Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Editor: Argenti, Jennicide

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Kondou Seiichirou was immediately taken to the medical office in the royal palace. Along the way, he was stared at by those he and Aresh passed by.

To be more precise, he was taken to the Health Department. Seiichirou knew about this place because Norbert had shown him the interior of the royal palace via a diagram; this was the first time he’d ever set foot here.

As Aresh dragged Seiichirou with him, he abruptly opened the door without even bothering to knock first. What awaited beyond the door was space enough to fit around five to six people altogether with chairs. In Seiichirou’s eyes, it was reminiscent of a waiting room in a private hospital.

Once they were inside, Aresh went to talk with a man dressed in short sleeved attire—slightly different from the royal palace’s official uniform. The man had a look of surprise plastered on his face at the sudden intrusion.

“Yes, Captain Indrak? Do you need some sort of treatment?”

“It’s not for me. Is Querbes here?”

“The Health Director? He should be inside… Ah!” Before the man could finish his words, Aresh took Seiichirou and went deeper inside the hall and headed towards another door. He opened it once again, without knocking.

“Oh, what a surprise to see you here, Aresh. Long time no see,” said a voice inside the room.

The current room they entered was furnished with a desk, a cot, and tall bookshelves pushed against the walls. The room looked like it was used for both examinations and studies.

The man that sat on a chair at the center of the room turned around when Aresh barged inside. A sweet smell wafted through the air—it was from the puff of smoke he casually exhaled. Seiichirou’s perceptive skills quickly recognized the scent of the smoke rising from the man’s cigarette.

He looked to be around thirty and had blond, wavy hair tied behind his head. He even seemed to exude a warm persona and eyes from behind his gold-rimmed glasses. Unlike the royal’s palace’s official uniform which was white, this man’s uniform was blue under a white coat similar to that of a doctor’s.

Still, what caught Seiichirou’s utmost attention was the cigarette held between the man’s lips.

“It’s a cigarette…” Not once hadd Seiichirou seen a cigarette since he was transported to this other world. Now, one was right before his eyes after he’d been forced to endure his cravings for over a month.

“Hmm? You want this?”

The man took the cigarette out of his mouth and held it between two fingers. This was enough to tempt Seiichirou to approach him subconsciously. Aresh, seeing this, grabbed Seiichirou by the collar and pulled him backwards.


“Don’t be stupid. Are you planning to die or what?”

The man who was smoking thought Aresh had referred to him. “What are you talking about, Aresh? I won’t die simply from smoking~”

Aresh spouted an immediate answer without a hint of hesitation in his voice. “The one who’s going to die is this person,” he clarified to show that he was talking about Seiichirou.

The blond man tilted his head in confusion.


Seiichirou was confused as well. He already knew that cigarettes were harmful to his health as it was common sense, but just one wouldn’t kill him immediately.

“Come to think of it, who are you?”

The man asked Seiichirou a question he was bound to ask eventually, since a stranger was brought into his office all sudden. Seiichirou was unable to properly grasp the situation as much as the other man at first, then remembered that he was still, literally, in his workplace. He straightened his posture and dutifully answered the man’s question.

“Excuse me for my lack of manners. My name is Kondou, currently serving as the assistant director of the accounting department.”

“Hm? Ah, right! You’re the Saint’s extra!! No, it’s okay, I’ve heard about you before. I am the director of the health department, my name is Cielo Querbes. Pleased to meet you.”

Seiichirou wanted to exchange a handshake with Cielo, but he wondered if he had the right to do so in case the latter’s position as the health director was at the same level as the knight’s captain. Seiichirou hesitantly held out his hand, but Cielo didn’t seem to mind and accepted the handshake.

“My~, I did want to meet you for once. By the way, why are you with Aresh? Are you an acquaintance of his?” Cielo asked with a relaxed smile. Seiichirou was lost for words; he was unable to answer the question.

If yesterday, when they spent the night together, did count as them getting acquainted with each other, then yes.

Without wasting time, Aresh got straight to the point, “He almost died yesterday from poisoning and magic intoxication. As someone from the other world, it seems that his body is different from everyone here.”

