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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 52

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 52: The Sage Reveals his Thoughts to the Saint

I stopped my sword before it reached her.
Because there were parts of Makia’s words that I couldn’t overlook.
I suppressed my killing intent and silently looked down at her.

Makia could barely smile.

“Did you not hear what I just said? I simply said that you hate humans and that you enjoy killing them.”

“It’s not like I hate humans whatsoever. I only kill because it is necessary.”

“Then why did you hurt me like this? Isn’t it so you could enjoy watching me suffer until I die?”

Makia stood up.
Her pure white cloak was soaked with blood.
She hid the hand that had lost some fingers. 
As if driven by some impulse, Makia continued her pursuit.

“It was also the case regarding the soldiers. You pushed them to the brink using your magic. You even bothered to use a ridiculously huge barrier to lock them all then burn them all to death in flame.”

“…That was action driven by seeking efficiency and safety. The crueler the method, the more likely it is to demoralize the enemy. It was the best tactic I could use for fighting alone.”

I quietly argued.
By that point, it wasn’t time to worry about consumption.
The most important thing to do was to accurately shave the number of soldiers as fast as possible.
It would be troublesome if they managed to escape all over the place, so I had no choice but to choose such a tactic.


At that time, Makia slightly shook.
Perhaps she lost too much blood.
She bit her lips and glared at me.

“Efficiency and safety, is it? Then why did you confront me with your sword? You could have easily killed me with your magic from a distance, right? There was no reason to confront me who lost my magic power and all alone with your sword. Do you wish to see me suffer that much?”


“So you are unable to make an excuse. Did I guess correctly?”

Makia sneered and looked at me as if she was in a good mood.
She didn’t show fear despite a sword raised in front of her.

“In the first place, why did you become a Demon Lord? As expected, isn’t it because you love slaughter?”

“It was for peace. With me reigning, it would prevent conflicts among humans.”

“You meant to become a deterrent? Hey, I never knew that. To think the Demon Lord had such thoughts… really, what a stupid excuse!”

Makia, who was nodding halfway, suddenly shouted.
Of all things she could do, she pushed her fine hand to my chest.

“Like hell that’s possible! All you did was make up an excuse to slaughter humans. You must’ve thought that you’re merely pretending to be a villain. What a coward!”

Makia unleashed her threatening attitude.
What lies there was her anger.
She hit me with her anger filled words.


I didn’t say anything in response.
I had no words to deny her.
I lowered my sword and listened to her notion.

“You must have held a grudge against humans in the past, even I could recognize that. I’ve seen the malice of humanity since I was young. You must have held deep despair toward humanity.”

“Deep despair…”

I ruminated on her words.
There were countless memories running around my mind.
My chest and one of my eyes were aching, making a slight pain.

“Demon Lord… what you want, is not to become a deterrence. It’s merely vengeance toward humanity. You’re just rampaging about using peace as an excuse. It’s the worst thing one could possibly do. You should have an idea why, right? You are already aware of it. All you’re doing is merely denying yourself, right?”

“What do you mean to say?”

As I asked her, Makia’s anger suddenly calmed down.
Then she gently placed one hand on my chest.

“I’ll help you with your revenge. You’re certainly the worst, but I could sympathize with it. You must have a past that makes you hate humanity. What a poor thing to be treated so cruelly to turn into this.”

Makia smiled with a gentle look.
It was so warm as if all her previous insults were a lie.

“What do you want to gain from that?”

“I could no longer go back to my nation after losing the war. I would be executed as a form of taking responsibility for ruining the elite army. In that case, wouldn’t it be better to just help you instead?”

She moved her hand away from my chest and gently caressed my cheek.
Her eyes were slightly wet and her cheek turned slightly red.
Makia slowly approached my face and whispered.

“Only I can understand you. Only I can heal you. I’ll do anything for that. That’s why—“

“What wishful thinking.”

I interrupted Makia’s word and thrust the keepsake sword.
It pierced her torso.
From what I felt, it should have pierced all the way through
I then raised my sword.

Makia vomited blood while impaled by my sword.
The blood rained down upon me.
White smoke rose as the blood of the Saint burned my body.

Makia dropped something.
It was a dagger engraved with holy attributes.
There’s a string tied to its handle.


I glanced at Makia’s fingerless hand.
There was a loose string tied to an ornament on her wrist.
A similar string was also tied to the dagger.

Makia had a dagger on her.
She must have forcibly fixed the string to the ornament.
It must be crafted so she could pierce the target even without use of her finger.
Once she is close enough, it would still be possible to deal fatal damage even without momentum.
That was the only thing Makia who lacked any chance of victory could do.

“You threw me off using bitter criticism then used sweet words to make me lower my guard immediately after. You thought well given your situation.”

I told Makia that.

The moment she stood up, I was aware of her concealed dagger.
To distract me, Makia used a series of denunciations.
Of course, not all of it was falsehood, which is why it felt real.
Makia used her own emotion in an attempt to kill me.

That spirit to consider a comeback and to never give up until the very end. She is without a doubt a hero.

I understood why she was chosen by the world’s will despite having no extraordinary talent.
It must be because of her mental power.
It was rare for anyone to still move toward victory after they tasted the overwhelming difference of power.

She was certainly immature, prideful and arrogant.
However, she possessed the root of what made a person a hero.

“Ah, hahah… as expected, I… failed…”

Makia laughed powerlessly.
The light in her eyes began to fade.
Her torso was pierced with a sword.
It was a fatal wound without a doubt.
Apparently she was also convinced of her own defeat, she hung her limbs without resisting.

