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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Mii

Editor: Peregrine (ft. Applepi)

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Chapter 2: Going to Work


The next morning after Kondo Seiichirou was abducted… no, summoned to a different world, he stood alone close to the rear of the Romane Royal Palace.


He wasn’t kicked out, nor had he pulled a no show. It’s just that his ingrained corporate slave… or rather, his Japanese mentality made him voluntarily come thirty minutes earlier than the time Helmuth told him.


Yesterday, a frivolous lad called Norbert handed him necessities such as books and clothes, then guided him around the lodging. The dinner in the dining hall was a buffet. They ate together as Norbert explained a lot of things to him. After, they took a bath, avoiding the crowded hours.


As long as they avoided the crowds, the public bath was very spacious and they could take a nice bath. Seiichiro personally had complaints about the soap that didn’t foam properly and the coarse towel, but he was thankful enough that he could soak himself in warm water, an experience he hadn’t gotten a chance to enjoy for years.


While they had their dinner and bath, Seiichirou asked Norbert about various things in this world.


For example, how they count numbers, time, the cycle of a year, and currency. Although it was always related to numbers, mathematics was ultimately a concept. Once he knew the concept, he could know the standards of the world.


To organize what he had learned, one day could be divided into six hours: fire, water, wind, earth, wood, and light. Clocks also existed here. When he counted while looking at the second hand of the clock, the concept of one minute was the same. Meaning, one hour in this world was two rounds of a hundred and twenty minutes.


The year was also divided into fire, water, wind, earth, wood, and light months. One month was sixteen days. Apparently, this world tended to divide things by the number six.


Both the books Norbert brought and the clock used the Arabic numerals that Seiichirou was familiar with. But there, another problem surfaced.


Seiichirou could read the books.


He already felt like something was off when he was able to communicate with the people of this world from the moment he was summoned, so he wondered if it would also be the same for writing. Most likely, the sounds he heard and everything he saw was translated.


Seiichirou tried writing a message using Japanese and showing it to Norbert, and the other man could understand it with no problems. He didn’t know what kind of principle was causing this, but it might be an apology from God for abducting him from another world. 


Seiichirou didn’t have to suffer any inconveniences thanks to that, but he was a bit disappointed that he might have lost the opportunity to see new numerical formulas in this world.


Anyway, you might be wondering why Seiichirou didn’t go to the palace together with Norbert, even though they were working in the same place. That was because the blonde man overslept. 


Seiichirou woke up early so that they could leave at the designated time without needing to rush, straightened his appearance, and went to eat breakfast. Even so, he couldn’t see Norbert anywhere.


After he finished his breakfast, he prepared himself and waited for a while. But since he remembered the way to the royal palace after Helmuth guided him yesterday, Seiichirou didn’t feel the need to wait for Norbert, and went to work alone.


I guess I came too early… Well, better than being late.


Thinking so, Seiichirou looked at the watch he was wearing when he was abducted. He didn’t take off the timepiece because he could still use it here, so long as he converted the time in his brain.


Seiichirou was currently wearing a uniform consisting of a stiff collared white shirt with brown lines and a pair of white trousers. The majority of the civil servants’ uniforms had stiff collared shirts, and the brown color seemed to represent that the wearer belonged to the Royal Accounting Section. It was comfortable to wear.


The climate was mild, almost like spring. Seiichirou wasn’t sure if this country had this climate all year long, or it was currently that season right now. Bathing in the warm morning sunlight, Seiichirou reopened the book he received from Norbert. It was a basic mathematics book, but the explanation of the numeric formulas was a little different from what he knew in Japan, making it interesting. While waiting for Helmuth, Seiichirou read the book again as preparation for the first day of his job. Suddenly, a shadow was cast over his head.


When Seiichirou raised his face, a man dressed in black from top to bottom stood nearby. Even his hair was black.


The man wore the same style of clothes as Seiichirou. What differentiated it was the color and the gold ornaments. The man was familiar.


Yesterday, he was…


The man was in the place where Seiichirou and the girl got abducted to this world, looking at them with a face full of boredom.


When Seiichirou looked at the man from a distance, he just thought that he had a well-proportioned face. But now that he looked at the man up close like this, he was a spectacular beauty. 


Seiichirou had never met a man who wasn’t feminine, yet suited the word “pretty” so well.


His trimmed eyebrows, dark eyelashes and striking purple eyes gave off a strong intensity. He was a little taller than Seiichirou. Probably around 180 cm? Above all, he was well-built. Seiichirou’s first impression was that the man had a physique that women would like, rather than looking like a buff macho guy with ripped muscles.


“What are you doing here?”


It took Seiichirou a moment to understand the meaning behind the question the man asked with an uninterested expression. After two seconds of silence, Seiichirou noticed that the man frowned, so he answered, “I have an appointment.”


