Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Chapter 19: The Truth Came Out 

whistle: warning. yua is still in this chapter :v

When Yua had voiced her wish to visit the palace’s royal dining hall, her accompanying maids and knights were shocked. To them, such a place was considered too lowly for the likes of her, but in her previous world, Yua was merely an average schoolgirl. She had been to even more menial places before such as her high school’s cafeteria, family restaurants, and cheap fast food joints.

Ever since Yua came to this world, she had been enjoying a life full of luxury akin to that of a princess in a fairy tale. What those around her did not understand was the fact that Yua had lived a majority of her life as a normal schoolgirl, and that would never change. Even if only this once, she longed to wander around freely and eat without having to mind her manners just as she had in her previous world.

Like her behavior,  Yua’s movements were also restricted by those around her who saw Yua as their would-be savior. She had been told time and again it was necessary for her to live a life more befitting of a Saint. There were strict rules she had to follow, and Yua was expected to give her utmost effort in everything she did, including things she was not very good at in the first place, such as studying.

Yua had wanted to come to the dining hall because she knew Aresh would definitely be there. In addition, it was exciting to see the buffet-style meals laid out on long tables, and it was an especially refreshing sight as all her prior meals had only been served as  extensive full-courses and brought directly to her by hand-picked royal servants.

Eventually, she found him among the people roaming about the dining hall. Her joy, however, was short-lived upon seeing the knight’s commander seated with someone she did not expect to be there. It was Seiichirou Kondou, the man who had been forcibly pulled into this world with her.

“Kondou-san, why are you here…?” she asked, confusion clear on her pretty face.1

The Saint was so baffled by her encounter with Seiichirou seemingly out of the blue that she had completely forgotten about the man she was looking for in the first place. 2

“Eh? Umm… Sir Aresh, I heard that you would be eating in this dining hall, so I’d like to have my lunch with you today… That’s why I came here. Besides, I’ve never been to this place before…” Yua nervously said, her gaze shifting between Aresh and Seiichirou in turns.

She was not only shocked to see Seiichirou’s new appearance, but him being together with Aresh confused her as well. Yua had so many questions running through her mind, but ultimately she decided to go and grab some food first, not wanting to waste this opportunity to eat with Aresh. Yua could ask for answers later.

“Sir Aresh, I’m going to get my meal now. May I sit next to you when I return?”

Aresh nodded at Yua’s request, his eyebrows furrowed for some reason. Yua beamed and rushed back to the tables lined with dishes.

After she had finished choosing a meal that her maid would bring her later, Yua returned to the table and sat down next to Aresh. Seiichirou and Norbert were opposite them. Aresh and Seiichirou were facing one another, whereas Norbert sat nervously across from Yua.  

“Kondou-san, I’m really surprised to see you and Sir Aresh together! I never thought you’d be in the palace too! Do you live here, too?” she asked.

Once she was settled, Seiichirou answered Yua’s question. “No, I don’t live in the palace. I live in a dormitory. Only my current workplace is within the palace proper,” he explained.

“Your workplace is in the palace? Does that mean you work here?”

Yua was surprised to hear Seiichirou’s answer. Without her realizing it, he had started working so soon after coming to this world, and if his explanation was to be believed, Seiichirou had worked as an official in the palace for the last two months.

“Yes, I’m currently stationed in the Royal Accounting Department.”

“I see… You’re still working hard even when you don’t have to. You’re really a corporate slave, huh, Kondou-san!”

Seiichirou’s eyes twitched for a second. He knew that Yua did not intend anything malicious with her words, but the truth was not any less hurtful for him still. It was even worse that Seiichirou could not say anything in response. In an attempt to hide his hurt, Seiichirou forced the corners of his lips to curve upwards until his expression was good enough to pass as a smile.

A girl as young as Yua had probably heard the term “corporate slave” from either the internet or television. Because the media did not necessarily portray the harsh working conditions of an adult accurately, those who were unaware of its cruel reality could lightly speak of such a thing. The phrase itself might even seem kind of funny to them. Seiichirou thought he understood Yua well enough, hence he tried not to take the remark so personally. Instead, it seemed the one most upset about her thoughtless comment was the man sitting before him thought it was likely that irritation was being directed at Seiichirou rather than Yua.

