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Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Mik

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11. I was dragged away

Seiichirou Kondou arrived at the office as fast as he could after a struggle, dragging his lethargic lower body, and opened the door with the same amount of vigour.

“Sorry, I’m late!”

On the other hand, the members of the accounting department were relaxing and enjoying some tea, like they had on his first day.

“Oh, you’re here, Kondoh. Let’s start work then?”

“I arrived before you today, Mr. Sei!”

Seiichirou wondered why he bothered rushing in, but since it was his fault for oversleeping (having sex to harmonize his magic because of magic intoxication), he just bowed again and took his seat.

It didn’t happen the moment he sat down, but as time went by, the pain and discomfort slowly gnawed at Seiichiro and he couldn’t concentrate. It made him miss Japan and wish for a doughnut-shaped cushion from the bottom of his heart.

However, his head was strangely clear, and the effects of the supplements were also apparent despite the magic poisoning that he had. If anything, he was in better shape than usual.

(Is this the power of magic…?)

Although it has been a month since he came to this world, Seiichirou, who hasn’t experienced much of its peculiar culture yet, was impressed once more.

Magic seemed to be very convenient since science and technology weren’t as developed here, or rather​, since science wasn’t needed as much due to magic. However, he understood that not everyone could use this reliable magic. And that there seemed to be some bias in this regard.

That’s why the Third division of the Knights Order, who possessed powerful magic, was so big in the royal palace.1

Thinking up to this point, it suddenly occurred to him.

(Isn’t it quite amazing that the Captain of the Third division saved my life then…?)

He had a valuable talented person use his precious magic on him and on top of that, have sex with him in the name of saving his life. If Seiichiro were a woman, one could say a man’s desire was involved, but he was a man close to his thirties and not even beautiful. Also, looking at Aresh, he didn’t seem to be bothered with having men as his sexual partners.

Thinking about it… it was amazing. But he (Aresh) had sex, that he didn’t want, just to save his life.

(Even if I apply this to Japanese laws, my position is very bad.)

He was so busy with waking up and being late to work that he thought it would be okay to pay him back later, but that was bad. It was not something that could be dismissed with a box of pastries.2


Seiichirou gave in to Norbert’s persistence to call him by his nickname. But Norbert, who hadn’t been concentrating on his work from the beginning, immediately looked up at Seiichirou’s unusual action (of calling him out) in the middle of work.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Sei?”

Although he was the one who called out, Seiichirou was at a loss for a moment on what to say, as Norbert turned his head to him.

“Well…How do you usually apologise for causing trouble to your superior?”

“Superior? Do they have a title?”

“Title…ah yes.”

Come to think of it; I think I heard that he is from a Marquis’s family.

“There are many titles, but if they’re a member of the upper houses, the worst case would be imprisonment.”


If one thinks about it, it was the norm for this country with its firm social status system. While Seiichirou reprimanded himself for being too accustomed to a democratic government, he pondered on how to avoid that somehow.

I won’t be able to bring any documents with me to prison.

“Who did you bother, Mr. Sei?”

Norbert’s usual cheerful expression became a little bit serious.


“Well, I believe it might more or less get overlooked ‘cause the country treats Mr. Sei as a guest from the otherworld, and you’re under their protection.”

Perhaps Nobert added that to comfort him, which made Seiichirou nod slightly..3

That’s right. He could claim that he didn’t know much about the aristocratic system, and ask for protection by expressing his remorse…

Should he ask his direct superior, Helmut, for help… ? However, he felt uneasy because whether one likes it or not, that man had a principle of letting sleeping dogs lie. He was not a bad person though.

After that, he also asked about the price of magic, but it seemed that regarding the market price, gold coins were sometimes necessary. It depended on the magic-user and the content. A gold coin was worth about 2.5 million Japanese yen.

Let’s ask if it could be divided somehow.

Anyway, Seiichiro was wondering what to do in the first place because to meet up with Aresh, the captain of the Third division of the Knights Order, without causing any trouble would be very difficult. But his worries were unfounded.


Aresh Indrak’s face looked more sour than usual while he was performing his duties. It was because he was training the Saint in magic this morning.

“How old were you when you first thought of becoming a Knight, Sir Aresh?”

How many times had Aresh sighed in reply to the smiling black-haired girl’s various questions? 

