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Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 9

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The House of the Witch of Fresh Blood

We said our goodbyes to the people of the Otto house.

「Due to various reasons, I can’t become a private tutor for the Otto household」

After refusing so, we said our goodbyes to them.
The Countess regretfully hung her head.

「Even though my children’s success in life would’ve been guaranteed if I had been able to get a Wiseman, like Kite-sama, to teach them.」

Even if it were only flattery, it made me glad, but in any case, we said our goodbyes to the Otto house, where we had stayed for a few weeks.

When Chloe lashed her whip at the horses strapped to the carriage, we started moving.
The people of the Otto house saw us off till the last moment.
They were waving their hands until the carriage could no longer be seen.
Fiona too, while shouting 「See ya again!」, waved her hands until the mansion could no longer be viewed. Seeing that figure, I said 「Isn’t it unusual?」

「What do you mean?」Chloe asked without turning back.

「No, I thought she’d say something more selfish. I thought she’d throw a tantrum saying she wants to stay longer in the mansion.」

When I said that, Fiona shakes her head sideways in a jelly-like manner.
Her blonde twin-tails swayed.

「I-I won’t say something selfish! If Daddy’s with me, Fiona’ll be fine.」

「Aren’t you sad? Didn’t you just part with the first friends you’ve made?」

「If it’s friends, I have more.」

Fiona, saying that, pointed at Chloe.

「……Chloe is treated as a friend? But I want to be called Mommy here.」

Chloe, pretended to cry “boo hoo” , but Fiona ignored her, and took out a plush from her belongings. It’s a bear. It’s a so-called ‘Teddy Bear’ .

「This guy’s my friend!」

Saying so, she pushed her friend onto me.

「He’s called Juno1. That’s why you don’t have to worry daddy. Because I have two friends 」

「……I see. Fiona already has two friends.」

Saying so, I pat Juno’s head.

「If I’m with Daddy, I’ll be fine anywhere. If Daddy’s there, I don’t need a mommy. That’s why daddy, please be by my side always.」
(ED: <3)

Fiona, saying that, hugged me, Juno and all.The peculiar warmth and scent of a small child spread.

Perhaps Fiona had sensed from my expression that, right now, we might be in a difficult position.

Fiona is a clever child.
She might have read something from the slight change in the grownups’ expressions.

「My, my, this is a failure as a parent」

Making a child worry and the like, before being a failure as a parent, it is a failure as an adult.
I wouldn’t make my daughter worry any more than this. I decided to change my train of thoughts.
I decided to think optimistically.
When I hugged my daughter, I promised her.

「Daddy will stay by Fiona’s side till Fiona goes away as a bride」

If you don’t read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu, I’ll turn this into a lolicon novel!

「But Fiona’ll become Daddy’s bride.」

「Then, we’ll be always together」
(T/N- no, there’s no usagi drop here) (Ed: wait then why am I reading this?!)

When I said that in a joking manner, I added strength to the arm hugging her.

「It hurts. Daddy, it’s too strong!」

Fiona unusually reproachfully raised her voice, I without loosening my strength, replied so.

「That’s right. Daddy is strong. If the lot from the Empire or the Church came to mess with Fiona, I’ll show them this strength to my heart’s content」

My ability has been given a stamp of approval from the Great Wiseman Seymour.
In the past, I was even regarded as the top disciple by my successors.
Although I have not been selected as a Great Wiseman, I have been given the stamp of approval that my abilities are at par with those of Great Wisemen.
It is impossible to take away a daughter from such a Wiseman.
It’s possible that the people of the empire and the church might also be under the same impression.
While convincing myself so, I hugged the most precious existence to me in this world.

「Master, Seymour-sama’s mansion has come into view」

A few weeks after beginning our journey by carriage, we finally arrived at our destination.

The ride in the cheap carriage must have been by no means comfortable, but my daughter, without a single complaint or grumble, accompanied us on the journey until here.

The journey must have been an arduous one for the (Appearance-wise) 5 year old child Fiona, but that ends here.
I knocked at the gates of the mansion of my mentor, Seymour, without any reservations.
Immediately, a maid, who I think was an employee of the mansion, opened the gates.
It was a face I was not used to seeing.
But then again, the last time I visited Seymour was a few decades ago.

Unless they belonged to an elfin family, it wouldn’t be strange for the employees whom I last saw to have gone to the other world.2While thinking like that, I was guided into master’s study.
On the way, I whispered in such a manner that only Chloe could hear.

「If anything happens, take Fiona and immediately escape」

Chloe returned a question with a perplexed face.

「I don’t have any intention of refusing Master’s orders, but do you mean to say that Seymour-Sama might betray us?」

「No way. I have faith in my master. That person won’t do such a thing」

However, I added.

「That person too, isn’t invincible and undefeatable. We might be caught by the scruff of our necks by the empire or the church in a compelling situation. 」

「Don’t tell me. Is there any possibility of those Great Wisemen yielding?」

「If the other 5 great Wisemen become enemies with my master, then there’s a possibility.」

I said that, but I added this too.

「Well, I’m just considering all possibilities」

Saying so, I pat my maid’s back.
Good grief, I laughed, thinking of how people can only imagine the worst case scenario when they are in a position carrying responsibility.
Even though it was just the other day that I swore that I’d think optimistically from here on, I wonder what I’m flustered for.
The person I’m about to meet now is the greatest Wiseman as far as I know.

The sorcerer who holds the title of a Great Wiseman, held by only 6 people in the worldーー.

Their magical power was the strongest and the craziest.

Even if I went all out, I’m not sure I can even scratch that person, that was the extent of their strength.

ーーThat person’s personality is broken, and is an oddball and eccentric character, but at least there’s no one who can make my master yield in a proper way. No, it must be troublesome even at a national level.
(T/N- Who said Wiseman gotta be dudes, you sexist!?)

Age, 1200 years
The Blood-Stained Witch of Mirrodin.
The woman having the nickname of this world’s strongest Witch.
She was an elder-sister like existence to me, and was the most trustworthy woman in this world.
She was the woman I respected the most in this life as well.