“… Hey, tell… me.”

“About what?”

“The things, I said, earlier… What do you think… of humans…?”

I went silent at Makia’s question.
I thought carefully about it.
Because I thought I should be honest here.

After the long silence, I reveal my thoughts to the Saint.

“—Deep inside, I might hate them. There’s no way I wouldn’t hate them. I was … we were treated like that for all that we did.”

I couldn’t deny it anymore.
I recognized the stagnation at the bottom of my heart.
It was an emotion I unconsciously avoided touching.

Perhaps I’ve really fallen to despair.
Because I despaired, I was convinced humanity wouldn’t change, I chose to become the Demon Lord.
And chose the way to stir the world.

After all, I was also a human.
Even if I transformed into a vile undead, the core of my being was still the same Dwight Havelt I once was.
Regardless of how I tried to cover it, the heart itself wouldn’t disappear.
It just proved it was impossible to work on world peace by abandoning personal thought.

“However, the goal of world peace came from my own heart. It wasn’t a premise used to fulfill my vengeful heart. I seriously wished to change this cruel world.

For fulfilling such a purpose, even my hate would be used as fuel to drive it forward.
If that brought the world closer to peace, I would welcome it.
I wasn’t in a position to say beautiful ideals.
I would rebuild the world on top of my vices.

“I’m well aware it wasn’t the best option out there. However, I will definitely fulfill it. I chose to move forward while bearing the lives of all my victims.”

“So you chose to turn defiant, huh… it’s so disgusting I feel like vomiting.”

Makia revealed a bitter smile as her blood flowed.
Her blood flowed from her torso to my hand through the sword.
Its momentum began to decline.
The blood was about to run out.

Makia’s eyes were becoming dull.
It was doubtful if she could see me at all.
I declared to her once again.

“Saint Makia Lynn Meditortia. I shall approve of you. However, I will come out victorious. So slumber with regret.”

“Shouldn’t you … say something gentle, here? You sure, are cruel …”

Makia said as if she blamed me.
She laughed stupidly as she heard it.

“My apologies. I couldn’t come up with any nifty words.”

“…I, see… what…ever.”

As Makia muttered intermittently, she closed her eyes.
She finally lost her strength and limped down
Then stopped moving.

As I was left alone in the city at dawn, I lowered her body to the ground.
A dry wind blew through the city.
I took off my hood and looked over the city as the morning approached.
This city filled with death truly is quiet.

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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 51

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 51: The Sage Hunts Down the Saint

Dawn had come.
The sky gradually turned white, and the rising sun illuminated the area.

I lowered my robe’s hood deeply.
It wasn’t like I would perish by exposure to sunlight, but it would make me feel itchy.
If I would compare it, it was like pouring saltwater on a wound.
It wasn’t a desirable sensation to have.

As the light brightened the area, it revealed the sight within.
Countless corpses as far as the eye can see.
All of them were blackened, and smeared with blood.
It was probably because the corpses were burned black by fire magic from earlier.

I stepped forward while covered in blood.
I felt death with every step I took.
It made me aware of what I had done.

My body felt a little heavy.
It wasn’t caused by a psychological problem.
The series of spells I had cast earlier took a toll on me.

It was an exhausting fight as expected, and my recovery speed was extremely slow.
Normally, I would have completely recovered in no time.
This level of magic wouldn’t exhaust me to begin with.

While I wanted to transfer outside the city to recover myself, I couldn’t afford to rest.
Because by doing that, it would give Makia some leeway.
Her potential was unknown.
After all, she was a person who received support from will of the world.

If given a chance to survive, she might obtain something unimaginable.
It might sound crazy, but Makia had a precedent of learning Sacred Magic.
If I were to leave her for a bit, it was quite possible that she would awaken something else by the time I return.

The world would grant miracles to destroy me while skipping all the process and reason.
Unexpected things could very well happen.
Even if I had to force myself, Makia needed to die here.

There in front of me was a crouched saint.
Her stunned figure looked full of gaps at a glance.
However, a number of chains of light circulated around her.

As I threw pebbles toward her to test it out, one of those chains reacted.
It seemed that it was even capable of automatic protection.
It was a very convenient magic.
I wanted to analyze it so I may use it someday.

I observed Makia.
Her amount of Magic power had dropped to the level of a common human.
The unfolded chains of light were also barely maintained.
She could no longer unleash hundreds of them like she first did.
It seemed to possess no lasting combat capability.
Just like what I originally intended, Makia was significantly weakened.


I approached her.
The closer I got, the greater the holy aura that burdened my body.
Bones of my whole body creaked, and gradually broke from the surface.

This holy aura didn’t come from magic.
It was something Makia herself emitted naturally.
Since it had nothing to do with her magic power consumption, I had no choice but to endure it.

I stopped some distance away from her.
It was a distance where voices could be heard.
Confronting the Saint, I emotionlessly said.

“The soldiers are all dead, your turn next.”

“… Really, you’re a crazy one.”

“I see.”

I quietly responded to her.
I was aware of it without needing to be told.
My deed’s tonight was nothing short of insanity.
I couldn’t argue regardless of how much I was denounced for it.

“Hey you… do you feel nothing seeing all this?”

Makia stood up and asked with serious expression.
Her gaze looked around the countless corpses
All of this death, done by my hands.
They were just victims of this absurdity.

I also looked around, and answered after a short delay.

“It hurts my heart. But I have no choice but to do it.”

