true name was too difficult for the people of this world to say.

Seiichirou pulled away, so he could better answer. “Hmm? Yes, it is.”

Now no longer kissing him, Seiichirou found himself transfixed by the hazy violet of Aresh’s eyes. The look Seiichirou saw there trapped him in some sort of unspoken trance. Aresh’s eyes were stunning as is, but when the knight commander gazed at him with such blatant and deliberate lust, Seiichirou could not help but shudder in response. There was no way either of them could have looked away.

Still vying for even more of Seiichirou’s attention, Aresh asked quietly, “Do you know my name?”

Prior to this moment, Seiichirou had only ever referred to Aresh by his family name and title. He understood what the commander meant in spite of that.

Slowly, Seiichirou opened his mouth. In a soft and delicate voice, he sighed out, “Aresh…”6

Upon hearing his name uttered from Seiichirou’s mouth, Aresh smirked, looking pleased with the response, like it was the very thing he had been waiting for all this time. Perhaps he was just satisfied that Seiichirou had managed to pronounce his name correctly, or so the official thought. 

Aresh said nothing in reply, only narrowed his eyes and leaned in to capture Seiichirou’s lips in a kiss once more. Now it was Seiichirou’s turn to close his eyes and melt into the sensation. As their mouths met to share in the heat of this moment, Seiichirou felt a large pair of strong arms wind their way around him, pulling him closer and closer until he could not help but surrender to Aresh’s embrace.

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