Yua, who did not appear to notice the rude remark she had just made, moved on to ask another question. “Then, how did you and Sir Aresh… Well…”

This was probably the thing that Yua was most curious about. To safely answer the Saint’s question, Seiichirou decided to tell her the same thing he had already told Norbert and others when they had asked him about his relationship with the knight, too. Seiichirou’s explanation would be the abridged version of his experiences with Aresh but without changing much of what had actually happened.

“One day, when I was in town, I suddenly got sick, and Captain Indrak happened to pass by. He saved my life, and ever since, he helps me take care of my health.”

It was obvious to Seiichirou that Yua favoured Aresh in a certain way, so he thought it better to withhold any unnecessary details—the fact that his treatment sessions consisted of them sharing kisses and engaging in “intimate relations”, Aresh coming to pick up Seiichirou after work ended, and having meals together every day did not escape him as an odd sort of relationship for someone to have with their savior. None of that was anything the Saint would be happy to hear, and others might even deem it suspicious. Yua, thankfully, believed Seiichirou’s loose explanation without further question. 

“Is that so!? Wow, Sir Aresh, what a kind-hearted person you are!” She gushed at the knight and fluttered her lashes.

“Huh?” Seiichirou croaked at her reaction.

Did she really believe this scary knight’s commander was a kind-hearted person? Well, it was true that Aresh had saved Seiichirou’s life several times by now, but even so, hearing Aresh referred to as “kind” gave Seiichirou chills down his spine. He was the one being taken care of by nothing short of force.

While Seiichirou was at loss for words, Yua carried on the conversation. “Sir Aresh is so kind to me too! He’s been teaching me how to control my magic once a week. He’s a wonderful tutor!”

“…Huh?” Seiichirou was taken aback by what he just heard. Aresh, the commander of the Third Knights Order, was actually Yua’s magic tutor?

Seiichirou turned towards Aresh to ask for further clarification. “Commander Indrak… you are a knight, right?”

“Yes…” came the immediate reply.

Though Aresh had already told him this once before, Seiichirou had not seriously believed it. If it were true, it did not make a lot of sense.3 Why was a knight’s commander teaching the Saint how to control her magic when he was supposed to be in charge of more chivalric duties? Seiichirou raised his eyebrows while trying to grasp the reasoning behind it. Would not such a job be more suitable for someone with even greater magic expertise?

However, judging from Aresh’s disgruntled response and Yua’s clingy attitude towards him in general, it was obvious that the Saint had requested this arrangement herself. 

Seiichirou was quite impressed; just because the Saint was expected to save the kingdom, she had the authority to broaden the scope of a knight commander’s job on a whim. At the same time, Seiichirou began to more deeply reflect on the assumption he had made about Aresh several days before, about him not doing his job properly.

Due to Aresh’s arrogance, the knight admitted to refusing administrative work as he believed it should be taken care of by those below him. It was clear he firmly abided by the rules of official hierarchy, which doomed him to becoming Yua’s tutor, even against his will. Because, in the end,  a Saint wielded more power than him in this instance. As a corporate slave who also could not defy orders from the ones above himself, Seiichirou could relate to Aresh’s current situation very well. Thus, Aresh managed to gain both Seiichirou’s respect and sympathy.

“What are you looking at…?” Aresh asked Seiichirou, who had been staring at him intently.

Seiichirou averted his gaze. “No, it’s nothing.”

Aresh felt uncomfortable under Seiichirou’s scrutiny, and he made a disgusted face. “You must’ve been thinking something bad about me… Why don’t you focus on eating the Trimp still on your plate instead? I told you to eat everything I pick for you.”

The Trimp, Aresh was referring to, was a dish covered in thick orange sauce that remained untouched on Seiichirou’s plate. The royal official had flinched when he saw it being added to his plate earlier.

“Kondou-san, why would you pick something you don’t want to eat in a buffet like this?” Yua could not help but ask out of curiosity.

“No, I didn’t pick that…”

“This person is vulnerable to mana, so he can only eat what I’ve deemed safe for him,” Aresh answered on Seiichirou’s behalf.

“Eh?” Yua widened her eyes in confusion.

Embarrassed but unwilling to show it, Seiichirou could only sigh internally. Aresh really couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“He’s vulnerable to ‘mana’? What does that mean…?” Yua asked.