“Heh~, so you try to justify your action. What a scum.”

She disdainfully said her opinion.
That was also a natural opinion to have.
I would honestly take it in as it was.

She coughed lightly.
There was blood in hand that covered her mouth.
Her body seemed to be protesting the overuse of Sacred Magic.
She clicked her tongue and wiped her hand with her pure white cloak.

“I was going to kill the army of the undead and current generation of Demon Lord to be successful as a Saint, but you ruined it.”

Makia’s eyes were burning with anger and hatred.
She held her staff and manipulated the magic power in her body.

“The last hero who won against the previous Demon Lord seemed to be a female swordfighter. If I kill you here, I could also call myself a hero.”

“You, a Hero, huh…”

I suddenly muttered.
Makia frowned in a bad mood.

“What? Got a problem with that?”

“—That title is heavier than it sounds.”

I rushed forward as I answered her.
At the same time, Makia unleashed her chains of light.
There were six of them.
Her protection grew weaker as she used some of them to attack.

I determined the orbit of chains of light that were unleashed together.
I stepped in and parried the chains with my sword.
The chain I deflected hit another chain and produced sparks.
I run through the gap created between the chains.

The chains of light were capable of tracking its target.
It allowed her to attack from a distance without knowing the position of her target.
Looking at its behavior and characteristics so far, it seemed to have a trait to chase after undead.

The evidence was that it still calmly tracked me despite not marking me, even while I was using concealment magic.
Perhaps it detected its target by perceiving undead existence.
That’s all I could think of since I had both my magic power and miasma concealed.

It was certainly an excellent spell.
Since it wasn’t dependent on its user’s skill, it could be used without training.
However, because of its tracking trait, the chains’ movement was linear.
It can be easily dealt with if I calmly observed it.
I quietly advanced while deflecting the chains to all directions.

“Don’t come any closer!”

The screaming Makia chanted and created an arrow of light.
This was a common holy magic.
It was also a terribly poor one.
It took time to chant for it and it only produced one arrow.

I tilted my head to avoid the arrow of light that was shot.
After that, I used my sword to destroy the chains of light.
The broken chains of light dispersed into particles of light.
The chains that protected her also disappeared.
It seemed she had no more magic power to maintain it.

“Da, damn…!”

Makia became impatient and used her magic while biting her chant several times.
The arrow of light that was created went to my side.
There was no need to avoid this time.
It was hard to hit the target without aiming it properly.

“U, Uaaaahhhh!”

The cornered Makia abandoned her staff and rushed with a dagger.
Its blade was engraved with holy magic.
It was a magic weapon to kill undead
It was also a first class item by itself.
However, it wasn’t easy to use properly.

I evaded the dagger thrust and hit Makia’s chin with my palm.
Makia leaked out breath and fell down.
Then I swung my sword, cutting her finger that held her dagger.
Blood spurted as the blade swung.


Makia screamed and held the hand that lost its finger.
As she fell to the ground, she desperately gathered her fingers.
I emotionlessly looked at the sight

What a pitiful girl… is this the end of the current hero?

Depending on the training, she could have used various holy magic.
She could have grown to be worthy of the title of Saint.
She could have grown enough to easily slaughter this king of undead.

However, Makia was lost to her own power.
She neglected to train her holy magic, and depended solely on easy to use sacred magic.
She abandoned the choice to increase her power with time.
She was captivated by unfounded self-confidence, blinded by possible achievement and honor and chose to invade the Demon Lord’s territory.
Those were reasons for her defeat.

“Fu, fufu… ahahahaha…”

Makia held her head with one hand and laughed as if she was broken.
I couldn’t see her expression since she was looking down.
Her shoulder shook as she laughed.

Is there any chance to come out victorious in this situation?

I kept my vigilance without lowering my sword.
Makia had no magic power left, and she didn’t seem to possess any knowledge of close quarter combat.
There was no chance for her to defeat me.

Now I was this close, the holy aura emitted by Makia was intense one.
It felt as if my body were burned down to the core.
However, it didn’t mean I would immediately be incapacitated.
There was no effect on the result of the battle.

“It’s my loss. There’s no way I could do it like this…”

As Makia said that, she slowly raised her face.
She had a cramped laugh in her teary face.
It was the face of somebody who had given up.

Is her heart broken because she was cornered to her limit?

There was no sign of her doing anything.
Apparently it was truly just whining.

I raised the keepsake sword.
Makia was looking at me with her bloodshot eyes.
Silence came to the area.
That moment when I swung my sword down, Makia muttered in a murky voice

“…You truly hate humans. You seemed to be having so much fun killing me.”

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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 50

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 50: The Sage Destroys the Holy Scepter Army

The activated thunder magic began to pour in like heavy rain.
The lined up soldiers were bathed by it and burned to death.
As they were crowded together, the damage increased exponentially.

Protection magic was deployed soon after.
A translucent barrier blocked my magic.
Even as each layer was penetrated another layer was stacked on top of it.
It was achieved by several casters working together.

Their overall movement is bad.

I spectated on the soldiers’ response.
In addition to being confused by the sudden attack, they were shocked by the attack.
It would take some time before they could regroup.

Moving on, I focused on where Makia was.
There was a sphere made of chains of light.
It apears that she was inside of it.
By wrapping the chains of light into a sphere, she focused on protecting herself.
Makia placed her own life as top priority.
She must’ve considered that I would strike her by surprise.
After experiencing repeated attacks, she was reminded of how dangerous I am.
Contrary to her actions and words, she fought cautiously.

