Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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13. I Was Prohibited

“No, you’re malnourished too. It’d be bad to depend on medicines in your current state. First you have to build up a resistance, and then you can slowly resume taking supplements.”

Hearing Cielo speak like a doctor, Seiichirou’s agitation became evident for the first time in his life.

“But when I drink that supplement, my weariness dissipates, and my body feels great!”

“That’s just how strong the medicine you were taking is, but your body isn’t equipped to handle it. You don’t want to end up dying because you overdosed on a supplement, right? “

But Seiichirou couldn’t forget that feeling of liberation when he woke up without the stiff neck, lower back pain, and migraines that he’d always imagined he would have to endure for the rest of his life.

Seiichirou muttered to himself in despair, “That was… the only good thing that’s happened to me ever since I came to this world…”

“You said something momentous just now, you realise? “


Seiichirou shifted uncomfortably at the murmurs that echoed throughout the cafeteria.

“What are you doing? Grab a tray quickly.”

In front of Seiichirou, the man who had pompously pointed at the object with his gaze, was the Captain of the Third Knight Order, Aresh. He was waiting for Seiichirou to move first, seemingly unconcerned with the tense atmosphere around him.

How did it end up like this…?

Taking the buffet tray, Seiichirou thought about everything that had happened so far..

He’d already been scolded for his inappropriate use of the supplement before this. And after he finished listening seriously to the lecture about his unhealthy lifestyle and everyday eating habits, he thought he would be permitted to return to work. Aresh had other plans, however. He was insistent that there was still time left during their lunch period and had dragged Seiichirou to the cafeteria. Being scolded like this at his age came as a great shock to Seiichirou.

But no matter how much it bothered him, this person was his lifesaver and a big-shot from another department. On top of his nature as a corporate slave having been drilled into his bones, Seiichirou’s morals would not allow him to oppose such a superior, and thus he quietly obeyed.

“This one, that one, and this is fine, too.”

Currently, Aresh was putting different kinds of food on Seiichiro’s plate, one after another.

“Remember, there’s little mana in Touhasch meat. As long as it’s in soup, you can eat it.”

That’s right. He was picking out foods that contained little to no mana and serving them to Seiichirou.

Eyeing the mountain of food that had been piled before him, one dish on top of the other, Seiichirou replied warily, “…Thank you, but this is too much for me.” His response was met with a glare.

“Tch, you can’t even eat this much? Then at least eat the meat and cereals. Don’t leave the soup either. We need to build up your stamina first.”

As he listened to the words Aresh spoke after clicking his tongue, Seiichirou left the fact of whether or not he could do that out and merely replied in the affirmative. It was simply the nature of a corporate slave to never defy a superior’s orders.

By the end of the meal, Seiichirou felt a little queasy having not eaten so much in such a long time. He was finally freed from Aresh’s clutches just before the lunch period ended. When he returned to his workplace, there were tons of questions waiting for him from his colleagues in the accounting department, starting with Norbert.

“I fell ill downtown yesterday and was helped by the Knight’s Captain who happened to be passing by. That’s why he took me to the medical office earlier and made sure I received a checkup today. It was merely out of concern.”

Seeing that his coworkers were not going to bother hiding their curiosity, Seiichirou took the time to summarise the events and stated each one matter-of-factly.

“Speaking of Captain Indrak, he’s not known for being worried about other people, is he?

“Yeah, that’s right. He’s a super talented elite, but he’s almost always apathetic to his surroundings.”

“But if he’s such an elite that can get everything he wants, I think that’s understandable.”

Seiichirou, who was more preoccupied with quickly finishing off work that was behind schedule, ignored the gossip of his colleagues and focused back on the documents in his hand. Norbert, seated next to him, brought his face close and leaned in as though they were having a secret conversation.

“Hey, is the higher-up Mr. Sei causing trouble for Captain Indrak perhaps?”

The more Seiichirou examined his present situation, the more the person involved in this morning’s question must have become clearer. Or maybe, it was just that Norbert’s intuition was unusually strong.

Seeing that he could not evade answering the question, Seiichirou nodded honestly.

“It’s amazing in itself that you made Captain Indrak use his magic, but for him to not punish you, even though you caused him so much trouble, is even more amazing! ” Norbert uttered those lines with a smile that seemed to praise Seiichirou on the surface, but they were carefully chosen to sound more like a warning.

I could be subject to punishment for something like that, huh?

Seiichirou decided then that he should apologise quickly and compensate the captain for his help.

For now, let me sort out the rest of these documents in front of me, he thought. But in spite of Seiichirou’s best efforts to do so, his work did not progress as planned. It still wasn’t done by the end of the work day.

The main reason being that he was too busy responding to complaints about the denied budget applications from other, overly familiar departments. Even though Seiichirou had recently been promoted, he still worked in the accounting department, and moreover, was only respected at the level of a deputy director. In Japanese office terms, that was equivalent to being an assistant manager. It was the same title as his previous job, just as he had suspected.

