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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Whistle

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Corporate Slave Light Novel Extra Pt. 11

Norbert Baranek was summoned along with his superior of the accounting department right after lunch break had ended, right before they would normally have returned to their office to resume work.

“This has to do with the Saint’s summoning from another world, huh?” he muttered to himself, following along behind his superior.

They gathered in a room filled with high council members. The naturally meek Mr. Helmuth was white as a sheet; he could not stop shaking under their scrutiny. Norbert stood next to him, calmly thinking about what he had just learned.

When the higher-ups were about to call out his nonchalant attitude before the King, his majesty stopped them with a mere glare and continued to explain.

“That is correct. Have you heard about how the miasma in our kingdom has been purified by Saints for generations? For this current outbreak, the Saint happens to be someone from another world,” one of the higher officials explained as though Norbert were a simpleton.

While it was true that Norbert was merely a clueless eighteen-year-old and had a hard time grasping the full extent of the kingdom’s history that had taken place hundreds of years ago, he had at least heard about this before.

It was compulsory that he study about the history of the kingdom back during his academy days, but anything he had learned about it then was barely retained in his memory now. Besides, the so-called “Forest of Magic”, which was filled with dangerous miasma, was so far away that Norbert had never even seen it before with his own eyes. All these things about summoning an otherworlder to help save their kingdom seemed like something out of a fairy tale to him although all of this was being explained by none other than the most important people in the palace. As they talked, they appeared to be very serious about the subject too, so it was a blessing that Norbert did not end up laughing at their enthusiasm as they continued to talk at length about it.

Then, the king resumed speaking.”After we succeeded in performing the summoning ritual, we have safely brought the Saint to our world. However, a man from the same world as the Saint has ended up here as well. In order to make things right, we have agreed to fulfill his request. He wishes to work in the Royal Accounting Department, where the two of you are assigned.”

“What?” Norbert asked in confusion. “Are you serious?”

Just when Norbert thought summoning someone from another world was unbelievable enough, this stowaway otherworlder’s request for work was even more baffling to him. If there existed an infinite amount of other fun things you could ask for, and the kingdom was completely willing to fulfill any demand you made… Why in the world would they have requested to work of all things? Hmph. If I were that person, work would definitely be the last thing I would ask for~

Nevertheless, Norbert was tasked by the King to monitor this otherworlder’s behavior from time to time. To do so, he would also have to prepare a detailed written report about this man based on his observations. 

Honestly, that was going to be the most troublesome of all troublesome things for Norbert, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had no choice but to comply; refusing to would have landed him in another kind of trouble instead. 

Without wasting any time, Norbert immediately set out to meet the otherworlder. If he had heard correctly, this man had a very long name, so he decided to simply refer to him as Mr. Sei. His living accommodations would be in the room prepared for him in the dormitory. Norbert arrived at his door bringing along work clothes and other basic necessities provided to civil servants by the royal palace. 

When someone opened the door, Norbert saw a man who was clearly older than him. Other than that, the man had styled black hair and tired-looking eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses.

Norbert had thought this man would be despairing over his fate, but he seemed to have gotten used to this world pretty quickly. He started living normally and doing his work as if he was no different from anyone else.

Though, Norbert could not say that he was surprised by this. After all, Mr. Sei was a very strange person.

Asking for work was not the only weird thing he had done. He regularly showed up at his new workplace early in the morning, before anyone else had arrived yet. He also worked harder than everyone else ever had, even as far as cleaning the office on his own. Nobody had told him to do any of this, nor was it an expectation that anyone ever had for a civil servant working in the accounting department. 

Mr. Sei should not even have had to work when the kingdom was willing to provide for his livelihood in this world. Yet, he still wished to work by his own accord… What a strange person indeed. 

Not to mention, Mr. Sei had even left the dormitory early to arrive at the royal palace on his first day of work without waiting for Norbert… He had found the man talking with the most fearsome commander of the Third Knight Order, Sir Aresh Indrak! Just how many shocking things was this man capable of doing in a single day??? 

Thus, these events marked the beginning of Norbert’s special report!

[Report No. 1 

I met Mr. Sei for the first time at the civil servant’s dormitory. The next day, Mr. Sei left for work without me. As I rushed there, I saw him talking with Captain Indrak of the Third Knight Order. 

Mr. Sei was able to casually talk to Captain Indrak without fear, but maybe it was because he had no idea who the latter was. Though, the commander is still a scary person by appearance alone… If it was me, I would not even be able to utter a single word in his presence!]

Just as Norbert was about to submit his report at the end of the day, he was advised to describe more of Mr. Sei’s activities in greater detail. Details, huh…? He thought to himself. So they want to know how strange Mr. Sei can be each day…? He pondered this and other things as he continued to write his report.

[Report No. 2 

Today was a day off, so I went shopping with Mr. Sei in town.

When I thought of showing him around in the town’s market first, Mr. Sei insisted that should be done last. He didn’t want to buy food items immediately because he wanted them to be as fresh as possible once he got back to the dormitory.

We had only been in the town for a little while, but Mr. Sei had already disappeared from my sight in the blink of an eye. Of course, I panicked; I had to search for him everywhere like a mother who lost her child. Despite Mr. Sei’s seemingly polite demeanor, he doesn’t seem like someone who will obediently listen to what others tell him to do.

After I found him, thankfully safe, we resumed looking around. Along the way, Mr. Sei bought only things that he found necessary— a magic pen, some paper, a pot for cooking, a frying pan, bottled water, and some smaller food items. It would appear that he is capable of cooking for himself. Why he would even want to do that though, I don’t understand.]

For the second report, Norbert was scolded again. He was told that he did not have to make it that detailed, going as far as to include his own personal impressions of the other man. In fact, Norbert was not even allowed to establish a close relationship with him in the first place.

Norbert sighed. Since Mr. Sei was a rather quiet person to begin with, Norbert would not even know if the man suddenly decided to leave his side; Mr. Sei definitely would not tell him beforehand either. How could he watch this person closely if he was not permitted to get close to them? Besides, Norbert was curious to learn more about Mr. Sei’s former world too. It seemed to be an interesting place to live, although at the same time, it was not without its own scary parts as well.

[Report No. 3

I gave Mr. Sei a supplement yesterday. He was overjoyed after using it.

He wanted more, so I had to take him to the pharmacy which sold it on the following day. The pharmacy is called Metron and is situated in a secluded part of town. We also happened to meet Captain Indrak and Vice-captain Rowder there by coincidence.]

As Norbert presented his latest report, he was told by the person in charge to write a few more comments regarding Mr. Sei in the future… Hm? Norbert thought that was what he had been doing in my previous reports. Plus, they had scolded him for that. Ah, well… Norbert thought. Not that I mind anyway. I had no problems doing that before, so if they did approve it this time, then that’ll be good enough.

[Report No. 5 2 

Mr. Sei’s dedication to work did not end up going unrewarded. He was recently appointed the vice director of the accounting department! Moreover, the role was bestowed to him directly by the prime minister himself right before our eyes. I managed to witness it as I happened to be nearby, and I felt very happy for him. I even got the honor to help Mr. Sei put on his newly earned cape for the first time. Although he is now my superior, he still allows me to address him with the same nickname I gave him when we first met. You would think there would be a distance between us after this, but… I feel that we’ve only grown closer to each other since then. Thinking about this makes me really happy.] 

Things truly did not change much after Mr. Sei’s promotion until one day when he showed up late for work. That was unusual.

We are no strangers to the fact that Mr. Sei always comes to the royal palace earlier than anyone else. He was so late that we even started to wonder if he was taking a day off today until he appeared at the front door of the accounting department breathing heavily. Mr. Sei still looked tired, as usual, but I did notice his hair was disheveled today. Bed head, I guess. Maybe he just woke up late, so he rushed to the royal palace without bothering to fix his hair first?

I also saw him limping in pain when he entered the office. I wondered if he was hurt somewhere? It must have been around the area of his lower half. Shortly after, he asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price for service involving magic. Although Mr. Sei did not want to tell me what happened, I knew that he must have been in deep trouble. My suspicions were confirmed when Captain Indrak came to see me in the dining hall during lunch break.