That was convenient for me.
If she were always on the offensive, I would be at risk of a fatal injury.
I needed to kill as many soldiers as I could to weaken her.
Once Makia exhausted her troops, the advantage would be mine.

I flew in the midst of the soldiers.
I immediately spun while swinging my sword.
I sprinted, causing blood and screams to spread.

“Gue, ou…”


“Oi, someone, hurry and attack—“

I decapitated, dismembered, and pierced the hearts of surprised soldiers.
I killed them one after another before they could react.
I kept reminding myself to not stop in the same place for too long.

The soldiers’ confusion reached its peak as they were suddenly dragged into a melee.
Most of them failed to grasp the situation, while my spell still fell upon them.
The layers of protection magic were repeatedly destroyed and redeployed.
Their casters were being forced into exhaustion.

Even those who somehow managed to react were unable to easily fight back because they were surrounded by allies.
Their hesitation would inevitably create a gap, which resulted in them falling to my blade.
I understood their desire to not hit their allies by mistake, but that hesitation brought even more damage as a result.

On other hand, it was very simple for me.
Everyone besides me were enemies.
All I needed to do was keep cutting them down.
There’s no need to have unnecessary thoughts.


As my enemies’ resistance broke down, I detected a magic reaction overhead.
There were chains of light extending beyond my view.
They crept about like a snake while emitting holy light.
It seemed even Makia, who had focused on her own protection, decided it was time to fight back.

Immediately after I recognized it, the chains of light stretched silently.
I grabbed a nearby soldier, turned around, and went behind him.
Then lightly pushed that back which wrapped in his armor.


The soldier raised a stupid voice.
The chain of light pierced his belly and pushed him to the sky.


The soldier screamed while vomiting blood.
His limbs swung about in pain. However, it did nothing for him.
Eventually, the soldier’s eyes went white and he died.

The protection magic overhead also weakened accordingly.
While I wasn’t particularly aware of it, it seemed that the soldier was one of the casters who blocked my spell.

Witnessing the horrific death of their comrade, the soldiers froze at the same time and they lost their words.
They stared at the corpse.

In front of them an ally was killed by the saint who was supposed to be their ally.
Even while they were aware it was just an accident, the psychological impact was great.


It was the scene that made them think so.
I used their fear and continued the onslaught.
There was no way I would let this opportunity slip away.

Meanwhile, the chain of light stopped coming.
Perhaps she’s focused on defense again?
Perhaps she had lost her nerve after accidentally killing her ally.
It‘s hard to say she did the right thing, even with a favorable opinion on her.
She lacked persistence to act in accordance to the situation.
Perhaps she lacked experience as a commander.

It had been said that Makia gained her status because of her sacred magic.
Perhaps she was newly raised to her post.
If she had experience as a commander, I would end up struggling even further.

The soldiers were charging in from all directions.
I mowed them down like a storm.
Every time I swung my sword, the soldier’s limb or head would fly off.

“Demon Lord, prepare yourself!”

There was a soldier with a shield who bravely rushed over.
It seemed he intended to stop my advance.

Not a bad judgment.

If he managed to stop me, other soldiers could attack as well.
They had the upper hand on methods they could take.
Simply ganging up could lead to their victory.

…but, it’s a naïve thought.

I increased the output of my body reinforcement and accelerated further.
I swung down my sword from above and bisected him along with his shield.
I passed by as he split in two.


Another soldier thrust his spear.
It was sophisticated and a good attack.
He was attacking right outside my sword reach.
However, this also failed to reach me.

I parried and used the sword to alter the trajectory of the thrust slightly.
It scraped my cheekbone and pierced the soldier behind me in the eye.


I grabbed the neck of the shocked soldier who pierced his comrade and struck his face with my sword.
I took the soldier’s spear from his hand.
The soldier’s head still stuck on its end, but I have no time to remove it.

“—Pierce through.”

As I stepped upon the corpse, I applied reinforcement magic on the spear and threw it.

The roaring spear skewered several soldiers in a straight line.
The aftershock of the spiraling destruction also blasted surrounding soldiers.
Every one of them was reduced into mere lumps of meat.

The formation of the Holy Scepter Army was completely destroyed as the spear sank into a faraway church.
The earth was gouged from where I stood, and soldiers who stood in between were reduced into pieces of meat.
That throw alone must have killed over a thousand soldiers.

The sound of protection magic broke could be heard overhead.
As the number of casters was reduced, it could no longer block it.
My spell resumed slaughtering the soldiers who somehow managed to survive.
Nobody there had leisure to attack me.

Still, I spread flame magic all over the area as if folding it open.
While its instantaneous power was low, it would cause damage over time by spread of fire.
After waiting for a while, those who failed to breathe properly collapsed, while those who burned suffered in agony.
I approached them and struck them by their head.

Due to the chain of slaughter, the soldiers’ morale was extremely low.
At last, deserters began to appear.
It was not a strategic withdrawal.
It was an escape to keep their lives.

So I surrounded the rubble area with a barrier.
It would be troublesome for me if they, who were the source of Makia’s magic power, managed to escape.
The soldiers who lost their path of retreat were cut down by my sword.
It was a ruthless reaping of the ephemeral life.

This is hell. And I’m the center of it…”

The word of self-deprecation came to my mind.
I swung the keepsake sword, which was now stained with blood.

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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 49

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Peregrine

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 49: The Sage Kills with the Keepsake Sword

I landed on the roof of a building, and swung my sword in a flowing manner.
The blade produced a subtle sound as it vibrated.
I cut a circle around my feet, and fell into the room.