ーーBut then, despite the fact that there is a difference of heaven and earth between our abilities, regardless of whether or not I respect her, if she is an existence that causes harm to Fiona, I intend to mercilessly beat her up.

My Daughter, Fiona, was that much of a precious existence to me.


1. Pronounced more like ‘Yuuno’

2. Die you piece of scum who doesn’t read it at!

Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 8

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Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~

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Master’s1 Familiar

We received a warm welcome at the Otto household over the course of a week.

Countess Otto asks me, “Won’t you continue to stay in the mansion like this and become a private tutor for my children?”

「Of course, if I were to employ Wiseman sama, I’d aptly express my gratitude .」

The amount that the Countess presented was more than enough to make the eyes of the miserly maid, who was in charge of our household’s finances, sparkle.

She, while pulling my arm,

「Master, let us, without fail, serve the Otto house.」

repeatedly prodded me so.

「The money-minded maid as always, aren’t you?」

「It’s because we can’t live without money. If Master doesn’t eat, Master would die, and Chloe too, would die, because the pseudo-philosopher’s Stone in my chest would not be periodically replaced. People in olden times used to say, not having money was the same as not having a head.」

「That’s for certain.」

Saying so, I revealed a strained smile,
I ask Fiona too.

「Does Fiona like it here?」

Fiona gave a vigorous nod, saying 「Yes」, to the extent of swinging her blonde braids multiple times.

「I became friends with Eugene, Mia and Luna. Fiona wants to stay here.」

When I heard those words, my heart sunk.

Honestly, being a private tutor doesn’t suit me. Because I’ve lived a thousand years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach people many times, but I am well aware that being an educationist is not my cup of tea.

In the past, I served as a substitute lecturer at the sorcerer’s academy in the Imperial Capital, on behalf of my master Seymour; but I ended up turning all the lessons into 『Self-Study』sessions and dropped the marks of the class I was in charge of, from the top ranks to the bottom-most ones.

While they were engaging in self-study, I immersed myself in research.
I was immediately fired; however, there was something I was told by the astounded Seymour.

「You are the finest wiseman I have raised, but it seems that being a lecturer at the sorcerer’s academy is not something you’re suited for.」

After that, Seymour, who had returned, completely turned around the class’ results, so I think my master’s words were probably right.

I wonder if a person who was unfit to even be a temporary lecturer at the sorcerer’s academy, would be an appropriate private tutor to youthful nobility.
No, it’s impossible.

I thought like that, but if my daughter still wishes to stay here, then I could probably depart from my principles. In other words, foregoing the number one rule of research might not be so bad.

Is what I thought.

But, the root cause that made my resolution waiver, was that for the past few days, Fiona was gazing more at Countess Otto than the children who were her friends.

That gaze and expression, clearly carried feelings of longing.
Until now, Fiona has never told me 「I want a mommy」, or the like.

Chloe jokingly tried saying, 「Chloe is Fiona-sama’s substitute for a mommy」, but she still didn’t react at that.

Of course, my daughter was familiar with the concept of a mother, and what sort of existence it was, but it was probably the first time she witnessed a true “mother” before her own eyes.

Read at , lest thou face my wrath.
Such feelings may have budded, seeing Mrs. Otto being affectionate with her children.

「Why don’t I have a mommy?」

Such a doubt might have sprouted in her mind.
Of course, Fiona wouldn’t say such words.
Perhaps, if we stay here like this, those feelings might become stronger.
My thought process was something like that.

If I temporarily became a private tutor for the Otto house, “Eugene, Mia and Luna have a mother, but why don’t I have one?”

A day might come where she starts thinking like that.
No, such a day would most certainly come.
And for when that time comes, I wonder how I should answer my daughter.

「Fiona was a child born from a laboratory flask. You don’t have a father or mother related by blood」

I wonder if I should honestly tell her that.
Or, instead, I wonder if I should lie to her and tell her this:

「Fiona’s mother died while giving birth to Fiona. But, she loved you from the bottom of her heart」

I felt neither of those answers were appropriate, while both being correct.
However, I haven’t had the courage to pick between the two.
In spite of having lived a thousand years, I cannot choose from the choices that I had to take someday.
I wonder if master would laugh, seeing this sorry figure.

「Even though you can chant incantation magic, you can’t even say the bare minimum of words required as a person.」

I might be rebuked for that.
While I was thinking that, I noticed a bird tapping at the splendid window of the Otto house.
An owl was tapping the window, going,「knock-knock」
Seeing that figure, the Countess said this.

「Oh my, it’s an owl. How unusual. Even though we don’t see much of them here in the countryside」

I was in doubt as to why the owl was here in broad daylight. Owls are nocturnal, and so sleep during the daytime.

Moreover, they don’t appear in human settlements like this and prod at windows.
If it were a normal owl, that is.
I instantly recognised that it was no ordinary owl.

「Excuse me.」
When I said that, I gained permission from Countess Otto, and allowed the owl inside the room.
The owl perched on my shoulder as if it were natural.
And then, it started speaking in human tongue.

Why aren’t you reading at
「Yo, ladies and gentlemen, y’all seem to be in good spirits.」

「Owl-san spoke!」

It’s almost like a fairy-tale.
Fiona was in high spirits. The children of the Otto house were, too, in high spirits.
However, Chloe and I were the only ones not laughing.
Because we had guessed that that owl was a familiar.
Moreover, that familiar belonged to a person I know very well.

「Kite-sama, this is--」

Chloe spoke while pointing at the owl that spoke the human language.
I could guess at what she wanted to say.

Probably, this translation has been stolen from
「Probably, that familiar belongs to master」

「You’re right. I can feel the surging waves of Seymour-sama’s magical power」

「Ahh, moreover, that person liked turning owls into familiars」

It seems everything about it got along with that person’s nocturnal tendencies.
Or probably that person liked its carnivorous side.
Anyhow, it was certain that the owl in front of me was from my mentor, Seymour.
An elegant voice resounded from the familiar.
The owl spoke with a full voice like that of a singer.

