Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

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Hasr Note: Though the author labelled this chapter NSFW, I found this a lot more tame than the other translations on this site. Personally, I’d give it a R-15 or maybe even a R-13.

Chapter 10: I was Nursed (NSFW)

A/N: It’s a little R-18.

 Something felt soft and fluffy.

 In addition to his head feeling fuzzy, his thoughts were in disarray. It was similar to what he felt when he was drunk. This reminded Seiichirou that he hasn’t had alcohol since he came here.

 Even in the other world, Seiichirou, who was tired most of the time, was not a huge fan of alcohol.

It was only on days when he was so tired that he felt wide awake that he borrowed the power of alcohol to fall asleep.

 It was a similar sensation to those times.


 Pushing through his lightheadedness, he racked his brain to find out why he had drunk alcohol.

 Hmm, he was certainly promoted by the Prime Minister, and did his work as usual, ah, that’s wrong. Today, he left without doing overtime.


 That’s right, he had run out of the supplement. He had left early to buy that, and after buying it, had decided to drink it right away…huh?

“Hey! You’re awake, aren’t you!?”

“…Huh? “

 When he opened his eyes, he saw the close-up of a ridiculously handsome man with black hair and violet eyes.

 Although he had been in a daze for a while, when he came back to himself, he looked at his surroundings and saw himself lying down on a bed in an unfamiliar room. And that handsome man…ah, that’s right. He was no doubt that elite beauty said to be the Captain of the Third Knight Order or something. Why was he looming over him? And in addition, Seiichirou’s official uniform was opened all the way down the front, exposing his bare skin.

…Yeah, I absolutely don’t understand.

“…Uhm, good morning.”

 For now all that he knew was that he was awake, thus Seiichirou decided to greet the man as a regular coworker.

“You took the supplement from the pharmacy, leading to symptoms of addiction. Do you remember? “

 His question brought back vague memories.

That’s right…when I drank the supplement in one gulp as always, I got awful nausea, headaches, and it became hard to breathe…

 However, right now, although his head felt light and feverish, he had no headaches or nausea, and his breathing was stable.

 While he didn’t understand what it had to do with him being half-naked on the bed and the man looming over him, looking at his condition and the man’s attitude, it seemed as if he had been rescued by him.

“I apologise for causing you trouble.”

“…Do you remember it?”


 When he answered the question honestly, the man let out a sigh. I’m sorry.

“When you exhibited symptoms of addiction, I happened to pass by and performed ‘Life Magic’ on you.

“Life magic…”

 Mulling over the unfamiliar words for a while, he remembered that this was another world with magic.

More importantly, can you really treat addiction with magic? That’s amazing!

“Once again, I’m really sorry for making you go through all that trouble.”

 When he apologised, the man clicked his tongue.

 Pehaps it was because of his lightheadedness, but his tongue seemed sluggish.

“It really is troublesome…”

 His muttering carried an air of exasperation, but it sounded more apologetic than angry. Seiichirou was aware that the pain and shortness of breath were a serious problem.

“Listen up. When you were about to die from the poisoning symptoms caused by the medicine, I saved you with magic.”

“Got it.”

 Hearing his admonishing tone, Seiichirou nodded obediently. More importantly, he was on the verge of death?

“However, because you are from the other world, you had no resistance to magic.”

“So…? “

“And because of that you now are affected by ‘Magic Intoxication’.”


 So that’s what this light-headed feeling was, Seiichrou thought. But it seemed like he had already given him first aid for his ‘Magic Intoxication’.

“Your lack of resistance towards magic is abnormal, and I ended up using too much magic.

 And if we do not treat the ‘Magic Intoxication’ then your life might be at risk.”


 He could hear the words the man said, but his muddled brain took some time to digest its meaning.

  Seiichirou squirmed about, his feverish body making him uncomfortable.

“…I have only given you first aid till now. For the treatment ahead, I want to be sure that I obtain the consent of the person in question before going ahead, can you hear me? “

 He heard him. Seiichirou nodded to signal that he had heard.

“The treatment for ‘Magic Intoxication’ is to acclimate the subject to the magic type of the caster themselves. Your body cannot hold the amount of magic power you have inside you right now, so it is causing a fever. If this continues, your vital organs will shut down due to the excess magic power and you will die. Do you consent to the treatment?”

 He didn’t quite understand what acclimitising to magic meant. As expected, this was the other world.