As I crushed the soldier right under me, I decapitated the two soldiers beside him.
There was another soldier in the room, who raised his staff and began to chant.
I pierced his throat using the tip of my sword, which cut off his chant.


The soldier stared at me, eyes filled with tears.
It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t make a sound.
All he managed to do was exhale.

I turned away and pulled my sword out of his throat.
His blood splattered over me.
The soldier held his neck, fell to his knees, and breathed his last.

I used perception magic, but there was no reaction.
It seemed that I had wiped out all the soldiers in this building


I touched my robe.
It had become heavier as it absorbed blood.
It was hard to tell what color it was originally.
Blood overflowed from it as I squeezed it gently.
I had no choice but to ignore it for now.
Even if I did wring it out right now, it would only get bloody again shortly.

It had been a while since I spoke to Saint Makia.
I’d been running around the city and killing any member of the Holy Scepter Army I encountered.
I had already killed at least 3000 people.
Most of them had been hiding indoors.
I used my perception magic to locate the closest soldiers, and cut them down one by one.

While it was a very slow process, it had been quite effective so far.
My magic power consumption was very small.
At this rate, I could maintain my fighting ability until I annihilated them all.

The soldiers were supplying Makia with magic power, and most of their attention was focused on that spell.
That meant they couldn’t respond to my assault.
If they tried to prepare themselves for my assault, they wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate on their magic, which would delay the transfer of magic power.
Therefore, they had no choice but to remain defenseless.
Thanks to that, my battles so far were easy victories.

I continued to kill the soldiers.
Makia would naturally weaken once she had no source of magic power.
Without an abundant supply of magic power, she wouldn’t be able to use her Sacred Magic so freely.
Once it reached that point, I could win against her head on.

I left the building and ran through an alley, while detecting the position of the nearest soldiers using perception magic.
At that moment, chains of light attacked me from behind.
There were about twenty chains.
I ran while deflecting them with my sword.
The attacks from the chains of light had grown less frequent.
Makia must have begun considering the effect of the fallen soldiers.
Rather than increasing her damage, she began to worry about magic power consumption instead.

“Where are you?! Come out, you coward!” [Tsukii Note: say the person who bought the whole army to fight against a single person.]

I could hear Makia’s angry voice in the distance.
She was searching for me while dragging along the soldiers.
She still hadn’t found me, since she could only follow the chains of light that were tracking my location.

Makia wanted a short-term, decisive battle.
After all, if this kept up, the number of victims among the Holy Scepter soldiers would only increase.
Once her magic power ran out, she would lose her chance at victory.
She needed to find me at all costs.

Therefore, I used concealment magic.
In addition, I mainly used my sword to kill, so that I wouldn’t draw attention.
On top of that, I used physical reinforcement to boost my speed, and I moved much faster than them.
Unless I made several mistakes, they wouldn’t be able to catch up to me.
I continued to kill without ever encountering Makia.

It came from underground this time.

My perception magic detected the whereabouts of the nearest soldiers.
Apparently they hid in the basement of a house.
They were trying to make it harder for me to find them.
It seemed they deployed concealment magic and held their breath, but that wouldn’t be enough to escape my detection.

I entered the house, used my sword to destroy the magic traps they deployed, and broke the door to the basement.
I then went downstairs.

It was dark at the bottom of the stairs.
Apparently they didn’t turn on any lights.

At that moment, an arrow flew from the depth of the darkness.
I grabbed it with one hand, and saw that its tip was soaked in something.
Judging by the unpleasant feeling, it seemed to be holy water.
It was equivalent to poison for the undead.


An empty-handed soldier ran up the stairs while yelling.
This should be the soldier who shot the arrow.
It seemed he made preparations to ambush me, instead of supplying magic power to Makia.

The magic power inside of him was expanding rapidly, causing him to flush like he had a fever and emit white smoke.
He was bleeding from his eyes and ears.

This is, don’t tell me…

Understanding the soldier’s intention, I kicked him away as he tried to cling to me.
The soldier rolled down the stairs and exploded a moment later.
The explosion wrecked the surroundings, and scattered chunks of meat.
The area became bloody in a blink of an eye.

The soldier had just used self-destruction magic.
It seemed he wanted to kill me, even at the cost of his own life.
I respected his determination.


“He, lp… ple, a, se…”

There was a painful moan from the bottom of the stairs.
I went down to see what was going on.

There were several injured soldiers at the base of the stairs.
Pieces of wood were stuck in their limbs and torso.
It seemed to be damage caused by the soldier’s self-destruct.
They must have been supplying magic power to Makia all this time.

I killed the soldiers who were incapable of resisting.
I ignored their plea for mercy, and gave them my blade instead.
After killing them all I returned aboveground, drenched in blood.

Stop hating yourself. You are no longer a hero.

Tonight, my sword single handedly killed thousands of people.
It was definitely not the actions of a sane person.
I had no right to criticize the massacres committed by the Holy Scepter Army.

Perhaps I was already crazy.
For ten years, I kept questioning myself in the Valley of the Dead.
I kept thinking about it, even as my body rotted and my heart withered.
Perhaps I was already insane at that point.
I had no way to judge myself anymore.

I simply knew what I needed to do, and kept doing it.
I mustn’t stop at any cost.
I had no choice but to see it through to the end.
Whether or not I was sane was of secondary importance.

After that, I continued using my sword to kill the soldiers.
My robe was totally discolored, and blood constantly dripped out of it.