“Appointment…? With whom?”


Seiichirou was standing alongside the wall, a little ways away from the back door of the royal palace, which served as a staff entrance. Even if he took up this space and read a book here, none of the passersby paid him any mind. And yet this man came all the way to Seiichirou, even though he didn’t look interested at all.


Seiichirou wanted to know what the man wanted from him, but judging from his position and their location, he was probably a high-ranked person. Seiichirou answered politely, “With Helmuth from the Royal Accounting Section.”




At that point, Seiichirou was convinced that the man had a high rank, since he had been questioning him with the minimum number of words since a while ago. Talking without any sincerity to other people was a characteristic of high-ranked people.


“From today on, I will be working in the Royal Accounting Department. Since this is my first day, I’m going to receive his guidance.” Seiichirou responded with an ingratiating smile, but this time the man gave him a questioning look.


“For what?”


Before Seiichirou could open his mouth to respond, a familiar cheerful voice broke through the air from afar. “Sei~~~!! Why‘d you go first~~~!!”


Norbert was running towards them.  His uniform was worn out, just like his clothes yesterday, but his hairstyle was tidy, even though he should’ve overslept. 


“Eh, ehhh!!?? Commander Indrak!!!???” 


As soon as Norbert saw the man in front of Seiichirou, he suddenly stopped and froze in place.


The man looked at Norbert out of the corner of his eye, then glanced at Seiichirou like he had lost all interest, before immediately entering the royal palace.


“Wahh. I was so scared~. It’s the first time I’ve seen the commander of the Third Division of the Knights’ Order at such a close range! Sei, what were you guys talking about?” Norbert asked as he wiped his sweat away.


Still puzzled, Seiichirou closed his book and said, “Well, he was just asking me what I’m doing here.”


“Ehh? Maybe he’s concerned about you since he knows that you’re summoned with the Saint?”


“Ahh, I see.”


Only a few people knew that Seiichirou was a foreign man that got involved in the Saint’s summoning. The royal palace also wouldn’t lightly expose how they had involved an ordinary person.


Taking that into consideration, the commander of the Third Division of the Knights’ Order was present at the summoning, but he didn’t know about Seiichirou’s subsequent declaration of asking for a job. The knight might have found it suspicious for Seiichirou to be wandering around the royal palace while wearing a civil servant uniform, so he called him out.


“I heard that he’s an uncaring man. Turns out he also has a gentle side~”


Seiichirou doubted that, but he didn’t voice his thoughts out loud.


When Seiichirou and the girl were confused after they were forcibly abducted from a different world, that man didn’t look like he cared at all. Even just now, he acted like he was looking at a suspicious person.


“By the way, could you tell me what is the Third Division of the Knights’ Order?”


“Just talk casually with me, no need to be so stiff! Umm, the Third Division of the Knights’ Order is the group of knights who use both magic and the sword.”


“Magic?” Seiichirou couldn’t help but repeat the word, which he heard for the first time since he came to this world.


“Yes! The First Division of the Knights’ Order is the leading faction, but the Third Division is a group of elite knights with good swordsmanship who are also able to use magic! In particular, Sir Commander Aresh Indrak from before is a special man, you know?”


According to Norbert’s explanation, there were three Knights’ Order divisions in this kingdom.


The First Division guards the royal palace and surrounding town.


The Second Division protects royalty and important people.


The Third Division contains elite knights skilled with magic and the sword.


The black-haired man earlier was the commander of the Third Division of the Knights’ Order, and black was the color of the Third Division. No wonder his uniform was black from top to bottom.


And that man seemed to be a rare genius who took the position of commander at an unusually young age. In addition, his family also had a good reputation.


However, according to the rumors, he was famous for being lazy and uninterested in anything. Perhaps that’s because he’s a genius.


“Hee, that’s amazing.”


Along those lines, Norbert also told Seiichirou that he too was born in an upper-ranked family, and entered the Royal Accounting Department using his connections.


“I guess something like that happens everywhere, eh.”


They met up with Helmuth right at the designated time. First, Helmuth guided Seiichirou to the location of the accounting department. 


The royal palace was large, but the floors used by royalty and guests were clearly separated. The Accounting Department where Seiichiro was supposed to work was located in a building that had rooms for servants like valets and maids.


The room Helmuth guided him to was around the size of a classroom and had six desks.


“Is this all…?”


Seiichirou was surprised that there were only six people in the Royal Accounting Department, which should be the backbone of the royal palace. But to make things worse, Helmuth answered that, including Seiichirou, they only had five people.


“Well, you can get used to your work bit by bit. For now, let’s have a cup of tea.”




They hadn’t even started working yet, but Helmuth went straight to prepare tea cheerfully, following what he just said.


“Eh… Ah… I-I’ll help!” 


Since Seiichirou had the lowest position here, he could only say that as he chased after his boss.



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