From what I heard, Mr. Sei was taken by Captain Indrak to the health department in order to receive a medical examination after that. Once it finished, they ate lunch together in the dining hall. At that point, there was no doubt—the one that Mr. Sei caused trouble for was Captain Indrak, of all people! What is wrong, Mr. Sei!? Are you tired of living that much??? 

But I was relieved to hear the whole story—Captain Indrak had saved Mr. Sei’s life. I bet that was what Mr. Sei meant by “causing him trouble”. I was amazed to think the one known as the “Ice Prince” throughout Romani would have such kindness deep within his heart! Though, Mr. Sei didn’t seem very happy when he told me all that. I felt like his eyes looked a little more lifeless than usual. Man, I can’t help but wonder why.

Honestly speaking, I’m not sure how I should sum this report. I wondered if it’s safe to say that Mr. Sei is now in good hands, given that someone else is going to take care of him from now on? I guess I can say that Mr. Sei will probably still be in danger too in the future though. Captain Indrak is not called the “Ice Prince” for nothing…!]

[Report No. 7 

Mr. Sei fell ill yesterday as he was roaming the town and was rescued by Captain Indrak who happened to stumble upon him by coincidence. The next day, as I was having lunch in the cafeteria, I saw Captain Indrak dragging Mr. Sei back to the health department. It never even crossed my mind that Captain Indrak would be willing to take care of someone else to such an extent.

I see, so that was why Mr. Sei asked me how to make up for causing trouble to a superior and the price of services involving magic. Though, Captain Indrak doesn’t seem to mind at all. Moreover, he seems to be prioritizing Mr. Sei’s health above all else. Perhaps it’s because Mr. Sei is under the kingdom’s protection? Whatever it is, I hope Captain Indrak won’t go too hard on Mr. Sei.]3

The next day, Norbert was summoned by Captain Indrak himself. 

He was very nervous to face Captain Indrak alone, but he had only called Norbert to inform him of Mr. Sei’s delicate constitution. At first, he was shocked to hear that Mr. Sei possessed such little resistance to mana, but that was due to the fact that he was from another world. And since a majority of all the foods eaten in Romani contained mana, Mr. Sei could not eat them freely like everyone else. He could die by simply eating mana-heavy foods and only certain items were safe for him to consume. 

To think I’ve been by Mr. Sei’s side all this time… Yet, I knew nothing about this? So, that must be why he doesn’t eat that much in general, huh…? Not to mention the lack of color to his face, his tired-looking eyes… Thinking about all of that pained Norbert’s heart. 

He was disappointed with himself for thinking that Mr. Sei’s unhealthy appearance was normal for somebody from another world. He promised to pay more attention to Mr. Sei next time, so he could help take better care of the man. At the very least, even in a world not meant for him, someone could try to help Mr. Sei to live a normal life just like everyone else. As a start, Norbert planned to “invite” Mr. Sei to the dining hall just like Captain Indrak had ordered him to!

[Report No. 8 

I was summoned by Captain Indrak today. 

He told me all about Mr. Sei’s health condition. Since he’s from another world, he is vulnerable to mana and there are only a few types of food he can eat because of that. 

I told myself to keep a closer eye on his health from now on. From now on, I’ve been ordered to take Mr. Sei to the dining hall during our lunch period every day.]

[Report No. 9

Today I was having lunch with Mr. Sei and Captain Indrak as usual, but we were suddenly joined by the Saint this time! Mr. Sei made sure that I wasn’t able to escape. =( 

Meanwhile, the knights from the Second Order were watching us closely as they escorted the Saint. I was so scared by their presence that I couldn’t even go to get a refill of my favorite Paisavaille.

Unexpectedly, the Saint suddenly cast some of her magic on Mr. Sei, and Captain Indrak had to rush him out of the dining hall before the worst could happen. She had only wanted to help by casting a little recovery magic on him, but in the end, Captain Indrak was still the best person to depend on when it came to taking care of Mr. Sei and his fragile health condition. That very same day, I also learned Mr. Sei’s birthday. I would’ve loved for all of us to celebrate it, but it already happened last month, much to my dismay.] 

After the events of yesterday, the dining hall had broken into a ruckus. Even Norbert was greatly shocked by what had happened before his eyes. 

The person most confusing of all was, of course, the Saint herself. Norbert had been surprised that he could talk to her as an equal, like a friend, but the knight who came in escorting her had kept on glaring at Norbert throughout their conversation. And he did not want to even get started on Captain Indrak’s presence either. At this point, it felt like whatever that man did now would never cease to surprise those around him. 

But Norbert felt as though he could never quite get used to Captain Indrak being around, no matter how much they managed to talk to each other. The knight was always very intimidating, as he strongly gave off the feeling of living in a completely different existence from the rest of the civil servants. Norbert had no clue as to how Mr. Sei could talk normally with him without any problems whatsoever. It was as if they had formed a special kind of relationship with one another… or so Norbert thought.

What a strange world I am living in, Norbert said to himself.

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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave Omake

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Corporate Slave Volume 1 Omake

“Ugh… hm…”

“Does it feel good, Seiichirou?”

When Aresh asked him in that low voice, Seiichirou replied honestly, his face flushed red. There was no use being stubborn. Or rather, this was not the best time for him to be stubborn. Seiichirou grabbed at the sheets and writhed under the other man’s hands, though the pleasure he felt exceeded the slight pain.

“Hmm… ah… haa…”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

After that, a low, slightly husky voice that was different from Aresh’s rang out, and the hands that had been providing Seiichirou such torturous pleasure left his body.

“You’re really good at that, Mr. Valtom. My shoulders feel much lighter now.”

Seiichirou sat up and let out a sigh of admiration. Valtom, Aresh’s family butler, smiled kindly in return. Behind the servant, his master sat back comfortably in his chair.1

It had been a little over ten days since Seiichirou was “coerced” to live with Aresh in his new home. The second expedition had commenced shortly after that, so once that had finished, there was finally time for him to devote to his own peace of mind.

The servants, who were adamant on improving Seiichirou’s resistance to mana and maintaining his health, had immediately jumped into action. The maid, Milan, decorated all of the mansion’s rooms with incense and flowers that contained minute traces of magical energy and used bath salts and body creams to help improve Seiichirou’s blood circulation. The cook, Pavel, had incorporated all kinds of different cooking methods to prepare meals that were low in mana but high in nutrition. And Valtom, the butler, was now providing Seiichirou with a personal massage.

Seiichirou, of course, refused all of their efforts, at first. Even though Aresh had pressured him to accept, he still felt like nothing more than a freeloader. To be honest, being taken care of by servants made him feel uncomfortable, and he did not think he would ever get used to it. But there was an exception…

Seiichirou had never once been greedy. The things he wanted were usually tools or items that were meant to make his work more efficient, and the few hobbies he had were limited to playing math games in what little free time was available. He was neither a gourmand nor someone who enjoyed wearing the latest fashion. Actually, when he was still back in his old world, there was very little casual clothing he did own. It was to such an extent he could not even remember a time when he had bought clothing other than suits for work or loungewear for sleeping. Naturally, Seiichirou rarely spent money, but even if he did, he would never have had any idea what to spend it on. 

However… there was just one thing he did desire.

Everyone had an unrealistic dream that they wanted fulfilled if they ever became exceedingly wealthy, and his foolish aspiration was to be able to receive a massage in his home any time he pleased.

Massage. It was a very sweet gesture to do for a company employee who was always tired.

Massage. It was a dream come true for those corporate slaves who never seemed to have any time on their hands.

Back in the day when he did not know what time he would be returning home, there were numerous massage parlours that were open late at night that allowed walk-ins. But those sorts of places were often overcrowded and more hassle than they were worth. Besides that, the cost of visiting a more upscale place, one that took reservations, was rather expensive for the salary of a mere corporate slave. 