「Yo Kite, long time no see」

Most likely, that person is seeing us through the familiar as a medium.
Uttering words with the familiar as an intermediary.
The quality of the voice was different, but that tone was exactly like master’s.
I bowed my head towards my mentor.

「It has been a long time.」

「Yeah, it’s certainly been long.」

Bowing your head at an owl made for a strange spectacle.
Moreover, what a self-important owl. In such a way, my master uttered the line like a person.

「The young girl there--」

The owl said so. I could easily guess that ‘the young girl’ meant Countess Otto; Because the owl was staring at her.

Countess Otto, who was called a young girl, did not seem to take it badly,

「It’s the first time since I married my husband that I have been called a young girl」

And she forgave the owl’s impoliteness.

She even forgave the owl’s continued rudeness.

「Forgive me, young girl. I have to talk about something important with this man from here on. Could you leave this place?」

She, Countess Otto, looked at me.
“Is it alright if I follow the instructions?” She was making a face which seemed to ask that.
I, while making a face saying I’m sorry, implored her to withdraw.
She made an appearance that seemed to say she did not mind it the slightest, and spoke to her children.

「Eugene, Luna, Mia, let’s go to the neighbouring room with mommy. I’ve prepared baked sweets for all of you.」

Her children, followed her behind, saying,「Yes, mother!」
En-route, she slightly looked back.
She gazed at Fiona. And subsequently gazed at me.
The countess displayed a face that seemed to say “Is it alright to also take Fiona along?”.
I subtly thanked her.
She said to Fiona quite smoothly.

「It’d be better if Fiona came to eat snacks too.」

Fiona at first seemed to disagree. The speaking 「Owl-san」did not seem to make her run out of curiosity as much as the baked sweets, however, she lost to her appetite in the end.

「Absolutely,let me pet and caress it afterwards!」

With those parting words, she left behind the Countess.
Only I and Chloe were left in this room.
When it became so, the owl turned to me, and greeted me again.

「It’s been a long time, Kite」

I respectfully lowered my head.

「It has been a long time, master」

‘Arrogant Kite’ was the nickname I was given when I was in the sorcery academy, but I respected only my master, Seymour.

I will keep my head lowered until my master says, 「It’s fine to raise your head」 or ,「You don’t have to be so humble」. It was a customary ritual.

――Usually I’d be told those words almost immediately, but I didn’t hear them today.

Rather, we suddenly got into the main issue at hand.
I wonder if it is that much of an urgent matter.
When I, without receiving my mentor’s permission, raised my head, I heard the owl’s words.

「Hey, Kite, the situation is urgent. At such a time, the exchange of useless pleasantries is unnecessary.」

The owl, with that introduction, let me know of the matter.

「It seems there is a sorcerer or a Wiseman who has committed a grave sin in Rowen Province, where you live」

「A grave sin, you say……?」

Because it was so sudden, I reflexively lied.

「Ahh, I see. Don’t they know that creating life is prohibited in this country?」

「Ehh, well, more or less……」

「Research in alchemy is somewhat restricted. If one is successful in turning the base metal into gold, then the value of gold would drop, and then society would be left in chaos. If we are successful in creating a life then the people of the church would cause an uproar. Saying, creation of life is the domain of god--」

「Therefore, we sorcerers put some restrictions on our research」

「Exactly, but, that is only a facade. We sorcerers are constantly zealous, and day after day endeavour for the dreams of the Wisemen, creation of gold and creation of artificial life」

The owl laughs self-deprecatingly.
Along with it, I too laugh.
Certainly there were many sorcerers who broke the law of the country.

And didn’t read this at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Regarding a being called “sorcerer”, they would be called a Wiseman if they have exceptional ability. That’s why everyone who is learning sorcery also aims to unveil the truth behind it.
If they are a sorcerer, especially if they have the talent to be called a wise man, they aim towards the goal of unveiling the truth behind magic.

Everyone dreams of creating a life, and that research piles up.
It was the natural course of action for one who aspires for sorcery.
The country and the church knowing that, more or less as a facade, had imposed restrictions on the research of sorcery.
The church didn’t allow the sorcerers to go out of control.
They asserted that they won’t do such research so they don’t become feared by the masses.

With such logic, the both of them maintained a balance, but it seems that, somehow, there was a Wiseman who managed to throw it off balance.

Seymour explained that to me.
I reflexively felt a chill run down my spine, but I asked without changing my expression.

「In other words, what does teacher want to say?」

The owl indirectly answered.

「The Empire and the church don’t have the capability to create a life. I thought so, but someway or another, I got hold of information that a Wiseman had succeeded in doing just that.」

「Can that information be trusted?」

I asked while feigning ignorance, but the owl spoke the truth in a matter of fact manner.

「The ruler of this country is by no means imprudent. The sovereign made the Wiseman, Seymour, create a Homunculus detector. It is a magical device created in such a manner that it can sense the birth of a Homunculus, if it ever happens, the very moment it is born.」

「Master created such a device?」

「Ah, but that is because I’m the great Wiseman who holds the title of the Imperial Court Magician, you know.」

It was undeniable, and so master continued

「――Of course, I never thought the day would come when that device would be of any use. I only took it up as I thought it’d be an easy job that gave me a lavish budget, and all I had to do was create an interesting device. 」

「By the way, how accurate is that device?」

「Quite accurate. In fact, It can even detect the surging signal of a homunculus’s birth.」

「Does it even record the time of it?」

「It does. But there’s a year in delay」

「The location?」

It was the answer I wanted to hear the most.
If it could accurately measure it, then I can’t play dumb any longer.

「That’s right. I only know to the extent that it is in Rowen Province. I don’t know anything more than that.」

「……I see」

If that’s so, then there’s no absolute proof that I succeeded in creating a Homunculus.
I wonder if this is the place where I should play dumb.
I thought so, but the owl beat me to the punch.