“Mana is an element that naturally exists in the air of this world,” Aresh explained. “His body as an otherworlder can’t withstand it in large amounts. However, it’s also found in food, so if I didn’t pick ones low in mana for him, he would’ve died from excessive mana poisoning by now.”

“What!? This is the first time I heard that! Is that even true!? But I’ve been eating fine all this time! Why haven’t I fallen ill!?” Yua was astonished, worrying about her own health now as well.

“You are the chosen Saint of this world. Of course your body already possesses magical power and mana resistance. His, on the other hand, doesn’t. Compared to him, you’re free to eat anything you wish.”

Hearing Aresh’s detailed explanation allowed Yua to breathe out a sigh in relief. Her accompanying knights and maid smiled warmly at her and nodded in agreement. 

“Thank goodness… Oh, Kondou-san, does that mean you can only eat certain foods then? That’s too bad. There are so many delicious foods in this world. I feel awful for you…”

Yua may have been the one feeling bad, but to Seiichirou, this was hardly a big deal. He casually sliced and ate a small piece of the Trimp on his plate.

“No, I’m not much of a foodie in the first place, so it’s not troubling for me at all.”

Seiichirou had never been much of a foodie, even in their previous world. As there was little to no time to buy or prepare food, let alone eat it, he often preferred ingesting supplements as a quick source of nutrients and energy to get through his work day. Thus, he was not particularly upset with the new dietary restrictions imposed on him here in this world. As long as the food he ate could provide him with the energy necessary to work, that would be good enough.

Perplexed, Yua tilted her head at his response. She could not imagine the hardship of eating such a strict diet and all the self-discipline needed to maintain it or even the willpower necessary to avoid temptations that might break it. However, the knight seated beside her knitted his brows together and snorted.

“You’re a liar,” he accused. “I can clearly see it written on your face when you like or dislike whatever you’re eating.”


With the Trimp still in his mouth, Seiichirou could only blink his eyes in offense.4 He certainly had not foreseen Aresh talking to him like this.

“I know that you like Touhasch meat. Hell, you’ll look all over your plate before you start eating just to see if I’ve picked it for you that meal. Once you eat it, you get this really pleased look in your eyes that causes them to droop slightly.You sure talk big for someone so easy to read, hm?” Aresh said with a satisfied smirk on his face. 

 Seiichirou could not deny that he liked the tender and rich taste of Touhasch meat. It was the very first food that he had ever found delicious in this world in addition to it not upsetting his stomach. Yet, Seiichirou did not like how Aresh so frankly pointed out his mannerisms when enjoying his favorite food in front of others this way. Did Aresh not have any idea how embarrassing that might feel for Seiichirou?

“Mr. Sei, your face is turning red,” Norbert said aloud, adding insult to injury.

“Shut up…” Seiichirou snipped and resumed chewing his food. Blood had inadvertently rushed to his cheeks without him even realizing it. His pale complexion, devoid of much color otherwise, was vastly improved. The end result was that the delicate flush on Seiichirou’s face gave him a more lively glow. 5

Irritated by his coworker’s unsolicited comment, Seiichirou snatched the Touhasch meat off Norbert’s plate with his fork and switched it with the Trimp from his own.

“Argh! Mr. Sei, what are you doing!?” Norbert groaned but did nothing to stop it from happening.

“Hey, I told you to finish that.” Aresh clicked his tongue and glared harder at Seiichirou.

Seiichirou’s sneaky plan to ditch the Trimp, which he clearly did not like, was intercepted by the man before him. Aresh took the same dish from his own plate and placed it on Seiichirou’s. Much to his dismay, the accursed Trimp had made its way back onto Seiichirou’s plate,in an even greater amount this time.

“Uh, umm…”

Yua watched the men at her table with some dismay. She was left dumbfounded by the childish exchange happening between these three fully grown adults before her.

For her, it was difficult to understand Seiichirou and Aresh’s actions. Perhaps it was because of how little she had in common with either of them—both were the opposite sex, Seiichirou was clearly older than her by several years, and Aresh was someone who barely talked in general. Yet, despite their own innate differences, they oddly got along well with one another.

Since Yua came to this world, everyone around had always prioritized her and everything was made to revolve around her wishes. No matter what it was about, Yua was always the kingdom’s main priority. Hence, she was not used to being outside the center of attention; she did not quite know what to do now having quickly grown accustomed to the constant consideration she received from others. 

