Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Mii

Editor: Hasr11

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Chapter 1: Moving Away

Kondou Seiichirou certainly had not come to terms with the situation.

He didn’t care about this other world and whatnot. At any rate, they had forcibly abducted a person for the sake of some strange land. Moreover, their goal was a minor girl. As he had also gotten dragged into this mess, he believed it was only natural for the responsible party to come out and apologise to him.

However, if Seiichirou chose to believe what this man in front of him was saying, then the people here were all ministers. Not the King or the Prime Minister, but ministers.

Even so, Seiichirou was a man who prioritised efficiency. A so-called “efficiency freak”.

Ever since he graduated from university, no, long before that, he had always placed importance on achieving results in the shortest possible time, rather than caring about feelings.

Therefore, he did not try to pick any unnecessary fights with the ministers. And when one of the ministers asked for his wish, he answered that he wanted a “job”, as a result of the nature of a corporate slave ingrained within him.

Meanwhile, the ministers were also at a loss.

They were glad that they could safely summon the saint from the other world using the secret technique. However, an unnecessary “bonus” came along with her.

Nevertheless, the first prince who was in command quickly took the saint and left this tired-looking adult man in the hall. The remaining people pushed the responsibility onto one another, but the Captain of the First Division of Knight Order and the Prime Minister glared at them. The captain of the Third Division of Knight Order simply feigned ignorance.

Viscount Adalbrecht sighed and put up with them. Since most of the ministers had the status of a viscount, they got the short end of the stick most of the time.

Unlike the saint, the man in front of him looked thin. With silver-rimmed glasses and strange grey garments, he had large dark circles below his eyes. His skin had no suppleness to it. When Viscount Adalbrecht asked the man what his relationship with the saint was, he answered that they didn’t know each other at all. Seeing how unlucky the man was, a slight sense of kinship arose.

However, it would be bad to neglect this man.

Although it was the will of the gods, they had nevertheless summoned an unrelated person. His actions could now be used by the citizens to criticise of the royal palace. Above all, he was someone who came from the same world with the saint, even if they were strangers. Leaving him aside might displease the saint.

The Prime Minister had given them a directive. They would spare no in ensuring his needs were met. Their plan was to keep Seiichirou like an unwanted employee on the payroll.

In an attempt to gain the trust of Seiichirou, who came from a different world, Viscount Adalbrecht said that he would grant any of his requests if possible. The ministers thought that he would ask for money, a woman, or a house… but unexpectedly, the man with dead fish eyes requested something wildly different.

“Give me a job.”

As a result, the scene of apology (?) to the abductee quickly turned to an interview venue.

“Give you a job, you say… What can someone like-, ah I mean, what can you do?”1

What did he almost call me!?

Seiichirou was starting to get a bit offended. But since he was talking to an aristocrat, he decided to control himself.

If Seiichirou were in modern Japan, he would tell them of the rank and grade of his qualifications, such as the Eiken Grade 2, MOS, or his proficiency with the abacus, but of course, they wouldn’t understand it.2

Not only was Seiichirou an assistant manager in the accounting section, but he had also been good in math since he was young. However, he did not know the common sense of this world. He was doubtful if the numbers had in this world were the same.

But then, mathematics was a concept. Seiichirou reconsidered, concluding that the things he had to do wouldn’t change as long as he knew of the rules.

“I’m good at doing calculations and accounting.”

With this, Seiichirou was assigned to the Royal Palace’s Accounting Section.

Viscount Adalbrecht had Seiichirou wait in the reception room. After a while, he was introduced to a gentle-looking man with grizzled hair.

“My name is Helmuth Sommelier. I’m in charge of the Royal Palace’s Accounting Section.”

“I’m Kondou Seiichirou. It’s nice to meet you.”


Since this was a European-style world, he should say his first name before his last. Helmuth seemed to have difficulties pronouncing Seiichirou’s surname. Even the ministers, who had not asked Seiichirou’s name until now, looked like they were having a hard time as they murmured his name.

“Kondou is my family name. Seiichirou is my first name. You can call me any way you like.”

“Kondoo, Con… I understand. Then, I’ll call you Kondoh.”

Seiichirou wasn’t a child that fussed over how other people called him. He nodded, not bothering to correct Helmuth’s pronunciation.

After that, Seiichirou finally parted with the ministers. Together with Helmuth, he stepped out of the royal palace. Today was the only the first day since they abducted… summoned him, thus he wouldn’t begin work immediately. First, Helmuth guided him to the room prepared for Seiichirou.

“Coming here must feel like a terrible disaster, right, Kondoh?”

Seiichirou didn’t know if he could call this a disaster since this was his first experience being summoned (abducted) like this. He could just laugh awkwardly.

“I heard that you are good at calculations.”

“Ah, well, that was in my original world. But I’m not sure if what I know will still apply to this world.”