「Nevermind the top brass of the imperial Capital; I know of only one wiseman amongst the sorcerers living in Rowen Province, one who can master the truth of sorcery, and one who has enough capability to create a Homunculus, which is the ultimate dream of all sorcerers. And I have already confirmed that that person, is taking along an unfamiliar baby with him」

After the owl finished saying that, it was silent for quite a long time.
I wonder if it is giving me room to think.
A shrewd person as usual.
I’m sure that person, convicted that I had succeeded in creating a Homunclus, sent a familiar.


After remaining silent for a long time, the owl thrust an ultimatum onto me,

「Well, now that I have told you the story, I have something to ask you. My foolish disciple, do you have any explanation?」

Here, while smiling, that person said

「――Acute Aphasia2

This one phrase was able to pierce the silence..

However, to begin with, I had relied upon my master to set out on the journey.

If it’s master Seymour, we’d surely be given some good advice. Surely, me and Fiona would be guided on the right path. I left on the journey thinking that.

I didn’t harbour any doubts toward my mentor at this point in time.
I boldly confessed.

「That blonde haired girl is a Homunculus」

「Oh, as expected, I see. You were successful in creating a new life?」

The owl raised its voice in astonishment.

「About that… she was born from an accident. If you tell me to reproduce that again, then it’d be impossible for me.」

「What, Even if it’s a fluke, it’s still a hit」

「But, wouldn’t the top brass of the Empire and the church be searching for the Homunculus, and wishing for its reproduction?」

「Exactly. Those guys will surely try to snatch the method of creating a Homunculus by hook or crook. If the creator cannot reproduce it, then they’d kidnap the Homunculus itself, and tinker with it as an experiment」

「Then, I’ll have to protect her with all my strength」

I resolutely and justifiably insisted.

「Is it your obstinacy as a sorcerer? Or perhaps your pride as a Wiseman?」

The owl inquired that, but I slowly shook my head.

「You’re wrong. It’s my responsibility as that child’s father」

The owl, who heard my answer, gave off a feeling as if it was broadly grinning and had loosened its expression.
But then, owls don’t have facial muscles.
However, it seems master was satisfied with my answer.

「I get it. I just wanted to hear those lines. And because you have said those words, I’ll assist you with all my strength.」

After the owl declared so, it ordered me to head back towards my residence.
After I gave my thanks to my master again, the owl flew out of the window.
It flapped its wings to the other side of the blue sky.

1. As in shisho (Kite’s master, not what Chloe calls Kite)

2. Inability (or impaired ability) to understand or produce speech, as a result of brain damage.

Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 7

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Taking a Bath With My Daughter

Just like that our troupe was able to stay at a noble mansion.
We quite literally received a warm welcome with a sumptuous feast.
It was natural of course, for I had saved the countess of the Otto house.
I was served while being waited upon by the butlers and maids of the house.

「The benefactor of Milady is our benefactor」

Saying so, they gave us a reception almost befitting that of royalty.
When I woke up in the morning, a maid brought me a change of clothes and a cup of coffee.

Of course, the change of clothes they brought included a brand new shirt, which was even ironed. Everything seemed to be first-class, made by the leading dressmaker in the Imperial Capital. Each one is worth a month of the maid’s wages.

After that, the breakfast too, was served to us together with the Otto family, along with the menu .
Freshly baked bread made from whole wheat, which had been smeared with plenty of butter.
You could smear honey and jam to your heart’s content if you wanted, and when I wished for it to be salty, they even served caviar.
I have lived for a thousand years, but I have eaten such expensive roe very few times.
As expected of a comital family1.
However, with the exception of all-you-can-eat caviar, there was nothing quite extravagant.

I was asked about my preferred method of preparation of the eggs, but it was to the extent of whether they were to be boiled, sunny side up or scrambled.

Moreover, the bacon and the sausage that accompanied them were also first class goods, but they were not quite different from the kind we usually ate.

While it may be true that they were nobles, it did not seem like they were in a situation where they could eat extravagant things on an everyday basis.
The usual meals were not very different from the meals that commoners ate.
But then, I didn’t know if it would be right to treat commoners and a Wiseman who has lives a thousand years as the same.
After we ate breakfast, we had a lot of time to kill before lunch.
Because they have a splendid library, let’s sneak a peek at it. (alternate: “I wanted to take a sneak peeak at it”).
Fiona spent her time playing and reading picture books with the children of the Otto house.

Those few hours might feel like an instant to me, who has lived a thousand years, but for her, who is a child, those same few hours may be manyfold longer than it is for me, and must be quite precious.

That I can easily guess.
So much that the girls were happily bustling about the mansion.
Though that figure was a pleasant one to look at, I thought simultaneously.

「Fiona might need a friend」

It was natural, for Fiona usually stayed at my house.
Although there are playmates in the form of toys and dolls, there were no humans.
There was a mechanical maid, but even if she had emotions, she was not a child of the same generation.

There was a village at the foot of my residence, but it was at a distance that took a few hours to go to and fro, and the villagers harboured some fear suspicion towards the unidentified thousand year old Wiseman who was immersed in research.

There were no children in the village who would play with such a girl.

「It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Fiona happily playing around like this」

Seeing my daughter frolic around with children of her generation for the first time, such thoughts came to mind, and soon, it was time for lunch.
Lunch too, wasn’t too extravagant, but efforts were put into it.

Even though we were quite far from the sea, they seemed to have procured seafood from somewhere, and lunch was clam chowder. Moreover, it had the taste of one prepared by a chef from a high class store, and was even more delicious than Chloe’s.

Incidentally, Chloe was not sitting at the table during both breakfast and lunch. She was standing and grinning beside me and Fiona.

She was a mechanical doll. She didn’t need food.
Rather, she didn’t eat meals.
Hers was a special body that could survive for many months just on the energy provided by the pseudo-philosopher’s stone in her chest.
I have explained that to the people of the Otto house.

The fact that Fiona was a Homunculus was an absolute secret, but there was no problem in revealing that Chloe was a machine doll.