There was no problem regarding the keepsake sword.
It was still sharp, and fully usable.
As expected of the famed sword which had slain the previous Demon Lord.

And so I kept piling up the corpses of soldiers.
As dawn approached, I was lurking on the roof of a building.
My sight was turned toward a nearby ruined area.
Saint Makia was there.

Every surviving soldier was gathered near her.
They periodically used holy magic to illuminate the area.
Everyone seemed to have noticed that they would be killed off if they remained isolated.
There were no soldiers hiding elsewhere.
The soldiers that surrounded her were all that was left of the Holy Scepter Army.

It’s about 7000 people.

My guess might not be exact, but the number was definitely below ten thousand.
Compared to what they initially had, it was less than half.

From now on, assassination would no longer be possible.
I needed to move under the premise that I would be found, and prepare for an exhausting fight.

Dawn was approaching.
Once the surroundings were filled with sunlight, the Holy Scepter Army’s visibility would also improve.
I wanted to finish the fight while it was still dark.

I need to initiate the first attack.

I compressed thunder magic in the palm of my hand.
They still possessed the numerical advantage.
I wanted to deal as much damage as I could in a single attack.

I threw the completed thunder magic into the sky.
The compressed thunder ball flew smoothly over the heads of the Holy Scepter Army.
As people turned to look at it, it unleashed a blinding flash of light.

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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 48

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 48: The Sage Walks with Keepsake sword in hand

“I thought you ran away since you suddenly vanished. I guess you’re not that much of a coward. You must have let your minions escape, right?”

Makia, who recognized me, put her hand on her waist and sighed.

I could see she was looking down on me from a distance.

It seemed that she just loved to keep humiliating me.

It seemed that she had no interest in the fact I let my subordinate escape.

She placed the Demon Lord Subjugation as her highest priority within her.

She thought it was okay to think about others for later.


I silently wielded the keepsake sword.

There was still some distance from Makia.

It was far enough to fire arrows.

However, that meant nothing to me.

It was something that could easily be managed depending on how it was done.

“Heeh, so you’re ignoring me. You sure are cheeky despite being an undead.”

Makia unleashed her bloodlust.

Judging from her annoyed tone, it seemed she was quite short-tempered.

She pointed her staff toward me.

It was preliminary action to activate divine magic.

I couldn’t let my guard down.

“Let’s end this Old-fashioned Demon Lord already. I’ll destroy and take away things you have built. Do prepare for it, okay~?”

“If you people come to hinder me, then there won’t be any mercy for you.”

I declared so with an emotionless voice.

It was a declaration toward the whole Holy Scepter Army.

I couldn’t overlook the outrage they caused.

At this rate, the Holy Scepter Army would commit massacre within Demon Lord Territory.

A great amount of sacrifice would occur.

I had chosen the path to become an enemy of the world.

I was already prepared for casualties to occur within my army.

However, I couldn’t overlook those who would massacre powerless people without meaning.

Since they had chosen to surrender, it was my duty as Demon Lord to grant them protection.

I would destroy the Holy Scepter Army here.

“Haaah, just die.”

Makia snorted and raised her cane.

Her magical power increased, and a large number of chains of light appeared in the air.

It was about hundreds of them.

I observed the series of operations and magic movement.

I roughly understood how it worked.

“—I see.”

Right after, the chain of lights we launched.

As it formed an orbit that destroyed buildings it touched, it rushed towards me.

I sprinted toward a nearby building.

At the same time, I used concealment magic to invalidate perception through magic power and miasma.

I destroyed the door and jumped in.

There were several corpses left within the room.

Perhaps they were the people who had lived here?

This must be done by the Holy Scepter Army.

As I observed the corpse, the wall exploded with a roaring sound.

The chain of light fell into the room.

It possessed quite a power. If it hits the target, it would easily crush them.

I moved while sweeping my Keepsake sword.

Then I moved to an adjacent building.

Then, the chain bent its orbit toward me.

So it can track its target.

Makia shouldn’t be aware of my location since it was a blind spot for her inside the building.

She shouldn’t be able to detect me since I used concealment magic.

Yet the chain of light accurately moved toward me.

In other words, it was capable of autonomously tracking its target.

It truly was high performance magic.

Normal attack magic would aim for its target visually.

There were also those which could track its target, but it often required the target to be marked beforehand.

Yet this chain of light did so without needing to mark me.

As expected of sacred magic, it possessed a different nature from common magic.

Anyway, it’s better to keep moving.

I leaped toward the second floor of another building.

As the approaching chain kept destroying its obstacle, I moved to yet another building.

The reason I didn’t use transfer magic, was because I was concerned about its magic consumption.

This place was harsh towards the undead.

The consumption was kept forced upon it.

I was also using magic power to boost my physical ability.

Normally, that would be good enough, but as expected within this city influence, I wasn’t in good condition.

I was significantly weakened.

It seemed my connection to the Valley of the Dead was temporarily cut off.

There are so many disadvantages to me to the point that it feels like a joke.

I couldn’t even feel angry at so many conditions beautifully coinciding together.

It made me feel as if the world hated me.

Saint Makia was truly an existence born for the sole purpose of destroying the Demon Lord of the current generation.

Even so, it didn’t mean I would just give up.

It was my duty to overturn this fate.

If I were to be defeated by Makia, the world would turn back to how it was.

Until the birth of the next Demon Lord, humanity would keep fighting each other.

Above all, it would mean all the sacrifice until this point would be in vain.