Seiichirou was puzzled why Helmuth was smiling at him the entire time, even after the ministers a useless foreigner onto him. While pondering so, Seiichirou asked him if he could read a few mathematics books, or rather, books about the arithmetic of this world. Helmuth nodded and promised to bring the book to his room later.

Then, within a few minutes of leaving the royal palace, Helmuth led him to a large brick building. It resembled European apartments back in his world. Apparently, this place was the dormitory… or rather, company-housing for many civil servants working in the royal palace.

Most of the unmarried civil servants lived here. Helmuth had a wife and children, so he had a house in the castle town. There was a separate lodging for the knights.

His room had a kitchen and a toilet. There was also a large public bath shared by the occupants. They could cook their own meals or eat in the dining hall.

For Seiichirou, this company-housing and miscellaneous food expenses had been paid for, guaranteeing his right of residence.

Once they entered the front entrance, they were greeted with a large lobby where an elderly man appeared in a glass booth like a receptionist.

“Ah, I heard you were coming. I’ll guide you to your room.”

The petite man was the keeper of this lodging. His name was Dusan.

“I’m Kondou Seiichirou. I’ll be on your care.”


“You can call me that.”

The room Dusan guided him was around twelve tatami mats.4 The bedding had been prepared. The wooden floor didn’t creak when he walked on it, plus there were no dust, mould, or weird smell in the room. Seiichirou was relieved that the room was clean and spacious, much better than what he had expected.

As a person accustomed to modern Japan’s clean spaces, he had been a bit worried before.

Dusan told him to take a rest and promised to call him when it was dinnertime. Seiichirou accepted his offer and sat on the bed once he was alone.

Feeling the soft cotton of the bed, he felt that they were treating him surprisingly well.

Seiichirou had unintentionally told them to give him a job, but he was worried whether he could actually do it. However, seven years as a corporate slave made him chase after work.

“That’s right, I wonder if that girl is all right…”

Even if she was only an unknown passerby to him, Seiichirou couldn’t just leave a minor girl who came from the same world as him alone in this unknown land. They said she could clear the miasma as the “saint”, but was that really possible? He had to make sure she wasn’t in any danger. She was a minor girl who probably never worked before. Since they had her here with intentions of taking advantage of her, she had to be careful to not be mistreated.

“Once everything settles down… I might be able to meet her.”

For some reason, he felt it would be impossible. But then, he had also been abducted from another world. He had to make the most of the versatility of that status.

That being said, he had to first make his own foothold firm.

Due to his lack of sleep and tiredness caused by the extreme tension he had just encountered, Seiichirou dozed off on the bed.

Thud Thud Thud!


Seiichirou jumped out up at the sound of a loud banging on the door. After looking around, he noticed that the sky was still bright, meaning that he hadn’t slept for long. He was relieved, but the noise behind the door didn’t stop.

“Hey! You awake?”

With the addition of the man’s voice, it was no longer possible for him to ignore it. Seiichiro decided to get up.

“What is it…?”

Seiichiro opened the door a crack and asked, peeking through. The noisy man on the other side of the door immediately brought his face closer. Shocked, Seiichirou stepped back. The man used that chance to open the door fully and enter inside.

“Yo! I’m Norbert Baranek! Mr. Helmuth told me to bring you some books and clothes!”

Seiichirou took another look at the man who greeted him very cheerfully. He noticed that the man was holding three paperback pocketbooks and a bag containing clothes in one hand.

“Oh… Thank you.”

I see, he’s doing errands for Helmuth. That means…

“I heard you’re going to enter the Accounting Section? I’m also from the same section! It’s nice to meet ya!”

His blonde hair had a messy casual style. His clothes were scruffy, with a white and blue base. His blue eyes looked straight down on Seiichiro, not a hint of timidness in them.

“I’m Kondou… Seiichirou. Pleased to meet you.”

“Kon… doh?”

Seiichirou wondered if he should call himself “Kondoh” from the beginning since it was troublesome to do this kind of exchange every time. But the man in front of him— Norbert— grinned and said, “Mr. Sei, right? Let’s get along!!!”

So, playboys exist in the other world too, huh.

Seiichirou recalled the employee who had joined his company in the now-distant Japan last year as he forced himself to give a strained smile.

Hasr: Turns out Mii had already TL’d a few chapters of Corporate Slave, and when they offered to share em, ofc my lazy TL ass is going to use them!

P.S. I’m looking for editors for this series. You can try the editor’s test here.

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So wait, Seiichirou is his first name right? I was confused because he mentioned that he should switch around the order but kept introducing himself as Kondou Seiichirou.

It’s interesting that people keep mispronouncing Kondou; it’s only two sounds and both of them would be present in a generic European fantasy language. I think if I were picking a Japanese name that would be hard to pronounce correctly, I’d go with a name that had tsu or dzu in it with as many consecutive vowels as possible. Something like Tsutsui, Kaede, or Aioi.

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I like Seiichirou’s attitude, honestly. It’s so realistic and a mix of bitter and resigned

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It’s good Seiichirou can understand the language. XD

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IllisMoreo 87
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