“Umm… Your Holiness…?”

The blond man who sat in front of Yua whispered to her.

Yua remembered his name—Norbert. He had been introduced to her as Seiichirou’s subordinate in the accounting department. She had also heard that Norbert was only able to work in the palace because of his noble birth.

Upon meeting him, Yua did not pay much attention to Norbert at first, but now that she got a closer look at him, she noticed that he was nearer in age to her than compared to either Seiichirou or Aresh. Thus, Yua felt a greater affinity to this unknown blond man with blue eyes.

“Yes? By the way, you can just call me Yua.” As Yua smiled back at Norbert, it helped calm his nerves a little. Finally, he smiled just a bit wider in relief.

“Lady Yua, there’s something I’d like to ask you…”

“What is it?”

“Is it true that the roads in your world  move by themselves so that you don’t actually have to walk?”

“Huh?” She blinked in bewilderment. Yua didn’t understand what Norbert was asking her. She stared at Norbert in obvious confusion, while he stared back at her with a very serious look on his face.

“Mr. Sei told me that! He also told me about how people in your world have the power to fly in the sky and cross the seas in short amounts of time! It’s done not by magic but by the power of ‘science’!!6

“Eh? Eeeh???”

Norbert was looking at Yua with sparkling eyes, deeply intrigued and waiting for her answer. Yua had no clue on what to say to this man with the blue eyes. Of course the Saint knew what he was talking about, but she was flabbergasted by the overblown descriptions his superior had fed him regarding the products of science in their previous world. Still looking for answers, Norbert glanced towards Seiichirou who had told him all this in the first place.

“Well,” Seiichirou started explaining tentatively, “we can only do those things because of the technology that exists in that world. We don’t have any magic or supernatural powers to do all that on our own.”

“What!? You lied to me, Mr. Sei!?!?!?” Norbert was taken aback by Seiichirou’s nonchalant response. Still in a state of disbelief, Norbert shot up out of his seat. 

“Then what about the ceremony where there’s a ritual of throwing explosives into the sky to honor you on your 20th year!? And what about the torture method where someone is tied up, thrown off a cliff, and left to hang there!? Don’t tell me… Are those all lies, too???”

“Umm,” Yua tried her best to explain to Norbert, “yeah, we do have that kind of stuff over there, but it’s definitely not like what you’ve been led to believe…” 

Yua knew that Norbert was talking about Coming of Age Day in Japan, and the explosives were actually an overblown description of fireworks. The so-called ‘torture method’ he was referring to was likely justbungee jumping. In the end, Norbert could only feel betrayed, realizing that he had been fed lies all this time by none other than his own superior.

“No way…!” Norbert slumped back down into his seat. “Mr. Sei, you’re so mean… How could you lie to me like that…?”

“That’s what you get for pestering me while I was busy with work. I might have given you a more straightforward explanation if you were working instead of talking nonstop.” Seiichirou sighed. “Well, at least I was kind enough not to give you the cold shoulder, right?”

Norbert, not appreciating Seiichirou’s sarcasm, protested. “You’re still a big jerk! To think I actually believed you!!” He puffed his cheeks and crossed his arms.

“Let this be a lesson for you to not bother me and take your work more seriously in the future.” Seiichirou, callous as ever, fired another retort at the already heartbroken Norbert.

“Wait… You also told me that some girls in your world wear super short skirts that reveal nearly all of their legs, and they’ll even wear clothing that looks like undergarments at the beach! Was all of that a lie, too?” Norbert asked again, dejectedly.

“Ah, those bits were true though,” Seiichirou responded.

“!?!?” Norbert startled at that.

While they may have sounded like crude and absurd explanations out loud, they were nevertheless accurate descriptions of miniskirts and bikinis. Norbert looked towards Yua for confirmation, and she merely nodded. Indeed, those were true then. 

Finally, from the cold, dark depths of despair, Norbert arose into the light once more. 

It was then that one of the knights behind Yua suddenly barged in on their conversation and slammed a gloved fist onto their table.

“You insolent fool! Don’t you dare flirt with the Saint so shamelessly!!!”

Seiichirou made a face at the red-faced knight who was acting as Yua’s escort. He knew exactly who that threat was meant for; the knight’s attention was only directed at him.

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