The significance of all the evil deeds I’ve committed would be lost.

That alone should be prevented at all cost.

As I overcame numerous chains of lights, I moved toward the next building.

I cut the wall using my sword, and intrude upon the room by rolling into it.

Within the room, there were soldiers of the Holy Scepter Army.

There were four people, and all of them sat with their legs crossed.

They were concentrating and using their magic.


“Uh, Wah?”

The soldiers panicked as they noticed my invasion.

They immediately tried to pick up their staves.

I swung my sword before they could do that.

The heads of four soldiers rolled on the floor, and the room was painted in blood.

It also fell upon me.

The soldiers who lost their head collapsed at the same time.

It seemed they died without time to feel the pain.

Just a little compassion I could give to them.

I wouldn’t turn them into undead.

The city was currently filled with a holy aura.

It would be just a waste of magic since the newly created subordinate wouldn’t even function as a shield.

I shook the fresh blood off my blade and observed the situation of my surroundings.

It was wrapped in an eerie silence.

The chain didn’t come. Did I manage to escape outside its range?

Or maybe they noticed that it would be intercepted easily if used indiscriminately?

Whichever the case, I’m grateful I could stop for a bit.

It was nerve-wracking to constantly concentrate and destroy those chains.

I crouched and touched the soldiers who fell before me.

Their bodies were engraved with magic markings.

Four of them had the same marking on them.

“…As expected, that was the case.”

I managed to grasp how Makia’s power worked through this series of events.

First of all, her holy magic was real.

Its effect itself was what was granted by the saint.

It was a pure power without any falsehood on it.

However, the magic power was different.

Makia collected the magic power from Holy Scepter Army’s soldiers within the city.

Then she used those magic powers to be unleashed as chains of light.

It was extremely difficult for a single person to use such magic repeatedly.

It wouldn’t be possible except if they had a blessed constitution or source of power that could be used instead.

In Makia’s case, it seems that the Holy Scepter Army itself was her source of power.

With enough of them, the problem regarding magic power consumption would be easily solved.

In that case, the countermeasure was easy.

The first step to reducing her power was to reduce the number of soldiers.

I could just use large scale magic like I usually did to do that, but in the off chance it was blocked somehow, there was no more chance for me.

Currently, I was put at disadvantage in many ways.

I wouldn’t be overconfident in my ability and chose an easy way out.

I need to prepare all possibilities and reliably hunt them down.

“…There’s a practical but miserable method.”

I mocked myself as I looked at corpses scattered in the room.

It was the first time that I fought so petty and cruel since I first became a Demon Lord.

But perhaps, this was the very evil that I seek.

Anyway, I have no choice but to do it.

I reduce my magic power consumption to prepare for my battle against Makia.

It was to limit myself on using magic power for self-protection, body reinforcement, concealment, and perception without using any attack magic.

It was expected for other parties to resist to some extent, but all I needed to do was to trample them despite that.

I have that person’s sword skill with me.

There was nobody out there who could match me in that aspect.

–I moved quietly to kill tens of thousands of soldiers led by the Saint.

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Executed Sage 52

Executed Sage 47

The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Frozen Ink

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 47: The Sage Learns the Power of the Saint.

“Who are you? This town is supposed to be sealed off with a barrier, but you got in?”

 The girl voiced her suspicions.
 I could sense a clear disdain from her tone.
 The other members of the Holy Sceptre Kingdom were on alert, ready to unleash their magic at any time.


 On one hand, I secretly used my perception magic to find out the situation of the entire city.
 On the other hand, I decided to reply to the conversation to buy time.

“…And who the hell are you?”

“Me? I am Makia Lynn Meditortia. You could say I’m the Saint. It’s my job to kill filthy undead like you.”

 The Saint, Makia said with a confident tone.

 Her words must be the truth.
 The holy energy overflowing from her dainty body boasted an unusual concentration.
 Just looking directly at its radiance made me feel uncomfortable, and if I had eyes, I would have been burned.
 Ghouls and skeletons would be purified without question just by approaching Makia.

 It seemed that she was the cause of the purification power that had unfolded all over this city.
 Not large-scale ritual magic, and not even holy magic.
 Looking at her carefree appearance, it was Makia herself naturally emitting that much holy energy.
 She didn’t seem to be drained of her magic.

 She was no ordinary human.
 She was cloaked in the most powerful holy energy I’ve ever seen.
 It’s almost like a mythical being.

The Saint, Makia Lynn Meditortia. I know that name.

 She was the symbolic figure of the Holy Sceptre Kingdom of this era.
 According to prior information, she was a political puppet and had little real power.
 Although she was a user of holy magic, her abilities were supposed to be ordinary.
 The current Makia had undergone some kind of transformation.

“Answer my question first. Who are you?”

 The question from Makia brought me back to my senses.
 I answered boldly.

“I am the Demon Lord.”

“Oh, really? You look seedier than I thought you would. Wouldn’t the undead sleeping beside you be a more suitable candidate? He was fighting with amazing bloodlust. Thanks to that, my men all ran away.”

 Makia spoke condescendingly.
 Was she trying to provoke me into losing my cool?
 Or maybe she just had a bad personality.
 Whatever the case, it would be a bad idea to react to her words.

 I expanded the range of my perception magic during this time.
 With that, I discovered Henry and the rest of the intercepting army.
 They were hiding inside the city.
 They were some distance away from here.