Besides all that, Seiichirou could barely be bothered to go out of his way for a special trip to the parlour2 when he was so tired, not to mention that there were many more days when all he wanted was to just go home and sleep. Oh, if only he could afford a live-in masseuse, then he would have a nice massage after his bath before going straight to bed…

That had been the dream Seiichirou wanted to fulfil if he ever became rich.

Well, Seiichirou thought, if one becomes rich suddenly, then they would likely quit being a company employee not long after that, but I don’t even want to think about that.

In any case, Seiichirou’s dream had come true, though unexpectedly, in another world. However…

“Okay, I got it. Valtom, that’s enough. Leave.”

“Yes, Master Aresh.” The butler bowed. “Then, Master Kondoh, if you’ll excuse me… have a good night.”


Seiichirou watched in dismay as the figure in the tailcoat left the room with perfect grace. He had hoped that Valtom’s God-like fingers would alleviate the remaining stiffness in his neck and back just as they had for his shoulders.

“All right, let’s get to it, Seiichirou.”


The master of the house climbed onto the bed with a creaking sound, his slitted violet eyes catching Seiichirou’s, and he reflexively braced himself for whatever Aresh was about to do next.

“What is it? Lie down already.”

With that, Aresh pushed Seiichirou to lie back on the bed, face down, before straddling his legs and then…


“I can see that you’re pretty stiff.”

Aresh’s calloused fingertips, which usually handled a sword with perfect force, bit into the tense muscle of Seiichirou’s back.

“Huh? What…? Ngh!”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s not that, it’s… ah… haa…!”

Aresh’s skillful fingers dug into the sharp lines along Seiichirou’s shoulder blades.

“Umm… haa… there… feels good,” Seiichirou panted out.3


“Oh, t-there..!” he cried out.

Aresh’s ability to stimulate such precise acupuncture points accurately, neither too hard nor too gentle, relieved much of Seiichirou’s tension.

What the heck is with… this high level of aptitude!

There was no way Aresh was used to giving others massages, which meant that he had learned such skill immediately after watching Valtom’s motions earlier. This was truly a terrifying ability.

“Ngh… a… ah…!”

Maybe it was because Seiichirou’s blood circulation had improved prior to this moment, but he now felt like his body was overheating for some unknown reason. There was a warm, gentle heat slowly spreading out from wherever Aresh touched him.

“Huh? Wait, that’s—”

Precisely when Seiichirou’s dazed mind caught on, Aresh stilled.

Warmth…heat… Seiichirou thought to himself. But when it comes to heat like this, the first thing I think of is…

“Sir Aresh!? Magic! You’re using magic on me right now, aren’t you!?” Seiichirou accused, shifting under the weight of the knight.

“Oh, so you’ve figured it out already?” Aresh teased lightly before resuming his ministrations.


Seiichirou tried to get up using all of strength, but Aresh was a well-trained knight, still straddling him, so it was impossible, and he fell face-first into the pillow. The next thing he knew, his ears were ringing and his head was spinning.

“What are you… trying to do to me?”

Already his speech was failing him.

“What? If I use recovery magic to loosen up your body, the synergistic aftereffect will be more efficient in helping your muscles to relax.”

“Yes… but…” Seiichirou tried to argue.

Lately, it seemed that Aresh had grown quite fond of using the word “efficient” to justify his methods. Meanwhile, Aresh’s hands had now slid underneath Seiichirou’s clothing to begin touching his skin directly, and the man was no longer attempting to hide his true intentions.

“W-wait…! Sir Aresh… ngh!”

“It’s more effective if I touch you directly, isn’t it? I had Milan prepare an oil that is gentle on your skin. I made sure it has a very low mana content.”

No sooner had he said it when a thick liquid dribbled down the exposed area of Seiichirou’s back.

“Uh… ah…!”

The temperature was lukewarm, almost uncomfortable, and Seiichirou smelled the faint scent of oil and felt the press of Aresh’s palms stealthily sliding over his skin. While it certainly felt good, there was a different sensation slowly creeping its way over him at the same time.

“Does it feel good, Seiichirou?” Aresh’s low voice tickled at Seiichirou’s ears with more sweetness than he had ever heard before. Now that Seiichirou took notice of it, Aresh’s tongue was licking his ear.

“Haa… stop… alread—ngh!” he whined, twisting to and fro.

As Seiichirou’s back was massaged with fragrant oil, his senses were being caressed and mana was being poured slowly into him. Seiichirou shook his head in defeat, not knowing which part of his body to focus on, feeling only the blistering burn of that familiar seductive heat build up to an almost unbearable level inside his body.

“What’s wrong? You were so honest before, saying how good you felt…” A deep, low voice with a hint of laughter rang out, followed by a soft bite to the delicate skin of Seiichirou’s ear.

“Aah!” he moaned loudly in abandon.

Aresh, who was in such close proximity to Seiichirou, must have felt how Seiichirou’s body was reacting to his touch, shaking and shivering under every press, lick, and kiss. He then turned Seiichirou over onto his back slowly and narrowed purple eyes with a lustful gaze.

“Isn’t this a more efficient way to build up your mana resistance?” he chuckled lowly.4

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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave Epilogue

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!


The place he was taken to, the so-called noble district, was in the opposite direction of the dormitories of the royal palace.

Unlike the downtown area, which was packed with vendors, the streets here were spick and span without even a single piece of trash. Going down the thoroughfare, a small mansion appeared up ahead.

Even if Seiichirou called it small, it was large enough to be considered a palatial residence in modern-day Japan. Looking at the windows, it appeared to be a two-storey building, but the size of the roof suggested that it had a third floor or a large attic. The red brick walls of the first floor contrasted sharply with the white of the second floor, but the ornate window frames and black of the roof kept it simple and not too out of place. For Seiichirou, a Japanese who had lived in an apartment and was unfamiliar with even the idea of a mansion, it looked more like a hotel or a boarding house than an individual residence.

Furthermore, the garden was filled with trees and flowers that added a bright pop of colour to the grounds surrounding the house.

This place definitely has a gardener…

While looking at the garden on his way in through the gate, Seiichirou was once again shocked by just how different the culture of aristocratic society in this other world was.

“Welcome home, Master.”1

His premonition was right on the mark. A woman in a stereotypical maid’s outfit and a man in the prime of his life wearing a black tailcoat both greeted him with a bow. It was just as he thought. His fears had come true.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kondoh,” the man said. “I am Valtom, and I handle all matters within this residence. It is my honour to make your acquaintance.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Kondoh,” the maid said. “My name is Milan, and I am the maid in this house. I’ll be attending to you, Mr. Kondoh, while you stay. I’ll be in your care.”

Saying so, the man with grey hair in his sixties and the graceful woman in the early half of her fifties bowed once more after giving such perfectly polite greetings.

It was not possible to ignore them after that, and Seiichirou could only reply back in a clerical manner with emotionless eyes.

“Yes… I am Kondou Seiichirou. I’ll be in your care as well.”

“I will be sure to introduce you to the cook at dinner,” the butler said while leading Seiichirou into the mansion. “We also have a gardener who comes once every six days, but Milan here takes care of the gardens otherwise. If there is anything that you need, please do not hesitate to ask.”

“Yes…” Seiichirou trailed off, clearly uncomfortable.

As he expected, this mansion came equipped with a cook and a gardener too. When he had heard that Aresh was going to buy a house and start living on his own (well, actually forcing Seiichirou to cohabitate with him), he had formed a hunch of sorts, and now his premonition had come true.

After all, a young master like him could never leave behind his caretakers and live alone!

This was truly the life of an aristocrat in this society. Aresh had money, so he could afford to do whatever he wanted. But most importantly, Seiichirou could not even imagine the young lord preparing his own meals or doing his own laundry and cleaning. However, if Seiichirou was going to live here, it would be a different story. Naturally, Seiichirou had never lived with a maid or a butler before, so he was not comfortable having someone else take care of him.

“Isn’t it nice?” A familiar voice asked when Seiichirou was within the mansion proper. “Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re staying at an inn?” Aresh spoke nonchalantly, like a young master who had always been taken care of by others since birth.