What irritated him even more, was the man from the same world as the Saint. Aresh found the Otherworlder dying yesterday. He couldn’t just leave him like that, so he tried to treat him with magic, but that resulted in magic intoxication. And since he was the cause of it, he had to treat him for it too. So, he had no choice but to carry him to a nearby inn.

He has never heard of any treatment for “Magic intoxication” in adults, but he knew the principle. Aresh had no choice but to join his lips and body with the man who looked up at him with moist eyes and flushed cheeks.

His body had neither muscles nor fat, and he was also uncomfortable to embrace. Though, his sweaty skin fit strangely well in Aresh’s hands. The goal was to transfer magic and harmonize the magical power, but the quickest way was to pour the energy into his body.

He had no experience with men, but other than the place where he had to put it in, everything else was the same. Although Seiichirou’s dull eyes, that he had seen several times before, were melting with heat, Aresh felt it appease his heart and prompt him to pour his energy into that man’s…. into Seiichirou’s body.


When Aresh considered what Seiichirou’s reaction would be when he woke up in the morning, him just having a simple conversation, saying “I have work.” then leaving, wasn’t it.

A few hours ago, he was… he embraced a guy for the first time. No matter how you think about it, he seemed to have a screw loose. He was dying in the first place. If Aresh just passed him by, he would have certainly died without medical treatment. And yet ‘I’ve work to do.’? He had no idea what goes on in his (Seiichirou’s) head at all.

Do Otherworlders just have different common sense?

Aresh reluctantly went to work with these gloomy feelings, as the Saint who was also an Otherworlder, looking carefree, talked to him with a friendly smile.

“Would you like to have lunch with me today? The meals that the chef makes here are really delicious~!”

He knows that, since it was supposedly the royal cook who cooked the Saint’s meals. Aresh had also tried them at dinners and such.

Then it hit him.

That man should be working in the royal palace accounting department, so he was probably having lunch in the royal palace dining hall. He had no obligation to go out of his way to check on him, but if Aresh himself went to the dining hall for lunch, then it’s just that.

“I’m sorry, but I have something to do. That’s it for today. Practice your magic control over the next three days.”


With that said, he left the Saint’s room without hearing her answer.

He just went to get himself some lunch during his lunch break. As he kept telling himself that, what awaited him there, were civil servants and Knights eating as much as they wanted. 

When he looked around, he found a gathering of people wearing the official brown uniform of the accounting department, but there was no one with black hair among them.


“Huh? …Kn-Knight Commander Indrak!”

When he called out, the young blonde man in the front stood up in a hurry. He thought he had seen him before, he was the man who called out to Seiichirou at that time in front of the royal palace.

“Where is he?”

“Huh? H-He…?”

In responses to Aresh’s direct question, Norbert tilted his head as he broke out in a cold sweat.

“That guy. The Otherworlder.”

“Oh, Mr. Sei! If it is Mr. Sei, he always eats whatever he brought with him in the office during lunch break.”

“Brought with him…?”

He must have come here today straight from the inn that he and Aresh went to as he was in such a hurry. It was unlikely that he either returned home and made himself a meal or bought one on his way.

Aresh frowned his eyebrows.

“…I see,” Aresh said as he hurried out of the dining hall.

The members of the accounting department couldn’t understand the situation and looked at him in bewilderment as he took off.

“Mr. Sei…what the hell did you do?” muttered Nobert. He was the only one who remembered the question that Seiichirou had asked this morning.

As Aresh had suspected, Seiichirou didn’t have his lunch with him.

But, it’s not like he’s going to die from skipping one meal.

Rather, Seiichirou was using the abacus to make up for falling behind in his work yesterday and today.

The moment he touched the next document, in a good mood that his work wouldn’t be interrupted during lunch break, the door to the accounting department’s office opened with force.

Raising his head to see what’s the matter, he saw the beautiful face that he had seen earlier this morning standing there with a displeased look.


As Seiichirou blinked, Aresh unceremoniously let himself in, walked up to him, and made him stand up using one hand.

“Let’s go.”


Seiichirou was not even allowed to ask, “Where?” as he got dragged out of his office.

Author’s notes:

The Protagonist that thinks that the Otherworlders have some screws loose.

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5 months ago

Honestly, Seiichirou needs someone like Aresh to care about him, ’cause he’s so bad at caring for himself


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