It was not like you could say that machine dolls are overflowing in this world――, nevertheless, they were not existences that could said to be rare.

But then, an emotional and sensitive machine doll like Chloe was an unusual existence.
Moreover, a machine doll that could be cynical like this.
While I was smacking my lips at the Otto house’s clam chowder, Chloe said with a smiling face.

「It seems you are making a more satisfied face than even when you eat Chloe’s clam chowder. Master. 」


I wonder when she became such a machine doll who could be so cynical.
I tried to recollect, but I remember her being more sincere when I created her.

When I ask her that, she presses her lips together saying,「It’s your imagination, Master」, laughing with a hohoho on top of it, she went off somewhere.

She said, she wanted to see the maids of this residence working and absorb their skills.
I wonder if a mechanical doll has nothing more to do than that.
After warning her not to be a trouble for the people of the residence, I gave her the permission.

Chloe spied on the trade secrets of the Otto house all day, and finally got the secret of that taste from the cook.

While the adults were spending their day like that, night arrived.
The evening meal turned out to be an extravagant dinner centred around meat.
As expected, when guests stay over, dinner becomes more extravagant than usual.
Day after day, we got beef and turkey among others, and moreover, we were offered the best cuts.
Fiona was astonished at the tender beef through which the knife passed smoothly.

「Daddy, Somehow this is as soft as butter. Is this really meat?」

It was strange to say so.
Indeed it was soft like butter, and moreover, it was quite fatty like butter.
It seems everything was expressly bought from an exclusive dairy farmer, and it was meat cured in a dedicated warehouse.
This is the only food fit for nobility that we absolutely won’t be able to eat in the vicinity of my residence, is what I thought.
After eating such a luxurious meal, I was advised to take a bath.
The bathtub was filled with hot water.
Of course, we have a bathtub at home too, but the one in the Otto house was at a different level.
It was almost as if it had splendour like one from an ancient palace.
The Otto house had installed a facility like those at public bathhouses in a big town.

「Daddy, sugoi! I’ve never seen such a big bathtub!」

Fiona said that, but so that she doesn’t run about, I catch her firmly by the shoulder.
It’d be terrible if she fell down and hurt herself in the bathhouse.
After warning her of that, we father and daughter happily immersed themselves in the bathtub.

「Our bathtub isn’t large enough for two people to enter, right?」

「You’re right」

I interjected.
Fiona made a water pistol with her hands.
I wonder if Chloe taught her that. It was quite a beautiful water pistol.
I also wanted to rival her, but mine was clumsy and did not fly as smoothly as Fiona’s
Left with no choice, when I chanted a spell, a《Water Current》magic was released.

The water current that was fired from my palm, vigorously came at Fiona’s face. Of course, it’s power was limited to a bare minimum.

Seeing that, Fiona repeatedly shouted out 「Sugoi, sugoi! 」.
She begged me to teach her magic, but it was still too early to teach her.
But, seeing the daughter who still was going splishy-splashy with the water, I thought.
I wonder till when this child will enter the bath together with me.

「Surely, if I ask her to enter the bath together even after she reaches puberty, she’d surely hate me like serpents and snakes (detest)」

It was a night when a understood a little of the feelings of the fathers of the innumerable daughters in this world.

1.Comital means relating to a count or earl.

Check out the character designs I found online in the TOC

Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 6

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My Daughter is Cuter

The residence of the imperial noble house of Otto was a splendid one.
Looking at the splendour and grandeur, Fiona was left speechless.

Don’t break my heart, read at

「…………Daddy, is this the castle?」

「This isn’t the castle. The castle is even bigger」

「B-but, It’s somehow sugoi. We’re surrounded by huge walls and there’s a big gate too」

「We don’t have a fence and gate back at home, do we?」

Certainly, our home is also a big residence by itself, but it’s nothing like the grandeur of the Otto house.
In the first place, because that residence itself is only a villa I received from a merchant who was an acquaintance of mine, it has an architectural style from hundreds of years ago.

In addition to that, the Wiseman who is the owner, had no interest in avant-garde architecture or a grant interior design, and in the past few decades, hadn’t done satisfactory repairs, let alone remodelling.

Chloe says, that the villagers at the foot of the mountain think,

「 It’s a witch’s house or a stronghold of heretics」

So was the case.

In short, it was a facility dedicated to research that had none of the glamour or beauty that girls yearned for.

In fact, till Fiona was born, it was good enough if I could both stay and do research, thus, I have no memories of using places other than the bedroom and dining hall.

Moreover, because when I was immersed in research, I would seclude myself in the laboratory building, I would end up forgetting the location of the bedroom and the dining hall.

I guess the term research-crazy refered to people like me.

「Though I want Master to have a little more interest in amassing wealth and maintaining our lifestyle」

Saying so, Chloe let out a long sigh.

「Well, Fiona is also getting bigger, I’ll keep it in mind from here on」

After I gave that excuse, the butler of the Otto house invited us in, and we entered inside the residence.

The nobleman’s wife, who invited us, left the guest room after saying 「I will go and change my clothes」.

She said that welcoming guests in clothes covered with dirt would lead to the embarrassment of the Otto house.
If that’s so, then what about I, who am wearing a robe covered with mud?
It feels as if it utterly doesn’t match the grandeur of this room.
I cower at the thought of defiling this seemingly expensive sofa.

「So, Master too has something called modesty」

「I had forgotten it for a few hundred years, but I’ve remembered it now」

「That sofa seema like its something expensive, doesn’t it?」

「Ah, probably, it’s a custom-made article by Dwarven furniture craftsmen. It wouldn’t be anything below 10 gold coins. 」

「Master is making mud stick to it, right?」

「It can’t be helped. It was dirtied due to the battle」

「Should I bring the robe that is in the carriage as change of clothes?」

I decided to say「Do that for me」, but before I could do so, the Countess of the Otto house returned to the room.