“I can’t even imagine the luxury of living in a hotel,” Seiichirou replied back flatly. “Besides, I won’t have the pleasure of relaxing like that.”

“But you seemed fine in the royal dormitories?”

The civil servant’s housing was not exhausting; it was just living amidst a large group of people in the same position as him. It could be thought of more like a college dormitory or perhaps even like living in a shared home.

But this current kind of living situation was vastly different from that. Still, Seiichirou silently followed Aresh on a tour of the mansion’s interior, up a grand staircase and down a hall.

Located at the end of a wide staircase leading up to the second floor from the entrance, there looked to be a private space reserved for the house’s residents. In this case, it appeared that the entire floor was meant for Aresh and Seiichirou to use.

The rooms of the servants, Valtom, Milan, and the cook, seemed to be located farther up in the attic. Of course, even if you referred to that space as an attic, it was in no way shabby, and they likely had proper rooms to themselves.

“Here we are,” the knight said, “your room.”

The door to the room was opened as if to discourage Seiichirou from trying to argue further.

Seiichirou’s room was even larger than the one he had been given at the civil servant’s dorm, with a desk, a heavy chest of drawers all in the same colour, and a plush sofa pressed against the wall. The sun was shining through the curtains and into the room, showing just how spacious it was. Looking in a little more, there was a bedroom with a large bed and a sideboard in the adjoining room. The furniture, the walls, the lighting, and even the casually displayed knick-knacks were finely crafted, the colours not too gaudy… Regardless, Seiichirou could tell everything here was more luxurious than anything he had ever come into contact with in this world before.

“How is it? Do you like it?” Aresh asked with clear expectation in his eyes.

“It’s far too extravagant; there’s no way I can relax.”

“Is that so?” the knight commander wondered to himself out loud. “There’s really nothing too fancy; I just chose a small, simple house for the two of us.”

“No… well, I guess it’s the difference in our values…” Seiichirou trailed off before muttering under his breath without much thought, “The reason why he thinks this is simple and small is because he’s a noble or because he’s from another world…” Suddenly, he sensed the mood around Aresh shift.

“You don’t seem to care where you are as long as you can do your job, I see…”

That was indeed the truth… as Seiichirou’s gaze wandered around the room, he caught sight of his missing pen and some papers on the desk that had disappeared from his room earlier and ran over to them, quickly dismissing Aresh’s discomfort.

Seiichirou pretended not to notice Aresh’s gaze following him, as if to say, “You saw those, huh?” and went about checking the documents to make sure they were all there. Everything else could wait until after Seiichirou finished his work.


The cook, Pavel, who was introduced to him later during dinner, was a young man with brown hair and a fine physique.

The flavours of the dishes he prepared were quite familiar to Seiichirou and were made specifically to his liking. Afterwards, he found out from Aresh that their cook was actually a disciple of the owner from the hidden little restaurant they often frequented. I see, Seiichirou thought, it all makes sense now.

Furthermore, the butler, Valtom, had been working for Aresh’s family since the knight was a child. The words “Young Master” would slip out occasionally when he spoke to Aresh, but the butler would amicably laugh off Aresh’s warning glare whenever that happened. Although it was true that he was the master of this house, it seemed that Aresh was no match for his butler. Seiichirou could not help secretly thinking so as he stared at Aresh, who had a sulky expression plastered on his face. Perhaps, it was just out of embarrassment, but Seiichirou did not dwell on it any longer when a dish of tripe, one of his weaknesses, was set before him.

The maid, Milan, was a woman who had returned to work after raising her children, and though she had a son and a daughter, she lived alone now that they were grown. Both Milan and Pavel had declared that they would give their all to improve Seiichirou’s mana resistance and do their best to keep him healthy. 

Once finished eating and now alone in the room he had been given, Seiichirou let out a sigh of relief.

It was like a storm had finally passed. There had been a great sense of fatigue weighing him down that was similar to how he had felt on the first day of his new life in this strange other world.

He knew that Aresh could be overbearing at times, but he also understood that the knight was just concerned about Seiichirou’s wellbeing. However, to force him to co… cohabitate with the knight commander? It all felt so absurd. And despite asking Aresh about paying for the cost of his rent and other living expenses, Seiichirou had been refused, though that was to be expected. Still, he managed to get Aresh to agree to accept the kingdom’s subsidy for him as a stipend for some of his living expenses. Seiichirou was certain, however, that such a menial amount was nowhere near enough to pay for everything he received in return.

The Saint’s second expedition was coming up in three days, yet he had unexpectedly wasted so much of his time and energy doing nothing productive. As Seiichirou was putting together the instructions he would leave behind for his subordinates while he was away, he was suddenly reminded that today’s forced move had taken place in the civil official’s dormitory in plain sight. He felt depressed just thinking about what everyone who had witnessed it would say to him tomorrow.

The only one to blame for that was the lord of this house who had caused such a commotion in the first place.

“I’m coming in,” a familiar voice called out.


Just as soon as Seiichirou heard his voice, Aresh opened a door leading into Seiichirou’s bedroom and appeared beside him. Seiichirou couldn’t help but glare at his uninvited visitor. No, more upsetting than the knight’s sudden appearance, what was that door? Seiichirou, who hadn’t noticed it before, already had his own set of problems to deal with, but he was unaware that there would be a door connected to the next room over that gave easy access to his bedroom. It was deeply troubling.

“What in the world is with that door? There’s a lock on my side, right? At the very least, can’t you knock and wait for an answer before you let yourself in?”

Aresh, who appeared to have bathed after dinner, was wearing pale blue silk loungewear with his hair down. Despite Seiichirou’s accusatory words, he reached over and took the document Seiichirou was working on from his hand with the usual irreverent attitude.

“It does, but I have the master key. More importantly, do you have any issues with the house?”

“Excuse me?” Seiichirou asked, slightly taken aback.

No, looking at Aresh, he now believed he had heard correctly, but as soon as an expression of doubt had clouded his face, that was when he was hauled up and taken straight to bed.

“If you have any, say them. This house is just as much yours as it is mine,” Aresh explained.

“No, this is your house, and I am simply a guest, at best…” Seiichirou tried to deflect.

Seiichirou knew he could only afford to pay a small amount to cover his total cost of living expenses, so he wanted to be as clear as possible about his position here. However, Aresh made no effort to hide his displeasure at Seiichirou’s comment. Maybe it was because Aresh was in his own space now that made him seem more relaxed, but his true emotions were much easier for Seiichirou to understand than usual.

“That place you used to live in, what was it like…?”

Seiichirou blinked in confusion at the sudden change of topic after a few moments of tense silence. Somehow, he knew that Aresh was not talking about the dormitory he had lived in until this morning.

“It was nothing special…  just a typical apartment… something like a room in a boarding house in the countryside I used to live in. Each apartment had its own bathroom, toilet, and kitchen inside too.”

The apartment Seiichirou had lived in for more than eight years after graduating university and getting a job was located in a quiet neighbourhood two stops away from his workplace by train. The total space was a little less than 200 square feet, and it had wooden floors with a separate bath and toilet. He only ever went home to sleep, and since he did not particularly have any strong opinions on it one way or the other, he had renewed his lease again and again without thinking of finding something better. Thinking back on it now made him feel somewhat nostalgic.

“What was the house you were born in like?” Aresh asked, seemingly more curious now that Seiichirou had answered his first question so easily.

“Haaah…” Seiichirou sighed.

He had no idea how to answer that, but since Aresh had taken away his paperwork, Seiichirou was left with no choice but to answer plainly.

“My parents’ place was a two-storey house.”

There was an entrance through a glass door that made a rattling sound whenever it was opened, a door to the living room on the right, stairs on the left, and a door to a large walk-in closet with a bathroom straight ahead. When you went up the stairs, there were three more rooms. The one on the southside was Seiichirou’s childhood bedroom. Then there was a space large enough to hang your laundry and bedding to dry, though it would be presumptuous to call the area a garden in comparison to what he had seen here.