But because the Third Order of Knights was made up of elites, they all thought everyone should treat them more favourably than others. Thus, they had submitted the most complaints about Seiichirou’s latest budget revisions.

It was as Seiichirou thought. They were trying to make a fool of him, a person from another world who was only seen as middle-management here and with no peers to boot. Seiichirou, who could use neither magic nor swords, must have seemed like the lowest class of human to them.

As always, they made a lot of unreasonable complaints and monopolized his work hours.

It must be a waste of time for them to come all the way here just to complain, too. Maybe I should ask for everything in writing from now on. No, shouting complaints at me must also serve as a form of stress relief…? Then maybe I can set up something with an audio recording device attached and listen to their messages later?

Seiichirou tried to think of the most efficient method of dealing with this setback, but was unable to come up with a proper solution. As expected, because he was born in a democratic society, he wasn’t used to working with people who held such a strong sense of entitlement. Maybe that is one of the main reasons why I can’t handle them very well, Seiichirou thought.

Likely, there were many other reasons why, but because Seiichirou couldn’t understand the concept of “not prioritising work”, there was no way he could even begin to grasp how to deal with others outside of it. Later, when Seiichirou casually tried asking his boss about the possibility of arranging a box with audio recording functions for such a purpose, Helmuth’s first response was questioning why one was needed in the first place. After listening to Seiichirou’s explanation, Helmuth had turned pale and shook his head.

This department must have made another calculation error—no, they inflated the claim on purpose… Rejected.

In the end, Seiichirou was left alone in the accounting department office, still calculating with his abacus.

In addition to checking each department’s budget application every day, Seiichirou, who didn’t yet possess common sense about this world, had to review every single one. He needed to understand them from the ground up to calculate the expenses necessary for operations properly.

All the time in the world wouldn’t be enough.

If only I had that supplement, I could cut down on my need for sleep and work more, Seiichirou lamented.

“No, that stuff was too strong, but wouldn’t something less potent work just as well…?”

Even in Japan, all kinds of supplements were arranged from best to worst in their efficacy. If there was something out there that wouldn’t become an obstacle in a person’s daily life, perhaps even someone like Seiichirou could take it once every three days.

Well then, let me go back to the pharmacy next week and try asking then.

Just as he reached out to begin work on the next document with renewed determination, Seiichirou heard the door that was supposed to be locked opening. A handsome man stood in the doorway, dressed all in black. There were wrinkles present between his eyebrows, but even those looked regal.

“Captain Indrak? “

Why was the Knight’s Captain in the accounting department? For a moment, Seiichirou thought the Captain had come to personally complain about a budget application. But no matter what he may have thought at first glance, he didn’t really believe Aresh the type to care about other such trivialities. That was just his own impression after meeting the man a few times.

“It’s well past working hours. What are you doing now?” a low, beautiful voice asked him. It was then Seiichirou remembered that he’d once heard a beautiful voice was dependent on a person’s skeletal structure, and that those with exceptional looks would always have lovely voices without fail. While thinking so, Seiichirou showed the stack of papers in his hand.

“I am a little behind schedule on my work today. There are still a lot of things I have left to do.”

“Are you alone? “

“Yes, because it’s my work.”

To be precise, it was work that Seiichirou himself had deemed necessary and added to his workload on his own. Even if nobody had asked him to in the first place, he still would have willfully done so anyway.

“Did you forget that you almost died yesterday!?”

Yes, that was true.

Although he was still numb from the waist-down, Seiichirou was in great form otherwise and had completely forgotten about that. It was, however, impossible to deny that he had been on death’s door the day before, twice over.

Aresh’s brows furrowed even deeper as Seiichirou must have made a face of sudden realisation.

“Even the medical director told you to take care of your body first!”

“No…yes, my apologies. My body is in great condition right now, so I forgot about that.”

“That is because you were “acclimatized” to my magic! How many times do you intend for me to repeat that!?”

What he was referring to was the sex they’d had previously. Maybe if they did it again, Seiichirou could resume taking the supplement. Ah, but that might require Aresh to cast recovery magic on him and inconvenience him again… No, before that, Seiichirou needed to get Aresh’s consent prior to engaging in such an act.

A man’s pride and a man’s work weighed heavily against the compensation he knew he would have to pay Aresh for such an arrangement. Seiichirou lost himself in thought for a while, weighing his options.

“Don’t even think about it, you idiot!!”

Aresh’s angry voice echoed loudly through the office. He stormed straight towards Seiichirou, and the hand holding his documents was grabbed while the papers scattered all over the floor.


“You will end your work here today! Let’s go! “

“Eh? W-Wait…!”

Ignoring all of his protests, Aresh bodily dragged Seiichirou out of the office.

This is just a repeat of what happened in the afternoon. More importantly, my documents! At least let me take some of them to work on at home…!

 Seiichirou’s request, of course, fell on deaf ears.

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Thanks for the chapter! Happy holidays!

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Sadie Woods
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Thank you for this wonder gift! Merry Christmas! Thanks for your hard work translating!

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