She makes for a pretty figure.
She is wearing a dress fit for a nobleman’s wife to wear.
No, she its because she actually is a nobleman’s wife.
As she came into the room smiling like a belle, she stated 「It is unnecessary to change clothes」

「Of course, there shall be change of clothes after dinner, but it shall be provided here. Please relax like this till then」

「But I cannot bring myself to dirty it with mud」

「It will be a disgrace to my honour. Because it is the mud that splashed on you at the time when you saved me. Henceforth, whenever I invite a guest, I shall proudly talk about it, when they ask about that stain. That that stain is one left by a great hero1 who saved me」

Saying so, she prompted me to feel at home.
I take care to sit in such a posture so as to not dirty the sofa as far as possible.
On the other hand, Chloe, the maid, sat down quietly like a doll.
No, but she actually is a doll though.

I don’t remember having InputProgrammed etiquette and the like in her, but she unexpectedly might have understood such sort of etiquette. I wonder if she procured this knowledge from the books kept on my study.

I’d like asking her if I get the chance, but now is not the time for that.
Rather than that, my daughter who was standing on the sofa, jumping up and down was a greater problem.

Looking at her, Fiona was bustling about, making merry, saying 「It’s the first time I’ve seen such a fluffy sofa」.

The words – wait wait wait, isn’t it almost as if my disciplining is a complete failure came to my lips, but Chloe said in a whisper.

「……After all, Master would absolutely not impart education in such a manner, right?」

「…… Yeah, certainly」

I’m ashamed of myself.
Once I somehow manage to pin down Fiona, I speaking in a tone as if to warn her.

「Fiona, you must not jump on sofas in other people’s houses」

She asks me with a strange face.


At such times, adults normally unreasonably scold them, saying 「You shouldn’t do what you’re not supposed to do」, but I didn’t want to become such an irresponsible adult.

I intelligently admonish her with a stern look.

「It’s because this is not our home. It’s Countess Otto’s home. When Fiona jumps up and down like that, won’t the sofa feel pain? You mustn’t break thing in other people’s homes」

The countess followed up, saying 「It’s better for children to be a bit energetic」, but I shall continue even still.

「I want Fiona to become a fine lady. A fine lady doesn’t jump while baring her skirt like that」

「If I don’t become a fine lady, I won’t become a bride?」

Fiona asks with upturned eyes 2 saying 「Uuu…… 」

「You won’t become one」

When I say that, Fiona, saying 「I understand」, altered her appearance.
Straightening herself into an erect posture like Chloe, she fixed her disorderly skirt.
Her way of quietly sitting down, almost made her seem like a porcelain doll. She seemed like a nobleman’s daughter.
Regardless of my own clothes, I am never stingy with Fiona’clothes.
I instructed Chloe to only prepare the best of things.

Furthermore, In addition to that, Fiona being my daughter, even if I say so, looks beautiful. Having a petite figure and a beautiful appearance like this, if she sat like an Ojou-sama, she could easily pass off as a nobleman’s daughter.

In fact, when the lady of the Otto house entered the room, her children accompanied her.

There were a boy and two girls, but Fiona was no less in comparison to them.

No, even if it were me, who was looking through the favourable eyes of a parent, my daughter seemed overwhelmingly cuter nevertheless.
While I was thinking like that, the lady of the Otto house made the maid pour tea and prepare baked sweets.
The children of the Otto house ate it in a refined manner.
On the other hand, the moment Fiona saw the baked sweets she loved so dearly, she returned to the child she originally was.
She grabbed and stuffed the confectionery in her mouth, and was savoring it while going 「Munch munch」

「As expected, the difference in her growth comes out in such places…… 」

I let out a sigh, but it is not a negative sigh.

Certainly I desired and hoped that Fiona became a fine lady, but I did not specifically want her to become a young lady of nobility.

Rather than the children in front of me who eat in a refined manner, I like a daughter like Fiona, who eats with a smile while savouring her food.

――These are my true feelings, even when not looking through the eyes of a parent.

1. She says 英雄(eiyuu) instead of the usual 勇者(Yuusha) we see for hero.

2.Upturned Eyes

Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~Chapter 5

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My Daughter’s Proper Education

The battle ended in a blink of an eye.
I bestowed magical power to the military escort’s swords.
I cast defensive magic on their bodies.
With this itself, they shouldn’t fall behind the likes of goblins.
They unanimously voiced out

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「What is this magic?」
「Our swords are as light as a feather!」
「My body became as hard as a rock!」

After casting Enchantment1, the men who had their strength increased, assaulted the goblins.

Clang, the peculiar sound of weapons bestowed with magic echoed across the plains.
Every time, the weapons the goblins had were either broken or smashed.

Regardless of whether the goblins were stabbed or cut down and killed by the military escort, anyhow, because of me joining in, the battle situation had become overwhelmingly advantageous.

The enemy lost the will to fight like that and fled.
On the other hand, the ogres who were watching it became angry.

The ogre who seemed to be commanding the goblins, letting his rage get the best of him, beat down the escaping goblins with his club.

「Seriously, they’re barbaric lot. Fiona isn’t watching, is she?」

I look at the carriage.
In there, was a maid covering Fiona’s eyes with both hands.

「As expected of Chloe. She understands」

I, who saw that figure, was relieved and proceeded to defeat the ogre.

Cmon, my bday is gonna come in a while
「النيران.2(This guy is saying that if you read at

then you are sugoi
When I chanted in the ancient magic language, the palm of hand burned bright red.
I roared, saying defeat the ogre.
I released the ball of fire the arose from my hand towards the ogre.
There were 2 ogres, but there was no need to choose either one of them.
Clearly, I had plans of aiming at the self-important looking ogre, but there was no need for that.

The ball of fire I created, doesn’t just go to the extent of determining targets, but rather is enough to engulf two ogres with its size itself.