“Ehh!?” Seiichirou and Cielo both cried out in unison.

Cielo thought this would take more time to figure out; hence he invited the two into the reception room nearby. Seiichirou felt that this place was more suitable to house the many bookshelves versus the examination room, where patient check-up should be the priority.

“How strange? Certainly, I examined the Saint as soon as she came to this world, and I found nothing unusual…” Cielo informed them while scratching his head in confusion.

Aresh refuted that. “The Saint is here to carry out the ‘purification’ ritual, of course she will possess some form of  magic. But this person does not.”

“Now that you mention it, I guess that is the case.”

Even Seiichirou thought that his body should work similarly to Yua’s. There was also the matter of their differences in upbringing—especially environments. Although people who lived on Earth breathed the same air and were all pulled by the same gravitational force, their bodies ultimately would differ from one another in many ways—such as allergies.

“Besides, he was dragged along in the Saint’s summoning. Perhaps he didn’t receive the protection that the one being summoned is supposed to have,” Aresh added.

“Ah… I see.”

“Don’t you ‘I see’ me, when you shouldn’t have left him unchecked in the first place.”

“Oh, no, that isn’t the case. I was never ordered to do so.”

While Seiichirou did not participate in the conversation, he keenly listened to them speak. He could understand where Cielo was coming from. Even though the kingdom protected Seiichirou and provided for his needs at the same time, it was only to uphold their honor. Otherwise, they would not care—if he had died on the spot during the summoning, the kingdom might have rejoiced over their decreased burden.

He understood the situation he was in well enough, so he regretted not asking to be examined earlier for his own sake.

“Now then… What was your name again?”

“I’m Kondou.”

Cielo attempted to get the gist of Seiichirou’s situation. “Kondoh, so you have no resistance to magic. Once you are exposed to it, you will get intoxicated, am I getting this right?”

“Perhaps so,” Seiichirou confirmed. He only knew that magic intoxication was the feverish state he had after Aresh healed him with magic, and so he nodded.

“What about the poisoning? How did that happen?” asked Cielo.

“Figure it out yourself. Don’t you call yourself a doctor?”

Cielo tilted his head in response as he was ordered around by Aresh. Based on this interaction, Seiichirou wondered if the captain of the Third Knight’s Order was allowed to act condescendingly towards the health director… Maybe Cielo’s rank was lower than Aresh’s after all. It was the logical conclusion Seiichirou jumped to after some thought.

Cielo briefly looked upwards. He was deep in his own thoughts. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he turned towards Seiichirou.

“Then you’re not resistant to ‘mana’ as well, am I right?”

“Mana?” A new word made its way into his ears. This time, Seiichirou was the one to tilt his head.

“You don’t know what mana is? Well, it’s a kind of energy that exists in the air, especially in places inhabited by beasts where mana is most concentrated.”

It was not the same as pollution. Obviously, the magic in this world needed energy to operate— such as the magical stones imbued with mana that could be used to make useful tools.

“When it comes to medicines, they are typically made up of many herbs. Of course, overdosing on herbs is toxic for you. Isn’t that right, Aresh?”

“How the hell would I know? Determining something like that is your job.”

Although Aresh gave a blunt response, it seemed that he had been expecting the same explanation.

“It’s important to note that mana is also contained in every food item. Since you are not resistant, you could have gotten poisoned long before you took the drugs.”

Cielo began acting more like a typical doctor then. He asked about Seiichirou’s daily eating habits.

“First, I’ll have vegetable soup for breakfast, a homemade vegetable sandwich for lunch, and I mainly eat vegetables at the dormitory’s buffet for dinner.”

“Hmm… Eh? Your body can actually put up with just vegetables?”

Well, did his body actually put up with it? He’d believed it was a healthier diet compared to when he was in Japan, so that was probably why. “If I eat meat, my stomach will hurt afterwards… I get it, maybe this mana thing is the reason behind that.”

Cielo was flabbergasted at Seiichirou’s response. “That’s the point where you should’ve noticed it earlier!”