 Their numbers were considerably reduced, and signs of their presence were strangely weak.
 It seemed that the elves accompanying them were using concealment magic to hide their whereabouts.
 It was probably to avoid being discovered by the Holy Sceptre Kingdom.
 It was a good decision, considering the current situation.

“Well, I don’t care. Can you die for now? I need to take a break like, now.”

 Sighing, Makia lightly waved her hand.
 Immediately after, her feet lit up and a dozen or so chains rose from them.
 The chains slithered with the swiftness of a beast and aimed at me in a straight line.

 I didn’t budge an inch as I cut the chains one after another as they closed in on me.
 No matter how fast I was, it was not so fast that her swordsmanship could not keep up.
 In the blink of an eye, all the chains were destroyed.

 Makia, who had been watching the series of events, clapped her hands.

“Amazing! As expected of the Demon King, you’re unharmed by my attack!”

“Saint Makia. What is the source of your power?”

“Oh, you mean my sacred magic? About ten days ago, I suddenly mastered it. Thanks to that, my status went up a whole lot. I didn’t have any chance, so maybe it’s a gift to me as a devout person.”

 Makia confided frankly.
 She called it sacred magic, not holy magic.
 Indeed, her power was too powerful to be called holy magic.
 It seems like a separate category from existing magic.

 If I were to believe the story told by Makia, she acquired sacred magic through a sudden awakening.
 She herself did not seem to know the cause of it.
 It was a very strange story.
 Normally, one would believe it to be a lie.

 However, I knew of a phenomenon similar to this.
 That is, the hero of this generation.
 The young man suddenly acquired the power of the holy sword with the help of the will of this world.
 He went from being a mere soldier to slaughtering an army of undead single-handedly.
 It was like something out of a fairy tale.

 The saint Makia was chosen to be the savior of the world.
 If you think that she was arranged to destroy the immortal Demon Lord, the inexplicable aspects of the story made sense.
 It made sense that she suddenly gained great power and that her abilities are so immature.
 The other side had to have the advantage, because they were there to defeat me.

“Anyhow, just die quick. If I kill the Demon Lord, won’t my status go up even more right?”

“If you can do it, be my guest. I will kill you all.”

 I pointed the tip of my sword at Makia.
 Makia chortled in laughter and her feet began to glow all at once.
 Soon, countless chains started to extend from them.

“Aah, to say such a thing in this situation—”

 Makia waved her arms.
 A large number of chains shot out in response.
 The uncountable number of chains advanced like a muddy stream.

…Killing the Saint is secondary.

 If we fight here, we will not be able to save those who can be saved.
 I broke the restraints on the chain that held Grom in place and moved him to another place.
 The destination was a corner of the city, far away from the Holy Sceptre Army.

 There were dead bodies scattered around.
 They were unarmed people.
 They were probably civilians who lived in the city.

 Some of the corpses had wounds from spears or swords.
 It must have no doubt been the Holy Sceptre army.
 I was angry, but I didn’t even have time to think about it right now.

“Grom, are you okay?”

 I tapped Grom on the shoulder as I called out to him.
 There was no response from the cracked ox-head.
 As I tried to speak to him again, a small flame lit up in one of his eyes.
 I could feel his gaze from there.

“De… mon, Lo…rd, …I truly …apo…lo…gize.”

 When Grom understood the situation, the first thing he did was apologize.
 Although he had no strength left, he felt deeply remorseful.
 I shook my head.

“It was the other side’s fault. You’re not to blame. I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner too.”

 If I had made a quicker decision, the situation would not have turned out so bad.
 It was entirely my fault.

“I’ll take care of the rest. Just concentrate on your recovery.”

 That’s all I said and transferred Grom to the Demon Kingdom’s capital.
 Luciana would take care of the rest.
 Grom was on the verge of being purified, but it was not too late.
 As long as he can get out of this purfication space, he will slowly begin to recover.

 I continued on to the intercepting army.
 In a place where the buildings had collapsed into rubble, Henry appeared through the scrap wood.

“Oh, Boss… you came.”

 Henry had injured one of his legs and was dragging it as he walked.
 There were no other obvious injuries.

“Can you move?”

“I’ll be damned. I got hit when I was defending a subordinate. I’ve been burned.”

 Henry tapped one of his legs and chuckled.
 There was no small amount of self-mockery mixed in.
 He was shocked with his own actions.
 But he soon finished laughing and turned serious.
 He pointed to the surrounding rubble area.
 According to my perception magic, I could sense numerous lives under it.

“The undead have been almost completely wiped out, but the demons and elves still remain. They are hiding in the vicinity, but I’m sure Boss will recognize them. We should be able to treat the wounded in time.”

“Well done. You are an excellent commander.”

“Hahaha, thanks for the compliment. Let’s have a drink together when we get back.”

 Henry laughed and raised his hand.
 When I tilted my head at his mysterious gesture, he asked me to imitate him.
 When I raised my hand in doubt, Henry clapped his own hand together with mine.
 It didn’t make a good sound because I was all bone.

Is this some kind of signal?

 I don’t remember deciding on this kind of code.
 I wasn’t sure.

“Well, nevermind. That’s expected of Boss.”

 Henry shrugged, perhaps because of my lackluster response.
 Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to live up to his expectations.

 Despite feeling apologetic, I transferred along with the interceptors.
 I’ll have them concentrate on healing in the capital as well.
 I’ll ask Henry to explain the hand-clapping motion when I get back.

But first, let’s finish what I have to do.

 Having made up my mind, I used transfer magic to return to Saint Makia and the Holy Sceptre Army.

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