Rather, I had to take care not to drag in the escort squad members because of it being too large.
It’s power too, was of the highest grade, and the ogres who recieved the 《Fireball》were annihilated in the blink of an eye.
The expression burnt to cinders might have been made for the sake of this magic3.
With a firepower to that extent, the ogres burst into flames, and turned to ashes.
In short, the enemy monsters were defeated in an instant.
Due to the commanding ogre dying, the remaining goblins lost their will to fight.
Throwing away their weapons, they disorderly ran away.

「Let’s pursue」

The escort, who were having a tough time, proposed so to the captain, but the captain shook his head.

「Our duty is to ensure the safety of Milady, and safely escort her to the dominion」

I think it’s the correct judgement.

No matter how many goblins you defeat, they’ll endlessly keep on appearing. Now that we had defeated the one that commanded them, there was no particular need to unnecessarily fight now.

After praising the decisive judgement of the captain of the escort, I turned away from him.
But, the captain of the escort did not let me return just like that.

「Wait! The Wiseman-sama there」

By Wiseman, is he talking to me? I point towards myself, but I was the only man wearing a robe in this place.

「That’s right. I’m talking to you. Where might you be going? 」

「No, I too have a destination. Actually I am heading towards the imperial capital. On the way, I met you guys and helped out just a little」

「You are overflowing with a sense of justice. Thanks to that, we had a narrow escape from death」

The captain of the escort says so while smiling, and adds another thing.

「Not only your sense of justice, but your strength too is sugoi. That ogre has a second name and controlled all the goblins in this place. By any chance, are you a well-known great Wiseman?」

「No way, I’m a Wiseman from the nameless wilderness. And if you want to thank someone, thank my daughter. I only helped you out for the sake of her proper education. 」

「Proper Education?」

「Well, it’s about my circumstances. That’s why, don’t worry about it too much」

Leaving it at that, I decided to depart, but the person riding the carriage did not allow me.
Of course, it was neither Fiona nor Chloe.
It was the person riding the carriage, whom I had saved.
When she got down from the splendid carriage that was something clearly riden by nobles, she lowered her head with elegance.
She is a blooming woman.
She hasn’t crossed 30 years of age. Is she in he’d mid-20s? She has an appearance such that one would figure out that she is a noble at a glance.
Because the people of the escort were calling her Milady, she might be the wife of a nobleman or something.
I was observing her thinking so, but it seems she really is a nobleman’s wife.
She was wearing the mark of a married woman, a wedding ring on her finger.
While I was fascinated by her, Chloe leaks out a few words beside me.

「Kite-sama likes married women…… 」

「There’s no man who hates married women」

「So you’re admitting it, aren’t you? 」

Chloe glared at me with disgusted eyes.

Fiona too, stared at me.

「Daddy likes married women?」

「Oi, Chloe. Isn’t it because of you saying strange things, that Fiona ends up remembering strange words?」

「It’s not good for Master to be fascinated by a married woman」

Chole, saying so, crossed her arms, and snorted 「Hmph」.
I wonder if our speech and conduct was difficult to put in words.
The married woman in question enquired with a troubled expression.

「――This time’s assistance really saved us. My name is Tatiana Von Otto. I am the wife of Earl Otto」

「Otto house, is it? 」

「Are you perhaps an acquaintance? 」

Chloe asked in a low voice.
I too, reply in a low voice

「I didn’t live a thousand years just for show. They are one of the notable nobles of the Empire」

「It’s seems they are distinguished nobles」

「You’re right. I might have saved a great person. 」

「What do you mean?」

I make a ring in the shape of an imaginary coin with my hands.

「……So Master helped the people out with the expectation of being rewarded for it? Just now, you were talking about proper education and the like though」

「My master’s sayings go so. If a time comes when you have to eat humans, you should eat them. And a person who can be extorted, should be thoroughly extorted. It’s the secret teachings of Seymour school of sorcery」

「It’s useless secret teachings. It doesn’t have anything to do with magic, In fact, it has no use」

「This time, tell all your complaints directly to master.」

I, declaring so, received the countesses gratitude.
Usually, at such times, it had been decided conventional wisdom that you’ll be invited to the mansion and be welcomed.
In fact, the countess said that she, by all means wanted to be hospitable to the benefactor who saved her life.

「By all means, I want to thank you. Kite-sama, I know you are heading towards the imperial capital, but won’t you stop by at our residence?」

I answer with a smile.

「Of course」

Furthermore, Fiona chimes in.

「Of course!!」

Three people while smiling amongst themselves, headed towards the residence of the countess.

1. Kanji says magic bestowal.

2. I don’t know Arabic, but google translate-sama says it means fire. Yeah, it was in the raw.

3. In the original it said “The adjective(?) not even bones being left behind. So took a few liberties.

Child Rearing Journal of the Strongest Wiseman~About My Daughter Being the Cutest in the World~ Chapter 4

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The Journey to the Imperial Capital

I live in Rowen province.
Formerly, it existed as a country called the Rowen Kingdom, but now it has become a part of the Neue・Mirredin Empire.
The former royal family became a duke’s house , and they were left in charge of governance.
That too is a story from when I was once a Sorcerer, so it’s a story from many hundreds of years ago.
At the time of being demoted from a royal family to a duke’s house, though there was one dispute that arose, that is something from long ago.
Now, it’s nothing more than a peaceful province.

Incidentally, the reason I decided to build a house in this place, is nothing more than a simple whim, it’s far from the Imperial Capital, and because I thought it would be a land indifferent to the schemes and tumult of the Imperial Capital.

Therefore, in this way, the journey to the Imperial Capital, is my first in decades.
Chloe promptly made preparations for the journey, made arrangements for a horse, and procured a carriage.
Where did she get it from?
I tried asking her. Do you read at

「I procured it from the village. I paid money properly, you know?」

「It’s good you had so much money」

「It’s because Master only wastes away money」

Chloe chuckles, but she explains the trick behind it.

「Master, while you while away your time doing useless research day after day, Chloe does management.」

「Don’t call it useless. You were born thanks to that research」

「That’s true. I’m grateful for that」

If I hadn’t created the pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone, she, who was a mechanical doll, would have simply been an ordinary doll, she wouldn’t have had an ego and I for sure, wouldn’t have had to beat that imprudent mouth like this.