“Wasn’t it too small?”

“Well,” Seiichirou explained, “my country was small even in that world, so my home was too.”

Seiichirou’s parent’s house was located in a more rural area than his apartment, and though they were not particularly wealthy or poor, he had always thought the size of it was pretty standard. However, from a foreigner’s perspective, Japanese houses in general could be referred to as hobbit holes.2

“That is what your ‘normal’ is then, huh…”

Seeing Aresh lost in thought, Seiichirou took a chance and reached for the papers still clutched in the knight’s hand, but he was caught and grabbed, flipped around and pressed back into the bedding.

“Work can wait. Isn’t there something more important for us to do?”3

There were still three days left until the expedition set out again, but it was obvious what Aresh was referring to now.

“No,” Seiichirou objected, “just one night was enough last time.”

“Don’t you think it would consume less of my magic if we split the application of the barrier up over three days rather than one night?”

The cheeky smile on Aresh’s face made him look less anxious than he had earlier, and his natural beauty made him look even more impudent and manly than before.

“Stop trying to persuade me.”

“But it’s something you always do,” Aresh said, sounding amused.

And that was how Seiichirou, who had no room for rebuttal, ended up sleeping in Aresh’s arms on the first night in his new residence in another world.

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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave 34 (Part 2)

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

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Chapter 34.2: I Had Decided

“Is this what you wanted, Mister?”

Seiichirou nodded in satisfaction as he held up the wooden abacus that the boy had completed for him after much trial and error.

“It’s perfect. Here, your payment.”

“Eh, is it really that good?” the boy marveled at the amount of money given to him.

Since meeting him at this small stall the first time he came to the market with Norbert, Seiichirou had conversed with the boy several times and had even requested he develop a special kind of product for the royal accountant himself.

“The development fee is included, of course.”

“Hmm, well, okay. I’ll take it! So, I just have to make five more of those?”

“Yes, I’ll buy them for 800 lire each,” Seiichirou affirmed, putting his new abacus away for safekeeping.

“Really!? Oh, and how long do I have to make them?”

“Let’s see…” Seiichirou did some mental math. “The next expedition sets out in three days, so it would be great if you could have them ready in ten.”

“That’s more than enough time! All right, ten days it is then!” the boy exclaimed excitedly.

“Good,” Seiichirou nodded. “I’m counting on you.”


“Mr. Seeeeeiiii~!”

After leaving the stall and returning to the main street, Seiichirou stopped to look back as a familiar young playboy came running up behind him.

“C’mon now! Why do you keep disappearing whenever I take my eyes off you!?”

“Just because I came with you doesn’t mean we have to stick together,” Seiichirou coolly explained.

“No, when I asked you, I clearly said we were going to go shopping together, didn’t I!?”

Today was a holiday for the accounting department, and Norbert had invited Seiichirou out shopping. So, since Seiichirou had some errands of his own to run, he had decided to go along with Norbert into town.

Though he personally did not think he needed to be monitored anymore, this flashy young man still followed Seiichirou around for some reason or another.

“It was a joke,” Seiichirou deadpanned, turning to reach into his bag and retrieve the abacus. “I went to get this. Here, take a look.”

Seiichirou handed Norbert the item that he had just received.

“What is it? Wait, isn’t this that weird thing you’re always using, Mr. Sei? This one feels lighter, though.”

“This is its original form. It’s one of the older calculating devices used in my world. I’m giving it to you.”

“Huh!? Why!?” Norbert was so surprised he nearly dropped the abacus, which made Seiichirou wonder if Norbert thought him an avaricious person.

“With this, you’ll be able to do calculations faster than you can now. I’ll be sure to teach you how to use it, so remember well,” Seiichirou told him.

“Yeeeah, I knew this was work-related…” Nortbert sighed. He was slightly disappointed, but he ought to be happier now that he would be able to calculate numbers faster than with only a pen and paper.

Lately, Seiichirou’s workload had been increasing, and he no longer had time to ensure the accounting department’s books were balanced. As Aresh had pointed out, one could not run a business forever without making sure the next generation was properly trained.

“Speaking of which, my adoptive father is going to be promoted from a Viscount to a Count because of ‘that matter,'” Norbert tucked his new gift away and relayed to Seiichirou in an excited tone of voice.

Seiichirou’s idea for the countermeasure against the miasma had been ordered by Norbert’s adoptive father, Viscount Baranek. Since the action had been one so highly praised, the government could not help but commend him for the achievement.

“Well, I’m a count’s son now, you know,” Norbert proudly proclaimed. “So, I might just get promoted more quickly with my newfound connections~!”

In the first place, you’re royalty. What are you so elated for? Seiichirou thought in confusion as he turned to smile back at Norbert menacingly.

You’re going to be the boss? That’ll be fun,” Seiichirou said drolly, walking on ahead.

For some reason, Norbert paled and felt compelled to apologize immediately for the remark.


After the proposal meeting, Yua had remained in the royal palace but travelled to the church during the day when she was not needed. Due to various reasons, it was decided that the church would take full responsibility of her once the purification ritual was completed.

The church had also helped a lot with the Saint’s summoning, and the current Bishop of the royal capital was rumoured to be a young man with a great character. 1He also came highly recommended by Prime Minister Kamil.

If the rumors were to be believed, there seemed to be some dissatisfaction with the royal palace monopolising the Saint for so long.

By switching back and forth between the royal palace and the church, instead of staying in just one place for the remainder of her time in the kingdom, she would be able to see both environments and not be tainted by the influence of either.

Even the noisy nobles acquiesced in the face of a clear source of money, a sobbing pitiful girl, and the King’s orders. Besides, the purification ritual was not yet finished. There was no point in upsetting the Saint at this stage. In the meantime, the plan to monitor the miasma needed to be ready for implementation.

On the next expedition, we will be accompanied by construction workers and candidates for the surveillance position. We also need to talk to people in the neighbouring villages. I even made plans for the possibility that the expedition might take a little longer this time because of all of that, Seiichirou thought as he considered what else he had left to do on his way home.

Aresh was busy working on that too, and although he was off work today, something had come up, so Seiichirou was given strict instructions on what he should eat for the day. The variety of food available to him had increased considerably since he had made that deal with the knight commander.

I’ll need to have the barrier re-established before the next expedition, right? If that happens, will I have to stay in the dormitory again…? Seiichirou contemplated wearily as he walked.

Although Seiichirou would have liked to be excused from this because of all the attention their close relationship warranted around him, he had work to do and staying at the inn the day before the expedition was simply not an option. He wondered if there was something else he could do instead.

With such thoughts swirling around in his mind, Seiichirou greeted Mr. Doshan, the superintendent, at the entrance of the dormitory where there were fewer civil servants today than usual, before heading to his room.

“Ah-! Hey, Mr. Sei! You still need to teach me how to use this thing! Let’s go to my room!”

Norbert chased after Seiichirou in a hurry, but the royal official, who still had his own shopping bags that needed to be put away, shook his head.

“Later…” Seiichirou remarked, and with that, he went up the stairs and turned down the hallway where his room was located.

“Ah—!” Norbert squawked when he entered the corridor behind Seiichirou.2

“What the…?” the royal account squinted his eyes in confusion.

There was a group of civil servants who did not look like they belonged there and various other people that Seiichirou did not recognize.

Wondering what all the fuss was about, Seiichirou tried to retreat to his room, but when he made his way through the crowd, all of the surrounding individuals who had noticed him all gave that same “Ah—!” look and then hurried to steer clear, making a path for him.


The first thing Seiichirou saw after cutting through the crowd was his room… except all of his personal belongings, despite being few to begin with, had been removed. His room had reverted back to the deserted state it had been in when he first arrived here.

“Eh? What… Huh? Where’s my pen? Where’s all my paperwork?” he panicked.3

As Seiichirou looked around wildly in dismay, he did not notice that the crowd had begun to break up again behind him.

That’s the first thing you think to go and look for?”