 However, Seiichirou had no intentions of dying.

 He was still not done with those documents and problems.

 That’s why he replied.

“Please, go ahead.”

 The man grimaced for a moment… and then began taking off his black uniform.


 The half-naked man’s upper body revealed strong muscles, unlike Seiichirou’s pallid body.

 With his muscular arms, he easily stripped off Seiichirou’s half-removed uniform.

“…Open your mouth.”

 When ordered, Seiichirou parted his lips slightly. The man’s handsome face came closer and closer… and their lips met.


 Their tongues entwined, making wet sounds as Seiichirou muddleheadedly tried to make sense of the situation.

 However, before that, the fever in his body accepted the man’s saliva, imparting a comfortable sensation.

“…This is the first aid.

 As I said before, just this won’t solve the problem, so we have to do it till the end.”


 He understood. Somehow, he understood.

 As their bodies drew closer, with the caresses extending to his lower half, Seiichirou understood the situation.

 However he couldn’t think of anything else.

 In addition to his existing fever, he felt a heat slowly spread through his body with each fleeting touch. That must be magic, he thought. And the troublesome heat, along with the comfortable sensation, caused a suffocating sensation in Seiichirou’s lower half.

“Ha… ah, ahh…!”

 Even when his body was turned around and the caresses reached his butt, Seiichirou entrusted the man to do as he pleased.


 The first thing that came into sight when he opened his eyes was an unfamiliar ceiling.

 Seiichirou’s head was clear-headed to the point that he could belt out a verse from memory.

 As he continued to get up, he saw a half-naked man wearing a black shirt, drinking tea.

 He clearly remembered what happened.

“Are you awake?”

 When the man called out to him, he nodded..

 Once again, he replayed the scene in his mind.

 He also remembered and understood the things that the man had spoken about the day before. While he had only heard half of what was said and he hadn’t been able to follow the events quite well in the moment….

He fully understood the meaning of the dull pain in his waist, the creaking of his hips, that he didn’t usually move, and most importantly, the stinging pain in ‘that’ place very well.

 In addition, he wondered.

“What time is it now?”


 Giving up on getting answers from the round-eyed man, he looked for a clock in the room.

 He found an ornate and hard to see clock hanging on the wall, and Seiichiro turned pale on seeing the time it showed.

“I’m late!!!”


 It was already just a little before the hour of light. It was time for work to begin. He didn’t know where he was, but he was pretty sure that he was downtown. When he factored in the time it takes to get to the Royal Palace, he was pretty sure he wouldn’t  be able to make it.

 Yesterday, he had left work early to buy supplements, so he had a lot of work piled up, but now he couldn’t even make it to work on time.

 Seiichirou hurriedly put on his scattered clothing and grabbed his cloak. In this situation, a few wrinkles couldn’t be helped.

“I’m sorry! I’ll thank you later for saving my life! I have lots of work to do, so please excuse me!!”

 Uttering all this in one breath, the man rushed out of the room, not waiting for a reply.

 Left behind, the Captain of the Third Knight Order, Aresh was dumbfounded for a while and then he shouted.


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Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
12 days ago

CONSENT. HE ASKED FOR CONSENT. Sorry I’ve been reading a lot of fked up novels these days this is quite a fresh air omg

haru haru
haru haru
7 months ago

love that he asked for consent first (although our kondou didn’t know what he was consenting to but aresh definitely thought this was common sense again lol) very cool

Forest shadow
Forest shadow
8 months ago

Thanks for the hard work love the story ^_^

9 months ago

Seiichirou being told he has to have gay s*x or die: ok.
Seiichirou upon learning he’s late for work: OMG OMG I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE IM LAAAAAAATE!!!

Er La Inertia
Er La Inertia
9 months ago

That’s some dedication….

9 months ago

That heat Seiichirou felt spreading through his body definitely was NOT magic! Ahh, how oblivious is him?! The poor Aresh was used and thrown away hehehe

Thanks for the chapter!

Camilla Ferreira
Camilla Ferreira
9 months ago

Every chapter is a new “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it”

9 months ago

as expected, your work is more important than your virginity lol

9 months ago

…what can I say to this masterpiece?
I was expecting more, but I’m not disappointed either?
Really, a corporate slave.

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omg, that’s the most unaffected reaction to having sex with someone you barely know in order to save your life. wth, Seiichirou!

But I do love that his work-obsessed personality hasn’t changed