「But even still, the amount of research funds Master spends is too excessive. If Chloe hadn’t been there, you’d have surely gone bankrupt long ago」

Anyway, on one hand I spend money like water on research, on the other hand, it seems Chloe sells of the results of those research that she feels will earn money, turns the money earned into savings, invests it, and earns profit from it.

It seems our family’s finances are barely making it through due to Chloe’s investment and saving, it didn’t seem that we had that much of a surplus.

「If so, would you even sell the mechanical doll girl? Many of the nobility would love to buy her.」and read at

I said so jokingly, but Chloe’s eyes didn’t have a cheerful look.
I look at her with a pale face.

When dodging the topic while lightly coughing,

「Because the number of dependent family members has increased by one. I shall refrain from research a little more from here on」

Saying so, I picked up her mood.

Chloe returned the joke, saying 「I won’t expect anything. If you take away research from Kite-sama, there’ll be nothing left」

On the other hand, Fiona was exultant, as she was riding a carriage for the first time.
She points at the scenery seen outside the carriage.
「Daddy, what’s that?」
「Daddy, who’s that?」
「Daddy, where is this thing we’re riding on going?」
Each time, I reply. Read at

「That’s a windmill. Using the power of wind, it grinds wheat and other things. Because of that, Fiona can eat white bread daily」

「That person is a farmer. Because of him, wheat can be harvested. I told you just now how wheat becomes bread, right?」

Fiona nods, swaying her golden hair each time, saying yes, yes.
This world seems to be filled of things she does not know.

Of course, I have taught her various things as knowledge, rather than learning from books or what others say, actually seeing it with one’s eyes or touching with one’s hands, transmits information far, far more accurately.

It isn’t a journey we have to hurry through.
Everybtime Fiona had a question, I stopped the carriage, explained it, and occasionally gave her practical experience.
Proceeding to the windmill, how wheat is ground using the power of wind.
How wheat grows from the earth.
What the job of a farmer is.
I taught her.
And I answered the last question she asked too.

「This carriage is heading towards the Imperial Capital」

「Impee-real Kapi-tul?」

「It means the Capital of the Empire. It is the city where the Emperor lives.」


「Well, he’s the greatest person in this country」

「He’s greater than even daddy?」


「He’s stronger than daddy?」


「Good. Then, let’s overthrow him」

「Let’s not overthrow him. It’s not like we came here to fight. Rather, to overthrow, or not overthrow, where did you learn such words?」

Fiona points at Chloe.
Chloe confronts the reproachful gaze.
Chloe gives an excuse.

「Because Fiona-sama pestered me to read a picture book of an action and adventure play, she might have spontaneously remembered such words」

「Is that so? Fiona」

「That’s ri-ght. I love books in which Magicians appear!」

You can overthrow your enemy with a bam using magic.
She chants spells as if doing Magician make-believe
Naturally, she can’t Invoke magic as a baby.

「Well, I must also pay greater attention to things like the proper education of a baby」

「But Master, it is said that a child grows up looking at it parents’ back. Isn’t it natural that a child, whose parent is something like a Wiseman, would want to be read a book whose protagonist is a Magician? 」

「I have told this before too, but I don’t want to make this child into a sorcerer or a Wisewoman」

「But, you don’t want to give her away as a bride too, right?」

「It’s not as if there are only two professions in this world」

There are countless choices other than magic and marriage.
Better than them.
No, if my daughter chooses a profession in which she can be happy, as a parent, I’d be furthermore happy. Rather, I don’t wish for anything more than that.

While I was thinking like that, Chloe,

「Then, let’s read out various stories from now on」

So, she voiced out. Dammit! The p key in my keyboard is broken, so how many times are you gonna make me type it out!?

「I’d be grateful if you did so」

When I reply so, Chloe pointed towards a far off, distant place.
And she said so.

「I can answer the request of reading a paragraph from a picture book any number of times, but there are things that Chloe too, cannot do. It seems a battle is taking place in a far off distant place, a few kilometers ahead. Kite-sama, what should we do?」

Chloe’s eyes shine while she stares.

The eyes I created by smashing a crystal and imbuing it with magic, can see the image a few kilometers ahead, even without making use of magic.
She promptly sensed the battle that was taking place far away.

「She asked me what to do too」

After talking about things like proper education, I wondered how it was, that I was going to let people, who were in trouble, die.

「If it had been before Fiona came into our family, there would have been a 99% chance that I would have ignored the gun」

I grumble in a way that Fiona won’t hear.
The maid Chloe should have interpreted that grumbling in the affirmative. I cracked my whip at the horse.

「In other words, you want to go and save them」

「That’s right」

「As expected of Master. I fell in love with you again」

Fiona too agreed, saying 「Daddy is cool」

「But, I don’t want Fiona to experience anything dangerous. Only I will fight. So that you and Fiona don’t have to leave the carriage, no matter what」

「I am aware of that. In the first place, Chloe is merely a maid. I haven’t held anything heavier than an iron cage」

「I wonder how many kilos the cage that held the Wyverns was」

I stopped myself from saying that.
I don’t have the leisure to speak sarcastically, because we have reached the battlefield.
There were two ogres and tens of goblins there.
Because many of the members had already died, the battle might have already taken place.
Luckily, the humans did not have any injuries, but it didn’t seem that it would continue for eternity.
The humans were clearly wavering, and were being forced into a hard fight.

Coming in between a human and a demon,

「I’ll help you out」

I said so. Oh please , just go to already!!

On the human side, the person who seemed to be the captain of the escort was grateful, and conveyed that gratitude.
I obediently accepted the gratitude, and imbued magic into my staff.
It’s a battle after a long time.
Of course, I don’t have the least bit of intention to lose to the likes of ogres and goblins.
However, I had some anxiety. Usually, I rarely fight while cooperating with my comrades.
Won’t the magic I use end up killing my comrades? That was the only worry I had.

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