When Seiichirou turned his head to look at the owner of the deep, harmonious voice he was familiar with and, lo and behold, the Third Knight Commander was standing there, looking as unperturbed as he had expected. The same guy who had claimed to have taken today off to attend to some business was a liar.

“Ah… Sir Aresh… what’s the meaning of this?”

No matter how one thought about it, Aresh’s sudden appearance could only mean that he had something to do with this situation. 

Aresh narrowed his eyes in satisfaction at Seiichirou’s unusually dumbfounded expression and smiled charmingly.

“I bought a house. We’re moving.”


It should have been good news that Aresh bought a house. He had been living at his parents’ house for the longest time, and he was well paid as a knight commander, so he should be able to do what he wanted. But why did that mean Seiichirou would have to move in with him too?

To answer Seiichirou’s unasked question, Aresh replied with his usual cool, expressionless manner… Well, if one looked at him closely enough, he might have appeared to be in an exceptionally good mood.

“It’s simple, really. You need constant supervision; you’ll die if I let you out of my sight. If you live with me, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“No, that doesn’t mean—” Seiichirou tried to argue.

As far as their “relationship” was concerned, it had already been subtly spread to the public because of Aresh’s actions. The most recent examples being his overnight stay in the civil servants’ dormitory and then forcing Seiichirou to ride double with him on the expedition. However, to suddenly and unexpectedly insist they live together was not possible to accept. This turn of events was too abrupt.

On top of that, Aresh had already gone and bought the house without telling Seiichirou and even stooped so low as to use Norbert to keep him busy so that all of Seiichirou’s belongings could forcibly be moved without his consent. The way Aresh did things was just too extreme for Seiichirou.

“But it’s more ‘efficient’ this way, isn’t it?” the knight countered.

Seiichirou stifled all of his warring emotions, ranging from bitter resentfulness to deep-seated anger, as he stared down the man eight years younger than him with a confident smile on his face.

“Please do not assume that I will comply with your demands just because you say that!”

It would appear that Seiichirou no longer needed to worry about the logistics of where to re-establish his protective barrier before the expedition, at least for now.

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Corporate Slave Vol 1: LN Extra Part 1

Corporate Slave 34 (Part 1)

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Kuromaru

Editor: Jennicide

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 34.1: I Had Decided

According to the historical records kept by the kingdom, the legend of the Saint dated back 700 years ago.

One day, a woman claiming to be a messenger of God appeared and successfully “purified” the noxious miasma that had been plaguing the country for years. She then became the first Queen of the King ruling at that time, and the people revered her as a “Saint.”

When the miasma returned several decades after the death of this first Saint, a member of the royal family who was of the Saint’s lineage spoke to an oracle. They proclaimed that a woman who had been living as a nun in a remote area of the kingdom was now the new Saint.

Since then, an oracle was always consulted to indicate the whereabouts of the Saint and was utilized repeatedly by those who were descendants from the line of the previous Saint. This cycle repeated about every 100 years or so, following the ebb and flow of the miasma’s resurgence.

It was said that all those who were Saints were pure-hearted and that they devoted all their life to the people they served, especially those who were suffering from the effects of miasma.

And now, the seventh Saint, a high school girl from another world named Yua Shiraishi, was standing on a red carpet with trembling feet in the audience room lined with the most powerful and influential people of the entire kingdom.

“I-I’ll do my best to purify the miasma! But once the purification is done, there’s nothing more for me to do, right? If so, please send me back to my own world!”

At Yua’s words, Seiichirou was the only one amidst the cacophonous crowd who silently brought a hand over his mouth to hide his lips.

“What are you talking about, Yua?” Prince Julius cried out. “You are the one and only honourable Saint. Even after the purification is over, my country will continue to need you. We’ll always serve you with the greatest of care if that’s your concern.”

However, at Julius’s heartfelt smile, Yua’s face turned pale in fear instead of the expected red flush of embarrassment. To tell the truth, Yua herself had begun to feel as if this life would last forever. But it was because of this that she felt like she was living in an imaginary world, like she was living in a dream.

Thus far, she had been living a life without any inconvenience, always being given luxurious or rare things that she had never seen before, having a handsome prince whisper sweet nothings to her, and getting pampered by a collective of knights and maids each day.

However, now that she had gone on the first of many purification expeditions and saw the world for what it really was, Seiichirou’s words had finally brought her back to herself. Now she realized the real dangers of her position in this world.

She had no family here that would love and protect her unconditionally. There were no real friends for her to talk to. She had no idea how far her own common knowledge and thoughts would take her beyond her role as the Saint.

Even if the purification ritual was completed successfully, what then? What would she do, what would she be forced to do, and how would she continue to live her life?

These uncertainties filled her with a great sense of dread.

“What? But why? I was only called here to purify the miasma, right? Once that’s done, you won’t need me anymore, will you?” she asked, sounding somewhat tearful.

“That’s not true,” the Prince explained. “A Saint leads her country towards prosperity by her mere existence within the kingdom.”

Julius and other nobles all spoke kind words to Yua, saying that it would be fine, that her just simply being here was enough, and that they needed her. They did not realize that what they were saying was frightening her because none of those people, not even once since she had arrived, had ever listened to any of Yua’s concerns.

Through a small gap between the crowd, Yua sought Seiichirou’s gaze with an imploring look in her eyes. He was the only person from her own world that truly understood her situation. Although he was a weary corporate employee now bound as one of the kingdom’s own civil servants, he was the only person that Yua felt she could rely on at that moment.

“K-Kondou-san…!” she called out.

In response to Yua’s distressed voice, Seiichirou’s otherwise emotionless eyes narrowed for a split second, and then he smiled.

“As I mentioned earlier, the role of the Saint will no longer be necessary in the future,” he interjected. As Seiichirou bowed his head in assent, Yua’s eyes lit up while Julius’ own distorted in displeasure.


“However,” Seiichirou opened his mouth slowly and said his next words carefully, “as of right now, there is no way for us to return to our original world.”1

“NOOO!!!”2 Yua sobbed suddenly. “Dad! Mom! I want to see them! I want to see my brother! Please send me home! Please let me go home!”

“Y-Yua…” the Prince murmured, now at a loss as to her reaction.

“Your Holiness,” a nearby noble said in an attempt to placate her, “you’re absolutely indispensable to this world!”

The young girl crumpled to the ground in despair and cried as the Prince and the other nobles looked on in bewilderment. While overseeing the situation rapidly spiraling out of control, Seiichirou instructed the next batch of papers to be prepared.

“Well then, moving on… I will be handing out the next document for everyone to review.”

“Huh?!” a voice echoed in the hall.

“You son of a—! What are you talking about?!” another demanded.

“Yes! You’re the reason why the Saint is so agitated!” someone else accused off to the side.

While Seiichirou’s comment may have been the trigger to Yua’s overly emotional response, he did not intend to let those in attendance shift the blame of it onto him. Clearly, they were misunderstanding the most important thing of all. Neither Seiichirou nor Yua had ever been asked if they wanted to be on the receiving end of a divine prophecy, as they might call it here in this world, and they most certainly would not have answered it if they had been given a choice. Seiichirou was simply dragged along by Yua.

He had been brought here without his consent. In their old world, that was referred to as “abduction.”

“As I mentioned earlier, there is no way to return to our world via summoning. However, summoning people from other worlds didn’t even exist in the first place. It was only later developed through the advancement of magical technology.”

“You’re absolutely right!” yelled a voice from the other side of the room.

Then, as Seiichirou’s gaze drifted to the seats of the court mages, East, who had thrown his manners out the window, rushed toward him with sparkles in his eyes. Behind him, Zoltan hastily shouted, “You’re in the presence of the King!” and hurried after the vice-deputy as fast as he could. 

Thank you for your efforts, Seiichirou deadpanned in his mind.

“Yes! In regards to the Otherworld Summoning Technique, by utilizing the Saint’s own magical power as we were instructed by the Oracle,3 we were able to connect with another world and almost perfectly summon the Saint here! However, when it comes to sending her back, although we have the coordinates from where she was summoned, there is a possibility that she might be sent to an entirely different world due to dimensional distortion. Furthermore, we can’t use a magic circle to create a reservoir of magical power to receive her there like we did here.”