Of course someone like Seiichirou wouldn’t have noticed anything—due to his unhealthy lifestyle and lack of sleep in his own world, his digestive organs had become too weak to digest meat. As a result, his stomach often hurt due to indigestion. This was normal in the past hence it wouldn’t have alarmed him at all.

“Aresh, there’s something wrong with this guy!!”

“You think so, too?”

Seiichirou blankly stared at the two of them and failed to understand why they were so weirded out by him.

“But whenever I feel sick, I’ll just throw up to make myself better… Problem solved.”

The simple yet effective cure for indigestion was vomiting. In addition to other reasons like stress and so on, Seiichirou had become some of an expert in this area. 1

“No! Why are you saying that like it’s normal!? If you feel sick, shouldn’t you get some rest instead???” In the end, the trio was overtaken by silence. Cielo was astonished, Aresh furrowed his brows, and Seiichirou kept a straight face.

Everything else aside, Cielo decided to perform a check-up on Seiichirou’s body in the end. “I’m about to use the ‘appraisal magic’ on him. Will that be okay?”

“Magic on that level should be fine.”

At first, Seiichirou wondered why Aresh was the one being asked to give permission over his body, 2 but as he looked back on the current situation, he understood that the latter knew more about certain things compared to him. Magic was one of those things. He had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

“Here I go~ ‘Examination Scan’!”

Cielo chanted a spell. As he did, Seiichirou was showered by white light. This was the first time Seiichirou got to witness magic while being fully conscious, and he was a bit excited at the prospect. Is this going to work like an X-ray or something? Or more like a CT scan?, Seiichirou wondered. Either way, Seiichirou thought this was a very convenient use of magic. 

Shortly after, he felt himself begin to sway.


Just as he could no longer keep his wobbling head upright, he felt something touch his hand. And just like that, Seiichirou regained his balance.

A sudden warmth enveloped Seiichirou’s hand, and he looked down to find Aresh had interlaced his fingers with Seiichirou’s. Their fingers were woven together like those of a pair of lovers.

“I’m familiarizing you with magic. For now, let us stay like this.”

Aresh had told the truth. In fact, Seiichirou’s head got clearer the moment they touched, like how water helped to relieve him when he was drunk. Therefore, Seiichirou obediently complied.

The treatment session had consisted of them kissing and having sex. And this latest addition was them holding each other’s hands. The latter was easier to accept.3

“Eh…” The one to be surprised the most was Cielo. He couldn’t keep his eyes away from their joined hands.

“You get it now?” Aresh asked Cielo.

“Umm, yeah…”

As prompted by Aresh, Cielo was himself again and looked up towards the two. “Well, I do see that Kondoh is vulnerable to magic and mana. However, his resistance is not zero.”

“…So you’re saying that he can resist them a little, huh?”

It would appear that, similar to how living things continually adapted to their surroundings in order to survive, the basic rule of nature seemed to apply in this other world too. 4Whistle the bio student: original is “cells of living things will adapt to the environment” which is actually incorrect. it’s the genes that do the evolution stuff. source: yeah whistle did study for her midterm)5

“Even so, if he starts eating food that doesn’t contain much mana, he can build up a resistance little by little. I think he’ll be able to eat normally after that.”

This was Cielo indirectly telling Seiichirou to eat more as there was no way the doctor would approve of him eating nothing but vegetables for the rest of his life. Thus, Seiichirou chose to follow the doctor’s instructions.

However it may seem to others, Seiichirou did value his own life. This doctor named Cielo might appear to be a nonchalant person at first, but Seiichirou decided to trust him. After all, the captain of the Third Knight’s Order was here with him. It was possible, Seiichirou thought, that Cielo could be lying to him, but he definitely would not lie to Aresh.

This doctor’s words would be the key towards his adaptation in the other world now. Seiichirou carefully listened to Cielo and nodded his head.

“One more thing, drugs, cigarettes, and stimulants contain high amounts of mana. Please avoid using them at all costs.”

“What!!?? No way!!”

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