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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

Editor: Jennicide

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Chapter 22: I Was Nursed Again

(TW: physical violence again for the love of god)

whistle: spoiler – Aresh is bottom

“What do you mean?” Kamil asked in outraged disbelief.

Although he was dealing with Kamil, the terrifying prime minister of Romani, Cielo Querbes was still adamant about his decision. The health director repeated his words with an uncontrollable tremor.

“W-what I’m saying is that, umm, I’m unable to treat Kondoh myself! There’s someone else who is more capable of that than I…”

When Cielo was informed by his subordinates about the prime minister’s arrival in the health department, he had accidentally spit out the coffee that he was in the process of drinking.

More shocking than the prime minister’s unexpected visit was seeing the unconscious and severely injured form of Seiichirou being carried in the arms of Kamil.

Seiichirou had been immediately transferred into Cielo’s office for treatment, but before the doctor acted, he remembered the specifics of this otherworlder’s unique constitution. As a result, Cielo was greatly troubled by all of the things he had no control over.

From the look on his face, Kamil was not amused with Cielo’s reasoning. “You are the director of the Royal Health Department as well as the finest doctor in this kingdom… What do you mean you can’t heal him!?” he demanded.

Of course, there was no reason why Cielo could not treat Seiichirou’s injuries; Cielo himself was certain of his capabilities as a doctor. However, if the care administered involved someone like Seiichirou, the treatment session necessary to heal him would require an additional step, which Cielo was unable to do. That was what Cielo had actually meant by saying he was not able to treat Seiichirou. He could, but also, he could not. 1Really, he was just not allowed to because of someone else’s directive.

 “Don’t worry,” Cielo tried to calm Kamil down, “I’ve called for someone to treat him in my stead…”

By now, Cielo had already done the best he could. Doing things this way was for the sake of saving Seiichirou’s life and his own at the same time. 

Though he knew that Kamil might deem this behavior suspicious, somehow he was less afraid of the prime minister’s wrath than another individual’s.

Thus, Cielo was left with no other choice but to explain Seiichirou’s unique condition and his special ‘relationship’ with a man whom the doctor knew very well. After all, he did not want his head separated from his body anytime soon. Yet, Cielo found he was having trouble putting his thoughts into words with the prime minister glaring at him.

Seeing Cielo’s reluctance to talk, Kamil voiced his displeasure. “Just because he’s not the Saint, there are people who hate him this much… Does that include you, too?”2

Huh!? Cielo was taken aback by the accusation. So you think I won’t treat him out of discrimination!?

Just as Kamil had said, indeed, it would appear there were people in this palace who thought little of Seiichirou for being helpless, unlike the Saint. 

From their point of view, Seiichirou was seen as someone who had interfered in the Saint’s summoning. He had no business here. Not only was his arrival to this world unsolicited, the kingdom now had to provide him with food and shelter and money for the rest of his life, however long he lived, a compensation which many were not openly comfortable with.

However, Cielo did not think the same as those officials; the doctor was aware that Seiichirou’s unexpected arrival to this world was merely an accident, nothing more. It had already been established as such. Any magical ritual carried a considerable amount of risk, and the Saint’s summoning was no different. Besides, Cielo believed Seiichirou to be a generally good person, albeit a weird one, after the first time they met, which was another reason why he was so reluctant to do the otherworlder any harm now.

Furthermore, despite being of low status, Seiichirou had been able to get close to Aresh, the otherwise cold knight commander of the Third Knight Order. It was unfortunate though that this ‘relationship’ of theirs only ended up adding more fuel to the fires of hatred towards Seiichirou as many in the palace speculated that he had used some sort of trickery to garner Aresh’s favor in the first place.

Thinking about it with that in mind, Cielo could understand why Kamil might perceive his hesitance in such a way. Apparently, the prime minister was also unaware of Seiichirou’s peculiar health issues.

Facing the prime minister, who held the greatest position of authority in this kingdom, meant Cielo had nowhere to escape now. Kamil’s orders were absolute. Compared to him, Cielo’s power as the health director was limited.

Even if Cielo chose to treat Seiichirou, he would most certainly end up incurring the wrath of another man above his own station, namely the captain of the highest order of the knights. Now it would appear there were two different choices with similar consequences in Cielo’s hands, a real dilemma with damnable consequences no matter what he chose.

All Cielo had to do now was buy some more time until that particular person made his way to the health department.

“If you still refuse to treat him,” Kamil said after being silent for a time, “I’ll find a different doctor to do it instead.”

“N-no, you can’t…!” Cielo sputtered. That would get Cielo in even greater trouble!

Magic was deathly poisonous to Seiichirou, and a lot of magic would need to be used to treat all of his wounds. If he were healed by someone who was not aware of that fact, his life would be in another sort of danger.

Besides, the act of “acclimating” Seiichirou to magic would also require the usage of additional magic, but of a different type. This whole process had to be done as soon as possible, hence Cielo doubted that another doctor would even have the time to learn about Seiichirou’s condition let alone perform a healing before the royal official met his demise.