“East! You should be mindful of your words!” Zoltan shouted.

When he stopped East, who had gradually been running out of breath and talking without any sort of proper honorifics, his face was very pale.  Nearly everyone in the room was mentally thinking, That’s not the point!

“Oh, it’s okay, everyone!” Seiichirou turned to reassure them. “I’ll briefly summarize what Mr. East just talked about and present it to you as a document later.”

Again, everyone thought, that’s not the point!4

The hearts of all the nobles in the room were at least united on that front.

“If you look at the document that I just handed out, the Royal Court’s Magic Department has agreed to undertake this research with the aim of returning the Saint and one other person safely to their home world. The preliminary budget for this project has been calculated on the third page of the report. In accordance with this, I’ve proposed an expansion of the magic department to include additional personnel to monitor the miasma.”

The audience room had suddenly turned into a conference room as Seiichirou began his proposal meeting smoothly and efficiently.

In reality, it would have probably been better to just make the proposal first and then hold the meeting at a later date. However, the King, who held the highest authority in the kingdom, and the nobles, who were also major influential figures, were all present today. On top of that, the Saint, Yua, was also here as well. So, taking advantage of the situation as it were, Seiichirou proceeded with his proposition before anyone could stop him.

“You dare to meddle in the affairs of the royal court?” One of the nobles interrupted Seiichirou, but Kamil, the Prime Minister, promptly took care of it.

“Ah, but I have already received and approved this proposal in advance.”

“When it comes to magic, the Third Knight Order is more important than the magic department! How dare you disregard the Third Knight Order with the commander present!” another noble tried to argue.

“The Third Knight Order doesn’t conduct research.” Aresh, the Commander of the Third Knight Order, instantly quashed the voice of the one trying to flatter him. “We only do practical work, such as dealing with magical beasts. We also have to go on expeditions to protect royals and other people of interest, so we can’t devote as many men to monitoring the miasma.”

Whether he did it because Aresh was the Commander or the son of a nobleman, just like them, was undetermined.

However, when Seiichirou chanced a glance at Aresh, he pretended not to notice as his gaze met with a look that said, How was that? I’m much more useful than you thought, aren’t I? On the outside, Aresh may have looked as intimidating as a large feline… but deep inside, he was unexpectedly as praise-seeking as a dog.5

“You’re just a commoner who followed the Saint on your own in the first place! We’ve already provided you with a livelihood, and yet you still want more!?”

“With all due respect, even though I was brought here without my consent, I’m not asking you to return me home safely by using a enormous amount of government funds. What I am proposing is the establishment of a new system that will eliminate the need to summon saints in the future, and we are promoting new magic research within the budget made available by this initiative. In addition, there are aspects of this research that can be effectively used for other things as a by-product, so there will be no loss whatsoever. Isn’t that right… Director of the Royal Court’s Magic Department, Sir Zoltan?”

“Uh, yes,” Zoltan fumbled, caught only a little off guard. “If we can establish a safe and secure landing at the coordinates, we should be able to make great progress in the study of transfer magic.”

“Yes! That’s right, I forgot to mention transfer magic!” East interjected. “So far, the destination has had to be prepared with a magic circle and a mage. However, it can’t be used to transfer living beings, but if we could somehow use the summoning return technique, we’ll be able to do it effortlessly!”

“Director Zoltan,” Seiichrirou said to the head of the magic department with a look, “would you mind pulling Mr. East aside for a moment?”

“Ah, Yes.”


It took wrapping a cloth around East’s mouth as he opened it to speak before Zoltan could drag him back to his seat.

“In other words… what you’re proposing is that our country will be able to gain higher magic technology in exchange for losing our legendary Saint?”

The King, who had been sitting quietly up until now spoke directly to Seiichirou, and although he was surprised internally, Seiichirou straightened up his posture and knelt.

“It is as you say, Your Majesty. The innovation and leap in technology, and the accompanying development of human resources, will advance this kingdom. Furthermore, the cost of this project will be covered by the existing miasma control budget, so I believe there will be no incurred damages to your country.”

“Hmm…” the King narrowed his eyes in consideration.

“Um, Kondou-san! I… until then, what should I do…?”

Only the Saint was permitted to speak without waiting for the King’s approval, and Yua, who seemed to have finally stopped crying now, rushed over from her place on the podium.

Until the whole process of transfer magic to return to another world was finally perfected… though it wasn’t a given that it could even be done at all based on what East had said… Yua could at least tell that it would not be finished anytime soon and wanted to know what she could do in the meantime.

“I think it would be best for Lady Shiraishi to stay at the royal palace until the purification ritual is complete.”

Considering the necessary preparations for the expedition, her current physical condition, and the exhaustion caused by the purification process, that would probably be for the best.

“And then… what should I do after that’s all over?”

Seiichirou knew that she did not want to stay in the palace, but he had no right to decide what she should or should not do.

“What do you want to do, Shiraishi-san…?” he asked and waited for her answer.

“I want to leave the royal palace,” she said instantly, “but I don’t want to just get paid for doing nothing… if possible, I want to work in the same place as you, Kondou-san!”

“Please give me a break,” Seiichirou sighed heavily.7


“No, I really think it’d be better for you to work in a place where you can utilize your power as the Saint. In other words, your special skills. Perhaps maybe a clinic or a church…” he suggested, looking away from Yua.

Seiichirou really did not want to work in the same place as an overindulged high school girl who had never had to truly work a day in her life. On top of that, if she were to work in the royal palace, there would be many people who would only see her as the Saint and disrupt the flow of order all around. The future Seiichirou saw was one where his work would be perpetually delayed, so he politely attempted to direct her towards a different path.

“Y-Yua… Why do you want to leave the palace? You’re the Holy Saint.” Both Yua and Seiichirou turned to look at the prince as he approached. “If you choose to stay after the ritual, you’ll still accomplish many great deeds as the Saint! It’s vital that our kingdom protect and care for our Saint, so why can’t you just stay in the palace?”

The look in Prince Julius’ eyes8 as he stared at the Saint was that of an abandoned puppy. It made Seiichirou wonder if Julius looked at her not only with faith in a divine figure and her possible political use, but also with faint affection. Still, he would have personally preferred that this kind of drama happen somewhere else.

“Sir Julius…” Yua began, “I would like to leave the royal palace after the purification ritual is complete so that I can think seriously about other things… Thank you for always being so kind to me. I’ll be sure to return all of the beautiful accessories and dresses that you gave me.”

Why don’t you just sell them off and use them to cover your living expenses or send them back to the treasury who paid for them in the first place? Seiichirou thought. Perhaps this was just her way of expressing her resolve. There was something more meaningful about the atmosphere surrounding her now, so he held his tongue, sensing the mood.

However, some bit of his true emotions must have shown on his face because Seiichirou caught Kamil chuckling at him out of the corner of his eye.

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Corporate Slave 33

Corporate Slave 33

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Jennicide/Argenti

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 33: I Had an Audience

It took Seiichirou some time to understand the meaning behind Aresh’s words.

Ruminating, he replayed Aresh’s voice in his mind and then looked again at the face of the man who held him.


Seiichirou opened his mouth. “Nononono, you’re saying that now!?”

By now, he was well aware of Aresh’s feelings. Otherwise, he would not have gone out of his way to sleep with this tired old man so many times. Seiichirou would have been stupid not to notice the knight’s overly protective nature.

However, in his present situation, Seiichirou knew he could not live without Aresh’s protection… his protective barrier and recovery magic.

Furthermore, Seiichirou still had to continue working on the miasma purification project that the kingdom was currently burdened with. If anything, Seiichirou needed to make haste and finish that because he was the most susceptible to death by miasma. And even without that, mana would slowly weaken him to death over time, and if he drank a supplement to try and counteract that, he would be poisoned to death. Not even recovery magic would be enough to save him from his eventual demise at that point due to the negative side effect of magic intoxication.