While it might be all right for Seiichirou to be acclimatized by someone other than the original caster, finding a different person to do it would require more time that they just did not have. Resorting to such extremes would probably waste whatever little precious time they had left and put Seiichirou’s life at even greater risk. 3

Against Cielo’s recommendation, Kamil ordered his secretary to fetch another doctor, not wanting to delay Seiichirou’s treatment any further. As soon as they reached the door of Cielo’s office, it was roughly shoved open from the outside.


Seeing who was at the door, Cielo beamed, “Aresh!!”

The doctor was so relieved that he was on the verge of tears, since the one he called to administer treatment had finally arrived. Aresh had an intense emotion reflected in his eyes; it was very unlike his usual expressionless persona.

“Captain Indrak?” Kamil said, having not expected Aresh’s sudden appearance.

Like everyone else, Kamil had also heard that Seiichirou was close to Aresh, but he did not anticipate seeing the knight commander look so desperate upon witnessing what had happened to the otherworldly royal official.

Aresh ignored both Cielo and Kamil, rushing towards Seiichirou who was laid out on a medical cot. In terms of first aid, his wounds had only been treated with a damp, cold towel.

Taking his time observing Seiichirou, whom he was only seeing for the first time today, Aresh approached slowly. The dark circles under the royal official’s eyes were still there, but no longer the most shocking feature on his person. Cuts, scrapes, and bruises marked the aftermath of the cruelty he had endured. They were peppered all over his face and body. A mild fever appeared to have overcome him as evident by the wet sheen of sweat on his skin, and his breaths were ragged, both perhaps due to the pain from his injuries.

Unable to help himself, Aresh’s hand reached for Seiichirou’s face, serene now only in sleep. The knight commander gently brushed aside Seiichirou’s sweat-laden bangs, trying not to cause him any more pain while checking his temperature.

“I’ll take care of him. The rest of you leave at once.”

Kamil frowned at Aresh in disgust. Not only had Aresh just appeared out of nowhere, but the knight commander also dared to order him around. Cielo on the other hand, insisted Kamil comply with Aresh’s wish.

“I’m so sorry, Prime Minister! For Kondoh’s treatment, we must place our trust in Aresh…!”

“May I know why we are required to leave in the process?” Kamil asked, not happy with this turn of events.

“The treatment will take a lot of time, and I believe you have other, more pressing responsibilities on your hands…” Aresh explained quietly.

Cielo quickly turned towards him and asked, “Is it all right if I leave you to your work for half an hour?”

“That won’t be nearly enough time. I’ll need at least an hour alone.” 4

“I understand…” Kamil replied, but his expression showed he was still deeply displeased.

It was only when Cielo heard Aresh’s words that he recognized the hint of desperate emotion coloring the knight’s voice. Obediently, the doctor pushed the unwilling prime minister out of his office and closed the door5 shut to give the odd couple the privacy they needed. 


The agony that Seiichirou felt throughout his body was nothing compared to the pain he felt in his heart.

Countless blows, kicks, and punches had rained down on him from all directions, delivered by cruel men physically stronger than him.

At the time, Seiichirou had never been subjected to such violence, such an act of pure hatred. To make matters worse, the ones who had done the hurting were none other than knights of the kingdom enlisted to protect people like him. Their strength would have been on par with men serving in the military from his previous world.

Hence, Seiichirou’s assault was carried out by those with a strength akin to military trained personnel and the most painful experience he could have ever imagined.

Seiichirou’s constitution was already weak, to begin with. From only a single hit, he had fallen down helplessly, unable to fight back or even defend himself from his attackers.

He could only lie back and take it as the highly esteemed knights he had once put his trust in continued to ridicule him as they landed blow after blow on him without mercy. Never once was there any hint of them stopping despite his cries of pain.

Eventually, though, it did come to a stop. Seiichirou no longer sensed them on him. Although the pain from his beating lingered throughout his body, he was no longer suffering to endure it.

It seemed that they had only wanted to vent their anger on him, physically, but also make it known that this was a warning. They had never had any intention of killing him, so it was only a matter of time before they felt satisfied enough to stop.

Still, Seiichirou had tried his best to guard his vitals while enduring their attack. After all, they did not seem to know how weak he actually was, so it was imperative he at least tried to protect himself or face the risk of dying right then and there.

As Seiichirou’s consciousness flickered in and out, he heard one of them warn him, “That ought to teach you a lesson. Know your place next time.”

And just like that, Seiichirou was left to fend for himself all alone in the storeroom, bloodied and bruised and beaten.

He did not need a doctor to know he was in serious condition. If he was left like this for too long, sprawled out on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, and with nobody to help him, he would surely die from his injuries. Still desperately clinging to life, he ultimately succumbed to the pain and lost consciousness.

As Seiichirou had not previously felt anything other than pain before his mind went blank, it was quite shocking to be greeted with a familiar sensation of warmth, almost like an embrace, right after his senses returned.

The warm sensation he felt was swiftly followed by a pair of lips capturing his own. Before Seiichirou knew it, his mouth was claimed in a series of heated kisses. Though he still struggled to speak, he knew that he was no longer alone. 

“Mmh…,” a weak moan slipped out of Seiichirou’s mouth as it was seized in another succession of hot, desperate kisses.

He felt his lips being pried apart with the touch of a thumb. Something warm and wet pushed itself inside and took control of the kiss, leaving him powerless but to accept it. At the same time, Seiichirou began to feel his fever subside little by little, kiss after kiss.

“Nnh…” Seiichirou couldn’t help but cry out at the sensations racing through his body. “Ah… Aah…!”

Gradually, Seiichirou’s consciousness cleared up. As it did, he started to process the feeling of someone else’s bare skin on top of his naked body—the closest he could ever be to another human being as there was nothing left between them.

A large pair of hands roved over Seiichirou’s body, ceasing the pain with featherlight touches. The more contact he received, the less discomfort he felt over time. Oh, how these hands were treating him so carefully as opposed to the beatings he received from those knights.

Unlike before, the pain was ebbing; there was no more suffering, no more hurtful kicks or punches, only gentle caresses and kisses were left on his skin. All he felt now was the growing heat of pleasure as the one caring for him held him in their warm embrace. Those arms seemed to protect him from further harm, providing him with the comfort and security he needed at this moment, even shielding him from the cold hands of Death.

As soon as Seiichirou regained his voice somewhere in the midst of it all, he longingly called out for the man holding him. “Captain… Indrak…!”

Finally, when Seiichirou opened his eyes, the one he had anticipated seeing was before him. It was the same man who had saved his life countless times before that was saving him from the brink of death once more. Seiichirou had been able to tell that it was Aresh right away—the heat, the touches, the kisses could never have come from anyone else, not since he had arrived in this world. Thus, it only made sense that the one to save his life, now too, could never be anyone else.

Breaking the silence, Aresh let out his own voice to join Seiichirou’s. 

“Kondoh…,” he whispered.

Aresh, who appeared distraught, hovered over Seiichirou in an equal state of undress. The knight’s commander was holding him in such an intimate manner, one usually only reserved for the exchange of love or pleasure. 6

It was then, Aresh noticed Seiichirou waking up. Concerned, he asked, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Seiichirou assured him. It was not a lie. Despite the pain dissipating, Seiichirou still felt light-headed. Perhaps it was caused by the intoxication of magic Aresh had caused while healing him. He was unsure.

Seiichirou’s injuries were probably so severe that Aresh had been forced to cast healing magic and then immediately switch to acclimatizing him physically right after. The knight’s commander had to do this as quickly as possible to stop the magic intoxication from becoming just as deadly as Seiichirou’s initial injuries.

Now that he no longer felt pain, the rest of the treatment was focused solely on bringing his body back into a state of equilibrium.

It was not much longer after that when Seiichirou heard Aresh reach his climax. Something warm and sticky steadily pooled inside him as the commander’s grunts cut through the silence and echoed in his ears.

“Just this won’t be enough,” Aresh whispered softly to Seiichirou. “Please bear with me one more time.”

Seiichirou understood what Aresh meant by that. It was for his own good after all. Weakly, he complied, “Yes, sir7 … I’m sorry, this time, too.” 

Aresh paused and looked down at Seiichirou who was still sprawled out beneath him. It was then he made a face that Seiichirou couldn’t quite decipher 8, something in between wonder and regret.

But why would someone like Aresh feel anything beyond his duty to do this in the first place?

Seiichirou did not get the chance to think about it before Aresh began moving deeply within him once more. It was going to be a long afternoon for the two of them.

Hasr: Incase you don’t know already, Aresh is the top kek

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Sei being surprised and hurt by knight/police brutality hurts my heart but also reminds me he is from Japan, a very priviledge country where this kinds of events are almost unheard of.
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I hope that with Kamil and Aresh seeing it both first hand, —the danger Seiichiro was put into —that they would pay an even more particular attention than the less of the bare minimum they always had towards Seiichiro.
This man is clearly benefiting their country more than the Saintess in real time. Doing everything he could to do the work they should have done but haven’t, all alone and better than anyone else could. They’re indifference towards him is unreasonable and pretty much overly excessive. (Redundancy intended)
All they ever wishes was to get what they could from Sei with out even trying to sincerely atone for abducting him against his will and meeting all his needs from shelter to health care and protection from malice and threats.
I’m really appalled at the way they treat Seiichiro! Aresh is the only sane person in that place, it seems!
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The paragraph literally said Sei felt a warm and sticky liquid poured into him like what do you think that is?? Sei is the one being penetrated and even if he was not the bottom it didn’t “ruined” the story :/

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Haha so true, I was being fooled too. I was like what, he is dying how can he penetrate Aresh like it’s Sei who needs super care now since he is dying. But anyway for me position doesn’t matter but for me Aresh gives me more of the seme vibes

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