If Aresh were not by his side, he would have died at the snap of a finger.

He knew that he was taking advantage of Aresh’s kindness towards him, but right now Seiichirou’s first priority was to deal with all of the damage in the kingdom caused by miasma.

That’s why he thought he’d think of countermeasures once everything settled a bit, but…

“What do you mean, ‘You’re saying that now?’”

This aristocratic knight, who was eight years younger than him –  with his black hair down and his face that oozed sex appeal, spoke arrogantly, “No, even if you say that now, you already know I have a dangerous constitution that requires you to acclimate me with your magic power, and besides that, I’m obligated to go to the source of the miasma until it’s contained.”

Their relationship had never been one of equals to begin with, but with this, one couldn’t help but think that Seiichirou’s life was being used as a shield.

“That’s true, but that’s why you won’t leave my side, right?”

“No, I’m telling you that’s a humanitarian issue…”

“So it should be more efficient.”


Seiichirou was dumbfounded hearing Aresh answer so suddenly without any qualms whatsoever, as if it was natural to him.


While it was true that Seiichirou could not be apart from Aresh for very long due to the nature of his work, he also thought it was unnecessary for them to have a physical relationship. 

Even if he never intended to fall in love with Aresh, Seiichirou felt it was important to say something.

“You’re not going to leave, so it’s better to make my intentions clear. Moreover, it would be easier to convey my actions that way.”

“I-Indeed! No, but don’t you think that it would make me uncomfortable and make me hold animosity towards Sir Aresh?”

“There’s no way. It’s clear from looking. You want clarity rather than ambiguous information, you, who want efficiency in everything you do, would value results rather than the effects of your partner’s words and deeds.”

Aresh’s analysis left him speechless, and Seiichirou felt nothing but awe at the man’s sagacity.

Certainly, Seiichirou was an unparalleled efficiency freak, and he was also crude when it came to methods he used to achieve it. The bottom line is that it’s all about getting the maximum result in the shortest time possible.

As Aresh pointed out before, even if he is the only one working in the department, in the long run, he should nurture his successor. However, Seiichirou, who prioritized grasping and rebuilding the accounting system in the palace and resolving the miasma purification, came to the conclusion that “It would be the fastest to do everything by myself.”

It didn’t matter if it was a good thing or not. It was just for the self-satisfaction of Seiichirou who wanted instant results.

Even with regards to his mana resistance and magic intoxication, in reality he should have consulted a doctor and taken some sort of countermeasure. But even as he said it was troublesome, he turned a blind eye to it because being serviced by Aresh took the least amount of time and didn’t interfere with his work either.

However, this was the price he had to pay for that choice of his.

“It’s a win-win situation, Seiichirou.

I know that you can’t give me an answer right now. That’s why, I’m going to take advantage of that chance.

Because that is the most efficient way.”

Aresh, unlike his usual cold countenance, had a childish expression on his face. The confident laugh with his handsome face, was enough to make any woman fall in love with him at first sight.


Two days after returning from the first purification expedition, Seiichirou was summoned to the audience chamber.

In front of him were the king of this country, the first prince, Julius, and Yua.

One level below the royalty was Kamil, the Prime Minister, in addition to several nobles he had never seen before, Radim, the Second Knight Commander, and Aresh, the Third Knight Commander. On either side of the kneeling Seiichirou were other nobles and the civil officials, including Zoltan and East.

“Raise your head.” Hearing Kamil’s voice, Seiichirou lifted up his head.

The king, whom he had never seen up close before, had golden hair, unlike Julius’ silver hair, and looked somewhat older than Kamil, who seemed to be about the same generation. Norbert’s father was there too.

“First of all, good work on the expedition.” The king’s direct words of appreciation made the surrounding nobles a bit discomposed, but he didn’t care and the conversation continued. “In doing so, I heard that you took measures against the miasma in addition to the purification.”

The expedition was only for the purpose of the Saint’s Purification, and Seiichirou’s work in that expedition without prior report to the royal family should have been condemned. However.

“I already received a report from Viscount Baranek before the expedition returned.”


Julius, who was beside him, glowered at the King’s words. Incidentally Viscount Baranek was Norbert’s foster father.

“May I be permitted to speak?”

“You may.”

In response to the King’s answer, Seiichirou opened his mouth while kneeling.

“I have a connection to Viscount Baranek through his son who is also in the accounting department, and he has ordered me to experiment with a permanent countermeasure for miasma damage to help both the country and the royal family.”

Although illegitimate, he was a man trusted enough to be handed over his own child. Even if you take into account his status making that possible, Viscount Baranek was a man whom the king had deep faith in.

The script was that this was an action that Viscount Baranek thought of for the sake of the royal family, and Seiichirou was merely helping him.

Kamil and Aresh have too high a status and were also responsible for a lot of practical work, so their power was unbalanced. On top of it, his adopted son, Norbert, was a direct subordinate of Seiichirou. There he couldn’t use him.

“I have consulted with His Excellency the Prime Minister, and I deeply apologize for having to report to you after the success of the experiment, so as not to cause Your Majesty any unnecessary distress.”

And to the very last, he didn’t forget to emphasize that he had the Prime Minister’s approval. It was too big a project for the Viscount to take up arbitrarily.

“As I mentioned in my report, we have temporarily prevented the miasma from amplifying.

“Depending on how long the barrier lasts, we may be able to solve the miasma problem by dispatching users of barrier magic on a regular basis.”

“How dare you make a decision by yourself! Our kingdom has the Saint! We don’t need such a useless project!” 1

An objection was raised by the nobles standing in file.

Seiichirou’s expression did not crumble despite the repeated censures coming in quick succession.

“Silence! You are in the presence of His Majesty!”

Just as the nobles fell silent to Kamil’s voice, Seiichirou signalled to the royal palace attendants with his eyes. The attendants handed out the documents they had received in advance to the nobles.

“What in the world is this…”

“This is a comparison of the projected expenses for the next 50 years if we summon a Saint and the projected expenses for sealing it inside a barrier.”

The cost of summoning a saint, the cost of the ritual, and the labour costs of those with tremendous magical power. The Saint’s projected living costs for the next 50 years, taking the costs up until now as a basis, as well as the subsidy paid to Seiichirou, who had been dragged into the summoning.

Further, the costs of holding an expedition thrice were also considered.

In contrast, there was the labour costs of those needed to seal the barrier, as well as the cost of planned periodic expeditions. The cost of building and maintaining a building for the stationing of observing guards for the next 50 years, and the labour cost of the guards.

Even with a back of the envelope calculation, the difference in cost was five times.

“As for the maintenance of the barrier seal, it is still in the experimental stage, but even now, three days later, there are still no reports of the barrier disappearing.”

In addition, he had taken the higher number when calculating the number of barrier seals. Even so, the difference was staggering.

“The costs for the Saint Summoning ritual this time were only because of the literature we had lost.”

“In the first place, you were never supposed to come here. Don’t just arbitrarily lump in the calculations for your subsidy too.”

The opinions were dime a dozen, but even if you discounted them, the Saint route was the expensive one. Most of the nobles shut their mouths at the clearly stated figure.

“The Saint is this kingdom’s treasure! You should be ashamed, disgracing the Saint with such methods, contriving calculations! ”

Seiichirou narrowed his eyes at the abuse from the altar.

“That’s right! What do you think of the Saint!?”

“Our Kingdom solely exists due to the Saint!”

“You’re just a weak creature from the other world who wants to cast a shadow on the authority of the saint!”

Following Julius, it was the nobles with strong ties to the church who raised their voices. They felt it was advantageous to have a kingdom with a Saint. No, only Julius had slightly different intentions.

In the first place, he was restricting a person’s whole life.

Such a thing should just be rid of.

The king’s expression did not change, Kamil narrowed his eyes just like Seiichirou, and Aresh knit his brows. He opened his mouth, as if he’d explode if left alone.

“I want to go back home!”

A pitiful shriek, almost unbecoming of the situation, cut through the tense atmosphere.

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